The Werewolf Chronicles

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Chapter 1

She bit her lip and stared at the little blue bird sitting on the window sill, she could feel her heart beating fast as she walked towards the little winged creature. She had seen it sit at her window for the past few weeks and she for once just wanted to hold her and feel her fragile life and then release her. She found so many similarities between the bird and her, both timid, both small and both yearning of freedom and independence.

“Hello,” she whispered, maybe too loud a voice could startle the birdie and she didn’t want that. The Blue Bird turned to her and she saw its beady eyes focussed.

“Please don’t be afraid,”

She extended her hand towards the bird and saw the little wonder jump on her palm. A giggle left her lips and she brought the bird close to her heart. “Thank you for trusting me, I will never hurt you,” she whispered and the bird just looked at her and picked at her lace top with its tiny beak.

Caressing her wings she took it back to the sill and extended the palm, the little wonder bounced away and spread her wings, taking flight into the endless abyss. Her heart soared as she saw the little wonder flying only for an eagle to swoop in and catch the bluebird between its beaks.

Her eyes widened and tears slipped from her eyes, seeing the eagle devour its prey. She sobbed quietly, witnessing the fright of nature.

“That’s the rule of the nature, little sister,”

She turned around to find her brother standing at the entrance of her room; he sauntered inside and gently cupped her cheeks. His moss green eyes stared her own with a tender expression reserved just for her; he wiped away her tears and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“The hunter always hunts the doe little one,” he said to her, his eyes gentle and coaxing her to understand. This was her brother, Alpha Supreme Maximus Bryan Woodard, an Alpha of the Divine Werewolf Council, a force difficult to be reckoned with. He was cruel, she knew of that, but for her regard and love he was the softest. She deserved all of that, he would say.

“Alpha Max, I-I didn’t realise y-your presence,” she whispered and bowed in respect.

“How many times Bambi? It is an order, from now on you shall not bow down to your brother,” he said. She could sense the exasperation in his voice and she bit her lip and nodded.

“Let us proceed to the dining area for our breakfast, little one,” Alpha Max said. She nodded and walked with him.

They were just two siblings and their beautiful, flourishing pack. Her parents had passed away in a war when she was only five and her brother was eighteen; from then on it had only been the two of them. He juggled his university education, the pack duties and her very successfully and maybe seeing him under so much pressure had made her understanding and a very good and quiet child. She did nothing that would trouble him, ever. No complaints from the teachers, good results, no boyfriends and no late nights. She drowned herself in studies and worked hard to make him proud of her and proud he was.

“How is your internship coming along?” he asked, there was a bitter undertone to what he said. She was interning with an interior designer, she had always appreciated the creative arts and had studied arts history as well as studio arts at the University of Maine not very far from their house. She loved to study and was very good at it too, she was twenty and already graduated, in fact she had enrolled to the university at the age of sixteen and seeing her exemplary work she was admitted to the course.

“It is going very well,” she whispered. He didn’t like her doing an internship, she had to travel two hours every day to reach to the interior decorator and work with her, there were no art studios around and so she had to work with an interior decorator, she loved working their though.

“How long will it go for?”

“I think another month… after that she will recommend me to an interior designer in New York City,”

“Little one, NYC is not for us werewolves,” he said. She knew it was an excuse, he just didn’t want her going, and he didn’t want her working.

“You’ve grown up in a palatial home with maids and the housekeeper at your beck and call, you have good food in your stomach every morning and you have fresh air to breathe here,” he tried to explain her.

“You don’t want m-me to g-go, I u-understand that,” she whispered and got up from the dining chair. Her eyes were teary but she didn’t show that to him. She simply walked up stairs, her heart felt caged. She walked to the room that was full of her paintings; it was a studio that Max had made for her.

“Don’t hide your tears from me little one,”

“You do this to me always, I had to fight so much even for college,” she sobbed and covered her face.

“I cannot see you leave the pack, do you know how tensed I am every morning till evening when you are out in the city working with strange people capable of hurting you,” he seethed, he was trying to contain his anger but it seemed like the tumbler was full.

“W-What will you do w-when my mate comes?” she hiccupped.

That silenced him, she turned to her brother and saw him looking rigid. He knew he had no control there, her mate would whisk her away and he wouldn’t get the chance to bid farewell. And she had seen him deep in thought and she knew that’s what he thought all the time. Her brother would be alone in this pack, he was thirty three and without a mate, she was the only one there for him. She felt bad now, for using that at him, he had lost to her mate already and he had not even met her once.

