Tied to Darkness [Last Days #1]

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Chapter 3

Mina was led to the penthouse of the InterContinental Hotel on Times Square while her gorgeous husband tended some “businesses” that he didn’t want to tell her about. The room— more accurately the house— was a thing of beauty and had the most amazing view of the city that she had ever seen. The brunette was no stranger to luxury hotels and penthouses but this one felt different, more to her tastes than any other; and it was new, only built four years ago.

A small smile came to her lips when she realized Vergil had helped her cross out another hotel from her list. It was a hobby of hers to stay at least a night in every fine hotel she could find— it didn’t matter how many stars it had, the point was adding a new experience to her life— and this one had eluded her for some time now. Maybe he somehow got wind about her little pastime and wanted to please her or maybe it was just a coincidence. Either way she was happy to enjoy such a view.

Walking in a daze, she headed to the bathroom and wasn’t disappointed with what she found. The place was one of exquisite beauty with marble walls, elegant glass sliding doors and a floor polished to perfection. The four legged creamy bathtub in front of decorated sliding doors called her attention. She slowly turned on the water and let the steamy liquid slide over her hands. A sigh escaped her as she imagined Vergil’s hot breath glide over her skin just like the water was doing.

Shaking her fantasies away, she walked to the washstand and looked at her reflection on the big, circular mirror adorned by iron leaves on the edges. A chilly, intangible hand touched her shoulder followed by the smell of strawberries.

“¿Qué pasa, mami?” It was strange that the ghost appeared to her two times on the same day. Marina only made her presence known occasionally or during important events of her daughter’s life. Could the wedding be the reason her mother seem so active or was there another motive? “Is there something you want to tell me, mom?”

A vase with crystalline little stones tumbled, spilling its contents over the washstand. The rocks started moving by themselves, forming the word yes in Spanish.

“What is it?”

“Demon.” The word echoed hauntingly throughout the bathroom, chilling her to the bone.

Vergil entered the penthouse after a long telephonic conversation with Marcus about his new position as manager of the Manna Restaurant, threw his suit jacket over a sofa and concentrated on his hearing to find his bride. Her soft but accelerated breathing and racing heart came from the bathroom so he headed there while taking off his clothes along the way.

What are you thinking about, my little vixen? Maybe her earlier arousal still lingered?

With a smile on his lips he silently crept through the wooden floor only to find his beautiful wife talking to herself in front of the mirror. Chills erupted all over his skin when he remembered how soft her body felt pressed to his, the passion she ignited and the crazy desire to take her on the restaurant.

“Were you thinking about me?”

Caught off guard, the young woman quickly turned around and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear in a vain effort to hide her embarrassment. Looking at her red cheeks and shy posture he wondered how he got angry with her in the morning. She was an innocent goddess, one that he desired on a level that defied explanation. The good thing was he always got whatever he desired.

Mina couldn’t take her eyes off Vergil’s naked body and the hard erection that slightly bounced with each of his movements. She tried, but her eyes fell on a thin trail of snowy baby-like hair instead, one that ran down his body— from the navel to the base of his penis.

She shivered as moisture began pooling between her legs.

The man seemed unabashed by the fact that she was devouring him with her eyes but— in her defense— he was impossible to ignore. His body looked like one of those sports magazines models with well fitted muscles everywhere that should feel hard as steel. His pale, creamy skin was perfection with only a humanoid she-dragon tattoo over his left pectoral.

“Why are you naked?” Her voice sounded weak and she swallowed hard as his hungry gaze met hers.

“Why you aren’t?”

He didn’t wait for her reply and closed the distance that separated them to claim her lips in an almost savage way. Carelessly, Vergil let his fangs scrape Mina’s lips, making her whimper with a delicious mix of pain and satisfaction. She quickly snaked her arms around his neck, returning the kiss with the same fervor he started it.

Gone were the anger and fear of the morning, now all that mattered was Vergil and his delectable hard body. The passion she felt for this stranger was illogical but its existence couldn’t be denied. Her body… No, her soul screamed to be a part of him, making her tremble with need and fright. She shouldn’t have feelings this strong for her husband, not when they only wed hours ago. The man was a mystery. She didn’t know anything about him but every time he looked at her with those electric blue eyes, her only thought was to undress him and have hot, wild sex with him.

