Tied to Darkness [Last Days #1]

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Chapter 1

Five years later

Vergil had been going from one place to another all day checking that the new businesses his mother had set up three months ago were running smoothly. They were little things compare to Lilith’s real mission on the human plane, but, as her second in command, he was the one in charge of monitoring them. These were the times when he pray, to whomever could hear his pleas that his mom found a human lover soon. That way he could just dump all in her lover’s lap and do whatever he wanted. Of course, he would still be obligated to do the supernatural stuff, but he could get rid of the petty human shit. Oh, but those were just dreams! Dreams of a life he would never have.

Suddenly, Vergil felt a hand on his shoulder and immediately spun around ready to battle. He had been so immerse in his thoughts that hadn’t even heard his companion’s voice! The prince reacted almost aggressively, too close to shred Marcus throat out. Too close…

“Hey! Chill out, man,” his friend said, jumping out of harm’s way. “It’s only me. Marcus.”

“Sorry,” Vergil murmured the apology to Marcus, making the black haired human strain to hear it.

“Anyway, as I was saying…” the guy continued like nothing had happen, “the boys are talking that Missus Larsa is planning to propose something big to that senator that’s always asking for help.”

“You mean Argeneaux? David Argeneaux?”

“Yes, that’s the one! Rumors say that you could be getting a stepfather,” Marcus said while clapping Vergil’s back and grinning.

“I don’t know…” the white haired one responded pensive. “He doesn’t seem like mother’s type.”

“Ah, you know how Missus Larsa is…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Vergil lashed out angrily, murderous intent gleaming in his pretty eyes.

“Whoa, man! Calm down,” his friend exclaimed and quickly apologized. “Sorry, boss. I’ll just keep my mouth shut.”

“Give thanks to God that I’m not my mother or now you would be standing in a pool of your own blood.” Vergil’s tone was low and dark.

And just like that, he walked off, making Marcus trail after him.

Her class schedule met, Mina was planning on having dinner in the mall close to the university’s grounds. Mary Wilson, her best friend and faculty colleague, was already there, waiting for her. The plan was to meet in the mall’s parking lot and go to a new restaurant that had opened their doors a month ago.

“You took your sweet time!” Mary said, smiling mischievously while walking to the mall’s front entrance. She had her long blond mane tied up in a ponytail and a long sleeved red dress that show off every perfect curve of her body. But her best attribute was her skin; a white flawless skin that made Mary’s deep blue eyes glow with the sunlight. “What were you doing? Harassing another young student in your office?”

“Don’t say it like that, Mary!” Mina scolded, blushing heavily. “Anyone hearing you would think I have liaisons with my students!”

The blond burst out laughing but didn’t push the topic further.

She’s always been like that! So playful and energetic! It had been that same playful and energetic personality that had endeared her to the blond vixen all those years ago. Five years to be exact. Mina had been freshly graduated from college and looking for work when she bumped into Mary. They had quickly strike a cheerful conversation which ended with them sharing their life experiences. Mina discovered that Mary had graduated from the same college she did and that was working there as a prehistoric and classic history professor.

She owed that woman so much… even her work as a mythology professor, but her friend would never let her pay back that debt. Mary was too kindhearted to have it otherwise.

When they arrive at the Manna Restaurant & Sports Bar, their jaws literally opened at the same time. From the informative pamphlet inviting everyone to come, you would never know it was such a beautiful and richly decorated place. It looked like an ancient Mesopotamian temple! Complete with statues of deities and everything. The restaurant’s owner had to be drowning in money for the place to have such great details.

Stone columns were scattered around with Sumerian hieroglyphs sculpted into them. The walls, also of stone, depicted various scenes of the Sumerian and Akkadian everyday lives. A very interesting mix, having in mind that the name of the restaurant was Hebrew!

As they were brought to an empty table, Mina felt as if she had been thrown back in time. Every so often the rows of tables were divided by four feet tall stone walls flanked by a golden statue of a god or goddess. From what she could see they had represented almost all the major deities of the Mesopotamian cultures. Beside their table was Anshur, head of the Assyrian pantheon and three rows further was Ninhursag or Nintu, commonly called Mother Earth. But what got her attention were the two statues on the raise platform at the far end of the restaurant: Ereshkigal, goddess of the underworld and her husband, Nergal, god of war. The goddess was sitting elegantly on a throne of bones while her husband was standing at her side. It was pretty interesting that they were placed on the platform beside the beautiful black piano. Almost as if the owner liked those deities more than all the others.

Mina was pull out of her thoughts when the waiter came to take their orders.

And then she saw him.

There beside the bar was the most beautiful man in all creation. He seemed slim but well-muscled with an Armani suit that he wore like a second skin. Too accustomed to that type of dressing, it would seem.

