Tied to Darkness [Last Days #1]

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Chapter 2

Three days later

Her wedding day had arrived but it wasn’t the happy moment she once dreamed off as a girl. Dread had settled on her stomach since the day before and it seemed it didn’t plan on leaving its cozy nest. It felt as if something bad was approaching her, something awful that was somehow connected with her wedding.

The dread kept mounting with every second that passed.

Mina knew that Vergil was already waiting for her on the lobby of her apartment building, but somehow she couldn’t make her body move; the fear wouldn’t let her. She was shaking uncontrollably and a thin sheet of cold sweat covered her skin but the worst was yet to come...

The fear and sweat were surfacing a nightmare she wanted buried for the rest of her life. She had it the night before but since then Mina couldn’t stop wondering. What did it mean? Was it a sign? What if it was true?

Despite her best efforts every detail of that terrorizing nightmare hit her again...

Darkness enveloped Mina like a curtain that played havoc with her senses. A darkness so dense that she couldn’t see her fingers; not even when she waved them in front of her face. The only thing that her senses could detect was the smell of dank air, like the one you would find in a cave... Could it be?

Mina risked some steps but stopped abruptly when the stink of burnt meat drifted to her. She quickly ran a mental check. Everything seemed in order, she wasn’t the one burning. Then it hit her. How could something burn when she couldn’t see a speck of light? Maybe the fire is very deep inside the cave... But then, why is the smell of burnt meat so strong? As if it’s very close to me? Something must be wrong with this place...

As if on cue, the stink faded away leaving only the dank air. Then the heat started followed close behind by the smell of fire. Mina could hear the crackle of flames closing in on her.

Fear overtook her and she screamed, but no one could hear her; she was alone in that freaking cave. Even so she tried her best to make contact with someone or something; anything that could save her from the craziness around her.

“Hello! Please! Could someone help me?”

No replay.

The black fire— because that was the only thing one could call a fire that produced no light— kept getting closer. Mina was already sweating from the heat that surrounded her so she called for help one more time. And again. And again. Until her throat was throbbing with pain from the exertion.

Suddenly, a pair of glowing red eyes pierced the darkness. Far from shrinking away out of fear, Mina welcomed them with open arms.

“Help me,” she pleaded to the demonic orbs.

But the creature did nothing except stare at her. It didn’t respond no matter how much Mina begged for help.

“Please!” Silent tears fell down her cheeks as the black fire began lapping her feet and melting her boots.

Maybe it was her tears or the fact that she had been cornered against the cave wall behind her, but the irises blinked and slowly changed their color. To Mina’s surprise they turned the same beautiful electric blue of Vergil’s eyes.

And then, without any logic, she was able to clearly see her fiancé standing a few feet away from her.

“Thank God! It’s you, Vergil!” Desperation clouded the girl’s mind, stopping her from questioning what she was witnessing. “Please help me! A black fire is burning me!”


His answer was merely a whisper but she heard it loud and clear. Shocked beyond measure, Mina froze unable to do anything but watch as her future husband abandon her to a cruel fate. Vergil smirked and slowly vanished. Then the fire advanced with a vengeance and the screams started. But between each agonizing cry, she could hear a demonic laugh that echoed throughout the cave, growing louder and louder until it was all that filled her ears.

The bad memory brought back the goosebumps and uneasiness of her early morning.

“What is happening to me?” Even her voice was shaky. “I want this to stop. I want everything to stop. I don’t want to go down there!”

Mina started crying and with trembling hands began to undo all of the hair stylist hard work.

How could she even think of escaping that farce when her father’s life was at stake? She would never be able to live with herself if she turned her back on him. But Mina didn’t want to marry someone she didn’t know. More to the point, she didn’t want to marry someone that scared her to the core of her being. D-don’t want this. Don’t want... I was supposed to marry with s-someone I l-loved, not the guy that looks more like the Devil than the a-angel he wants me to think he is. How did it had come to that point and why?

