Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 4.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

She hugged me. This fucking beauty in front of me made the first move and hugged me. It took me by surprise for a second or two but then I left my surprised state and returned the hug turning it into a big bear hug.

When she finally pulled back she moved her hands to my biceps as I moved my hands to hold her hips. The look on her face without words was telling me that the hug meant as a thank you gesture.

We stayed looking at each other for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes when the doctor cleared his throat to notify us that he was still present around us which broke us out if our own little bubble.

“My name is Bailey by the way. I just thought that I should introduce myself seeing as you did help me out.” The girl in my arms introduced herself to us.

“As you have already heard my name is Hawk that’s what I have been called for as long as I can remember but my real name is Derek Rhodes.”

She smiled at me, and something about that smile warmed my heart.

“I know you may have questions about my scars and why I was running that night with half my face unrecognisable. I can give answers to your questions but, there may not be much I can tell you.” Bailey stated with a tone in her voice that I wasn’t able to detect quite as yet.

“Yes I would like to know some answers as to what had happened but seeing as how you have just woken up I’m going to leave it for now. You need to rest. Doc here is going to get you to stay in this bed for another day so that we know you are fully rested for when we move you to a proper room where you will be a lot more comfortable.”

“Thank you Mr. Hawk.”

“Please, just call me Hawk.”


I know this isn't much of chapter but I wanted to get something out you guys. Next chapter will be longer. Thanks for reading and also please give your thoughts on what is going to happen in the story next.

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