Fever Dreams

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~Three Months Later~
I heard my mom welcome Silas through the front door downstairs. Shit, I was running out of time. I tried to quickly tie my tie.
There was a knock at my bedroom door. "Ethan, honey, there's a handsome young man here for you."
"Hold on, Mom!" I called to her. "Distract him, please! I'm not ready!"
"You're such a girl," I heard Silas say. He was standing there with her the whole time. Damn I'm stupid.
I didn't respond to him as I finished getting ready.
Walking downstairs, I found Silas and my parents sitting in the living room. We came out to my dad last month, and he'd been hesitant to accept it but my mom had convinced him. And by convinced him, I mean they had sex. And lots of it. Which I had to hear. Ew.
Thank heavens for headphones, am I right?
Anyway, my mom pointed me out, and Silas turned around to look at me. He looked so damn cute, it was criminal. He beamed, and I nearly died right there. His smile sparkles like his eyes, and it makes my heart and stomach do synchronized backflips. Damnit, why am I so sappy?
He wore a white button-up shirt, a pink vest, and half red, half black skinny jeans. He topped the outfit off with a red rose corsage and matching red high top Converse, and he looked extremely adorable. And yet incredibly gay. If anyone calls him out on it, though, I'll fucking kill them.

Ethan looked handsome as always. He didn't look as Valentine's Day styled as I did, but he had a straight guy's style. Tonight is the Cupid's Ball, our high school's ridiculous Valentine's Day dance, and I'm so happy we're going to it. It's a dumb celebration, but with Ethan it should be fun.
It was a semi-formal dance, so neither of us got fully dolled up. He wore black skinny jeans and a pair of matching Converse that he'd borrowed from me. He wore a white button-up like I did, complete with a red-and-pink striped tie that Kathy had picked out. It was very cute. She had good taste. He looked handsome, as always, and I was mesmerized as he made his entrance. Those green eyes always had a way of stunning me like a bright laser.
I stood, meeting him as he came in for a hug. He smelled of cinnamon, and he was so warm that I could've stayed in his arms all night.
Kathy ushered us over to the front door, asking us to pose there for pictures. Neither of us wanted a photo shoot, but she insisted. Fifteen minutes of that, and we were finally out the door and into Ethan's car.
"Want to ditch?" Ethan asked me as he drove.
"And go where?" I asked.
He smiled, reaching across the console to take my hand. "I have somewhere in mind."

Boy, did he have something in mind. When he stopped outside the park, I was led in through the rip in the fence to the bridge that crosses a stream. There was a small picnic set up in the middle of the wooden bridge.
"Ta-da," Ethan whispered in my ear.
I smiled, threading our fingers together and walking over to the beautiful display. "I can't believe you set this up."
"I brought you out here because I wanted to tell you something," he said, pulling me to sit next to him on the blanket.
I picked up a burger. Of course his idea of a picnic was a blanket and McDonald's, but it was still sweet. "And that is?"
His cheeks flushed. "Well I...I mean...damn. Um, Silas, I'm...I'm in love with you. And I've never felt that way about anyone, y'know? You're really beautiful and you have a kind heart. You're just so amazing that everytime I see you, I feel like I'm on top of the world and--"
I giggled. "Ethan, you're babbling. Calm down. I'm the same way."
"Promise. You're my world."
I'm so glad my mom and I ended up here. I wouldn't trade this experience I've had for that world. And most of all, I wouldn't trade Ethan for anything. I guess that's real love.
The End.
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