Tied to Darkness [Last Days #1]

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Chapter 10

Covered in blood and dirt… great way to visit royalty, Ariashka! She sighed and kept walking through a dark and cold corridor of the Dark Palace, home to the Prince of Darkness himself. In fact she was now walking through the left wing of the palace where his quarters were supposed to be. Every time she passed in front of a set of elegant black doors she got more anxious. The demon escorting her told her their majesties were in Lucifer’s bedchamber so she was actually going to meet the demon king for the first time in her life. And I look as if I came from a bloody war! If only she could find a suitable partner to share an hour or two all her wounds would recover and she would be in a presentable state to be in the presence of their master. But all those corridors were as solitary as a graveyard and she was beginning to dread the answer to her unspoken question.

After long minutes and a lot of turns, her escort stopped in front of a set of doors with gold inlays in the wood and two guards standing watch. In the left stood a blond Nocte Vespertilio, an air demon, and in the right stood a dark haired Drakonaid, a fire demon; both were armed with long spears imbued with their elemental power and dressed in battle armor.

“Our majesties are… occupied, my lord,” the blond informed while muffled moans could be heard in the background.

“I know but the little one here says she has an urgent message for the regents,” her escort answered with annoyance to the guards.

“Then be my guest.” The Drakonaid chuckle and both guards stepped away, letting the other demon knock on the doors.

Ariashka took some steps closer but stopped in her tracks when the deep voice of the fire devil whispered inside her head.

I would wait the farthest possible way from those doors if I were you, pretty one. He inclined his head and winked at her before reassuming his position against the wall.

“I’m going to announce you,” her escort told her before he entered the bedchamber.

“He is so dead,” the Vespertilio commented looking for a brief moment at his companion when a roar shook the entire palace and the headless servant’s body was speared to the corridor’s wall by what appear to be black lightning bolts. A couple of seconds later the head of the demon was flung out of the chamber and the doors closed, silence creeping into the corridor until the moans continued as if nothing had happen. “The queen is going to be pissed when she gets aware of this,” he murmured, looking at the lifeless expression of the severed head. “I think he was prince number ninety-nine of her majesty’s tenth pregnancy.”

Only then did the Lilitu found her voice. “He was a prince?”

“No one of importance to our king,” the fire demon told her. “He only cares for thirteen of them: the firstborns of each of the queen’s pregnancies.” He swept his gaze down her body and his golden eyes turned darker. “Lillitu. Behind you is your mistress bedchamber. I suggest you await her there while she finishes her important meeting with the king.”

The last rays of the dying sun were shining down on his beautiful wife, giving her skin an otherworldly glow that made her look as one of the goddesses from the ancient land they were visiting. Her gray eyes sparkled with mirth while she sipped the last of the wine and her cheeks flushed by the alcohol effect. Those soft lips that drove him mad were stained red as their owner stare intently at his and smiled mischievously.

Gods of Old have mercy on me, she is really tempting the beast! You don’t know what havoc you’re wrecking in me, my temptress.

Right now his little dove looked so tempting and inviting... But he had to concentrate in finding out what she hid from him because he didn’t buy the earlier I-just-remember-what-my-mother-use-to-tell-me act. Mina wouldn’t have bothered on calling for her guardian’s help if she planned on telling him the truth. She was lying to him, plain and simple.

But now she was drunk and ready to harvest.


“Yes?” Her eyes glazed over and she almost dropped the glass cup.

“Do you want me?” His voice was laced with passion and he tried to impose his will over her just as he had done with that Hindu woman back at the restaurant.

“I… I d-don’t understand what you mean.” Confusion furrowed her brow.

“Do you want to have sex with me?”

“Yes.” Her eyes got darker with lust but then she looked confused again and began shaking her head. “N-no! I c-can’t!”


“I d-don’t lik-ke where this d-discussion is going!” she exclaimed loudly and stood up from the table a little too fast. The alcohol in her body played its part and dizziness made her stagger before she began falling backwards.

Vergil was behind her in a second, wrapping his arms around her waist and stopping her fall altogether. The chains of her belt and jewelry jingled with the movement producing the sweet sound of a dozen little bells, filling the silence that took hold of the room. He could feel her warmth pressed against him while she stood still inside his arms. Her breathing relaxed as she leaned over his chest and closed her eyes.

