Bambi (Werewolf #1)

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Chapter 3

She could hear the pattering of the rain against the car windows though it was too dark to see outside, she was informed that they were reaching the pack in a few minutes. It had been a tiring journey, they had drove from her pack for twelve hours straight before taking a flight to Anchorage and further seven hours till Alpha Jedrek’s pack. It was three in the morning and she was awfully exhausted by the strains of the journey, she had been sitting for approximately forty eight hours.

They had not spoken again, partly because all she was doing was sleeping since they started or maybe he was busy with his pack business. He was very menacing and quiet, he had the quality of engulfing a person in an intimidating silence, and even their driver had been ramrod straight and attentive for the past many hours since he was driving, he couldn’t afford to slack or who knew what Alpha Jedrek might do.

She felt the car slow down and she discreetly looked at Alpha Ekon, the car came to a halt and she saw him step out and then a few moments later her door opened and she saw him taking her hand and gently pulling her outside. It was raining outside but it seemed like they were standing in a garage, she was pulled in the direction of a door and they entered the house, the interiors were of course not very lighted but she could still very clearly make out things that were placed, her werewolf vision made things much easier. She wanted to appreciate the house but she couldn’t make out any of its features and also she was so sleepy. His calloused hands lead her up the stairs.

They entered a room and she saw him lead her to the bed.

“Sleep,” he commanded and simply walked out of the room. She stared at his retreating body and tried to close her eyes only to be woken up by the loud crackling of the thunder, a whimper left her lips and she brought her legs to her chest, forming into a ball and tried to sleep. Whenever it rained in her previous pack she would always sneak into her brother’s room at night and doze off beside him but things were different now. Another thunder followed and she sat up straight in her bed.

The door opened again and she saw him enter. He stilled and turned towards her direction.

“You are still awake?”

She whimpered.

He walked to her and sat on the bed, right beside her.

“Why are you not sleeping?”

She didn’t respond.

“There is no point in being homesick Bambi, it is best you get used to it,”

“I-I can’t sleep,” she whispered and trembled at the thunder sound resonating in the room.

“Are you scared of the storm outside?”


He sighed and turned around to adjust the pillows behind him and pulled her, she laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

She slept just fine.


She blushed at the thought of sleeping with him last night, placing her head on his chest listening to his strong heartbeat and after a while when she was all droopy she could feel his fingers running through her hair. She took her favourite dress out of the cupboard and giggled. She had always received complements in this dress, it was a beautiful green dress that stopped right above her knee, it accentuated her frail figure and brought out the rich colour of her hair.

She stepped into her ballerinas and walked out of the dressing room. Their room was humongous with deep grey walls and floor to ceiling windows and a king sized bed right in the middle, it lacked a feminine touch but the room was grand and beautiful. She walked out of the room her eyes grazing the deep blue walls and the stark white marbles, the house was beautiful in a way that made it feel eerie and fit for an Alpha. The art on the walls was spectacular, she could sense a Botticelli on the wall, and how did Alpha Ekon get his hands on this painting? She remembered asking Max to take her to this very high profile art exhibition and she had seen a Picasso and when she requested Max he had scoffed and instead got a free sketch of both of them done and gifted it to her. She giggled at her brother’s minimal knowledge about art.

She walked down the stairs staring at the beautiful house and walked into the living area, she saw Beta Ryland going through some files before his eyes turned to her.

His eyes widened and she saw him look at her head to toe.

“You look beautiful Luna Bambi,”

She blushed, her cheeks warming up. The dress sure did bring out many complements; she had worn it for Alpha Ekon specifically.

“I hope you slept well yesterday, the journey must have been very tiring,” he said, looking at the ground, his eyes now lowered.

“I-I slept v-very well, thank you,” she whispered.

“Let’s get going Ryland,” she heard her mate. She turned around to find him descending down the stairs, his hair was open spilled over his shoulders and he wore a fitted black t-shirt with camouflage cargo pants and boots. He looked like a menacing Alpha with his outfit. Max always wore suits when going to work.

She stood in front of him, looking at him expectantly, she had dressed up just for him but he stared behind her.

“Mate, you will stay inside the house, a warrior will be appointed to you soon,” he said and just walked out.

She stood standing there; she turned to find the Beta giving her pitiful looks. A tear spilled on her cheeks and she realised the gravity of the situation, he would never be able to appreciate what she wore or how she looked. She ran upstairs, her cheeks flaming with embarrassment. She entered Ekon’s room and closed the door behind her.

Why exactly was she here? She wanted to go home.

She picked up her phone and dialled to Max.

“Little one,” he said, “how are you?”

“I am good, I miss you Max,”

“I do too, is he treating you well?”

“Max… can I ask you something?”


“Am I good looking?”

“What kind of a question is that Max? Of course! I haven’t seen someone more beautiful than you!” he said, “Did he call you ugly? I am coming there right now.”

“No,” she sobbed, “you know that green dress that you got me?”

“Yes, the one in which you look like an absolute angel,”

“Yes, well I wore it today and he didn’t even look at me let alone complement,”

There was a pause.

“Little one, you know that he can’t see right?”

“But his wolf can,”

“He cannot get his wolf on the surface all the time Bambi, a half shift is dangerous and energy consuming for us,” he whispered.

“I know… but it hurts Max,”

“I know it does.”

“I feel lonely Max…would he have been different if he…”

“He is one of the best Alphas in this world; his eyesight should not be seen as a weakness Bambi,”

“I know I am sorry,”

“How is he treating you?”

“He was very sweet when it was raining outside, he helped me sleep,”

“Good to hear that,”

“How are you doing? What about Ryan?”

“We are all good here, you take care,” he said and she nodded and placed the phone on the night stand. She turned around and found him standing at the door. Her heart thudded against her chest. Had he heard their conversation?

He strode towards her, she stepped back till her back hit the bed, she bit her lip and gulped. Was he hurt with whatever she said? She didn’t mean them! She was just very sad. He stood in front of her his grey eyes in her direction but not entirely on her. She could feel her body get cold and clammy, a sniffle left her but she didn’t dare move.

“Like I said before Bambi, my eyesight should not be seen as weakness. I know what you wear and I know how you look, I don’t have to announce it to the world, am I understood?”


“And when you decide on wearing something pretty, you show it to me first, you don’t run downstairs and get complements from my Beta. Am I clear?”

“Y-Yes Alpha,”

“And you do not run to your brother for every small thing that hurts you. This is a new pack and a new atmosphere, that is understood but efforts should be made to adjust… not whine about your mate not looking at you,”

A tear trickled down her cheek.

“And stay away from every man except me… I think you know that you belong to me, I don’t want to reiterate that fact time and again,” he said. His voice was cold and unflinchingly firm.

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Be ready when I return, we are going out for a dinner tonight,”

And then he left the room, leaving her behind.

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