Fever Dreams

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Chapter 11: Together

Well, my time in the closet was nice while it lasted. It was only a matter of time before everyone found out anyway.
Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. You see, even though I assured Silas that I was his, he still got pretty jealous of Amelia. Really, I should’ve just dumped her before it got to this point.
“That new kid Silas keeps looking at me funny,” Amelia said one day in the middle of lunch. “What’s his deal?”
“The guy’s gay, so he’s probably got a thing for our boy Ethan here,” Davis theorized, patting me on the back. Luckily, he didn’t feel me stiffen.
“Lucky for me, Ethan is as straight as they come,” Amelia giggled, hugging my arm.
I laughed warily.
“That’s what you think, sister.”
All eyes fell on Silas, who was now standing next to the table. Oh shit.
“Silas…” I started.
“No, Ethan, I’m tired of this,” he sighed.
I looked to each person sitting around me.
“What’s he talking about, Ethan?” Amelia asked slowly.
No. No no no. This was not supposed to happen.
“I’ll be right back,” I said, getting up. I grabbed Silas’s arm and dragged him to the side.
He yanked his arm away. “Don’t be so rough with me.” He paused. “You’re upset.”
“Nah, I’m fine, just appalled at your behavior back there!” I hissed, trying to keep my voice low. “What are you trying to do, ruin my reputation?”
“As I said before, I’m tired of this,” he countered. “I’m tired of this charade, this facade you’re trying so hard to maintain. If people knew about you and me, would it really be the end of the world?”
Just might be. I’m one of the top students around here, and pronouncing myself gay is just asking for trouble. Plus, what would my family say? My friends?
He smacked my arm. “Please leave la-la land and come back to me.”
I rolled my eyes. “Sorry, it’s just… I’m scared, okay?”
Silas looked up at me and smiled. “You shouldn’t be. I’m here, and I’ll protect you. Like I always do. You should just end it. Come out.”
“Right now?”
“Now, later, what difference would it make? Might as well bite the bullet.”
I pursed my lips, then smirked. Alright, fine. You want me to come out, I’ll come out. And I’ll make it something no one will forget for a long time.
I hopped up on the nearest table, scaring away a few freshman nerds. “Hey listen up!” I called out. Everyone’s eyes fell on me, and I grinned. “My name is Ethan Auden Wilde, and I’m gay!” Silence. “And see that guy right there?” I pointed at Silas, and he paled. “He’s my boyfriend.”
Amelia’s jaw dropped, and she stomped over to me. “What are you trying to pull Ethan?!” she squawked. “Get down from there this instant!”
“Amelia, didn’t you just hear me?” I asked. “I’m gay.”
Silas sidled to her side, and nudged her with his elbow. “Ethan’s gay, honey. Gay for me. So get lost.”
I shot him a pointed look. “Don’t be mean, Silas.”
My boyfriend blew a strand of hair from his face, and left her be.
I turned to Amelia. “Sorry, but it’s not going to work out. You’re a girl, and I prefer penis.”
She turned bright red. “Go to hell, Ethan Wilde!” And with that, she ran from the room.
Jumping down off the table, I put my arm around Silas’s waist and pulled him to my side. Ignoring the pointed stares, we walked casually across the cafeteria.
“You were a little harsh to Amelia, don’t you think?” I mentioned.
“Yeah, sorry,” he laughed. “Got a bit carried away. I was tired of seeing her hang all over you.” He brought his hand up to cover mine at his side.
I grinned. “Now it’s you who gets to cling to my side.”
“Precisely. I’ve wanted this for a long time: To walk together in public as your--”
“Trophy wife?” I interrupted.
He elbowed me. “Ass.”
I chuckled, and leaned down to kiss his temple. It was the dawn of a new era. I’m gay, and everyone knows it. And I don’t give a flying fuck.

“Don’t waste, your time, on me, you’re already a voice inside my head.”
I groaned, waking at the sound of my phone going off. Eyes cracking open, they fell on the clock. I scoffed; who the hell would call me at 5:45 in the morning. Willing my arm to move, I dragged it across the mattress until it reached the unholy device and answered it, putting it on speaker so I wouldn’t have to go through the effort of lifting it up to my face.
“What do you want?” I mumbled drowsily.
“Boy, what a greeting. Someone’s not a morning person.”
I was instantly awake, taking the phone off speaker and pressing it to my ear. “Good morning, baby.”
I could practically hear Ethan’s smile. “I know it’s really early, but I was wondering if you wanted to ride to school with me and go to the coffee shop on the way.”
“What’s the occasion?” I asked.
“Our two-month anniversary, you dipshit. You’ve been reminding me all week, and now you’re the one forgetting.”
“Oh, fuck you. It’s too early for coherent thought processes.”
“So the offer?”
“Oh, right, yes! Of course! I’m getting dressed as we speak.”
“Liar. At any rate, I’ll be there in ten. You better be ready.”
“So pushy. See you soon, babe.”
I hung up and flung myself haphazardly out of the bed. In the process of getting dressed, I nearly fell over several times; the excitement was taking a toll on my balance. And before I knew it, Ethan had let himself inside as if he owned the place. Just as well, he comes here enough that he may as well live here.
When I made my way into the living room, it was hardly a surprise to find him sitting on the couch.
He smiled at me. “Good morning, my beautiful boyfriend.”
I rolled my eyes, and crossed the room, sitting on his lap. “Good morning.”
“Are you ready to go?”
I nodded, and yelped as he stood up, holding me bridal style. He kissed me deeply, then carried me to the door and out to his car. I hope no one’s looking; I’d hate for anyone to see me being carried around like a woman. Even if I do enjoy it.
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