Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 8.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

Bailey was getting along really well with the girls here especially Kate. When coming back to the club house from work Jeremey and I would often find them either chatting happily with the other girls here or by themselves or they were passed out on the couch in Bailey’s room while watching a movie.

Bailey’s bruises have healed and so have her cuts. The scars on her back and the rest of her body haven’t fully healed but they don’t seem to bother her as much from what she tells me.

Bailey had also offered that because she was still healing and getting used to being around some many people that until she can get a job she would clean the club house and cook the meals for the club in return for her being able to sleep, eat and shower here.

“Hey Hawk.”

I look up from the bike I’m working on to see who called me.

“Yeah Mike, what do you want?” I respond going back to the bike after responding to our Sergeant At Arms.

“Words gotten out that the Raiders have Bailey.”

I stop work immediately.

“What do you mean word has gotten out?” I stand up and turn to him wiping my hands on a rag.

“I mean this Harrison Roman guy has put word out that we have Bailey and that he wants her back no matter the cost.”

“Shit shit shit shit. Okay, go and ask Circuit to meet us in Prez’s office and tell him to bring the information he found on Harrison Roman with him.”

“Got it Hawk.” With that Mike ran out of the garage leaving me to my thoughts which was a fucking mistake. I walked up to a table and lost my absolute shit at it, swiping everything that was on the table off it and onto the floor which caused everything to scatter, littering the floor.

After my anger burst I left and headed to Prez’s office hoping that Mike had gotten there before me so we could find a way to handle the situation that is going to be at hand.


Sorry that this is a small chapter I just wanted to get something out.

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