Tied to Darkness [Last Days #1]

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Chapter 17

Vergil watched the pair go while a vicious headache began hammering him. He couldn’t believe the nerve of that human. The fool dared to challenge a prince of Hell like he was his equal! If only Mina wouldn’t been present that boy would have died in the spot. He growled, feeling his nails pierce the skin of his palms, and disappeared behind a very large willow tree before his anger got out of hand.

The demon arrived at his office, passed a hand through his white hair while sighing deeply and exited the room as if he had been home all along. A maid with cleaning utensils bumped into him at the door.

“I’m so sorry, Mister Larsa. I didn’t know you were home.”

“It’s alright, bellísima. Sometimes not even I know where I am.” His gaze softened towards the frightened human that reminded him of his little dove before he continued down the corridor, sensing Yaellan’s presence inside the kitchen.

The son of a bitch wasn’t alone— a human was with him— so he would have to drive the girl away before getting to the good part; the gruesome but extremely satisfying part.

As his footsteps closed in the kitchen, loud moans and the sweet aroma of an incubus cum invaded his senses. The blood boiled inside his veins as the smell of sex got stronger with every step he took. How dare he! His stupid subordinate was happily fucking with someone while Mina wandered the city alone? That was unforgivable.

Vergil gritted his teeth and fisted his hands.

No. What was really unforgivable was the fact that the incubus was enjoying sex while HE might lose his precious wife forever. Everything was Yaellan’s fault… The discussion, the revelation of a cultural custom that he wanted to remain hidden and of course the fact that he had broken his dove’s heart yet again. He blamed everything on the stupid incubus; one whose life may not last long after he got the punishment he deserved. I’ll kill him if I lose her over this shit!

Just thinking about the possibility of losing Mina over an insignificant argument sent his demonic side into frenzy and his heart twisted in pain. He wanted the Lilu’s blood covering his fingers and he wanted it in that precise moment.

His claws elongated, piercing his closed palms and making him bleed as he entered the modern fashioned kitchen and saw the demon in question with a half-naked woman in his arms. She was asleep while the incubus fed from her life force; a thin, smoky thread binding both their mouths in a supernatural but deadly union.

Vergil was behind Yaellan in an instant, grabbing a fistful of hair and yanking the incubus’ head back, successfully interrupting the feeding. “You enjoy eating while on the job?” His voice sounded deep and animalistic.

The woman fell to the polished marbled floor, hitting her head. The pain brought her out of her induced slumber but when her eyes landed on her boss, she panicked. Quickly gathering her clothes, she tried to put on her skirt while apologizing far too many times. Vergil lost the little patience he had left and screamed at her to leave the room immediately. The human whimpered and ran away, leaving both demons alone in the spacious kitchen.

“Do you even know that Mina isn’t in the mansion anymore?” the prince growled, pulling tightly at his subordinate’s hair.

The incubus paled, stammering with a response. “I-I... s-she told m-me I w-wouldn’t be n-n-needed for a while.”

“Of course she would say that after you tried to seduce her!” Vergil yelled, throwing the demon against the stainless steel fridge. The gray metal screeched and dented a little with the impact but didn’t suffered great damage. “You knew she was human. You knew her moral code was different from ours!” He was in front of Yaellan in an instant, towering over the slumped man like a vulture over a corpse.” Consider yourself dead if I lose my wife over this.” His eyes turned orange-red and he let his demon side took control.

A fist connected with Yaellan’s ribs, making him double over in pain but his lord gave him no quarter. Punch after punch, he endured the punishment trying to control his growing anger; for if he ever dared to fight back, his queen would have him sent to the torture cells of Hell for the rest of eternity.

No one was allowed to touch her precious son except her; every demon under her rule knew that law by heart.

The Lilu screamed when another fist connected with his ribs and a dry sound announced broken bones.

Vergil smiled wickedly. Yaellan’s pain filled screams were music to his ears, appeasing only a bit of the call for blood and murder that his demon side demanded.

“Please, my lord...”

“Have I given you permission to speak?” the prince growled and grabbed the incubus by the neck. “You will speak only when spoken to.” His nails turned gray and elongated, piercing the Lilu’s skin. “Maybe this will teach you to stay quiet.” Another wicked smile crossed his features before he moved his free hand and sank all his claws into Yaellan’s stomach. The sex demon gritted his teeth but couldn’t help screaming when Vergil’s fingers slowly pushed deeper into him.

“What’s the meaning of all this ruckus?”