His fair skin combined with his platinum white hair to perfection. But when the man turned to face his black headed friend, Mina almost dropped the glass of water she was drinking and her temperature suddenly rose up. That face was the most angelic thing she had ever laid eyes upon. Full of sharp angles, it made him look manly but there was also something that gave him a boyish appearance.

He looks like an angel from Heaven.

“Mina? Are you okay? Ahh…” She barely heard Mary in the distance. All of her attention was on the angel. He was talking with the manager of the restaurant and other guy dressed in black that had a suitcase on his hand. It seemed something was wrong because the angel appeared angry. An anger that rolled out of him in almost visible waves; making him seem godlike.

Reacting to his companion’s emotions, the black haired man attempted to draw something out of the inner pocket of his suit, but was stopped by an even more enraged angel. The manager’s freak out face changed to one of relief and quickly handed the suitcase to the angel’s friend. After that, all four disappear behind a backdoor.

What the hell?

“Did you saw that, Mary?” the brunette asked with a concern look on her face.

“What? The guy you were drooling for?” the blond answered while taking a bite of her meal. “Yes, I saw him, but I liked more his black haired friend.”

“I don’t mean him! I mean if you saw what just happen?”

“No, Mina, I didn’t.” Mary said in a bored voice. “Hurry up and eat!”

“When was the food brought in?”

“Exactly five of minutes ago,” the blond said, looking at her watch before continuing, “while you were drooling for the Jack Frost wannabe.” A mischievous grin spread on her face. “I told you, but you didn’t hear me so I left you alone with your naughty thoughts.”

“I wasn’t…” Mina began to reply, but thought better of it and sighed. “Let’s eat quickly and leave. I want to get away from here.”


“Because I want us to go shopping,” she lied.

“Okay,” her friend agreed with a naughty smile.

Vergil stepped out of the backroom still a little angry. He couldn’t believe the nerve of that guy. Sometimes he thought his mother just picked up stray dogs from the streets and put them in charge of their businesses. The manager had some balls to tell him they hadn’t had time to laundry all their money yet! Their foolishness got him angrier and stupid Marcus reacted by almost drawing his gun in public. At least he stopped that human knucklehead in time!

“Hey, boss! Can we say hi?”

“What are you talking about?” Vergil asked, hot flames burning in his eyes, again.

“Well, that blond over there is looking straight at me,” Marcus announced in a whisper. “And look, she has a beautiful friend too! Beside, boss, we already finished for today. Can’t we enjoy ourselves?”

“You know very well we haven’t finished until the package is secure!” Vergil whispered back, leaving no room for arguments.

He thought the dark haired girl reminded him of someone, but couldn’t remember who. They were about to pass the girls by when all of the sudden the brunette one look up, straight into his eyes. He froze in place and her stare make an electric jolt pass through his body, giving life to every cell inside him and fueling a fire that quickly burned his veins.

She was so beautiful. Her hair wasn’t black like he thought at first; it was dark brown with blond and red streaks that appear here and there. She looks amazing with her long hair loose.

Vergil moved his attention to her delicate face and mesmerizing gray eyes; one that send delicious electric sparks through his body. She was staring at him with a combination of fright and passion in her lovely eyes. Is she afraid of me? Why?

He couldn’t think straight, not while gazing at her mouth; a small but full mouth that was begging him to kiss her.

Shifting his gaze from her a fraction of second, he peered at Marcus. The man was distracted, seductively talking to the blond so he seized his chance.

One moment her angel was looking at his friend and the next his breath was in her ear. He was talking. At first she couldn’t hear him because his presence dazed her, but he repeated himself.

“Please tell me your name,” her angel asked in a husky whisper.

“Mina.” That was the only thing she could say.

He repeated the name in that same husky whisper and to her it sounded like a prayer coming from his lips. Then— without any warning— he kissed her. Slow and steady at first, but then growing more passionate and wild; just like a fire.

Mina couldn’t think straight, the kiss set her veins aflame as his tongue buried itself deep within her mouth. Suddenly wanting more, she stood up from the table and pulled her angel closer to her body. He growled and did the same, roaming her body with his hands. She could feel his hard length pressed tightly against her lower body; a feeling that only fueled an already burning fire. Mina was on the verge of moaning from pleasure, when they heard someone whistle.

“Oh my God! I…I…” The surprised woman quickly disentangled herself from the white haired piece of cake stammering with what to say. She never acted that way and much less with a complete stranger.

“First base already, boss?” the other guy asked in disbelief snickering with Mary. “That was fast!”

Vergil only looked at his partner once, but that was enough to make the man jump out of harm’s way, rubbing his neck in a slow motion.

