Bambi (Werewolf #1)

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Chapter 2

“Mate,” she heard Alpha Ekon whisper.

It was as if the entire oxygen had whooshed out of her system. Bambi gasped and found his unfocussed gaze travel somewhere behind her. She turned around and found no one, she looked back at him. It was strange, she felt connected to him in a certain manner.

“Mate,” Alpha Ekon said loudly this time as he closed his eyes and tried to focus.

“Alpha Ekon, is everything alright?” King Dmitri asked carefully.

“I think my Mate is right here, King Dmitri,” he said. His voice was like a rock, strong, composed yet husky and cold. It was authoritative through and through, it didn’t cower even if it was the King he was talking to.

“Where can you feel her Alpha Ekon,” Max asked and she turned to him.

“Right beside you,” he growled and he walked in the direction.

Bambi’s heart started to beat fast as she saw him take sure-footed steps right to her. He stood in front of her and he touched her cheek with his hand, warmth spread through her system when he did that but reality soon came crashing down when he said the following words.

“This is she,”

“Hell no,” Maximus snarled and pulled Bambi behind him.

A growl left Ekon’s lips and Bambi whimpered.

“Submit Ekon’s Mate right now Alpha Maximus,” Dmitri snapped, Bambi turned to him and found him glaring harshly at her brother. Things seemed to register in Maximus’ mind as she felt his hands loosen around her.

“Max… no…” she whimpered.

“You have to be with him Bambi,” King Dmitri said, “otherwise you would be breaking the nature’s law and I will not have that.”

Max walked inside the house, his shoulders drooped. King Dmitri and the other Alphas followed him inside. There was absolutely no one around them; the Betas of their respective Alphas too had gone inside. She stood with her head lowered, her eyes were watering and she involuntarily sniffed. She felt his rough calloused hand on her shoulder.

“Lead me inside,” he said and she looked up at him, shock dancing in her eyes. She gulped and turned to the house. Her shaky legs lead them inside, his hand on her shoulder. She was so confused, she didn’t know how to feel, how did she even get a mate? An Alpha Supreme at that, she never wanted one, she never wanted to leave her brother, she was living a quiet life here and now it was disrupted.

They walked inside and she saw the other Alphas seated at the dining table. Maximus looked at her and he must have read her fear.

“You may retreat back to your room Bambi,” Max said, “I am sure Alpha Jedrek can find his way here,”

She nodded.

“And while your sister is retreating to her room, I expect her to pack her bags, we will be leaving right after the meeting, tonight,” Ekon said. His tone was absolute, leaving no room for another option.

Bambi helplessly turned towards her brother who just motioned her to go to her room. She quickly ran upstairs and inside her room. She removed her clothes and tied a robe around her body. A few moments later a knock sounded on the door and she turned to find Ryan with a platter of food. Ryan was like a brother for her too.

“Bambi, have your food and then we will get to your packing,” he said.

“I d-don’t want to go Ryan,”

“That is not an option,” he said. He looked very sombre.

“I know nothing about him Ryan, I am scared of him, and can’t the King see that,”

“I am afraid that is not how the mate bonds work Bambi, the King has to enforce the law of the nature even if one of them is abusive and a complete barbarian,”

“No! Please Ryan…” she cried.

“Have your food Bambi,” he just said and sat beside her.

“He has no sight, you know,” Ryan said as he watched Bambi pick at her food. Bambi simply stared at Ryan.

“He lost his eye-sight in the war fifteen years ago,” he said to her.

“But let that not be an assumption that he is weak, I think he has grown stronger ever since, like a killing machine, a ruthless leader. He is invincible, even the King is aware of that fact and that’s why he immediately took Ekon’s side today when Alpha Max tried to hide you, he didn’t want an angry and uncontrollable Ekon, it would’ve been disastrous,” Ryan explained.

He got up and pulled her suitcases out. Opening them he motioned for her to help him. She got up and began placing her items inside the bags, folding them neatly.

“Pack an overnight bag as well; I will take you two days to reach Alaska,”

“Two days…” she whispered.