The shadows crept ever closer, announcing the imminent arrival of the night, but they paid them no heed and just continued to bask in each other’s warmth for what seemed like hours. Only their soft breathing could be heard while they stood motionless in front of an open window and the night began covering everything with her dark mantle. It was a moment too perfect to shatter it with a possible altercation but he needed an answer to his question and she already looked about to fall asleep in his arms.

“I need to know, Mina. Why won’t you have me?” he asked her, cursing himself for ruining their precious moment.

Finally he felt her stir inside his embrace and slowly turned to face him. She traced her soft fingers along his jaw while her eyes were fixed on his mouth.

“Would I be damming my soul if I let myself love you?” The girl touched his lips and gently placed a kiss on his cheek. “I desire to open my heart to you but if it means that I’ll be damning myself forever then I can’t. I can’t hurt my mother like that.” She released him and went to sit by the window, the lights of the city’s nightlife illuminating her softly.

No. Nooo! It will be even more difficult for me to hurt you if you love me. You can’t love me, dove. You can’t! But even when his mind screamed no he acted according to his orders and continued his game of seduction.

Changing into his demon form, he strode to her with only his pants on and caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers to protect her from his claws. Maybe it was the alcohol running in her veins but she didn’t look so frightened of his real skin anymore. Only a flicker of her old fear remained in her stormy eyes. “Tell one thing, wife. Do you love me?”

Mina’s eyes widened at his question and she tried to get away but her only escape route was blocked by his body. Cold sweat trailed down her back and her heart rate spiked. She trembled with fear but now it wasn’t for his demonic eyes, it was for him finding the truth about her feelings. When she said that she wanted to love him it was a half-truth because she already was in love with him! But if he find out about that what would happen to her? What would happen between them? It was the uncertainty of the future what had her afraid not him and that very fact was an important milestone in their relationship. What relationship? I’m not supposed to have ANY relationship with him!

Sighing, she stared at the floor and answered him, “I don’t.” Pain squeezed her heart when she said those two simple words but she endure it because something deep inside told her that she would lose everything if she ever dared to give free reign to her love for the demon prince.

“I don’t believe you,” he said, carefully lifting her shin so she could gaze into his eyes. “But let’s forget about love for now. We can enjoy our bodies without that sentiment and more importantly, you can fuck a demon without tainting your soul.” When she eyed him warily he continued. “You already did in our wedding night and your soul wasn’t tainted. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to burn me.”

The memory of seeing her palm burned in his skin came to her mind. That was the moment when she knew he wasn’t human and the scariest one of her life. “I… don’t understand…”

“You will; in time.” Vergil took her by the hand and guided her back to bed where he sat down, pulling her against him a few moments later. “Come. Touch me. Let’s enjoy the moment since my demonic eyes aren’t frightening you anymore,” he murmured, his face buried in the soft fabric of her dress while he removed her belt and let it fall to the ground in a chorus of small bells.

She was about to give in when she remembered her promise to him and stepped away from his touch. “No, Vergil. I won’t break the promise I made to you.” Her eyes fell to his and for the briefest of moments she swore she saw hurt in those scarlet orbs of his. “I need more time to think and decide.” Mina took some things from her luggage and went to change when his sudden cold voice made her stop dead in her tracks.

“Marina Bermudez is long dead, querida. You have to stop living to her expectations and start doing it by yours. Only then will you be truly happy.”

To say Ariashka was bored to death was an understatement. She had waited for like seemed hours and Lilith hadn’t come to her chamber. The saddest part was that the demoness had already burn into her memory every crevice of her mistress bedroom and now she had nothing else to do but die of boredom. She looked at her reflection at the wall mirror, even after a quick bath in Lilith enormous bathroom she still looked like shit. These wounds don’t want to heal and I suspect the reason. The battle was too taxing for my body after the energy drain of the labyrinth. What I need now is sex. The lust filled expression on the Drakonaid’s face came to her mind and she smiled. Maybe he could help her out.