Mina felt her angel’s breath by her ear and couldn’t stop herself from trembling all over. He was saying something in a lyrical accent she didn’t understand and then those hands— so prone to violence in the morning— were gently caressing her shoulders; the irony wasn’t lost on her.

Slowly, each one of the shoulder straps was removed and the wedding dress fell to a heap on the floor. She breathed in and out, watching with only her flimsy lace underwear the hungry predator that wanted to eat her whole.

Vergil leaned towards her shoulders and nipped her skin before leaving a trail of kisses that took her breath away; from her neck to her hands, he covered every inch with his lips all the while roaming her body with his hands. He ran his fingers down her back searching to unfasten her bra and was rewarded with little gasps and moans. The sounds turned his blood into liquid fire, making him harder than he already was.

“Do you like my touch?”

“Yes,” Mina’s reply was almost a moan.

“And what would you do if I stop?”

The cocky question cleared her foggy mind enough for her to realize how easy she had fallen into temptation and that annoyed her. “Do it. Is not like I wanted to have sex with you anyw-”

Suddenly her underwear was ripped off taking a gasp out of her. Heat flooded her as a wave of electric sparks ran down her back. Vergil was acting like a wild, savage animal that only wanted to dominate and possess her. She should be repulsed by the thought of him imposing his will over her instead it turned her on like nothing ever did; but even as she burned with need, he only admired her. Why isn’t he doing anything?

He took a couple of seconds to delight himself with her growing desire while his eyes roamed her gorgeous body. Every curve and crevice was perfect as if she had been molded and brought to life by Aphrodite herself. Her breasts were beautifully rounded and voluptuous with pink nipples that made his mouth water for a taste of them.

The prince smirked when his eyes landed over the piercing on her bellybutton; an undeniable proof of a rebellious teenage phase. But what really drove him crazy were her hips. The girl had to have Latin blood on her veins to be graced with such full and sexy hips. She is a goddess in all her right.

Needing a taste of the gorgeous landscape before him, he kneeled in front of her, wrapping his hands around her butt and nuzzling her thighs.

Mina gasped when she felt her husband breath over her legs, so close to the dark triangle of curls. She felt him smile against her before his tongue licked the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Loud moans escaped her but he continued, aiming higher and higher, threatening to reach her needy, wet core.

Conflicting emotions clouded her mind. On one side was the desire for having Vergil screwing her brains out but on the other was the fear and repulsion to share something so intimate with a complete stranger. Even so she wasn’t inexperienced nor a virgin anymore. No one could fault her for going to bed with a man she felt physically attracted to.

Stop thinking, suck it up and just enjoy the moment! Even if you didn’t want it, he is your husband now for God’s sake. Give him a chance and let’s see if this horrible nightmare ends with a happy ending!

A tug on her legs brought her out of her thoughts. “Open your legs for me, my love,” her angel almost purred the last part. The intensity with which he said “my love” cracked something inside her and she complied.

The ecstasy was instantaneous as his wet tongue slipped past the needy folds of her core, making slow circles around her clit and then giving her long, sinful licks. It felt amazing. Her legs trembled threatening to give in to weakness but Vergil grabbed her by the buttocks and sat her over the washstand. He ordered her to put her feet on both his shoulders and stretched her wide. As he watched her with hunger in his blue eyes, a feeling of fragility washed over her for an instant before she quickly dismissed it. She had already decided that she wouldn’t treat her angel like a stranger; nonetheless it was an uncomfortable feeling for her persona.

Her thoughts scattered when a tongue thrust inside her core, wiping her mind of doubts and spiking her desire. Gasping for air, Mina griped the washstand top while Vergil worked his magic moving in and out of her.

Moans escaped her as she threw her head back, feeling the passion build inside until she wanted nothing more than to scream at the top of her lungs. Smelling the level of her arousal, Vergil’s strong hands held her thighs and his tongue increased its strokes. Faster, deeper than before until she tensed and fisted his hair feeling wave after wave of a blindingly delicious orgasm. But he didn’t wait for her mind to clear completely when she found him nestled between her legs and ready to enter her in one thrust.

“You will be in for the ride of your life” he whispered huskily.

