Tied to Darkness [Last Days #1]

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Chapter 13

The sun had started its slow descend in the sky, painting everything with colors of gold, orange and pink. The wind softly caressed her face with a slight chilly breeze as she stared out the window with watering eyes. It was really a gorgeous sunset that she absentmindedly wished being able to enjoy it beside her demon.


She was worried sick about his fate. It had been hours since Eaiel had left her in front of the hotel since her husband’s wards prevented him from coming any closer… and yet there was no sign of her demonic prince.

What if he was dead? What if she could never see him again?

She glanced to the coffee table where her scroll case lay forgotten. Her dreams were one step closer now but it felt an empty victory. Without Vergil at her side there wasn’t a reason to celebrate anymore. No happiness or optimism. There was only a big hole inside her heart.

How she never noticed how important he was to her until now? Now that his life hung in the balance?

Mina fisted her hands and silently cried until she fell asleep sitting on the windowsill.

The moon was already shining in the sky when he was able to make his way back. He barely made the teleportation, the wounds and battle plus keeping the wards up around the hotel were finally passing the tab on him. Pain griped him all of a sudden and he crumpled to the floor, gasping for air. It hurt like hell but his powers of regeneration weren’t working properly so he had to endure it until he could drink some blood or have, at least, a session of sex.

She will never agree to either one.

Mina was asleep, slumped against one window and looking so peaceful he didn’t want to wake her up. Her brow was creased and her lips quiver ever so slightly as if she were worried. Maybe, just maybe her worries were because of him.

He could only hope.

Pain shot through his body again. It felt as if his organs were burning in the fires of Hell. He tried to get up but his body was too weak to hold him so he fell to the floor a second time. The numerous gashes and cuts all around him were bleeding profusely, his coppery blood forming small pools all over the luscious carpets of the living area.

He was quickly getting weaker while the pain got stronger so when a third attack twisted inside him he screamed out in agony and squeezed his eyes shut.

Mina came awake with a beastly scream that echoed inside the hotel room. She opened her eyes and saw a figure thrown over the floor, softly illuminated by the moonlight. There was no oppressive dark aura around the creature so it couldn’t be her husband, right? But what if she was wrong?

The being was breathing heavily and whimpering weakly but it was still alive. Her first instinct was to run away but something inside told her to light up the room. She gasped when everything was illuminated and ran to the room’s entrance where the body of Vergil lay on the floor.

“Vergil! Stay with me, dear!” she pleaded, taking one clawed hand between hers and kissing his bloody lips. “Please. Open your eyes, mi amor.”

He obeyed her with great effort only to squeeze them shut again when another streak of pain flashed through his body.

She glanced at her demon prince and tears blurred her vision. His menacing Greek styled armor was in pieces, barely holding on to his skin by some miracle of God. He had a deep cut running across his left ribs that exposed the bones, one across his chest where the sternum was visible and a deep stab over his stomach. All his other wounds were lesser cuts, stabs and scratches but that didn’t make them less painful for him.

Thick tears ran down her face, falling over his pitch black skin and mixing with his strange coppery blood. “Why aren’t you healing?” Her fingers wiped away some of the metallic liquid from his cheeks and brow with a feather light touch.

“I’m too weak. Need… blood.”

His eyes were darker, almost a burgundy color and that frightened her more than Cerberus himself. “You need blood?” She cut her wrist with his own sharp, gray nails and brought it over his broken lips. “You can have all my blood if you want but please don’t die!”

His precious dove was offering her life in exchange for his? Did she really cared for him that much?

He glanced at his wife and saw the answer in her desperate cloudy eyes. At that moment, his little dove would do anything to keep him alive. He hoped her blood alone would be able to regenerate him because he didn’t want to be guilty of rushing her into having sex with him just to save his life. He would rather die than forcing his dove into something like that.

Vergil gave a few licks to her wrist before grabbing her arm and sinking his fangs into her soft flesh. Her blood was so delicious! He could taste her pure soul and the Spark of God, which so many feared, inside her scarlet life liquid. It made him crave more and more of it to satisfy his demonic hunger.

