Fever Dreams

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Chapter 12: Passionate

Silas and I sat in a booth at the coffee shop. I was drinking my black coffee and he was sipping his caramel-frappe-whatever. Sometimes I think I’m dating a woman.
Then, a small box slid in front of me on the table. I glanced at Silas, who smiled. Not fair. I was going to surprise him first. I said just that, and he chuckled.
“Give me yours, then,” he said. “We’ll open them together on three.”
I nodded, and reached under the booth to get the medium-sized box I’d hidden there the night before. The owner allowed it, being my cousin and all. And if he hadn’t, I would’ve blackmailed him with the footage of him as a toddler performing Jackson 5 songs in his underwear. My aunt gave it to me “just in case.” She’s a good woman.
“Actually, I want you to open this first, so I can see your face,” I said.
Silas smiled, and leaned in to kiss me. He untied the ribbon that I’d practically killed myself trying to wrap around that box. Fucking Christmas movies make it look so easy.
He gasped upon opening the box. “Holy shit! It’s the shirt!”
Picking it up, it unfurled before him, exposing the design. It was black, with a large rainbow lollipop dead-center and a ribbon wrapped around it that read “It ain’t going lick itself.”
“I saw you looking at it a week ago,” I explained. “You went nuts for it.”
He nuzzled my neck. “It’s perfect. You’re perfect.”
“But that’s not all.”
I reached inside my jacket, pulling out a bracelet. It was made of a few thin chains braided together, linked with a silver plate that had “Ethan + Silas” engraved on it. Slipping it on his wrist, Silas gazed at it in wonder.
“It’s so beautiful,” he whispered. “This must have cost a fortune.”
“Don’t worry about it,” I smiled.
“I love it. Hey, open mine now!”
I chuckled, and opened the box, revealing a pair of tickets. I squinted to read what they were for.
“OH MY GOD!” I squeaked. “What the-- How did-- You--!”
He hopped onto my lap. “Surprise!”
“How in the hell did you get Cage The Elephant tickets?” I asked.
“I stood in line for like half a day,” he said smugly. “I know they’re your favorite band. The concert's in three days.”
“Fuck, Silas, you’re an angel.”

“Fuck, Silas, you’re an angel,” Ethan whispered, leaning up to mold his lips with mine.
Bringing my hand up, I traced along his jaw with my fingers. His tongue forced its way past my lips, and I groaned, feeling his erection press against the back of my thigh. I felt his fingertips graze my lower back and waist.
“Do we really need to go to school?” Ethan asked me, breath dancing at my throat. “We could go to my house. Dad’s at work. We’d be all alone.”
Fuck. His breath is hot against my skin and his fingers are setting fires wherever they touch. He’s doing it on purpose; he knows I can’t say no to him like this. But why would I say no?
And now we’re in his car. I’m leaning over the console, my tongue getting familiar with his neck and ear. As for Ethan, he’s speeding a little because I’m really good with my tongue and he’s slightly distracted. I’ll be damned if my ego didn’t swell a bit.
However, by the time we reach his house, the allusion shatters. There's a woman in the kitchen, someone I've never seen but looks very familiar.
"What are you doing here?" Ethan snarled. His teeth are clenched, as are his fists; whoever this is isn't welcome here.
"Your father invited me to live here," the woman said, seemingly not phased by Ethan's display of distaste. "After all, I'm your real mother. You need to get used to that."
His real mother? With her tall, beanpole build, angular nose, and chocolate-colored hair, the two of them made a mirror image. They even had the same eyes and smile.
At this point, Ethan was about to explode. "What did you expect walking in here? You think just because you come in here and assimilate yourself into my life I'll call you mom or something? Are you insane?"
"I'll thank you not to raise your voice at me, Ethan." She changed the subject. "Isn't it a school day? What are you doing home? And who is your friend? I do not condone playing hooky."
"Well I don't condone having to get used to a whole new life," Ethan countered. "Aren't you supposed to be at work. With my father?" He bit the word out as if it were painful.
"I have the day off. I've been having...morning sickness."
"Excuse me?"
"You'll...have a new little sibling soon. We can start over as a family and do it right this time. Just give it a chance, sweetheart. I know it's a lot to take in, but I'm your real mother, not Julia."
"I wish you weren't," Ethan muttered as he retreated to his room.
His mother sighed, and plopped down at the kitchen table. "His father said he'd be difficult."
I sat across from her. "He is difficult."
"What is your name?" she asked me. "I'm Kathy. Would you like something to eat?"
"I'm alright, ma'am. My name is Silas. Your son and I are...very close friends."
"Is that so?" She chuckled. "Very close friends make out in the driveway?"
Oh, she saw that. "Uh..."
"Don't worry about it, I don't mind if you two are together. However, if you're trying to keep it a secret, you'll have to do better than that."
She had a point. "Well, we're out at school. His dad doesn't know though."
"Do your parents know?"
"Mom knows. My dad passed away. Leukemia."
"I'm very sorry to hear that."
"He would've been understanding though. He loved me. I was his greatest treasure. Well, I was tied for first with Mom." I chuckled, trying not to burst into tears.
Just then, the alarm on the oven went off. Kathy stood up, wobbling slightly as the nausea washed over her, and removed whatever she was baking. She set the tray of peanut butter cookies on the oven; they looked delicious and smelled divine.
"Peanut butter cookies are Ethan's favorite," I pointed out.
She flashed me a smile over her shoulder. "Mine too."
"You two are like clones," I said. "Except, you're a woman, of course."
She laughed, and gathered some of the cookies onto a teal plastic plate. "Will you take these to Ethan? I doubt he'd accept them from me."
I nodded, and took the plate, eating a cookie as I ascended the stairs. They really were scrumptious; moist and warm, the peanut butter chips melted and delicious.
I knocked on the door I recalled as Ethan's, and opened it, letting some of the freshly-baked-cookie smell into the room.
"Go away," came a voice muffled in a pillow.
"Fine, I'll just eat all of these peanut butter cookies myself then," I said.
Slowly, his face emerged from the pillow. He can never resist peanut butter cookies.
He smirked. "Bring those over here, Satan."
Ethan sat up, and I crossed the room, sitting across his lap like a kid visiting Santa at a mall. I picked up a cookie and held it up to his lips. His smirk became a smile, and he opened his mouth to let me feed him. We sat there like that for awhile, eating cookies and just gazing into each other's eyes. Albeit sappy and cliche, it was relaxing and it felt nice to be here with him.
And by that I mean: His boner felt nice against my thigh. And by nice I mean: I'm horny.
"She's nice," I pointed out.
He knew who I was referring to, and grunted in response.
"Why are you so hesitant to get to know her? She's your biological mother."
"She's not the one who raised me."
"So? She's very kind and caring. She is also here, arms wide open for her son."
He sighed, burying his face in my neck. "I know."
"I'm going to go back home, okay? I want you to spend the day with her."
"Fine. Can we have sex first though?"
I rolled my eyes. "Tomorrow. If I get a positive reply from Kathy when I ask her how you treated her."
He groaned. "Damn you."
I stood up from his lap, leaning down to capture his lips in a lingering kiss. "Have fun."
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