I Was Used

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Chapter 2: Getting to know them

" This is the concourse- where the student leaders makes announcements about special events, club and what not. There is a school notice board right over there. Be sure to check it everyday for last minute announcements. The cafeteria- first doors on your right and the left's are the extra classrooms the school needs for the clubmeetings. And this, is the end of your school tour," she giggled.

"Wow. Your tour guide skills are like the real ones on the tour bus," I said in awe. She laughed and smiled.

" Thanks. This voice I'm pretending to act out is annoying," She paused and started talking in her, i'm assuming, 'normal voice'.

She sounded real.I think.

" If you need anything, you know where to find me. Sorry I gotta go- my art club meeting starts in a few minutes and I'm in charge of the equipments, see ya later at lunch Rookie," she smiled and walked her way to the classrooms. She was.. nice. Crazy. But nice. "Okay. Thanks! For the help!" I shouted out in time before she left.

"And this map you drew for me is amazing. So detailed.." I trailed off, still staring at it in awe.

I sighed. I wonder where Danny is now. Probably hanging out with his possy. God, I am turning into mum. Can't believe I used the word possy. I folded the map of the school slowly, trying to not crumple it. I was seriously thinking of putting in up on my bedroom wall with all my other posters. I took a look at my watch. 10.40am.

"Well, you better get to class." Right you are.

I walked on for a while then stopped in my tracks. Wait-that wasn't me talking. I turned around to find a really good looking guy with folded arms, smirking. I jerked backwards, startled by the sudden figure standing right in front of me.

"Uh.. can I.. help you?" I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, feeling my body getting smaller the second I realised his tall figure.

" I think its the other way around," the corner of his right lip tugged up forming a smile.

" uh.. no I think I'm good," I said, not trying ot be rude or anything.

"A friend of mine made me a map of the whole school which is way helpful. I'm not lost if you were wondering,' I smiled innocently. Believe me, I wasn't trying to sass him. "You don't really know when a guy's interested huh?" he frowned a little.

" Well, I only had one boyfriend at 16. Now I'm 17 and I no longer trust all humans of the male species, so yeah."

" Seriously? 'Humans of the male species' huh ?" He started grinning as if I was joking. I wasn't. " I better get to class," I sighed. I was certainly not in the mood to get hit on.

" What class are you having next?" He asked. Why do you care? "Uh.. Geography..class 5A," I read off my schedule.

" Well then, I'm Flynn Rayner. Let me escort you to 'our' class," he held out a hand which I left hanging.

" I..walk alone," I kept my hands to myself, continuing to walk in the right direction, using my map. I'm no weirdo. It's not just hard when getting over a guy, It's even harder learning to trust them again. I wasn't even sure whether I could start trusting.

When I got home, I couldn't believe the news I heard. My brother invited P.Z over our house for dinenr on the first day of school.

"What? What's wrong with P.Z?" Danny raised an eyebrow at me.

" No nothing's wrong with him. It's just.. you're younger than me,' I bit my lip again. " I'm supposed to have friend over for a girly sleepover, not you."

" Oh please Geena, spare me the melodrama. That doesn't matter! And plus, its not like you were miss popular before," he muttered. I gasped.

" Hoh, seriously? Low blow Danny, low blow," I shook my head at him. Sure I wasn't miss popular but I had some friends. Who cares if he had thousands more.

" Whatever. I didn't mean it that way. Just be yourself. You're Geena. Fun, sweet, down-to-earth and you're always there for me," He sighed.

"And I can't believe I'm saying this but this is a wake up call for you, you're hot and you've always had been! That's why all those girls were jealous of you. You had it all- a 'so called' perfect boyfriend, a perfect look. If you got it, flaunt it! Just this time, don't fall for asses," He smiled.

" Wow.. and insult then a compliment?" I folded my arms. " No.. a compliment to cover the insult," He corrected me then we both burst into laughter. Just in time, the doorbell rang. It was probably P.Z. " I'll get it," He said, walking towards the door.

" No, I'll get it," I smiled and put my hands on the door hinge. " No, he's my friend. I'll get it," he said, putting his hand over mine. 'I'll get it,' I frowned.

"Geena.' He warned.

"Danny,' I said in a, what I call 'adorable baby' voice.

" Geena Seriously. You can't stay put for one second and not rant about something," he shook his head as he opened the door. There stood Mr. P.Z looking all cool and slick with his Vintage Racer Jacket, Levi Skinny Jeans and High-top sneakers. What? I knew my clothing very well.