She trembled with expectation and anxiousness as she circled her legs around his waist in an effort of bringing him closer to her body. Her breathing hitched when her eyes fell on his member as he prepared for entering her. “Please hurry up, my angel.”


“That’s what you look to me with that pale skin and hair.”

His laughter filled her ears a moment before he slipped inside her whispering something in a strange language.

“What does it mean?”

“I will not make love to you as an angel but as a demon.”

His words boiled her blood and she took his face in a desperate kiss that deepened his thrusts almost driving her crazy but even so it wasn’t enough. She wanted to feel him on top of her with all those hard muscles pressed tightly against her soft body as he pleasured them both.

“Please take me to bed. I need to feel you...” Mina began with a slight blush on her cheeks.

“Your wish is my command, my lady,” her angel answered, one mischievous glint in his electric blue eyes as he grabbed her by the buttocks and carried her to the large bedroom that overlooked the city’s skyscrapers.

Vergil laid her gently on the king size bed and climbed on it like a hungry lion seeking his prey. His eyes glinted again when he took her by the ankles and slid her below him. They shared a rough kiss before he trapped her hands atop her head.

“You’re mine, everything about you is now mine,” he stated, entering her again in one rough thrust that ripped pleasure moans from both of them.

His movements started slow— as it happened in the bathroom— but then passion, lust and sensations played their role, speeding everything to the point where she could no longer endure it. Her second orgasm didn’t last much but it was just as powerful as the first.

“Stop me or I’ll take your blood,” Vergil pleaded in a whisper while licking and kissing her neck feverishly.


She suddenly felt something puncturing her neck and a warm liquid that trailed down her chest. Teeth! The punctures were made by sharp teeth. He was biting her!

Alarm and fear spread through her body and she went rigid as he impaled himself deep inside her, moaning against the curve of her neck with sheer pleasure. Please don’t let him be one of those psychos who believe themselves vampires!

“Relax, dove. I promise not to kill you. It’s just that your blood is so sweet…” He actually whimpered and bit her again. Only this time it was different. This time she felt a wave of heat spreading through her body and desire starting to rise again.

Her fear forgotten, Mina embraced Vergil while he drank and pounded her hard. The need overrode the reason, willing her to make a blood sacrifice just to feel more pleasure. Wave after wave of ecstasy rippled through her building up the pressure inside her body for a third time. Every one of his thrusts took her to new heights. More. More. More. She sank her nails in his back deep enough to draw blood and bit his shoulder as she screamed with the force of her release. He groaned and quickened his pace in response to her. His fangs left her neck and he smiled at her. It was a sly smile dripping blood from the left corner of his mouth, the color matching his vibrant blood-red eyes.


Her mind was lazy because of the blood loss but somehow she managed to concentrate and cast a hooded glance to Vergil. Blood red irises play peek-a-boo with her as their owner let the passion ripple through his body. Her husband was very close to release, his thrusts and retreats almost painful now that the passion had left her. But what really scared her was the fact that with every second that passed his eyes glow a brighter shade of red.


Primal fear took control of her body and she pushed him away from her. At first he didn’t budge but then a hissing sound came from his throat and he jumped out of the bed, cursing in a language she didn’t recognize. A hand was burned to his bicep, exactly where she pushed him off her. It was her hand! But how?

Her thoughts scattered when the burn started to heal itself right before her very own eyes.

“What are you?” She scrambled away from him, hitting the bed’s headboard with her back. Could he be a demon?

Vergil looked down to where her stare was fixed like glue and sighed. She had seen the burn— that she herself inflicted on him— healing up by itself.

“What do you mean? I’m your husband, remember? There is nothing to be afraid of.”

“Bullshit! I saw your burn… Why did your skin burned when I touched you? And your eyes… they glowed red!”

“SHIT!” Anger rose up in his veins for his carelessness but was quickly extinguished. It was very unwise to scare her more than she already was. “Everything is going to be okay. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Of course not! I’m going to be okay because I’m getting the hell away from here.” Mina almost made her way to the door. “You’re some kind of de-”

Her monster husband appeared in front of her, blocking the door and successfully trapping her inside the room. His hand rose and two fingers touched her forehead before he uttered one word: “forget”. Mina couldn’t react as darkness took her over. Her body went limp and she started falling but arms reached out and enveloped her in a strong embrace. A demon... Why? Then everything was lost to darkness.

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