At the sound of his mother’s stern voice, Vergil released the Lilu― who fell to the floor grunting and moaning― and walked out from the kitchen. “This bastard let Mina leave the mansion alone,” he said with a stoic mask, walking down the hallway in silence.

“Is that so?” Lilith looked at the beaten demon, an evil smirk painted in her lips. “Then you must be punished accordingly.” She smiled and walked straight to him, her eyes sparkling with delight.

Yaellan paled, frantically trying to get up from the floor and failing miserably. Slumped against a dark wood counter, he closed his eyes― engraving his mistress cruel features into his memories― as he resigned himself to a gruesome fate.

If given the choice, he preferred Vergil’s fists over the queen’s tender touch anytime. But fate isn’t being merciful today.

“I shouldn’t have mess with the princes,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

“You should have thought that before. I don’t like to be disobeyed,” Lilith stated with an arched brow, murmuring a spell in demon tongue to conceal the room from prying human eyes. Only when she felt her magic beginning to work, did she summoned her bodyguards.

The twins appeared beside her an instant later, dressed in expensive black suits and dark shades. With only a look from their queen, they close in on the Lilu and forced him to stand up.

Yaellan growled in anger, attempting to bite one of the redheads but the Irdu Lili in question growled back and punched him in the stomach― exactly where Vergil had sank his claws.

“Enough, boys,” Lilith ordered in a bored tone, silencing the three demons immediately. Nergal, dearest, undress the Lilu. I want him naked before me, she demanded telepathically.

With ease and quickness, her bodyguard and lover, tore to shreds their victim’s clothes until the blond stood nude before her, just as she requested.

“Your body looks so scrumptious I could eat you right now.” She teleported so close to him their breath mingled with each other. Grabbing his chin, the demon queen continued by his ear, “But the only body part I enjoy raw is the one that brings you equal parts of pain and pleasure.” Licking her lips, she scraped her nails over his torso, leaving a black bloody trail along the way.

The sensation of his queen’s nails raking his skin was a great erotic experience for Yaellan. Pain done by males had never affected him but he find the one done by females extremely arousing. There was a slight problem with such tendencies; when dealing with a very sadistic female, like his mistress, his masochist ways could mean death.

And he didn’t want to die yet.

Control yourself, Yaellan. Just control yourself.

Her hand continued down his navel and further until she scratched his slightly hard member, ripping a moan out of his throat when her nails reached the top of his dick.

“You’re enjoying this?” His queen’s voice was softer, passion laced. “Me too but you shouldn’t.” Her eyes changed from normal amber to bright red with yellow irises and she grabbed his balls a little too hard.

He had to bite his tongue in order to prevent himself from groaning in pleasure but his traitorous dick didn’t follow his example, showing the queen a larger erection. Damn you! He cursed mentally as he eyed his member.

The demoness smirked, light playing with the shadows of her face, making her look even more intimidating. She squeezed his balls once more, this time the pleasure was almost drowned by the pain.

Control, damn it! Control...

He never finished his train of thoughts. His mind went black with agony when Lilith ripped out his testicles.

Skin ripping. The Lilu’s agonizing scream. Onyx blood gushing to the floor and dripping from the delicious looking mass inside her hand. The scent of cum and blood all around her.

Lilith mouth watered at the sight before her. Blood gushed from the incubus’ groin like a river of ink running down his tanned but strong legs. Although still conscious, his head sag forward and his knees gave out― making the twins support all his weight. The numerous bruises and cuts Vergil had given him were almost completely healed but now the progress of those would stop in favor of one more grievous one.

She ran her fingers through his fair hair before grabbing it and yanking his head back. His green eyes were half closed, not daring to return her gaze.

“Do you like how you smell?” she asked, pushing his testicles in front of his face. “Personally, I love the aroma of your flesh.” Inhaling the scent of fresh meat in her bloody hand, Lilith levitated one of the round organs and took a bite of it. “Mmm. You taste as exquisite as you look, my dear. Here, try it for yourself.” Without giving him a chance to prepare, she forced the rest of her price inside his mouth until he didn’t have any other choice but swallow his own organ. “See what I told you? You taste divine,” she exclaimed, eating the remaining testicle as if it was a succulent red cherry and licking the onyx blood from her hand. Lilith smiled wickedly once more and brought her lips a breath away from the Lilu’s ear. “Next time you’ll think twice before disobeying my orders.” Her eyes returned to their honey coloring and she turned her attention to the guards. “Take him to his bedroom so he can recuperate.”

