Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 3.

(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

Darkness. That’s all that surrounds me. Occasionally I hear voices and some beeping sound but nothing is concrete as I fade into the darkness again.

As the darkness is finally clearing and the fog that seems to be covering my mind disappears I feel like I am finally able to hear more clearly to the noises that surround me.

Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep…

That all I can hear. The annoying beeping sound. It’s like someone has put it on repeat. I trying to move my hand around to get feeling back through my body.

“Joey go and get Hawk. I think his girl is waking up.”

That sentence made me think of where I am. Who is Joey, who is this person named Hawk. These questions start flying around my head and making me start to panic, which then makes that beeping sound speed up.

I feel someone start touching me, like they are trying to see what is making the beeping sound spike.

“What’s up Doc?”

I hear a deep velvet sounding voice ask.

“I think your girl is waking up Hawk. I saw her trying to move her hand before. Good thing to, I was starting to get worried that she may not be able to move her muscles when she wakes up, but this proves that she won’t have much trouble getting function back throughout her body.

I open my eyes to a harsh bright light just to close them again. I then open them again and start to blink so as to be able to adjust to the light.

Once I had adjusted to the light I made eye contact with the man from last night. I can see him much more clearly this time though. He looks rugged but he has this air of mystery that surrounds him. Jet black hair covers his head. His eyes a stormy grey, his chiselled jawline connects up to his stone like cheekbones. My eyes then move down to look at his plump lips, his very kissable lips. Kissable lips, what am I doing, I’m losing track here. I need to focus on where I am not on the hulk like man in front of me.

My eyes glanced around and I noticed that I was in some sort of hospital room, but this room was large with an office in the corner towards the other side of the room.

“Where am I and who are you people?” I asked the men in front of me.

The man who looks like the doctor replied, “My names Doc and this is Hawk he’s the VP of the MC Raiders Of The Knight and Miss are in the club house.”

As I take this information in, the hulk looking man now known as Hawk looks at me intently. As to why I have no idea.

“How long have I been here?” I asked confused as to why I would be. I have no recollection of how I got here.

Hawk speaks up, “You have been here for around a week. If you’re wondering on how you came to be here with us, then I am able to provide some answers. You were running away from someone and when you turned back around your crashed into me. You ended up falling unconscious as I tried talking to you and seeing of you were okay but I don’t think you heard. When you collapsed in my arms I brought you inside and into the infirmary, where you are at the moment.”

I looked at him confused for a moment before all the memories were coming back, the whipping, the running and finally the crashing into a rock hard body.

I looked up at him to reply, “Thank you for saving me. I wasn’t too sure how long I would have lasted if I had kept on running.”

I had to look away after that, to embarrassed with myself, that they had seen what state my body had been in when he found me.

“Hey, it’s okay. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, we all have scars, it just proves that we were strong and brave enough to continue to survive through the pain they brought along with them.” Hawk had turned my head to face him while he stop. I felt my face heat up a bit by how close he was to me.

I don’t know what came over me but after hearing that I brought my arms up and wrapped them around his waist in a hug. I felt him freeze in surprise at my actions but shortly after returned hug.

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