Help Me, It Hurts

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The weeks continued to swiftly move by and summer was coming to an end soon. It's been just about a year since I've started working at Mo's. Life was as normal as it could be for me...I continued with my routine working at Mo's, eating dinner with Chelsea, Walter and Andrew.

Andrew...As I thought his name I could feel the blush take over my cheeks and down to my neck. I quickly inhaled as I puffed out my cheeks, holding it for a moment before releasing the breath. It's something I've taken on doing lately in an attempt to calm my flushed cheeks sooner. I couldn't help the fire that spread across my face at the mere thought of his name. I'm not sure how I feel about Andrew. All I know at this moment is that I consider him to be a friend. I'm not sure how he and Walter weaselled their way into my heart but they have. It terrifies yet calms me at the same time. Walter reminds me of my brother, so perhaps that how I've grown accustomed to him over the past year. Andrew, on the other hand, I see him as anything but my brother. He truly is a kind selfless gentleman. A very handsome gentleman. I once again puffed out my cheeks as my face became hot once again.

"Thinking about a certain someone again, Ally?" Chelsea's voice rung out to me as she grabbed food from behind the counter. I glanced up in time to see her wink at me.

"No, Cricket, I'm not." My face started to burn more at being caught once again thinking about Andy.

"No point in lying, Ally. There's only one man who can make you have that goofy smile on your face." I was smiling? I quickly masked my face before turning away from her and getting back to work. "Don't worry, Ally your suga' should be walking through those doors any minute now" I spun around to send her a glare that did absolutely nothing to deter her from mocking me.

"Chelsea, how about we do what we are paid to be doing? Working. Instead of worrying about me, perhaps you should be thinking about your boyfriend-" Her eyes narrowed at me before she quickly cut me off.

"He isn't my boyfriend-"

"But you guys are dating now so-"

"So we are dating. He hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend, yet-"

"So you want to be his girlfriend"

"Uh!" She stomped away somehow managing to not drop the food in her hands. I chuckled in response before getting back to work. To be honest, it's fun bickering with Chelsea. I'm not sure if it's something that I like to do with just her or if it's just a part of my personality. I frowned as I realize that I'm not sure of who I am beyond who I was forced to be as a result of the abuse.

"Why the frown, Pumpkin?" I jumped as I realized someone was right in front of me. My heart pounded in my chest as I looked up to catch the golden-brown eyes of Andrew. He frowned as he took a couple of steps back. "Sorry, Pumpkin. I didn't mean to scare you"

I took a couple of breaths to regulate my breathing before I sent him an apologetic smile.

"It's alright, Andy. I was just caught up in my thoughts." He nodded understandingly.

"May I ask what was on that beautiful mind of yours?" This is one thing I don't like about Andrew. He's such a flirt! How am I expected not to develop a crush when he- wait. Did I just say crush?

I blushed once again for the third time in the past fifteen minutes. My blush deepened once my previous thoughts about how handsome Andy is, came to mind. A red firetruck had nothing on my face at that moment. I started to puff out my cheeks to cool the fire that had taken over my face.

"Now, I'm very curious as to what it was," Andrew replied in response to my red face. I couldn't look him in the eye and busied myself with organizing the muffins on display.

"Not what Drew, but who" Chelsea boldly stated as she passed me to get to the register. I didn't even have the dignity to turn and glare at her in response. I could only bury my head further into the clear food display.

"Who? Ally, who is it?" Andrew practically demanded as he bent down to look at me through the display.

"It's no one, Andy. It's just a little hot in here is all" I mumbled a response.

"It doesn't feel that hot in here, Pumpkin. Are you sick? Do you need to go home? Chels-"

"I'm fine, Drew. I wouldn't be here if I was sick. Are you ready to grab some lunch?" I quickly tried to change the subject. He's been getting quite protective lately. I can't figure out why. Perhaps this is what friends are supposed to do- be protective over one another. Chelsea's protective of me too, but it's different when it comes from her...I guess it's different between female and male friends.