She ran to Max and hugged him tightly; he wrapped her arms around her.

“I am sorry,” she whispered.

“It is okay,”

“I didn’t m-mean to bring t-that up,” she hiccupped.

“I know little one, now stop crying,”

She looked up at him and wiped away her tears. Her brother’s eyes fell on something behind her and she turned to the complete painting all wrapped and ready.

“Will the King like it?”

“King Dmitri will love it,” Max said.

They had the meeting today, all five members of the council along with the King and the Prince. She had decided to present an exquisite painting to the King as a token of respect, for the council members she was giving an ancient coin wrapped in the flag of her pack, the ancient coins dated back to the thirteenth century. It was a very special meeting, one that couldn’t be taken lightly.


She smoothed her dress, a beautiful satin slip dress in tangerine reaching her mid-thigh paired with golden sandals with a few inches of sharp heel. She had very voluminous curly red hair that reached her waist. She put her hair into high pony tail; the curls now haloed her elfin heart-shaped face giving her a very delicate aura.

She was not wearing a lot of makeup, a shimmery shadow on her eyelids, accentuating her doe eyes and a balm on her luscious full lips, bringing the red out. She wanted to put some concealer on the gentle smattering of freckles over her nose but decided against it. Satisfied with her outfit she walked out of the room. She found Max talking to his Beta, Beta Supreme Ryan. Their eyes turned to her and Ryan’s eyes widened.

“You look mesmerising, Bambi,” Ryan said. She felt her face going red and she looked down.

“Ryan is right little one; you look like precious amber,”

“T-Thank you,”

Just then a pack warrior walked inside.

“Alpha Supreme, the council and the royal pack is here,” he said. Max straightened up and took Bambi’s hand in his and walked outside, till Max’s mate didn’t arrive, she was the lady of the pack. Ryan followed them.

She saw a series of SUVs drive inside their estate and soon they came to a halt in front of their house. From the first car stepped out a man with an ancient aura of authority and old power. Bambi kept her gaze lowered; she could feel the atmosphere thick with authoritative and powerful overbearing energy that forced her to look at the concrete pathway.

“His Royal Highness King Dmitri Alfred William Constantine, you are welcome to the Supreme Divine pack of Woodard,” Alpha Maximus introduced in a clear and composed tone.

“Thank you Maximus please rise,” he ordered.

She slowly raised her head to the king, his eyes were cold but he still held a semblance of smile on his face, it felt genuine. His eyes dropped on Bambi and she saw them become tender.

“My Sister, Bambi Rosebud Woodard,” Max introduced them. The king took her hand and placed a polite kiss and nodded at her. The King stood beside Alpha Maximus; they would now welcome the entire council, starting with the Prince. The king’s car drove away and another SUV drove in its place.

“His Royal Highness Prince Apollo Haydon Noah Constantine,”

The Prince stepped out of the car and Bambi’s breath hitched. The Prince was indeed very mesmerising, his blonde hair were cropped close to his scalp and he wore an impressive suit that accentuated his lean yet muscular body, he was easily over six feet. His eyes stopped on her and he saw them widen, his mouth slightly ajar but he quickly looked away and placed a kiss on her hand and stood beside his father, she felt Maximus stiffen beside her.

“Alpha Supreme Leonardo Brian Salvatore,”

Now it was the turn of the council Alphas to step out.

“Alpha Supreme Vladimir Nikolai Vasiliev,”

“Alpha Supreme Hunter Theseus Blackwood,”

“Alpha Supreme Hades Roman Knight,”

“Alpha Supreme Ekon Helmer Jedrek,”

Her breathing hitched and she looked up all of a sudden, she felt surrounded by the scent of wet concrete and burnt wood, an odd combination but nevertheless alluring to her senses. Her eyes landed on a tall and rugged figure dressed in a fine black tuxedo, he was by no means lean, it felt like each and every part of the body had well- built muscles, his tuxedo jacket flexed because of his taut and burlesque muscles beneath. He had the broadest set of shoulders she had ever seen.

Her eyes trailed to his strong jaw covered with stubble, he had an aristocratic nose and hair were a dark blonde tied neatly in a man bun. But it was his stormy grey eyes that had her gasping.


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