Without another word or glance to the three incubi, she spun on her heels and exited the kitchen looking for her precious son.

Vergil was quietly drinking a glass of Angostura rum in the tranquility of his office while enjoying the Lilu’s screams. Their human workers couldn’t hear any of the disturbing sounds coming from kitchen but the demons could. Mister Dittrich had been made an example for any damned soul who dared disobey or slack off in their duty.

He was still smiling when his mother entered the room in a swirling of red and white colors.

She applauded happily at the sight. “My lovely son is a sadist! I’m so proud of you.”

“If hearing the pain filled cries of the Lilu and finding them satisfactory makes me a sadist then I must be one,” he said, leaning against the mahogany sofa he was sitting on and gazing at her once bloodied hand. Even if the blood had disappeared, the scent of it lingered. “Did you leave him alive?”

“Of course I did, I’m not a rookie in the torture department.” Silence settled in for a few minutes while Lilith took a seat beside her son. “Now you have to find your wife.”

“She doesn’t wish to see me.”

“And since when do you care about the wishes of a human?” she asked, meeting his blue gaze for some long seconds before gasping in mock surprise. “Are you falling in love with our little Chosen One?”

“Mother please, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Then do it. Drag her home if you have to but do it before your father finds her. We need her alive and well.” Lilith’s tone got sharper as her eyes shone with annoyance.

“You don’t have to remind me that Greek scumbag is related to me, I know what I have to do.” Vergil stood up and the air around him crackled with electricity. “And excuse me but there are things that wait for my immediate attention,” he gritted out and teleported out of his office before his mom had the opportunity of replying.

Returning to their abandoned building in the heart of Queens, Vergil’s long strides echoed inside the ruined hallway as he made his way to the room where his next victim awaited.

The five story brick dinosaur was almost exclusively used when the family needed to deal with unruly problems. The several pubs, night club and stripper club that surrounded the place helped drowning out any inconvenient sounds but there was always the occasional scream heard by the unwary. Thankfully people created some sort of an urban legend claiming that poor wandering souls were trapped inside and thus anyone rarely ever ventured near the old red building. The ones that did thought they heard the laments of restless ghosts.

Inside, the wallpaper was peeling off from the humid walls and the wooden floors creaked with Vergil’s every step. The scent of human blood mixed with dank air permeated the entire place, making him twitch his nose in disgust.

He was about to open the door to the torture room when Marcus came out, cellphone in hand.

“You’re here, boss! Good, that saves me the trouble of finding you,” his friend said, stepping aside to let him enter.

“Has he loosened his tongue yet?” the demon prince asked, sweeping the musky room with an icy glare and standing in front of his latest human prey.

The man of inky, short black hair was tied to the chair by his wrists and ankles with ropes. His bruised upper torso was naked, revealing the same tattoo on both his arms; a blueish green Chinese dragon that coiled around his shoulders all the way to his biceps and breathed fire into his chest.

“Nope,” Marcus answered.

His other subordinate, a blond with blue highlights, grabbed their prisoner’s hair and yanked his head backwards. “He has only been muttering some kind of gibberish.”

“It’s okay. Leave me alone with our guest,” Vergil commanded, looking into the dark slanted eyes of his prisoner with disdain.

The men froze for a few minutes, debating with silent stares if their boss had taken a wise decision. But the two quickly exited the rundown room as soon as they received a murderous look. With witnesses out of the way, the demon prince took out his tailored gray jacket, hung it from a hook behind him, and rolled his shirt’s sleeves up to his elbows.

“Who ordered the attacks? Why the Yamaguchi-gumi would suddenly crave our territories after so much time?”

When the Japanese only eyed him without answering, Vergil growled and turned his eyes red. “Answer me, now.”

The man spat at the ground near the demon and sneered at him. “My father and I know what you are and we aren’t afraid of any of you.” He chuckled when his captor’s eyes widened slightly in surprise. “They are protecting us.”

“Who are they?”

The Yakuza smiled, showing gold fangs. “You’ll never stop them. Before you even know it, your kingdom will be ashes and we will rule over it as immortal beings.”

Vergil snarled and approached Yamaguchi’s heir dripping anger from every pore. “Let’s see how much they will protect you now.” His claws grew long and, with a lighting fast movement, he slashed the Japanese’s throat; eyes turning white and scarlet blood spurting down, quickly covering everything in red.

Great! Another war to wage.

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