Raiders Of The Knight

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(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

I am nine months pregnant and Derek and I are currently at the hospital as I have gone into labour, ready to give birth to our babies. Yes, you read right babies. Derek found out about 5 months or so ago that we are having twins. We were so happy especially after everything that we have been through. Honestly the last eight months, have been crazy. I had been worrying about where are going to live after I give birth because I told Derek that I didn’t want my children to be living at the club house where shit happens most nights. Derek of course told me not to worry and that he had it all sorted out but I was very sceptical.

It was two weeks after he had told me not to worry about a house when he called me during the middle of the day and gave me an address. He told me to get dropped off here and to walk through the front door. So I did as I was asked and I got dropped off and I walked through the front door.

The minute I did though, I burst into tears. There surround by rose petals and candles was Derek standing with a bouquet of beautiful red roses. I continued to walk to him with tears silently falling down my face. I came to stand in front of him when he kneeled down onto one knee.

“Bailey. The minute you ran into me I was taken for. I immediately loved you. It was like love at first sight, I knew then and there that you would be mine. Yes we had some downs and some big fucking worries but we pulled through together. So here I am in our new house, asking you, my love to marry me?”

All I could do was stare at him. I was still to in shock to comprehend what he had asked me. It wasn’t until he popped open the ring box that he had fished out of this pocket did I finally snap out of it.

I launched myself at him and jumped into his arms saying the word yes over and over again. I was so over joyed.

Derek finally set me down, put the ring on my finger and gave the kiss of a lifetime. When we finally let each other go, he asked me what I thought of the house and without even taking a tour or anything I told him the truth that just walking in here it felt like home.

But anyway back to the present. Holy fucking shit. Who the fuck new that pushing a baby out hurts so fucking much. God I fucking hope Derek knows that this shit isn’t happening again. Derek is holding my hand as I squeeze it tightly because this hurts and he keeps repeating that everything will be okay, when all I want to do is hit him in the head.

I make one last push and finally hear the cries of my first baby. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to relish the sound long when the urge to push again comes and I know that my second baby is on their way. Derek continues to hold my hand and reassure as I push this baby when I had finally had enough and smacked him across the face telling him to shut fuck up and that he isn’t helping.

Finally though after only a couple more pushes my second baby is out and crying just like their sibling. As I take a breath, I ask Derek to go and look at them and see how they are doing. He comes back to me with tears in his eyes as he hands me a baby. I am so overwhelmed at the moment nothing else matters except my babies and my loving fiancé.

An hour and a half later I am sitting in a room with Derek and my beautiful babies when Jeremey and Kate walked in. They were so over joyed when we asked them to be the godparents of Scarlett Willow Rhodes and Jace Elliott Rhodes. Scarlett being older than her brother by thirty seconds.

It was almost a year after our twins were born did Derek and finally tie the knot with our family, the Raiders Of The Knight MC.

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