"Hey man. And heloooo Geena," He whistled, giving me an appraising look. He smirked at me and I looked at him weird. Don't get me wrong. He's a keeper. He's greyish green eyes keeps you busy. That was the reason why I got distracted a little the first time I saw him. But him being a year younger than me just makes me feel like a cougar. I know, age is just a number but do you see how much hate these celebrity cougar couples get? I mean, look at Harry styles and Caroline Flack. Sure I'm not a celebrity and no ones really cares about me but hey. Same thing. I stared at him for a second. I noticed a twinkle in his eye as he winked at me.

" Dude. You gotta stop doing that man. Bro code. And besides, it's disgusting," Danny shook his head and shuddered at the thought of us dating. He went ahead, walking towards the kitchen to grab some drinks.

" Well, nice to see you too," P.Z seemed offended and he entered the house, making him more at home.

I rolled my eyes at them and slowly climbed up the stairs to my room, dragging my feet. You guessed right, I'm not the sporty type. From the corner of my eyes, I saw P.Z take off his jacket to reveal his V-neck t-shirt. I stopped in my tracks. He may be a year younger than me but he certainly did not look like it. He looked about my age, maybe older. Well, puberty happens fast don't they? Man did he work out. I couldn't believe it myself but I was totally checking him out, no excuses. His biceps flexed as he moved his arm, putting his jacket down. His shirt looked tight on him around the sleeves because it looked like it was about to rip.

" Enjoying the view?" He asked, looking up at me. His words interrupted my thoughts and I mentally slapped myself back to reality, jerking backwards. Being the clumsy person that I am, I leaned backwards a little too much, losing my balance at the same time. Instead of feeling the hard wooden floor, I felt arms around me, catching me in mid-air.

" Woah Geena careful there. Watch you're step," Danny caught me in time. I gave a sigh of relief, maintaning my balance.

"Thanks Danny."

" What are you smiling about?" Danny turned to P.Z and gave a suspicious look.

" Oh nothing," He smirked at me, making me glare at him. It was partly his fault.

" A word of advice? Get a bigger shirt," I scoffed at him, rolling my eyes, not wanting to give him any satisfaction.

"I'll be up if you need me Danny. Mum's not gonna be home till ten. Workshift change. You know the drill.' I shrugged.

" Kay. I'll ask if I need you to cook something for us," I heard his voice fade slowly more and more as I ascended up the stairs.

"God damn it Danny- I AM NOT YOUR MAID. Go cook something yourself, you lazy bum!" I showed him a face and closed my door. I heard P.Z chuckle and call me feisty. I am not feisty. Am I? Ugh. Whatever. I slumped down on my grey beanbag and started playing ping pong with my bedroom wall. Cause everyone knows there's nothing more exciting than playing ping pong. I hit the ball lightly but it went smashing towards the wall, bouncing off of it and into my mouth. I spat out. Ew. I felt a vibration in my pocket.

" Whutt. Only 5 minutes and he needs help with something?" I shook my head in disappointment. I went downstairs to find out what he needed help with. Danny cannot spend a second in the kitchen. He' d blow the place up. It happened once but Danny doesn't want anyone to mention it.

" Oh Geena, just in time. I couldn't get the fire started it kept going off. Could you-"

" Oh you've got to be kidding me." I turned stove on, hearing the gas leak out. The fire started big but I adjusted it.

" Thanks sis," he smiled.

" Wanna help me cook some some homemade pizza? There's still dough in the fridge. We can eat it together," He winked. He knew my favourite junk food is pizza. I love peperonni pizza! It's yummy cheezy beefy goodness just melts in your mouth like melting Ice.

"Oh Robbie you know me too well," I smiled back. He was just being the nice brother that he is. He knew I didn't have anything else to do.

" HEY DAN! I'M STARVING HERE! HURRY UP AND COOK SOMETHING WILL YA?" P.z shouted from the living room.

" Hey it's free food I'm serving. Be considerate or you get nothin' !" Danny shouted back. I heard P.z laugh then changed the channel. After putting the Pizza in the oven, I joined the guys on the couch.

" Well well well, look who came back? Couldn't resist these huh?" he joked, pointing to his bare, naked abs. Really? Is it really that hot in here? I don't see any reason for him to take off his shirt in MY house.

" Pfft please.." I laughed awkwardly, trying to hide it.

" I'm trying to watch the movie guys, shhh," Dan pushed the both of us apart.