Fire ran inside his veins as the blood loss stopped and his manhood began awakening. “Minaaa.” He moaned against her skin wanting to satiate the raw need of plunging deep within her. His control was slipping. “Pull away and stop me, babe. I can’t do it myself.”

His eyes were bright red again and she swallowed before pulling her wrist gently away from his grasp. She feared he wouldn’t let her go but the instant she pulled he released her and lower his eyes. There was a deep seated need aching to be satisfied in those blood red orbs.

Mina opened her mouth but closed it without saying anything and lowered her gaze to her hands. She wanted to lose herself in him too but with all his wounds… It would be crazy dumb to have sex with him in his condition, even more when he hadn’t begun healing yet. The bleeding had stop but the wounds were still wide open.

“You won’t be safe here if I fall unconscious.” Vergil broke the tense silence all of a sudden. “We need to go back home.”

“But you’re still weak! Your wounds haven’t healed at all.”

“The blood you gave me will be enough to fuel the teleportation.”


“It’s the only way. Trust me.” He looked at her with those scarlet eyes of his and pulled her to lie at his side. “Close your eyes and grab unto me, Mina.”

This time she did as she was told and immediately felt a strong but brief pulling sensation that disappeared the moment her demonic prince groaned beside her. Worried, she opened her eyes and found herself inside an unfamiliar room. A dark wood desk stood at the far end in front of an enormous glass window that let the sun’s rays chase the shadows away. Tall bookshelves lined against both walls while in the center rested a sofa and some armchairs. The wall behind them had three display cases with ancient daggers and a horned skull while a painting of a celestial battle hung above the displays.

Her eyes returned to her husband when she felt her fingers get wet. “You’re bleeding again!”

Ishir!” The door opened with a bang and Lilith entered like a whirlwind of red colors. “Ar eta chor, ishir?”

“I’m fine, mother.”

“No, you’re not.” The woman brushed a few white bangs from his face and kissed his forehead. “I’m going to kill him for this! He didn’t have any right to hurt you.” Her honey colored eyes turned fierce before she called her guards. “Nergal! Nockrish!” Red haired twins appeared by the door a few seconds later. “Send all the human staff home and call one of the succubi to take care of the prince’s needs. NOW.”

Mina’s gaze shot to her mother in law. Lilith’s last words replayed over and over inside her mind. The prince’s needs? Is she referring to carnal needs? No, no one will touch him but me.

“What does Vergil need to begin healing, Miss Larsa?” She looked at the queen of Hell with determination in her eyes. “I gave him some of my blood but it only stopped his bleeding for a little while.”

“He needs sex, my darling,” the demoness answered without taking her eyes off her son. “But in his demon form he could hurt you so a servant needs to do it.”


“What? I just told her the truth. She’s just a frail little…”

“Please call your order off,” Mina interrupted her with a firm voice. “I won’t let another woman, human or otherwise, touch him. He is MY husband.”

The redhead chuckled and got to her feet. “Spoken like a true princess.” She closed her eyes for a few seconds and then looked at her daughter in law with a half smirk in her lips. “Okay, he’s all yours now. But Mina... Please take care of my son because if he dies I’ll be dining your flesh tonight,” the demoness warned before vanishing from the room, locking the door and closing all the curtains.

“You don’t need to do this. I’ll be fine. I just…”

His dove shushed him with a finger over his lips and then gave him a quick kiss. “Stop lying to me. I know how serious your condition is because I can’t feel your dark aura anymore.” She tied up her dark mane and leaned over him, carefully avoiding any of his deep wounds. “Keep in mind one thing, mi corazón, no one is forcing me. I want to make love to you.”

“But mother is right, I could hurt you.”

“Shhh.” She kissed him slowly and deeply, as if she wanted to convey her feelings through touch alone. “I just want to help you the only way I can, Vergil. Please let me be your wife not only in bed but outside of it as well.”

How could he? She was so frail, so… mortal. Any mistake could cost her life and then how would he keep on living without her? Stop! Just stop! She’s nothing more than a tool. Get that fact inside your thick skull.

