Tied to Darkness [Last Days #1]

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Chapter 8

Mina swallowed when she saw Vergil’s orange-red eyes fixed on her and tried to calm the nerves shaking her body. Swallowing for a second time, she made an effort to find her voice but nothing came out and that got her even more terrified. What would happen to her if she couldn’t tell him the truth about that stupid meeting?

“You won’t say anything? Answer me dammit!” A cold breeze enveloped him while he transformed into his true appearance and crossed the distance between them in a heartbeat. This time he did summon his battle armor and sword just to show her with whom she was messing with.

Her frightened gray eyes fixed on his red orbs and she tried to speak again but her vocal cords wouldn’t cooperate. And when he took her by the arms and shook her, she closed her eyes and thick tears fell down her face.

“I’m not any demon, Mina!” he exclaimed, gripping her jaw tightly. “I’m the youngest prince of Hell, son to its rulers and lord of every demon race you can imagine. Do you really think I will let MY wife have a HUMAN lover? First I will decapitate the bastard and bathe in his blood before I allowed him to even touch a hair on your head. OPEN YOUR EYES DAMMIT!”

She was shaking all over, mentally praying for some divine help when she opened her eyes and saw his red ones shining with unshed tears. Why is he so hurt? Why? Confusion suppressed the fear and she finally found her voice. “Mister St. Claire doesn’t have any relationship with me other than a strictly professional one.” Her voice trembled while she tried to explain everything to Vergil. “He’s the private collector who donated us the parchment that hints the whereabouts of the Hell’s Key and some papyruses that could verify the information. They are supposed to be written by the only man who ever had the Key in his possession, a medieval Christian priest named Suti.”

He gazed at those terrified gray eyes, his mind slowly processing the facts before he released her and stepped backwards. “Then the meeting…”

“It’s only work.” Mina quickly finished for him while her body slumped to the carpeted floor. “I may not love you yet but I would never betray you. You must believe me, Vergil.” Tears could be heard in her voice. “I’m terrified of being near you but at the same time I… need you.”

“What?” the prince whispered, his eyes full of surprise.

“What you heard.” She lifted her face and gazed at him with sorrow filling her stormy orbs. “I need you.”

He couldn’t believe her words. Did she really care for him or she just needed him to complete her investigation? His mind was a jumble of thoughts and for the first time in his long life, he felt dizzy. Could he really believe her? Did he want to believe her?

The demon growled, confused beyond measure and passed a clawed hand through his long white hair before slumping on the red loveseat behind him. “I’m sorry, dove,” he said while lowering his head, hiding his eyes behind the long pale bangs. “It’s just that this… you… the whole situation is driving me nuts.” Vergil lifted his face to the ceiling and closed his scarlet orbs before dissolving the armor— showing her his naked black body— and leaning against his seat.

Not everything he said to his dove was true. It wasn’t the situation the one driving him nuts, the culprit for his continued anger were the feelings he was developing for her— a simple mortal. He knew she was just a tool for obtaining their goal and nothing more but he couldn’t put out of his mind how good it felt every time they touch or kiss… even the sex with her had been amazing! How was he supposed to use her and leave her— like a broken doll— when they got the Key in their possession? How could he do that to her?

“What can I do to soothe you?”

Her voice and warmth enveloped him while she carefully straddled his lap and embraced him. His eyes opened when he felt her shaking against him. Even fearing my demon form you are willing to embrace me? Silly girl.

“Let me change back…”

“No. You need me right now in this form, not in your fake skin,” she murmured by his ear and kissed the curve of his neck before hugging him tightly. “I will be okay.”

“I’m so sorry, Mina” His voice broke but he didn’t care about his pride anymore. He just wanted to have her close while he still had a chance.

“It’s okay, dearest. You were just jealous. I understand.”

No, my dove. I’m asking your forgiveness for what I must do to you in the near future.

Mekriesh satanys,” Ariashka whispered in front of a cave wall with shining veins of gold and silver before passing through it as if the rocky wall itself was made of air. Dense darkness greeted her as she walked. Her ears were already picking up the cries of the damned while she made her way along the tunnel. Not much time later a growl sounded to her left and the rancid smell of rotten meat told her that a hellhound, hiding inside an adjacent passage, wanted a succubus steak. Without the ability to fly because of the tight space surrounding her, she could only run away from the beast and hope to escape the labyrinthine tunnels before more dangers crossed her path.

She started to run following the faint smell of sulfur in the dank air with the hellhound hot in her heels until her footing faltered and she fell to a new crevice something had dug deep inside the dirt floor. The dog growled at her again from atop the hole and red flames quickly covered his entire body, finally making the ghostly creature visible to her. His black eyes fixed on her a moment before he pounced, sharp fangs tearing her left wing and making her scream out in pain. Ariashka managed to shake away the beast and kicked him, throwing him against the wall of dirt while she climbed out of the crevice, digging her long claws in the ground to pull her body upwards. After she reached the top safely, she sprinted forward desperately looking for the exit.

“Damn you, Vergil! You knew I’m a low ranking demon and it would be hard for me to navigate through Corson’s Labyrinth.” Her body was feeling weaker. “I shouldn’t have confronted him for Mina’s sake. What was I thinking?” Everything would be easier if she could use her power but, on top of her bleeding wing, the cursed maze was already draining her precious energy. If she dared to use her abilities the process would only worsen.