A light breeze swept across the room gently caressing Mina’s hair and face like a mother’s sweet embrace. The bride was instantly surrounded by the warmth and strawberry perfume of the ghostly person who always accompanied her. One she wished to be able to see, to hear and to touch.

“Mother! It’s you...” Marina’s embrace made her feel secure but also brought out her desperation. “Mami dime qué hago. Please tell me what to do because I just want to run away from him. It’s like everything is telling me to cancel this wedding; as if something bad will happen to me if I become his wife.”

But before the girl could get some kind of answer, Mary appeared on her bedroom door making Marina’s ghostly touch abandon her in a rush of wind.

“What the fuck did you do to yourself?” Mary exclaimed coming straight to the brunette, her fuchsia Greek styled dress flowing around the blond. “Look at you! Your beautiful Greek crown braid doesn’t exist anymore! And your makeup... You were crying? Why were you crying?”

“Why?” Outrage filled Mina’s features for her friend’s insensibility. Mary knew the real reasons for her fake wedding, she should understand. “Because I don’t want to marry him, I don’t know him, and I’m afraid.”

“Everyone has nerves on their Big Day.”

“Yes, but this is different.” Mina fisted her hands at her lap. “This isn’t my Big Day.” Should I tell her about my nightmare? Will she believe me? “Mary. Last night…”

Even before she could finish her sentence, the doorbell rang and the blond vixen went to answer it before returning a moment later with Marcus trailing after her. Dress on a smoky black tuxedo with a blood red shirt, he came into the room with anxiety leaking from his entire body. His face was a mix of various emotions and the military hairstyle he loved so much was shorter than in their first meeting, giving him a sort of authority that was otherwise lost on him.

“What happen to her?” Di’nardo asked Mary, confusion written all over his face. “We are late and Vergil is very angry. She needs to get down right now.”

“Nerves, that’s what happen to her,” the woman answered while she arranged Mina’s messy but stylish new braid. “And she can’t go to the lobby until I finish fixing her makeup.”

“Stop talking like I’m not here!” Mina screamed, already fed up with both her companions. “I’m not going down there. Tell everyone the wedding is cancelled.”

“What?” Marcus looked at her with pleading eyes. “You must marry. If you don’t get downstairs, the boss will have my head and I love it just where it is, right between my shoulders!”

“You two are acting like big babies,” Mary exclaimed while forcing her friend to keep still so she could re-apply the makeup. “Mina, do I need to remind you what will happen if this wedding is cancelled?”

“Cancel WHAT?”

All eyes inside the room immediately shifted to the source of the angry shout. There at the door stood Vergil with an expression that would chase the angels out of Heaven. His beautiful blue eyes shone like the sky on a thunder storm and he growled at his soon-to-be wife. “Do you honestly think I’ll let you publicly shame me?” His voice took a sinister tone making Mina tremble slightly.

That terrible tone reminded her of the demonic laugh in her nightmare but the anger for Vergil’s chauvinistic comment overrode the fear and emboldened her.

“And what if I do shame you?” Mina walked up to her angry fiancé. “What would you do then? Hit me or would you rather kill me?”

“Nice thoughts you have of your future husband. What kind of man do you think I am?”

“One that has a black hole instead of his heart!” The venom in her words was enough to kill an elephant but she didn’t understand why she was saying those things. It wasn’t like she could back those words with proofs.

“Who do you think you are to talk about me in that manner?” Her words pierce his ragged soul like nothing ever did. It was impossible; she shouldn’t have that kind of power over him! “You know NOTHING about me.” Losing his control, he grabbed Mina by her wrist. “You hear me, graití? NOTHING!”

Mary notice the way Vergil was looking at her friend, more than angry he looked at his future wife like he wanted to eat her and not in the good way! She had never seen him so furious and could feel waves of dark energy rippling from his body. They had to be stopped right away or the worst could happen.

“Stop you two! Mister Larsa, get your hands off of my friend right now or I’m not responsible for my actions!”