“I swear I felt a real knife at my throat,” Marcus whispered with surprise in his eyes, trying to understand what happened.

“Shut up and let’s get going!”

“Sure, boss,” the mortal replied still a little shaken, but turning to the blond, he gestured to her. “Call me, babe!”

“Of course I will,” she answered already licking her lips.

Back in the mansion, Vergil informed his mother what had transpired with the manager in the restaurant. To Lilith’s credit, she only put on a devilish expression, called out her master assassin and gave him instructions to kill the manager and bring her the corpse. The only evidence that the demonic death dealer was ever in the room was the black mist left when he teleported in and out.

“Now that the manager position will be open again, I want you, my son, to choose another person for the job,” Lilith said like she was talking about vegetables. “But it must be someone you trust. I don’t want the same shit happening again. The next person who tries to steal from me will be burned alive in front of everyone to see!” Anger flash in her eyes, but was quickly replaced by a sincere smile.

“You’re in an awfully good mood tonight,” Vergil commented, surprised by his mother’s lack of anger. “Why are you so happy?”

“Do you remember the Hell’s Key?” Lilith asked motioning him to sit.

“Yes, I do,” he replied taking a seat in front of his mother. “The one supposed to only be found and used by a human to open the gates of hell, and guarded by Uriel.”

“Well, it has been found.”

“What?” Vergil almost jumped out of his seat.

“I know who the Chosen One is and more importantly, I know she discovered the Key’s location.” Lilith made herself comfortable in her armchair. “But I should start at the beginning so you can understand everything.” After a pause, she continued, “Five years ago I had a vision of the future involving the Hell’s Key. I saw two different outcomes for the scenario: in one, a girl found and use the Key, but in the other, she was locking it away in a place I couldn’t recognize. That girl in my vision was none other than Mina Argeneaux, the daughter of Senator David Argeneaux. So I ordered one of the Lilitu to keep her under surveillance and inform me everything the Chosen One did. And now, finally, we can make a move!”

“It’s impressive that she found it,” the white haired man acknowledged, holding his chin thoughtfully. “Only one of her four predecessors achieved that feat.”

“Yes. That damn priest!” Lilith scratched the armrest of her seat. “He had the audacity of hiding the Hell’s Key from me!”

Vergil got up and went to his mother. He put a hand on her shoulder and lovingly placed a kiss on her cheek. “Calm down, mother,” he asked in a sweet and soothing voice. “That priest is long gone. You ate him for his insolence. Now, what’s our next move?”

“My dearest…” Lilith placed a hand on top of her sons’. “You will seduce the Chosen One to the point she agrees to anything you ask of her. Then, tell her to bring you the Hell’s Key. But there’s something more… You have to marry her.”

“Do I really have to?”

“It’s the easiest way to go with my plan. Plus we will have her in our possession if anything happens,” his mother answered with annoyance. “You will do this, Vergil! I won’t accept a negative answer.”

“I will do it,” Vergil said, sighing, “but remember I’m not one of your Irdu Lili.”

“Arrogant to the core just like the bastard who sired you. Remember, my son, the only thing stopping me from ripping your throat out is the blood we share,” Lilith warned in a menacing tone. “Anyway, it’s almost eight o’clock. You’re supposed to have dinner together at this place,” she informed and handed the restaurant card to her son. “David already made the reservation. The dinner is his idea to get you reacquainted with each other. And the wedding is in three days.”

“Three days? Is that even enough?”

“Of course! I’m the one in charge of everything since poor little Mina doesn’t have a mother. Now, off you go! I’m waiting for my dinner.”

Mina couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her father… her own father was selling her for money! That was the truth. It didn’t matter how pretty he wanted it to sound, David Argeneaux was selling his daughter in exchange for financial support in his political campaign. The thought make her sick and the worst part of all was that she barely knew the man she would marry.

She had only seen Vergil Larsa once in her life; in her sweet sixteen party. Since that day, eleven years had passed so she had no way of knowing what kind of man Vergil turned up to be. A part of her was indignant and afraid of the whole situation, but the other was intrigued and fascinated with the possibilities.

After a stressful drive, she finally arrived to the meeting place. Her father’s favorite restaurant still held the beauty she remembered, making her feel nostalgic. If David wanted her to start making her own good memories in life, marrying her off to a stranger wasn’t the way to begin.

Sighing, Mina stepped out of her car and arranged her dress. It was nothing special, a short strapless black dress with swirling designs in silvery glitter. The dress was tight, but not enough to show off her body so it was perfect for the occasion, because she didn’t want to draw Vergil’s attention.

