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Chapter 10


It has been a week since I've met her. A week since I have met her father and a week we have been planning to establish her first mix breed pack. I was proud of the woman currently sitting next to me.

We were in the conference room of her father's company waiting on the five Alphas to make her leadership a reality. A lot was put in place on both her side and mine. During those seven days, I had to reassure her that this is what I wanted also. She fought with me tooth and nail about my decision but I stood steadfast on it. Shia and Jakobe were against it at first but after a thorough explanation, they came to understand the logic behind it.

Turning to my right, I was met with Lena's emerald eyes still filled with worry. Quickly I placed a kiss on her lips while placing my forehead against hers. "Breathe," I whispered to her.

"You're cutting ties from your blood pack," she stated.

"To protect you," I countered.

"I-I....." She was truly at loss for words, I felt her trembling hands brush through my now brown hair. She was still getting acquainted with this look.

"My people are safe in other packs and those that are here will be safe with you and your alphas. I spoke with Mother. It is all well my love. These people who are after me only want one thing. To end my family's reign, I'm okay with this," My words were slowly making her understand, the fight in her eyes was dying. My Lena was strong and bent on upholding the rules of our kind. Submitting to her as my superior will take away my title as King but not end my bloodline. I will still be a royal under the Moon Goddess and all Allies to the throne but to others, I'm simply her loyal mate.

"Okay. Okay. I can do this," she said taking a deep breath then kissing my lips. That momentary touch of her lips awoken a hunger in me to take her but I got in control of it. My hold on her was fierce, I knew she felt my need to just have her in my arms when she began to comfort me. The slow strokes of her hand on my back did the trick.

This was a new step in my life and hers. I will follow her anywhere and stand by her side.

A knock on the door ended our moment, placing a kiss on my head she stood from her seat, ready for her future.


I'm an Alpha.

The new female Alpha of a mix breed pack.

I was still in shock as I sat at the head of the desk with all five Alphas, my mate and my father looking at me with so much pride. The meeting was just to make things official on paper, in two nights will be the ceremony. Word has been spread to each kind and all have accepted to be in my pack.

Full Moon Pack.

It was on a full moon when I heard and found my unseemly king.

"Welcome to the fold, Alpha Elena,"

My eyes turned to the man who spoke. My father's best friend, Alpha Eric Dunn. From a young age, he taught me what it is to be a leader, to be an alpha no matter my gender type.

"Thank you. This is still surreal and I am still honestly appreciative of everyone's support. I will make you all proud with this pack," My words were sincere. Before me, were five of the most dominant alphas on this side of the US. Though their packs were miles away from each other, with hidden packs in between, all five were close as family. Protecting all supernatural kind.

"We know you will Ellie and I'm sure your mate will make sure of your success," another said. Alpha Hector Ramirez nodded his head respectively to my Mikael. I can never find it in me to call him Dimitri. When I introduced him as Damian Saville in my mind I called him Mikael.

"His support is already there," I said pride lining each word.

With words of luck and congratulations, Mikael and I left the building. It was near sundown and I was feeling the stress of the day now burdening my shoulders. Mikael led me to the awaiting car in which his friend Jakobe was driving. I met him officially earlier in the week and also his mate Jessaline. His mate will be my beta. Not only because I liked her but her fighting skills were incredible. The prim and proper blonde girl look was all a front.

The drive to my house was short. This was the part I hated when our day ends. We've never done any sleepovers or slept in the same bed. I think the knowledge of us both being virgins came naturally and the respecting of boundaries were definitely there. "Good night my Lena," his whisper against my lips made me shiver. Just as his kiss heated my whole body. "Good night Mikael," I returned against his lips, slowly pulling away from him. His disguised brown eyes showed the regret of my leaving and I knew my eyes showed the same.
He walked me to the door with my hand in his and before I escaped into my house, he roughly pulled me back into his arms, planting a bruising kiss on my lips.

'Mate!' Tara purred in delight by his passionate manhandling of us. I can feel my nipples puckering in arousal just as my core became moist. A low growl escapes him, his hand in my hair tugging it gently to gain more access to my neck. I sensed his need, his impatience. "Soon," I breathed out. His need to claim me was strong but I must be the one to initiate it. After the ceremony, I shall do it. Claim him as mine and only mine. "Soon," he repeated against my ear. Brushing his lips against my jaw he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer to his hardened body. I gasp in shock feeling his swollen shaft pressing against my stomach. I groaned when he shifted a bit, he was thick, that's all I can deduct without publicly feeling him.

"Um.." I didn't know what to say, my face was flaming red. Mikael said nothing, his breathing was harsh as he held me. "I will see you tomorrow," he said breathily. I can feel his shaft twitch against my stomach. My mate was terribly aroused. I felt a sense of accomplishment thinking I can do that to him. It helped validate that I was pleasing to men. My last two boyfriends were duds probably or grew tired of their virgin girlfriend.

'The latter is what I believe,' Tara said. I was so lost in lust for my mate that I was startled when I felt his kiss on my temple. The feel of his lips curving into a smile made both Tara and myself growl lowly in content.

"My beautiful Lena," he said softly. I loved it when he calls me Lena. The way his tongue rolls my name with his thick Russian accent raises goosebumps on my skin.

"My Mikael,"

"Only yours, Lena. Only yours," His words were like a mantra and a promise. They filled my heart, just like my skin memorizing his touch.


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