After what seemed an eternity, the smell of sulfur got stronger but her happiness was short lived. At the end awaited her two more hellhounds and a fire demon. I’m so screwed.

The demoness slowed down to a walk until she was in front of her so awaited exit and the creatures that only wanted to eat her or worst.

“Look, boys! Today we are having Lillitu for dinner,” the fire demon said to the dogs. The flames that engulfed his humanoid body danced a little as if their owner was trembling in delight and then he smiled, showing her two rows of sharp, pointy teeth. “But don’t kill her yet. I want to fuck her first.” The hellhounds growled, flames covering their bodies and ran at the succubus.

I’m so screwed.

Mina awoke to a darkened room only to find herself alone in the bed. Her eyes swept across the place until she saw a shadow seating by the window next to her left side.

“Were you looking for me?” Deep red eyes changed to electric blue in seconds. “Close your eyes,” he commanded a moment before all the curtains opened and the sun’s rays bathed the entire room.

“You stayed awake all night?” she asked him, rubbing her eyes.

“I need very little sleep.” He rounded the bed and swept her in his arms before he headed to the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” she gasped, moving her legs so he would put her down. “Put me down, Vergil! I can walk.”

“A bath will wash away the sleepiness out of your body and leave you ready for our meeting with Mister St. Claire,” he said the name like it was the most disgusting slime in the whole world as he put her down inside the bathtub. “Let me help you out of your nightie.” A sly smile curved his lips while his eyes sparkled with mischievousness.

She grunted and stopped him before he reached mid waist. “I’m perfectly capable of undressing myself without help, darling. Don’t you have more important things to do?”

“No, I don’t.”

His hungry blue gaze swept over her in a manner that made her heart race and heat warmed her intimate parts immediately. If he keeps this going I’ll be jumping his bones in seconds. No, Mina! You made him a promise, be a grownup and endure his allure.

He chuckle before softly biting her earlobe. “Are you sure you want to endure it?” His tone was low and seductive, promising the sinful pleasure of his body against hers.

“Yes. I’m sure.”

Vergil gave her a once over. “It’s your loss, dove. I’ll be waiting you outside.” He shrugged and left her alone, closing the door behind him.

Sometime later the couple arrived at the meeting place. Mina— dressed in a white ivory V-neckline blouse and black loose fitted pants— addressed the restaurant host asking for Elijah with her demonic husband holding her to his side. The tight grip around her waist was almost uncomfortable.

The host glanced at Vergil’s expensive gray suit and the way he stood beside her but when the man noticed the seemingly glowing blue orbs he paled and quickly rounded his stand to guide them inside.

“I wasn’t informed of a fourth person but since Mister St. Claire hasn’t arrived, I will move you to a bigger table,” the Arabic man said sweating a little. “Your waiter will come by in a minute,” he informed after helping Mina take her seat and left as if Lucifer himself followed his steps.

“What did you do to that man?” she whispered, glaring at the demon beside her. “The poor fellow almost wetted his pants when he looked at you!”

“Some people react that way and others are dazzled by my presence.”

A young waitress came not a second later, asking them if they wanted to order something while they waited for the others but as soon as she laid eyes on Vergil, her attitude changed completely. The damned bitch had the audacity to ignore her when she asked for some water. Only when her demon husband ordered the water did the waitress responded and returned soon after with their drinks, smiling like a silly little girl.

“I imagine the ones dazzled are the women,” she murmured grumpily when the female left and forced herself to look around the place in an effort of regaining her composure.

Beautiful palm trees in giant clay pots adorned all around her and the Arabic styled windows had stained glass to prevent the sun from bothering customers. Luscious curtains of various bright colors draped around a place where a microphone and piano stood waiting to be played. Paintings of ancient Egyptian palaces— not of the ruins but of how they must have look in the past— hung from the walls but the best was a replica from the first photo ever taken of the Giza Pyramids that adorned the wall behind them.

The dazzled waitress momentarily forgotten, Mina smiled admiring everything around her. Elijah sure has good taste to choose this beautiful place for our meeting.

Her thoughts drifted to the demon prince and he glared at her. “How much familiarity exists between you two to be calling him by his first name?” he whispered angrily to her.

Are you still jealous, husband?

A tall, broad shouldered Irish man suddenly appeared with a gorgeous tanned woman of dark eyes and equally dark hair at his side. Their conversation ended abruptly when the pair came straight to them escorted by the restaurant host.

“Good afternoon, Doctor… Larsa! I presume that’s what you’re calling yourself now?” The redhead— that had reached his early forties— smiled at Mina with familiarity. “You can call my companion Miss Lady.” He looked at the woman and then turned his attention to Vergil. “And this man at your side must be your newlywed husband.”

“Yes, I am,” her jealous demon prince quickly cut in, extending his hand in greeting. “Vergil Larsa. It’s so nice to finally meet a friend of Mina.”

“The honor is mine! I’m the one meeting the man who captured this beautiful flower’s heart,” Elijah said without breaking his smile. “Well, Doctor… lunch before work?”

“Yes, please.”

And with that, the waitress was called back to the table.

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