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I Was Used

By aishaayesha All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1: Love me

It's a lie if someone told you that they don't wanna be popular. Tell me straight to my face that you've never had the slightest bit of temptation- to want be known, respected,accepted, be the person that people actually want to get to know more and hang around with. Am I wrong? Sure, you don't need thousands of friends around you to be happy but I bet you, the thought of being adored by everyone else, has crossed your mind once or twice. It's a complete lie if someone told you otherwise. I've always wanted to be popular, known, accepted by society. Then things changed. I used to want those things. But now, only I can say that I never want to be popular ever again.

See I was center of attention in my school. Yes. In a good way? No. Definitely not. Being famous and infamous are two different things. Girls loathed me. Just suddenly. Of course, there could only be one reason and one reason only. It's pretty obvious. It's Zeth Cunnings. We started going out recently. I wasn't sure why but I was desperate enough to say yes. He was smoking hot and into me. Why the hell not right? But of course they were perks and quirks for everything.

Girls were pushing me around calling me the meanest things. Jealousy, hatred, I could name them all. I was the girl who people would walk pass by and be called a whore or a slut. Bear with me here. The thing is, their words don't hurt me at all. Having Zeth around me was the only thing that made things right. He was sweet, kind -has a huge ego but he's just joking around of course.

See when you wish for something you want, there's always a catch. And most of the time? It's gonna ruin you.

I was about to leave the toilet cubicle but I stopped in my tracks when I heard a familiar voice. "That skank's just selling her body to him. I wonder how many guys she's already wrapped around her finger." This wasn't the right time to step out.

I felt my blood boil. Usually I'd just put those feelings aside but right then, I had enough of just keeping silent and taking every bullet in. Everyone has their limits. Zeth was my first and only boyfriend I've ever had. She had lots! Even during pre-school she'd dominate all the boys in our class. If one little boyfriend makes me a slut, I'd love to know what that makes her.

"Oh Tri, you know he's just tryna get in her pants, it's all part of his plan," I heard her friend say. I couldn't tell who. Laura and Lina were twins, they had the exact same voices and were both equally annoying. I was sure Zeth wouldn't do that to me. He never once forced me into sex, so why doubt him now?

"Oh I know but why her? Seriously, of all people? She's a little virgin. Such a tease! Of all the times he could get into my pants anytime he wanted? That's doesn't make any sense," she said. I just barfed in my mouth. Anytime he wanted? She spoke for herself.

"Don't worry. Let her have her fun. Once he's done with her, we'll make him post naked pictures of her and she'll become an instant internet sensation pornstar overnight," her friend said smugly. They knew that I was a virgin yet they still call me a whore. How contradicting.

"Ugh. Wouldn't we be doing her a favour then?" she laughed. I shook my head. That's it. No more. I wasn't gonna take this. I wasn't going to let them talk about me like that.

"Oh my. Jealous aren't we?" I kicked the door open and stepped out smirking.

"Of what? How much of a slut you are? Puh-lease," she said

"I heard something from Zeth the other day. Something about you." Her eyes went big.

"What did he say?" she asked. Guess I caught her attention.

" Well, I can't really remember exactly but I think he said that all the while he's been dating you, he was using you. He had enough and moved on from you. You're weren't even that good in bed anyway. Oh Trina you are so naive," I laughed evilly. I noticed her flinch. I realized breaking her wall down was getting easier everytime.

"Y-you're lying! You're a liar!" She stuttered.

"Oh am I? Oops. Did I hit nerve?" I laughed, walking out of the toilet. Boy that felt good. What? To have the opportunity to outbitch the Queen, no one can pass that up.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I took it out.

" Meet me after school. Wanna hang out at my house tonight. Zeth," I said while reading. A smile crept up my face.

"Have I ever told you how crazy you drive!" I shouted through the crazy wind blowing through my hair, making it tangle. Oh I wasn't angry. Scared out of my wits? Definitely.

"Baby, I'm only going 70," he smiled as he stepped on the pedal harder, making the car go even faster.

'"The driving limit is 45 Zeth," I shook my head, laughing. Don't get me wrong. I dig bad boys but I just didn't wanna die that night. He pulled over after his house was in sight. As I stepped in his house, his little brother whom I like to call 'my little munchkin' greeted me.

"Hey girlfriend," he smiled. The 10 year old boy is still adorable as ever.

"Hey now. Get your own girlfriend. This one's mine," Zeth walked past us. His little brother pouted, folding his arms.

"Can't we share?" He asked. I squatted down to his level and cupped his cute little face.

"Aren't you the most adorable?" I pinched his cheeks till they turned red and a smile started forming on his face.