Well, I ended up hanging out with the boys. It was pretty fun watching some action movies than a chick flick to make fun of all the cliche moments. Boys are wild, let me tell you that. I heard them talking about someone's party coming up and apparently, everyone's invited. There's always something that scares me about parties. Cheating, lying jerks. Exactly the kind of people I don't wanna get involved with.

That Flynn guy had been eye-raping me since 2nd period. What the heck is his problem?

" Excuse me. Sorry I can't help but ask. Why are you eye-raping me?" I shot a glare at him.

" What?" He couldn't help but laugh.

" Please tell me you heard that right. Don't make me repeat myself." I groaned.

" Uh.. I heard you..but eye-raping's not really the right word to use isn't it?" Flynn smirked.

" Well, that's what I see you doing," I rolled my eyes, turning to face the board.

" A feisty one I see." Ugh. He really likes to annoy me doesn't he? I quickly turned to him.

" I am not feisty! I'm -" I wanted to say more but the teacher cut me off. " Excuse me miss Rookie, problem?" Yes. Him.

" Not at all," I sighed and turned my head back to face the front. " Sorry," I apol

ogized to the teacher. I turned to Flynn quickly and shot daggers at him. He winked at me. I had enough of his cheesy pick-up lines and stupid flirty winks. I don't care if he's smokin' hot or drop dead gorgeous. That's it. No more mr. nice guy, hello miss priss.

As soon as the bell went off, I quickly packed my things, getting ready to leave. I was starving.

" Hey wait up!" Flynn called out. He manage to catch up with me.

"Sorry, I didn't get your name. You're new here right? I could show you around with a friend of mine," he asked then offered his hand. He almost seemed sincere about it- like he wasn't trying to hit on me or anything of the sort.

"Uh.. I actually already went through the tour and the big welcome so.." I bit my lip. Geena! What freakin happened to Miss Priss? Ugh.

" Oh you mean 'The big 'Hi' by Audrey Baine?" he smiled.

" Oh you know her?" I looked at him, surprised.

"Know her? I know everything about her. She's sweet, kind, funny and a total geek. She would've been in the same Math class as us but she decided to take advanced math . We just so happened to be best friends," He laughed out. Him best friends with her? Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

" I see," I nodded my head, accepting the new information. He didn't seem like the type to hang around with girls like Audrey. Audrey's a cute and sweet bubbly girl. And Flynn? He seems pretty much like the school's player. And I don't mean it in terms of 'sports'.

" What?" He smirked. Oops..I stared at him for too long. God, please save me from the embarrassment.

" Oh look! There's Audrey!" I pointed when I saw her walking out of her class with her books. I ran over to her side, almost grabbing her books from her.

"Hey lemme help you with that," I smiled, trying to be polite.

" Oh Hey! Thanks," She smiled at the sight of me and then pushed up her glasses like any geek would. She noticed Flynn a few meters away looking at us. She turned to look at me.

" I see you've met Flynn?" She asked, raising her brows.

"Yup," I nodded. She grinned.

" Which one was it? The 'Stares and flirty winks' or the 'hey, you're new here?' "

" I suppose she was talking about the way he approached me.

" Both," I laughed.

" I see you guys are getting along well? Is there space for one more?" Flynn stood in front of us. Audrey grinned as he squeezed in between the two of us and we walked towards the cafeteria. Man was it crowded in there. You could barely get food. The back of the line even reached the entrance of the cafeteria.

" A word of advice? Next time bring your own lunch," Audrey smiled. She noticed me gaping at the line in horror.

" I figured." I shrugged We went around the corner to find a empty table. Luckily, we got there first before a group of 8th Graders could.

" Here, I brought an extra sandwich for you just in case." She passed it to me.

" She always brings extra sandwiches for new transfers," Flynn whispered to me.

" Thanks." I smiled at her. After a while, I watched as the two friends talk. I didn't know why but I started to smile. They have like totally different personalities but they just click.

" Are you okay?" Flynn asked.

" Yeah.. just.. oh nothing.. You guys just have great chemistry that's all. You know, like really close friends- chemistry," I took a bite out of my ham and cheese sandwich. They both looked at each other and grinned.


" Best friends since pre-school baby!" She exclaimed as she ruffled his hair. He chuckled slightly, looking at her. He was extremely gorgeous but I tried to ignore that. Distractions. Distractions.

" I heard that you and you're brother transferred here too right?" She suddenly asked.

"Yeah his name's Dan. He's over there with P.Z," I pointed over to the other table across ours. "Oh P.Z," She turned to look.

