Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 5.

(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

“Please just call me Hawk.” He said while smiling at me.

With that one smile, I felt myself blushing and believe me I tried so hard to stop it but that just wasn’t allowed, at least not in the presence of this man. Damn emotions and hormones always coming to the surface when they are least wanted and/or needed honestly.

The next day came and I got moved to another room in the clubhouse. Hawk was there to help move me due to me still being in pain with my movements. Once I was settled in the room I thought that the air would turn awkward between us but it didn’t it actually felt nice the silence between us almost felt natural between us and for some reason it both scared me and comforted me something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

“So, what questions did you have for me?” I ask Hawk after a few minutes of silence of us just sitting here on my bed.

“Who were those men that were chasing you?”

“Wow straight to the point huh. Those were the men that worked for him. Him being Harrison Roman.”

“Fuck him and his miserable life. I will end his sorry existence of a human being.”

Hawk was still ranting when I used my palm to cover his mouth effectively shutting him up. I pulled my hand away when I noticed the he had stopped talking.

“Was there a need for your hand to be over my mouth?”

“Yes, you wouldn’t to ranting and there was only so much I would do to shut you up and using my voice and mouth was not an option so my hand was the next best thing.”

After a second of no sound Hawk starts laughing and it isn’t a normal laugh but a full on belly laugh, his laugh is so infectious that I started to laugh along with him until the pain from my ribs made itself known to me and I started whimpering instead.

“Are you alright love?” Hawk askes me when he notices that I’m bent over holding my ribs.

“Don’t make me laugh you big oaf it hurts.”

“Here why don’t you lay down and rest some more. I’ll talk to you later.” Hawk says this as he gets up to leave the room.

“No, stay please. I feel much more comfortable and calm with you here with me. Please at least just stay until I fall asleep because we both know with the pain meds I’m I’ll be out like a light in a few minutes.” I watched his facial expressions as I said this and I know that it may have been wrong of me to ask this of him due to my condition and what I have just escaped from but I felt much more calmer with him around me that I just had to ask.

“Sure love, no just lay back down, come on.” Hawk replied as he closed the door, took off his cut, boots and lay down next to me. He pulled me into his arms while also being careful as to my injuries that were scattered around my body.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

Once I laid down with her and pulled her body to me, I felt heat flood throughout my body with little licks of what could be described as flames also surround my skin setting it alive.

I couldn’t help the surprise I felt when she asked me to stay, I wanted to deny the request because she need to rest but then I saw the look on her face as she described to me why she wanted me to stay and I knew I couldn’t deny. So I shut the door, took off my cut and boots and hopped into the bed with her while being careful of her wounds.

I watched her as she fell asleep wondering why someone would want to hurt her and how she had gotten involved with the person in the first place, because I knew from now on I wasn’t gonna let her go, no fucking way. She was staying here with me until whoever the hell is after her is dealt with and even then she isn’t leaving. I feel something for this girl and I want to find out where is goes and to see if she feels the same thing as me because if she does, she is never leaving my sight fucking ever.

Those were the last thoughts I had as I fell asleep next to the prettiest girl I have ever seen.


Here is the update, sorry for it being late got swamped with assessments and resubs. All finished now though, I'm on holiday for month now which means updates should be more frequent.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my story, and also please tell me your thoughts on what you think will happen next.

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