" I'm your brother's girlfriend, but I'll always be here for you if you need anything," I smiled, prodding on his nose. He frowned a little, thinking.

"It's a good thing you're pretty," He grinned and ran up the stairs to his room. Guess he got some of his charm from his older brother.

"Uhh.. thanks?" I laughed as I joined Zeth on the couch.

"You done with the baby?" he asked. I looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Well someone's jealous," I smirked. He turned to face me but he didn't say anything. Before I knew it, he went closer and lifted my chin towards his face. Our noses touched and I could feel his breath on my lips. It's only been 5 minutes and we're at this point.

"What?" The corner of his mouth started tugging up as he leaned closer. God, he was gorgeous. I still couldn't believe I'm this close to Zeth Cunnings. The school's hottest jock there ever is. I bit my lip.

"You always do that," he said.

"What?" I looked down, feeling shy all of a sudden.

"That. You always bite your lip, when you're embarrased." He smiled at me before planting a soft sweet kiss on my lips.

"You're the reason. If you must know," I said after he pulled away.

That wasn't enough for me. Oh I don't know, I guess my teenage hormones were taking over. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled him closer to me. This time our foreheads touched. He slowly nibbled my lower lip while I sucked on his upper lip before the kiss turn lustful and a fast paced one. His kisses were sweet. Not just that. It's addictive. Like drugs. I just can't stop. I felt his tongue swirl in my mouth as he entered. Next thing I knew I was straddling on his lap after he lifted me up effortlessly. I felt his hands cupping my butt supporting me. I played with his chocolate brown hair, running through it like it was meant to stay there. My blue eyes bored into his. He wouldn't anything to hurt me, I just knew it. He was patient with me.

He knew I wasn't ready.

" Wow Zeth. You used me. I fell deep into your trap." I gritted my teeth as tears poured out. My heart sank. A thousand girl's were surrounding us with cameras in their hands-taking pictures and videos,laughing. There I was, lying naked right beside Zeth. The guy I called my boyfriend. "Congratulations Zeth. You're whole plan worked out perfectly. I thought there was something about you, I thought you were different. But you proved me wrong. You proved to me that all you males are bastards and scumbags. You just use girls whenever you want to. You had me wrapped around you little finger, Zeth. You had me. Hah... Watch me." My rage burned through my silver blue eyes as I covered myself with the blanket and I got up from the bed.

"Watch me turn your life around. Cause when I come back, you'll never see what hit you."

I snapped back to reality.

"Still thinking about that jerk?" Dan asked. He's my little brother. Not exactly little. Younger. By a year. He's supposed to be my younger brother but he takes care of me instead. He knew about what happened to me. About the day when Zeth Cunnings used me. He stole my virginity and invited almost the whole cheer squad over to witness it. I couldn't stand the bullying and the aching heartbreak so I transferred. To another town.

"No." I answered fast.

" I hope you don't fall for asses when we enroll in our new school tomorrow," he smirked. I threw a pillow at him.

" I hate that guy. Don't ever mention that jerk." I scowled.

"Right," he took a bite out of his apple.

There it was. The car key. To the new smashing car that's to die for, that our mum's recently bought.

We both eyed it at the same time and glared at each other. I leaned over the table to grab the keys the same time he did, only to have the key slipped out of my hands and into his. Today was not my day.

" Guess I'm driving then, wise choice," he smirked.

" No I'm driving! You don't even have your driving license yet!" I shouted.

"That doesn't change the fact that I drive way better than you do. Sometimes I wonder how you passed it. Did you cheat, Geena?" he asked, smirking as he walked to the garage to get to the car. How can he be so annoying? He knows very well how I passed the test. I actually got him to tutor me Driver's ed.

" Hey! I'm the older one here! " I raised an eyebrow, warning him.

" That doesn't make you the mature or responsible one." He got into the car and I heard the engine start.

I gaped at him. "Are you saying I'm not?" Who does he think he is? I quickly ran after him.

"Hey now, I didn't say anything," he raised both his hands in surrender.

"Danny." I gave him a look that said, ' I'll tell Mum'.

" Just get in the car or we'll gonna be late," he drove the car towards me and I jumped in reluctantly. Sometimes It's annoying how controlling he can be for a younger brother. I mean his birthday's near the end of the year which makes me two years older than him after my birthday's passed.

We passed by a number of people, mostly guys. Man, males probably dominated this part of the town. Danny finally found spot to park the car and we both got out, walking towards the principal's office. If I can find it that is. I looked around to find people staring at me. I get it. I'm the new kid on the block. Don't have to stare like I don't belong on this planet, I thought.

" Okay, Right or left?" I looked to my left almost taking a step forward.