“Yes, Beta Supreme Ryland of the Jedrek pack informed me of the same. The weather is bad and not proper for flying and so you shall drive, maybe somewhere if the weather clears up then you will take a flight to Anchorage but not for the next twelve hours at least. Also it is a seven hours drive from Anchorage to the Jedrek Pack,”

Bambi simply stare at the clothes in her hands and nodded. She was going all the way from Maine to Alaska; she couldn’t even visit Maximus now. She started to pack her items diligently.


Bambi saw her brother see her luggage get loaded into the cars. Alpha Ekon had brought three cars with him, one full of his pack warriors, the other with his Beta and the third just him and now her. Her overnight bag was in Alpha Ekon’s car.

Maximus turned to her and his expression became tender. He walked to her.

“I am just a phone call away, know that, he does anything, you tell me, alright?” he whispered to her and she nodded. He wiped away her tears and placed a kiss on her forehead. It was two in the night and Alpha Ekon had refused to stay even till the morning.

“P-Please take care of yourself,” she whispered to him.

“We are ready to leave,” Beta Ryland announced.

Ekon turned to her direction and she walked towards the car, Beta Ryland opened its door and she sat inside followed by Alpha Ekon. She immediately looked away from him and stared out of the window. The driver climbed inside and switched on the car ignition.

She saw her pack moving away and she turned to Maximus and waved at him, but he couldn’t see her, the windows were completely tinted. But he kept staring at her car till they were not visible, a sob left her lips and tears streamed down her face.

She was vulnerable.

A hand found its way on her shoulder and she turned to him. He pulled her to him; she was sitting right beside him now. His hands found her face and he gently wiped her tears away. She bit her lip and kept staring at him.

“You are of a small built,” he said, “and very frail.”

Her cheeks warmed at his assessment.

“We are going to Alaska that is where my pack lives,” he said, “we abide by some rules, for maximum security and functioning.”

His voice was firm.

“I expect you to respect me at all times,” he whispered to her, “and me not having a sight should not be seen as a way to let yourself loose. My senses are stronger than anyone’s vision.”

She nodded, closely resembling a bunny.

“Am I clear?”


“Good, what have you been doing… these days? What keeps you occupied?”

The fear of Alpha Jedrek kept her quiet; she didn’t have the courage to answer him.

“Not answering my question will have more fearsome consequences,” he growled.

She hiccupped and nodded.

“I-I was i-interning a-at an interior d-decorator’s firm,” she whispered.

“How far was the office from your pack?”

“T-Two hours, in the city,”

“And you were commuting their everyday?”


“Didn’t Alpha Maximus have a problem with this situation?”

“N-No… I insisted for it,”

“He has been liberal,”

She didn’t know what to reply to that.

“Any other hobbies,”

“I like to paint,” she replied, “I h-have had a few exhibitions as well.”

He nodded and brought his hands to her face. She could see his stormy grey eyes focus and try to decipher her features.

“My wolf wants to surface, you see he has a perfect vision, but I cannot let him come out all the time. It is not advisable for the safety of others around me. But I would like to see you and so I am going to let my wolf come to the surface,”

Now she was scared, Alphas had fearsome wolves, difficult to control and extremely independent and wild. She hoped Alpha Jedrek could control the beast. She saw his eyes turn pitch black and she gasped and lowered her eyes.

She could feel his eyes roam on her body, she felt a sensation rousing her being but she kept her gaze lowered.

“Look at me,” he commanded. The voice was more tremulous and gruff than before. His wolf had a gruff voice while Alpha himself had a deep and chilling voice.

She looked up at him and he saw his eyes drinking her features, she could feel his canines extend and she trembled, was his wolf taking control of him?

He blinked back and saw his eyes returned to normal. He ran his fingers on her face once again. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her lip, a small kiss and wrapped his hands around her waist and nuzzled her neck. Her eyes fluttered close.

The exhaustion of the day’s events had her accepting his advances, no energy to assess her actions or his she let him place kisses on her neck as her eyes began drooping. A yawn escaped her lips and he placed a kiss on her nose.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“I will turn twenty in t-three m-months,” she whispered, “you,”

“I turned thirty five a week ago,”

He was older than her brother by two years. She bit her lip and unknowingly placed her head on his shoulder and slipped into oblivion.

“My enchantress,” was the last thing she heard.

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