Vergil raised a lone brow at her menacing tone and released his bride.

She dare threaten HIM to protect a mere human? Did she went mad and started believing her own lie? It was preposterous that someone like her would choose a human over him. Her double life had to be affecting her mind because there weren’t any other logical reasons for her stupid behavior.

“And you don’t have the right to threaten me, you worthless bitch!” He raised his hand to hit her but Mina stopped his wrist just in time. Standing directly in front of Mary, she looked fiercely to him and he witnessed as her eyes sparkled golden for just a mere second.

“Try to hit her again and you will see what I’m capable of.”

“I hate to interrupt but,” Marcus cut in shyly, “we really are late, guys.”

Her groom just stare at her with an icy expression, mumbled something about finishing getting ready quickly and stormed out of the bedroom taking his friend with him.

After a few minutes of silence— a couple of which were spent trying to calm down— Mary appeared on her line of vision and closed the door.

“You are a crazy bitch you know that? I never expected him to back down. How you did it? He looked ready for murder!”

“I don’t know and don’t care either.” Mina sighed with resignation. “At least our little fight served a purpose… It cleared my head enough so I could see the right path ahead of me. This wedding must go on as planned.”

“What?” Mary almost messed up the last stroke of eyeliner. “You are not scared of him anymore? Even after how he just reacted?”

“Strangely, I’m not. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have the slightest idea. And next time don’t leave my front door open so another lunatic can enter.”

“But I didn’t…”

Something changed inside her the moment she stood up to protect her best friend. It was as if the fear and desperation of her early morning had been blown away leaving an intense feeling of tranquility instead; which in turn gave her the confidence to confront her soon-to-be husband. The whole situation was really weird but that word alone fell short to describe the confusion on her mind. Even so I must do this. Marrying Vergil Larsa is the only way to save my father from his own mess.

Mina began perceiving an oppressive darkness the moment she stepped inside the church. It had been years since she had felt something remotely similar to this but the urge to run away was unmistakably present inside her. It wouldn’t be denied and yet…

“Beware of them. Darkness lurks around you, Chosen One,” a deep and melodic voice said to her.

She spun on her heels quickly and caught sight of a man with dark hair and glowing pearl-like skin leaving the same way she came. Who…?

“There you are, my darling.” Her father embraced her suddenly and kissed her forehead, slamming her possibilities of following the glowing man. “I was getting afraid you would get cold feet.”

I almost did but there is no need for him to know that. She embraced him back with a smile while looking over his shoulder, searching for the stranger but there was no sight of him anymore. His skin glowed just like mom’s guardian did that time I met him. Could he be an angel as well?

“Are you okay, my little one? You seem lost in thoughts.” The wedding march started playing, ending their conversation. “It’s time, sweetie.” Unshed tears sparkled in his eyes as he offered her his hand. “I wish your mother was here.”

“She is, papi. You know she is always by my side.”

A cold shiver ran down Vergil’s back as the march began playing. He shifted from one foot to the other all the time looking fixedly to the entryway. If she so much as think to run away I will personally hunt her down and kill her with my own hands. No, you can’t do it, Vergil. Just stay calm. No mere human girl is worth the effort of getting work up about her. But she is more than human… no simple mortal would carry HIS spark inside her.

All his thoughts scattered the moment she appeared and walked down the aisle by her father’s hand. His heart rate spiked and he started to feel hot inside his tux. The memory of the kiss they shared in the restaurant three days ago replayed inside his head time and time again, making a part of his anatomy grow inside his pants. Why am I getting so turned on by that simple thing? It was ONLY a fucking kiss!

When the senator left her in his care and took his seat among the crowd of invitees, the ceremony began. It appeared like hours had passed before she finally said “I do” with a serious expression and the golden spark shining briefly on her silvery eyes. That glow worried him because if she knew how to wield that power in the correct way it could very well mean the end of him for all eternity. Mother, what you got me into?