" It's this way Geena," I heard my annoying brother say as he lead the other way.

I stepped in the office and a lady in her working attire greeted us. I couldn't help but notice her zipper on the side of skirt being half opened, revealing her lacy dark red panties. Seriously who wears sexy thongs to work? Well, someones being promiscous. Ehk, who am I to judge? I'm pretty much being misunderstood myself. Danny noticed it too. He was looking away, biting his lip. Well, there are some habits that we both can't help with.

" Hello. You must be the new transfer students, Dan and Geena Rookie," She smiled and took her hand out. I got up quickly and whispered in her ear about her little problem so Danny here could start talking normally, (and comfortably).

" What?.. OH! Oh my! Ahah.." She looked away as she quickly zipped it up. I smiled politely, taking a seat down on the sofa chair with Danny.

" I'm sorry for that. I'm Ms. Tenny, the head Principal of Royston High," she smiled and shook both our hands. Her facial expression changed instantly that we both totally forgot what just happened a second ago. I guess they don't make her Head Principal for nothing.

"It's a surprise seeing 9th and 10th grade student's transferring here. It must be hard to leave your friends back in your previous high school but I assure you the people here are as nice. Whatever the reason, I'd like to welcome you two. We do not usually accept students of your grade but we'll let this pass in your desperate situation. You may be new here but we certainly treat everyone equally and there is no such thing as special treatment."

"Of course , we do not expect that," I answered with a smile.

" Good, my student leaders will help you with whatever you need for rest of the week and then you are on your own. Is that understood?" She looked at us and we both nodded.

Only a few hours just passed and Danny had already made good friends. This was one of the things about Danny that I was wish I was. He was friendly, funny and sociable. I on the other hand, always kept to myself. Not that I couldn't make friends. One or two, the least. I saw Danny at his locker talking to his new friend. Feeling lonely, I kind of stared at them for a while until his friend noticed me.

And I must say, he had gorgeous eyes. I looked away the minute his eyes turned on me. Ever since the 'Zeth' things happened, I've been avoiding guys lately. I kept the mindset of 'All guys being bastards and scumbags', excuse me for the vulgarities. Sex was the only thing they wanted. Even if they weren't so bad, a smoking hot girl in her lingerie could change that. This obviously does not apply to Danny. He's my brother and I know him well enough to know he's not a jerk. I tried keeping myself busy with my locker and as I expected, someone tapped me on my shoulder. I knew very well who it was.

"Hey there. I couldn't help but notice you staring at me," Danny's friend came up to me. It was his charming smile that made back away. Having a younger guy hit on you and the fact that he's your younger brother's friend makes it even more awkward.

"Uh. I wouldn't hit on her if I were you," Danny came up to join us at the right time.

"Why not? Oh Danny, lemme show how it's done around here," He turned back to face me and he gave me a smile that was oh-so-deadly. Seriously? I thought to myself. He was getting much closer I just couldn't stand it. I felt like punching him and then blame it on a reflex.

"Pfft please. I would obviously done a much better job if she weren't my sister dude," Danny chuckled.

" Sister?" His friend raised his eyebrows and backed away from me a little.

" Older sister,' Danny said, emphasizing on the word, 'older'. It almost made me laugh looking at the change on his friend's face.

"Well, this is awkward." He laughed wryly.

"More awkward for me," I broke into a smile.

"So you guys are siblings..and that means you're off limits. Dang. That's hard to get used to," he smirked.

"Why's that?" I frowned in confusion.

"Please don't make me say it. There is only so much I can say. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror for a second?" he smiled. The bell rang right after he said it.

"Alright, we gotta go," Danny said as he patted his friend's back.

"Okay see ya around.. Dan's sis?" he took out his hand, not sure what to call me.

" It's Geena," I gave him a small smile, even though I was utterly disgusted by our first meeting.

"P.Z," he said.

"What's that stand for?" I asked, furrowing my brows.

"Philips Zachary," Danny answered for him as they left.

I gotta admit. That's a pretty cool name.

"HI!" A really, really lively girl shouted from behind.

"Uh.. You don't have to shout. I'm right here," I looked at her funny.

"Oh I know. I just wanted to give you a big welcome," she smiled and giggled in a really annoying high-pitched voice.

"Well, it's uh..big alright," I laughed, trying to be polite.

" I'm Drey. Short for Audrey. I'm one of the student leaders. I'll be giving you a tour of our school and help you with your classes. We have some classes together. 2nd, 4th,5th, and 7th Period to be 't wait!" She shouted in glee,giving all sorts of hand gestures.

"G-great," I faked a smiled. Boy, was she an exploding ball of sunshine.

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