At Mina’s arrival, the hostess quickly took her to the designated table. Apparently David warned the staff about my coming, because they seem to have been waiting for me. There at the table was a man dressed in a gray suit patiently waiting for her. He had his golden head looking down at his cellphone while it shined with activity. Remember Mina, you came here to tell him that you don’t want any part in this farce. But don’t be rude; find the right moment to tell him.

“Sorry I am a little late but the traffic was horrible,” she lied nonchalantly while sitting down.

“It’s you…”

Mina heard the familiar voice and quickly looked up. There, sitting at the other side of the table was her angel.

“You!” she exclaimed, rushing to stand up and almost knocking down her chair in the process. “You are Vergil Larsa? It can’t be… W-why you’re blond?”

“I’m just as surprise as you are, but please sit down.” Vergil waited until she took her seat again. “Yes, I’m Vergil Larsa. The color you’re now seeing must be the effect of the lights on my hair tone. Anyway, I suppose that you are Miss Argeneaux?”

“Yes, I am.”

He started laughing. Is he laughing at me? But before she could say something, he stood up and stopped behind her. His long fingers began stroking her hair, her neck and in a swift movement, he undid her hair bun letting the strands fall over Mina’s shoulders. But his hands lingered, stroking her hair which made her head spin with the sensations he elicited. When he finally stopped, she felt his breath by her ear.

“I prefer you with your hair down,” Vergil huskily whispered while his long fingers caressed her face.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of him as he made his way to his chair. It was as if they were opposite magnets that drew each other in. The brunette couldn’t deny the raw attraction that existed between them; one that almost felt as if they were soul mates. What am I thinking? I saw that man in a shady business and yet I drool for him. Vergil Larsa must be a gangster so I can’t fall for his tricks no matter what!

“I only came here to tell you that I won’t marry you,” Mina announced with a steady voice.


“I know what you really are.” His pupils dilated for a fraction of a second. “I saw what happened in the Manna Restaurant and I can’t marry someone like that! Not because of my father or politics, but because of my own moral code.”

“What are you talking about?” her companion asked with a carefree expression while peering into her eyes. After a moment his attitude became mischievous. “Are you talking about the kiss? I can’t say I saw it. I was more involved in the sensations than in anything else,” Vergil declared while licking his lips in a deliberate slow motion.

“I wasn’t talking about that!” Mina exclaimed all flustered. “I meant your little conversation with Manna’s manager.”

“Mina, Mina, Mina. You didn’t know who I was until a few minutes ago,” the man began saying calmly with his hands under his chin. “So you were already planning to say no regardless of what you claim to have witnessed.”

“I… I wasn’t… I didn’t…” She was so nervous that couldn’t even come up with a good lie.

“In that case, let me tell you something,” Vergil continued as if Mina had never said anything. “I can talk to my mother and cancel everything, but she’s going to be furious. So much that she will remove all the financial support that your father has ever receive from us and ask him to pay her back every cent.”

“She can’t do that!”

“Oh, yes! She can,” he assured her with an evil grin. “This farce, like you call it, was part of a contract between our parents and any violation of it will result in a monetary payment. Since you will be the one responsible for the breach in contract, the one paying will be your father.”

Mina couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What have you done, David?

“It’s okay, if we sell some of our properties, we should be able to cover the debt,” she replied a little shaken.

“No. You see, my mother will ask your father to cover the debt in full. And you two won’t be able to get that amount of money even if you sell every property you two own and gave us all your little fortune,” Vergil said dead serious. “Mina, we’re talking about billions here. You owe my family your entire way of life.”

“That’s impossible! I don’t believe you!”

“You don’t, huh!” He sighed and tried to take her hand, but she moved it away. “Mina, please understand that we have supported your father’s entire political career. All the money he needed for his campaigns have come from us. If mother ask him to pay that back, you’re going to be left on the streets! Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to leave the two of you on the streets of New York just because of your pride? Because I know why you’re doing this; you don’t want to be sold for money.”

Mina was at a crossroad. She remembered how happy David was when he told her mother that he was going to be a politician; and Marina had been so happy for him. So long ago… Her mother was still alive when he started his political career and the three had always stuck together to every party, every campaign, every election… She would never have left her father side if it weren’t for that cancer. When her mom started having lung problems, it was already too late. The cancer had spread through her mother’s body like wildfire. Then, on a winter’s night, Marina died. I’m so sorry, mami! I couldn’t say goodbye… Don’t worry mom, I will protect father. Even if I have to marry the Devil’s son, it won’t matter… I will support daddy just like you always did! Forgive me, mommy, for being so selfish and getting angry at dad. He was just trying to protect me.

Mina straightened herself and when she faced Vergil, tears were running down her face.

“I will do it. I will marry you for daddy’s sake!”

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