"Whenever you are, Pumpkin" He mumbled, as he obviously wasn't satisfied with my answer. I quickly grabbed my coat and wallet- not that I needed it since Andrew always insisted on paying and was quite sneaky when it came to paying.

I practically ran to the door to avoid Chelsea instigating anything else.

"Have fun, love birds" I turned to give her a comeback when I ran into the door- literally.

"Ally! Are you alright? Oh, that's a stupid question, of course, you're not. Chelsea grab an ice pack! Let's sit over here, Pumpkin." Andrew guided me over to a nearby chair at an empty table. I once again avoided looking him in the eye. It was too embarrassing since I just ran into the door.

"Ally, look at me suga'. How bad does it hurt?" Andrew asked me, but I refused to look at him or answer him. The embarrassment closed up my throat and didn't allow for me to look in his general direction.

"Here we go, hon," Chelsea said as she handed Andrew an ice pack. I glanced up at her to see worry and amusement clear in her eyes. My eyes narrowed at her. I wanted to blame her but I couldn't, not since I was the one who didn't pay attention to where I was going.

Andrew gently placed the ice pack on my head. I went to go hold it but he wouldn't let go and it only resulted in me placing my hands on top of his. Sparks flew up my arm making me pause before slowly retreating my hand. It was then that I noticed the sparks running up and down my back, making me stiffen before calming me further. This was the first time that he's made physical contact with me- is it normal to feel gentle sparks running through my veins whenever he touches me? Of course not, Ally. That hasn't happened with anyone else.

My eyes were drawn to his that were currently examining my face. How come I didn't feel any fear with his touch? I was starting to get anxious over the fact that I wasn't anxious. Does that make sense? His eyes met mine and I quickly looked away.

"Pumpkin, perhaps you should head home early. I'll help out here for the rest of the afternoon after I drive you home." To be honest, it was tempting. I now had a raging headache that I don't think will go away anytime soon. How hard did I hit my head?

"Perhaps you should, Ally. You did hit your head pretty hard" Chelsea said with a small frown on her face. But then I won't get paid for my missed hours- it's not like I have PTO.

"I'll be fine once I get some food in my system and relax for a bit"

"Are you -" Andrew began to ask.

"I'm sure, Andy. Let's go grab some lunch" I said, antsy to get away from the diner that was filled with people looking at me in concern/amusement.

"Maybe we should stay-"

"No, I want to walk around," I replied as I stood up from my seat "please?" I added on the please once I realized how demanding I sounded. I heard him sigh as he stood up before he walked over to the door holding it open for me, like the gentleman he was.

"Take care of her, Andrew" Chelsea said before returning to her customers.

"Always" He replied and we headed out the diner. Per usual, it was a normal silence as we made our way to our usual spot. All we needed to do was sit down and they would bring out our usual-no questions asked. Andrew began to fidget in his seat, messing with his shirt collar, taking off his jacket before placing it back on. I frowned, feeling discomfort at the fact that's he's clearly uncomfortable.

"Andy, is something the matter?" His uneasiness quickly began to make me feel uneasy. Does he know something about Meghan? I know no one has seen much of her since our little showdown in the diner. Or perhaps something else has happened?

"Yes, well- no. I, uh, need your advice on something." I'm not sure what advice I could give but he's done a lot for me so the least I can do is try and help him.

"I'll give you the best I got" I replied.

"There's this beautiful woman that I've been friends with for some time now and I need your help thinking of how I could ask her out on a date" I couldn't breathe.

I'd be lying if I said that my heart grew with excitement and joy for him and this mysterious girl. Despite him deserving love, especially one that requires so much intimacy, I wish he wouldn't. It's not that I want him to only focus on me, it's simply that I don't want him to be focusing on someone else.

Oh Lord, how did this happen? How did I develop such a huge crush on Andrew? Now's the perfect time to take away these feelings, Lord. Please?

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