Opening the door, she peeked outside and gestured to the fire demon to come. He was just what she needed to heal up… a nice and hot devil that overflowed with strong energy. Plus she had never lain with a Drakonaid before. It will be a new experience for her.

The two demons exchanged a knowing look and then the dark haired one left his spear in charge of the blond. “I’ll finish her up quickly.”

“Yeah, right,” the Vespertilio muttered, looking less than convinced. “Just so you know I’m not taking shit from the regents because of you,” he called out to a closing door. “She’s going to knock you out cold, my friend.”

“I believe I recognize the passion cries coming from my quarters,” Lilith said, glaring at the door as if she could see what was happening in her room.

“It sounds like a Lilitu having fun. Forget about it.” The deep voice of her king commented, while kissing her scaly shoulders and enveloping her with his black leathery wings.

“It’s my spymaster,” she whispered, concern filling her voice as she responded to her consort caresses absentmindedly. “But what is she doing in here?”

“Don’t concern yourself with that right now. There still are a few things we need to discuss.”

“I need to know what brought her here. Ariashka wouldn’t have left her post without my order. That means something grave must have happened.” Escaping from her king’s embrace, she headed to the double doors only to be stopped by a clawed hand.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

“I need to know if my son is safe, Lucifer.” Even when her voice cracked a little she stared defiantly at his white and gold irises.

The demon king swept a few long, golden bangs out of her face and wrapped his thin tail around her waist. “Stop acting as a mother hen around your Greek bastard, it doesn’t suit you.” There was a brief silence while he twisted a lock of her hair around his index finger. “He shouldn’t be your favorite.” Tightening his hold over the golden lock, he pulled at it and ripped it out of her scalp. But not even a whimper passed through her lovely lips, she knew him all too well to allow herself that kind of weakness in his presence.

“You should have thought about that before you cursed me, making Vergil my last child.” She narrowed her eyes at him and vanished from the room only to find a grotesque scene in the darkened corridor. One of her children lay headless and speared to the wall by her consort’s black lightning bolts; the dark blood had begun drying up over the gray stones. The bastard had the audacity to freeze the spirit at the moment of death so the body wouldn’t vanish into nothingness. He only did that when he wanted a trophy or make an example out of someone but to commit such brutal act with one of their children…

She gritted her teeth and fisted her hands, drawing blood when her claws pierced her palms. You’re going to hear about this later and I swear that your ears will bleed from my screams, Lucifer.

She gave one look to the guard standing watch and the demon immediately stood straight and saluted her. “Don’t fret, young one. Go fetch someone to lower Prince Denet from the wall.”

“Yes, milady.” The Vespertilio swallowed hard and was about to say something when she cut him off.

“I know. Just go.” The guard bowed to her and quickly left, disappearing down the hallway. “I hope Vergil is okay.” Looking at the corpse of her poor Denet again, she sighed, locking her pain away for the moment, and entered her chambers.

What she saw inside brought a wicked smile to her lips. Ariashka lay naked in top of Lucifer’s Drakonaid guard while she fed off from his vital energy. All her cuts and bruises were regenerating, making her victim grow paler by the second. If the succubus continued with her ministrations, the male demon would be dead in a few minutes and that will provoke Corson’s anger on Lucifer since the guard in question was one of his sons. Her smile died when she thought about the implications of that enmity in a possible war. It will not be wise to lose the loyalty of the Western governor…

Sighing annoyingly, Lilith swept her hand aside and the spymaster was flung against the far wall. “What do you think you’re doing? Did you forget that the Drakonaids are all Corson’s descendants? If you kill him I will have to hand you over to the fire lord to be punished, is that what you want?”

“No! I-I’m sorry, my lady.”

“Forget it.” Lilith shushed her, checking the guard’s life force and then turning her attention to the Lilitu kneeling in the floor with her eyes downcast. “What are you doing here, Ariashka?”

“I bring a message from Prince Vergil, mistress. Hades is looking for the Chosen One to assassinate her because the Moirae prophesied that she will be the one to kill him in a future war against us, my queen.”

The hair on the back of Lilith’s head stood on end and her body grew cold. “My son is in danger,” she murmured, feeling an uncomfortable tightness inside her chest and she flung her doors open. “LUCIFER!”

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