" Is he a student leader too?" I asked and she nodded.

" He seems to fit in with the populars," Flynn seemed impressed.

" Yeah. He does that. That's one of his traits. It's annoying, but he's my brother so.. I love him," I joked.

" I'm the plain Jane in the family," I shrugged. Both our parents are good-looking like Danny.

" Woah wait a minute, Plain Jane?" Flynn looked at me.


"You don't seem like one," Audrey took the last bite of her own sandwich.

" What do you mean by that?" I paused before taking a bite out of mine.

" Well, you're a beauty. That's one. And you have a great sense of style. You could easily fit in with them too," Flynn showed me a toothy grin.

"Beauty? No I'm not. You're exaggerating. I'm average and I'm okay with that. I don't really like being center of attention. After what I've been through, never again," I stated, huffing.

"What happ-" Flynn wanted to say but Audrey cut him off. Thank god she did. I didn't really want to tell anyone about my past. I'd like to forget it if I could.

" Wait a minute- you have.. blue eyes and your brother doesn't," Audrey furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, first looking at me then at Danny.

" Uhh.. He's wearing contacts. It's a long story really. It's pretty complicated," I mumbled, trying not to get into detail.

" Bad subject?" she asked. I nodded.

" Sorry," she frowned. " It's fine," I smiled.

" Anyways, Flynn, why aren't you hanging with the populars? You definitely got the whole popular package thing going on," I asked.

" Me? With the populars?" He raised his brows, " Nah. I'd rather be part of the nerd patrol." He grinned at Audrey. "Too much drama," he shook his head.

" Speaking of drama, what club are you thinking of joining? I'm in art and drama," Audrey asked. Oh. So that's why she was faking the big welcome. It was just a part of her practice.

"Oh, don't forget nerd club," Flynn teased as she rolled her eyes at him. " I'm in the school football team," he smiled.

"No surprise there," I mumbled, rolled my eyes.

" It's pretty crazy since our next game with the Finnlers is next friday so I don't really have time for other clubs, besides drama.." He tried keeping the word 'drama' on the down low.

" Wait, you're in drama?!" I almost spat my sandwich out. Everyone had their eyes on me. Especially Flynn.

" Uhmm. Course.. yeah. I'M in drama club," Audrey said aloud, smiling like an idiot. But I felt like the idiot right then. He obviously wanted to keep it a secret.

" Sorry about that...again, you're in drama?" I whispered as people were starting to look away.

" Yeah.. is it that much of a surprise?" he looked at me weird.

" Yes. You definitely don't look like the type to be expressive in any way," I pointed out, bluntly.

" Thanks. But for your information, I can be sensitive or emotional at times. And drama club's the place where I usually let myself out. I happen to be pretty good too," he smiled.

" Really? So you're telling me you're not a cheating, lying jerk whom I assume breaks innocent girls' heart just for fun and entertainment? You honestly expect me to believe that?" I paused, leaving both of them speechless. It came out with a lot more meaning that I thought it would. What are you doing Geena? You're getting your anger out on him instead of stupid Zeth. Just when you thought you could starting trusting and make new friends, you blow your chances. " I'm sorry.." I sighed, looking down at the table. I took a deep breath.

"Are you okay?" Flynn asked with concern. Even though I insulted him a few seconds ago.

" I'm really sorry Flynn. I'm not usually like this. I'm normal I swear," I let out a small laugh.

" Bad history?" Audrey asked.

"…" I kept silent.

" It's okay. Everyone has them." He gave me a genuine smile.

" Well.. I guess.. soo...Lemme guess. You're playing Romeo?" I asked, trying to get things back to normal.

" Yeah. How'd you know?"

"Well, you did say you were good so..I believed you?" I laughed.

Audrey nodded. "He's really really good. You should watch him perform sometime. They have an open rehearsal this friday. They're still casting roles for Juliet till wednesday. You wanna try it out?"

" Me? Playing Juliet? No way. I could barely play a freakin tree right in 2nd grade," I shook my head in disagreement, "but you're in drama too right? Why didn't you audition for Juliet?"

" I'm in Group B so I'm not doing Romeo and Juliet. I'm doing Macbeth. I'm playing Lady Macbeth," She grinned proudly.

" Wow. So you guys are born actors huh?" I smiled.

" Oh c'mon. Stop trying to change the subject. You should at least try the part of Juliet," Flynn pleaded.

I sighed. " I'll.. think about it," I nodded.

Yeah right. Sure.

No way in hell.

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