Suddenly, her fingers caressed his face and he sighed, knowing very well that he needed her body in order to survive the day. When she stole another kiss from his lips, he responded by entwining his long fingers around the trapped bangs of her ponytail and opening his mouth so she could kiss him like both of them wanted to. She moaned and broke the contact before carefully removing each piece of armor left on his body and tossing them aside. Then was the turn of her clothes to hit the floor.

“How…?” His dove ask biting her lip in the most childish but sexy way possible.

“Ride me carefully, darling. My body will start healing once I’m inside you.”

Bien, seré cuidadosa con mi príncipe demoníaco.” She smiled impishly and then crawled over him, licking her lips in anticipation. A slight tremor ran down her back when she met his red gaze but she ignore it and rained small kisses all over Vergil’s face. Her hands caressed him, softly tracing each cut until she reached his spiraled black horns. A soft gasp came out of his mouth when her fingers brushed the rough surface of his hard appendages. Mina opened her eyes in surprise and smirked before grabbing the left horn and rubbing it as if she were holding his manhood. “Do you like this?” she whispered seductively by his pointy ear.

He didn’t answer so she continued her teasing. Up and down. Up and down. Her hand kept gliding over his black horn while she leaned further down and licked the curve of his neck. A moan sounded close to her ear and she felt his hardness rub against her slick center.


“Yes, babe?” She answered breathlessly.

His demonic eyes turned darker and she gasped when he suddenly grabbed her buttocks to rub her against him at the pace he wanted. “I want you now,” he said hoarsely before sinking his fangs in her neck.

She groaned, pulling at his hair and raking her nails down the length of his arm. “Release me so I can ride you properly, Vergil.”

He did it and she didn’t waste time fixing her position so she could impale his hard and swollen cock inside her hot body. Moans erupted from both of them as she straightened and started moving her hips in a slow but erotic dance. Every one of her movements was accompanied by gasps and groans as her husband tried to match her pace. He moved his hands to her hips, the tips of his long claws scratching her skin, and guided her to the rhythm that pleased him.

Vergil couldn’t believe it yet. His dove was having sex with him in his demonic form! Part of him was excited by her decision but the other dreaded the significance. The part that didn’t want to fall in love with Mina was the one filling his mind with doubts. Could he really fall for a mortal? Would she truly accept him for what he was? How will she react when the truth of their marriage came out? So many questions… questions without answers that were driving him insane.

Yeah… insane for a piece of her every morning, day and night.

Mina brought him back to reality when she leaned over him and kissed him, slipping her tongue inside his mouth to gently suck on his. She tasted better and far sweeter than the ambrosia… her kisses were more passionate than any of the she-devils he had the opportunity to fuck with. But what really made him get harder was her body, feeling her wrapped around him felt so good that he was already on the brink of his orgasm.

His dove suddenly tensed up against him and moaned loudly as she came, deliciously squeezing his hard member with every one of her spasms. Energy flowed through him, reinvigorating all his sore muscles and aching limbs; making his blood boil with an all-consuming fire. He felt his wounds healing, slowly mending themselves while his need reached the top.

This time Mina wouldn’t escape his grasp. This time she would know what his demon side was capable of.

He quickly rolled them, bringing out a surprised gasp from her that he silenced with a rough kiss. She threw her arms around his neck— entwining her fingers in his long, white hair— as he rocked himself between her legs. Every thrust was deeper and quicker than the last, bringing loud moans from both of them. In and out. More moans and his dove came for a second time, clinging to his body. That did it. Gripping her hips tightly, he impaled himself one last time before groaning as his seed spilled inside her.

When the last spams left his body, he leaned his weight against one arm as he caressed her face and planted a sweet kiss on her lips. “Eres tan hermosa, mi paloma,” he whispered, trailing his hand down her neck all the way to her navel. “Promise me one thing, dearest… promise me you will be mine until you exhale your very last breath.”

She held his gaze and smiled, bringing a lock of his hair to her lips. “I promise, Vergil Larsa. I will be yours for the rest of eternity.”

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