The reception had no end in sight even after four hours of drinking, dancing and eating. They had already danced, threw the bouquet and cut the cake; there was nothing left to do but the guests wouldn’t go home. Vergil was beginning to get bore and it was obvious his little wife felt the same way.

He looked to where she was standing, listening to some girls chat endlessly and smiled to himself despite all. Mina was indeed a gorgeous woman with a body that even her Greek styled wedding dress could not hide. But she was so tiny compared to him that he feared she could break under his rough touch, even so something pull him to her like gravity.

Desperately trying to ease his desires, he closed the distance between them and embraced her from behind. “A penny for your thoughts,” he whispered seductively by her ear.

The young women gasped, told them what a beautiful couple they make and excused themselves. If only all the others would do the same they could be free to get to the best part of the night.

“You have been awfully charming on the last few hours.”

“Don’t tell me you are still mad!” His hot breath sent a shiver down her spine.

“Women don’t forget nor forgive so easily.”

“Ah but you haven’t experienced my mind wiping abilities!” Her new husband chuckle and hugged her tightly to him.

“There you are!” A redhead with honey colored eyes and facial features similar to Vergil’s suddenly appeared out of nowhere. “You’re such a good boy for staying and entertaining all the businessmen still here! Such a dutiful son I have.” The woman kissed Vergil on the cheek.

Why are you so late, mother? he mentally asked. You reek of sex and sulfur. You were on Hell?

Your father called me back for a progress report and… well, it has been a long time since we last saw each other but let’s talk about this some other time. We are creeping little Mina out with our silent stares.

“We meet at last, Mina. I’m Lilith Larsa, your mother in law,” the woman said after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Lilith's pale white skin was flawless even when some tiny expression lines could be seen at the end of her beautiful eyes. She glowed with youth, appearing to be only a decade older than her son.

She looks more like his big sister than his mother.

The redhead gifted her with a smile but there was something about that woman’s aura that chilled Mina to the core of her being. Something dark and evil surrounded her mother in law like a cape around her shoulders; a power very similar to what she felt entering the church.

“Lilith!” David called. “You finally arrived! They were driving me crazy asking for you.” He gave a quick nod to his son in law and kissed his daughter on her forehead. “It’s okay, my little one. Go on and enjoy your wedding night. We can take care of the important guests now.” With a wink and a smile her father took Vergil’s mother away. “Come Missus Larsa, there are some businesses to discuss.”

Chiao, my darlings. I expect you to get wild on the hotel room and give me a grandchild quickly.”

The bride’s face blushed instantly and began walking to the exit at a quick pace. Footsteps followed her but she only wanted to feel the cold night’s breeze to cool down her flaming face. How could an older woman say something like that in front of so many strangers? Mina wanted to die from embarrassment.

When the night breeze caressed her face, she breathed a sigh of relief. What should she do? They have been practically thrown out of the party and now…

She shivered slightly imagining what part of her wedding awaited her. The memory of that one kiss on the restaurant came to her mind erupting goosebumps all over her skin. Only imagining those soft lips on her body, trailing kisses all over her naked body weakened her knees. What was wrong with her? She barely knew the man and already wanted to strip naked with him. That wasn’t her. She ALWAYS took the time to date a man for a while before adding sex to the equation. What is wrong with me now?

“Maybe he is some kind of incubus sent to torment me for something I did,” she murmured, biting her nails a moment before the oppressive darkness returned. Here as well?

“You want me to be a sex demon? That could be arranged,” Vergil’s voice whispered before his lips nipped her ear. “Come, the limo is waiting to take us to our hotel.” He pointed to a black limousine that she never heard parking in front.

“Are we leaving now?” Damn. She could almost slap herself for the stupid question.

His arm encircled her waist and guided her to the vehicle but his hand reached lower, too close to her wet center. “Relax, dove. This incubus will make you reach the stars.”

Oh God! Now I am very aroused… What is this man?

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