Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 2.

(Hawkeye’s P.O.V)

I was still fuming with anger, my eye sight slowly losing the red dots that clouded my vision. Prez looked up and away from his Old Lady.

“What are you talking about?” Jeremey asked

“I’m talking about the girl I just brought in who has bruises on her face, cuts of different lengths on her stomach, chest, legs and arms. Her back has been whipped so that it looks close to being disfigured and there is still more.” My anger was still very much present as I said this.

“What happened? How did you find her?” He said firing questions my way.

“She literally ran into me while being chased by some guys. I couldn’t see who though, they were dressed in black and kept to the shadows. I did manage to make out though that one of the guys was talking on the phone while the rest were arguing with each other. Couldn’t hear what was being said just the raised sounds of voices.She collapsed seconds after running into me.” My anger was slowly starting to disappear now as I was thinking of how to help this girl and also to find out what had happened to her. I was brought out of my thoughts as Jeremey finally spoke up.

“Okay. This is how we are going to go about this. First, before anything happens we are going to talk to her once she wakes up and after Doc gives her the all clear. Secondly, after we find out all the information needed, we will then go one from there. We are going to do it this way because she isn’t one of us and she isn’t someone’s Old Lady we have to play by the rules for now. Hawk, what did Doc say about her?”

“I don’t know man, I saw red after Doc took off her shirt and turned her on her stomach to check her back. Was gonna head back now to find out it all.” After saying this Jeremey agreed with my plan, so him and Kate (Jeremey’s Old Lady) came to the medical room with me to see Doc about the girl.

(A/N: The medical room is the size of around 2-3 rooms put together. It has what looks like an actual hospital room with a heart monitor in it and all the other medical things needed. There is also an office in the corner the room with a storage area also.)

When we entered the room we saw Doc in his office filling out some kind of form.

“Hey Doc, what happened to her?” Jeremey got straight to the point.

“Well, for starters this girl has been through a lot. She has scars fresh and old lining her skin all different lengths. Her body is covered in the colours black, blue and purple with little bits of greeny yellow colouring that represent old bruises that are starting to fade. Her back has been whipped that severely that it has that many scars that have been ripped open again. She also has a medium sized cut right along her hairline of the right side of her face. It also seems like from what tests that I have run so far that she has been raped more than once. But everything that I’m telling you now is just what I can see physically and what tests that I have run. She may be more severely scarred mentally and emotionally. It looks like she was also starved for some time or only being given very small amounts of food in order for her to be able to function but not be strong enough for her to get away.”

In this moment all I could think about was what the hell had happened to this girl.

“Doc, do you know when she will wake up?” I asked curiously.

“By the looks of it, with the medication I gave her to help with the pain, she could wake up with in the next few hours or sometime tomorrow.”

“Okay, thanks Doc.” With saying that I walked away from his office and towards the girl. She has a steady heartbeat which is good.

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