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THE BOOK DEALS WITH TRIGGERING THEMES WHICH MAY INCLUDE SELF-HARM, SUICIDE, ABUSE AND OPPRESSION. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Not every Alpha loves his Mate. Some are obsessed. Dread filled her body, sweat appeared on her forehead and she began shaking violently. She closed her eyes and started chanting Cynthia’s name. “Moon Goddess is not saving you, little girl, she is with Alexander today,” the man whispered, “Today is the full moon.” She looked up at him and frowned. “Alpha Alexander becomes a complete beast on full moon days, no prisoner ever stays for more than a month, every full moon he turns into his most lethal self and breaks the shackles that try to control his shift,” “I don’t understand,” she whimpered. “Alpha Alexander has a very powerful wolf residing in him. The wolf starts becoming uncontrollable and powerful as and when the full moon is nearing. The man is thirty-five and the most powerful Alpha out there. But, he cannot control that beast. Every night before the full moon he is shackled with heavy chains in a dungeon that lies just below this one,” he explained, “but those shackles, made out of silver, are not powerful enough to stop his shift. Every full moon he is able to break free from them and unleash his beast. Every full moon he comes into this very dungeon and kills every prisoner that is present, it is their punishment.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


“Fern, Diana and Collette,” The King nodded at the three girls standing in front of him. Two of them looked at him in the eye with respect while the third one very delicately looked at the ground.

“We will attack the Stone Pack in the midnight. This is a last reminder to the three of you, in the course of next two weeks you have to make sure that all the soldiers are well fed, nursed and satisfied,” he said. His cruel intentions were clearly deciphered by all three of them. Diana had a calculating smile on her face while Collette simply nodded, the two had been doing this for a very long time. They were experts and took pleasure in performing their duties.

Fern, however, trembled like a leaf. She had never done any of this before. She had very newly graduated to be a nurse of the supernaturals and still required years and years of practice to perfect and hone her skills. She was highly doubtful of her abilities especially when the king had just decided to maliciously attack Alpha Stone’s pack.

She shivered again, the mere thought of his name had her convulsing with fear. Alpha Alexander Stone was a dangerous wolf. He was known to be so intimidating that their King couldn’t even meet his eyes with the man. The moment had embarrassed their King, it had wounded his inflated pride and Fern knew he wanted revenge. King Theo couldn’t let someone stronger than him exist. But it was the way he wanted to take revenge that bothered her. She was upset that he would be a attacking them without any warning.

King Theo was residing at Alpha Thomas’s pack. He had brought two hundred soldiers from Switzerland, it was where the Royal Pack resided. King Theo bragged about being a pure blooded Lycan. His lineage dated back to to the originals and it was this very misconception that had corroded his ability to think, he thought his blood made him stronger.

He was attacking the mysterious, elusive and murderous Stone Pack. She prayed to Cynthia, the moon goddess. She wanted to be away from the bloodbath. Even though she happened to be a nurse, she still couldn’t stand the thought of being near blood, another reason why she didn’t deserve to be near the battlefield.

“Prepare your potions and medicines, we will be needing them, Alpha Thomas’s soldiers too will fight along us. We need our soldiers to be healthy and functioning all the time. I don’t want them getting tensed and frustrated about anything, do your job well and you will be rewarded,” he barked before walking away from them.

Fern quickly looked at Diana and Collette. She bit her lip and fiddled with her hands.

“I c-can’t do this,” she said to them. Her voice was barely audible and she was to scared to speak.

“Of course you can’t,” Diana sneered, “you are still a baby feeding from her Mama’s bosom.”

Fern gasped, she thought of Diana and Collette to be her helpful colleagues.

“I am not a baby,” she protested in her meek tone.

Collette mimicked Fern in a fake sugary voice that didn’t even sound like her.

“We don’t nurse, little Fern,” Collette whispered in her ear, “we f**k.”

Fern backed away from them. She stared at the dingy office and eyed the exit. Could she run back?

“Little Fern thinks that she’s been called for her skills,” Collette said.

Fern blinked back her tears.

“W-Why?” She questioned them.

“Why? Well ask your Father little Fern, he should have thought twice before taking a loan from the royal Treasury,” Diana taunted her.

Fern’s eyes grew sad. Her father was an alcoholic who would sell his own daughter if it meant a small peg in exchange. And that’s what had happened.

She came from a small village and had left for her studies when she was just fifteen year old. She was thankful for escaping her loud and abusive father but sad because she had left her mother behind.

When she had come after three years of intensive medical studying, she had met a lone house with a man barely recognisable. It was her Father, he had beaten her mother to death.

She shook her head of the sad thoughts. She stared at Diana and Collette.

“Please, I don’t want to do this,” Fern pleaded. She didn’t want to be a whore.

They just laughed at her pitiable condition and walked out of the room.

“Stay ready Fern, we will come to your room in two hours,” Collette instructed her.

Fern just looked at their retreating bodies. She couldn’t stay here! She had to leave, she was a nurse, she had studied under respectable healers, witches and doctors. She was more than that. She slowly walked out of the office and into the lobby. She looked out of a window. The forest was dark and thick.

Could she escape them?

In a fight or flight moment she ran towards the window. She looked out of the window and downwards.

At this moment she wished she was a werewolf but she was just a healer who could heal others and not herself. If she jumped then she would sustain a few scratches, she thanked the goddess for the office being on the first floor. She plucked a napkin out of her pocket and stuffed it in her mouth. Without much hesitation she jumped out of the window.

She landed on shrubs and winced, the little twigs dug in her skin and the gravel scratched her. Tears leaked from her eyes and she had the sudden urge of just crying.

This was the most dangerous thing she had ever done. She quickly got up and winced, her ankle hurt. She placed her fingers on the ankle and quickly came to the conclusion that it was just a sprain and not a fracture.

She started to quickly limp into the forest. An inaudible prayer kept her lips moving and her hyper alert eyes darted in all directions. She could hear the loud hoots and whistles coming from the Pack House of the Thomases.

There was no doubt that they were all enjoying. They had been doing so since the very starting. How they managed to attack a pack as lethal as the Stone Pack was beyond her.

She shivered, the deeper she walked into the forest the colder it became. She noticed the canopy of the trees block the sparse sunlight completely. The forest became thicker and she swore it was not even green. The forest was blue and very dark.

She spit the napkin out of her mouth and stared to sob. She regretted her decision of running away from the Pack House. She was sure there had to be some other much safer way to escape her fate. She started to walk back towards the pack house.

She was walking for quite some time now. She stopped when her ankle ached, she winced and examined it. She saw her napkin on the ground and gulped.

She had not really been reaching anywhere. She had just walking in roundels. She gulped, her head began to spin.

Her heart stilled when something growled in a low, chilling sound. She turned around to find a seven feet tall wolf towering over her. She gulped and looked into its eyes. They were a glowing red.

Black spots appeared before her eyes before she dropped to the ground.

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