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Chapter 12


When I say unexpected, I mean literally and seriously unexpected. Rachel doesn’t visit for a chance at having a sisterly bond or whatever to bring her close to me. She usually comes with a hidden agenda. I stop speculating after a year or two while living with her. It was the typical Cinderella/Step-family situation when they came to live with us. I was against it, you know, the ‘You can’t replace my mother’ phase but daddy explained the whys to me.

Patting myself on my back, I was a very understanding daughter, still am.

The doorbell rang again this time impatiently. It definitely brought me out of my lust filled haze. Mikael was still over me in only his briefs, myself being exposed, on the kitchen countertop. I didn’t move. I couldn’t. I was still in my satisfied glow and was currently mesmerized by my mate. His grey eyes held mine with so much adoration and wonder. He had a smile on his face that showed me how happy he was. “This isn’t appropriate to invite guests,” I said with a silly grin. His smile got wider as he hopped off me but what he did next had me yelping in surprise. Hastily he plunged his tongue in my still sensitive core, tugging on my clit before walking away.

“Stop being a tease Mikael,” I shouted after him getting dressed quickly. Not caring with my appearance I answered the front door with much annoyance.

“Who’s Mikael?” That was the first question that came from her red stained glossy lips.

“My boyfriend. What do you want Rachel?” I asked trying my hardest not to wince at her strong perfume and loud clothing. Her motto in dressing is to always be the main focus, no matter where you go. I understood somewhat but her behavior and attire bring a different kind of attention.

“You? Have a boyfriend? This I gotta see,” Not wanting to dull my good mood I allowed her to barge in. Her first evidence of my mate is her tripping over his sneakers. I smiled a bit thinking how natural it seemed to have his stuff lying about. Rachel turned to me and properly assessed my clothing, yes, her eyes widen at the hoodie. It was Mikael’s favorite. Though he preferred natural cotton clothing he had a liking to simple modern men’s clothes.

“You want anything? I just finished breakfast. Or you prefer to tell me why you’re here,”

She still hasn’t answered but continued to look around. Her back was turned when Mikael alighted from the bedroom.

“Hello,” he called out with a polite smile on his face. To my dismay, he was now Damian but his looks still garnered the tongue-tied, drooling attention from a female. Today’s victim, my dear step-sister Rachel. She twirled around so quickly I swore she was about to fall. Being the gentleman he was, Mikael reached out to steady her. Her hands clutched onto his biceps squeezing them in wonder and slowly brought up her gaze to his now brown eyes. Knowing he was uncomfortable I saw how he easily got out of her hold and composed himself. I wasn’t worried. I can confidently say this man was devoted to me wholly. Not because of our sexual encounter in the kitchen but by his actions and his declaration the morning he came to me.

“How long have you two been together? I’m Rachel by the way. Her sister. She never spoke of you so I am completely surprised,” Rachel said propping her hips to the side and flicking her hair over her shoulder.

“We are private with our relationship. It isn’t anyone’s duty to know who Lena decides to be with,” he answered.

“It’s my duty of course. I am her older sister. I love your accent. Where are you from?” She continued ignoring me and stepping closer to my mate.

“By a year. Is that right love?” he asked looking my way.

“Yes baby,” I returned smiling at the way he was giving me his full attention.

“I still worry about her. She’s so socially awkward and her past boyfriends did a number on her. She can be naive at times when it comes to the opposite sex,” she continued fluttering her eyes.

“Forgive me but this plot you’re trying to execute will undoubtingly fail. I won’t be weak as Lena’s past lovers to fall for your viperous charms. Please step away from me. My Lena fixed a very delicious breakfast and I wish to partake in it before it gets cold,” His words were polite but the admonishment behind them was clear. Rachel’s face was now red with embarrassment as she tried to say something in return.

“Love? I will be in the kitchen. Don’t stay long,” he said sending a loving smile to me before leaving.

“What did you tell him? And how dare he speak to me that way,” she screeched finally getting her speech back.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I released a sigh in exasperation.


An uncomfortable feeling rushed through me, making me roll my neck and shoulders in irritation. Her being here and interrupting my time with Mikael was getting me on edge. Tara has been cussing up a storm and it took everything in me not to repeat those words out loud. Looking at Rachel now, she had this flabbergasted look on her face. Probably because this was the first time I have shouted at her or shown my distaste for her being in my place.

“Someone found their big girl panties since she popped her cherry. Or did you tell him you’re saving it for the right time,” she sneered.

“Get out,” I said evenly.

Rachel rolled her eyes, ignoring me completely. Playing with her hair she was about to make her way to the kitchen. “I said to GET OUT!!”

This time she stopped, Mikael came running out, his eyes widen when he saw me, which confused me. In a flash I was in his arms, the tension that was in my shoulders eased gradually. I don’t know what happened but the feel of his arms around me and his protective scent made me feel sleepy all of a sudden.

“Her stepsister was here. As she explained to me they are not on good terms. I don’t know why she visited Lena. I just wanted her to leave before Tara came out,”

The worried voice of Mikael through my sleep filled haze had me opening my eyes quickly. I hate the worry in his voice, I wanted to comfort him. I just had to.

“Baby?” My mutter was interrupted by a yawn but I felt his presence near me and on the bed. A chuckle escaped me from the soft kisses he was placing all over my face.

“How are you feeling? How’s Tara?” he asked quickly, his piercing grey gaze boring into my eyes.

“I missed those eyes,” I whispered. His body relaxed against mine as he gathered me into his arms.

“Hey. I’m here. I’m okay. I was just asleep silly,” I cooed in his ear. His heartbeat was fast and his hold on me was borderline suffocating. To me he was scared but I had no clue why.

“Tara was about to attack Rachel,” he explained.

“That’s a normal thing hence the reason why I left home after high school,” I explained pulling back gently.

“No love. Tara had control over you. Her transition was beginning. I had to stop her before she actually did any damage,”

“What? Transition?” I was utterly confused. ‘I’m sorry Elena. She was getting me so angry and her advances on our mate. He’s ours. OURS!’ Tara seethed.

“Ours!” I growled lowly. Again that wave of protection washed over me. Looking up the look of regret was plastered all over my mate’s face. Gone were his beautiful grey eyes, his wolf Dante was present. His dark eyes with a unique golden ring around the cornea. It was very distinctive.

“Son, moya koroleva," he whispered. The last thing I saw before falling back to sleep was his tear-filled eyes. I heard myself calling out to him before giving in.

(Son, moya koroleva means Sleep, My Queen.)

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