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Chapter 13


I had no idea as to what was going on with my mate. Seeing that distinctive gold ring in Tara's eyes placed so much fear in my heart. Under normal and safe circumstances I would have been ecstatic, celebrating even but I couldn't. Not now. Not this moment.
Sitting at the kitchen table I stared at the adorable table mat she placed for us to take our morning meal. It was so domestic and natural. Her care, her protectiveness. Taking a deep breath I knew I had to find the answers. At that moment my heart felt a painful tug, the need for my father was there. He always knew what to do and was extremely knowledgeable in the royal bloodlines. Now I had to this on my own.
Concentrating on the family's book of wolves, visualizing the look of it, it's weight and contents I snapped my fingers, summoning it from its hidden place; with a loud bang, the book appeared before me. Opening my eyes, I was met with the view of the large and thick dark leathered tome. I took note of the crimson and gold silk marker with the royal insignia. it was placed on the last entry of the late King Vincent. I knew what was written there, I didn't have the strength to read it once again. The pages were weathered but the writings were all still bold and legible. With little difficulty, I found the page I needed.
"How could this be?"
Ten minutes later I was frustrated. Going through the family tree and each entry of Kings before me, I found no mention of their mates being an alpha blood born. The past Queens were either of Delta or Omega bloodline. There were a few humans but they either died through birthing or first-time wolf shifting. I needed answers to what was going on with my Lena. Her protective and defensive instincts were becoming wilder, stronger. That mild threat of a female triggered Tara greatly. I was confused as to why. Dante disappeared after placing our mate under a sleep trance, hating that we had to do that, he took off back to the sanctuary.
I continued to flip the pages till I reached the last entry. There in my father's handwriting was the deaths of my uncles and aunts, including their pups. He made note of the tragedy of our family. I was about to close the book to return to Lena when I noticed the marker wasn't righted properly between the pages. Peering closer, the base of the ribbon marker was between the pages behind the last entry. Quickly I turned the page, my attention to the entry date.
April 27th, 2018
I can feel the change in the air and the sorrow of our fair Moon Goddess, Selene. My time is near. I am scared and somewhat relieved. I'm relieved that I will be meeting my beloved mate Diantha. My love. My heart. The loving mother of my son. I am scared because I will be leaving my only flesh and blood. My son. Dimitri has grown in so many ways and as Selene has foretold he is indeed stronger than past royal pups. His heart is very pure, his mind is exceptional, tactical and highly logical. His wolf Dante is strong and extremely loyal and protective of my son. I am happy that he has Dante.
I am scared that the world I sheltered him from will be unkind to him. The more I teach him about the modern ways, his soul always veers back to the wild, the traditional wolf living. Though he's accepting of his people's living the modern way he resent how they stray from their natural path. His love for them made him accept this plan I am persecuting. I pray for his safety. After my death, he shall be the last Romano. It pains me to acknowledge this but a traitor is in our midst. If my deductions are correct, he will be the one to end my life. This is why I did all my planning in secret and led me to trust an outsider. He will protect my Dimitri. I placed my faith in this man just as many wolves did before me towards him and his family before him. All in all, he's a friend, an ally.
The Monroe family can be trusted.
As for the traitor, our actions at the head counsel were of a unanimous decision. The crime that was carried out was one of malicious intent and was dealt with accordingly. I am sorry for the pain we caused but I and my family stood by it.
My son, if you are reading this, please be safe and alert. The one who sees the end of our line has a silver tongue and can turn even the most loyal head. Many have followed him on his crusade. The sanctity has been broken, the throne is now considered weak and non-existent. Order must be restored and I'm sure it will be.
I love you Dimitri and I am sorry that I have to leave you but I will be with your mother. We both love you and pray for you to experience the love we shared. You have the strength to get through this. Do not grieve for me for I will be happy. Find your own happiness and love in this world I place you in. Find security.
This is my last entry.
I, King Vincent Romano wish the future royals luck through this trial.
Blessed Be.

Standing over my Lena the entry of my father still affects me. So many questions that must be answered. Looking over my beauty I ponder upon my mating to Elena. A member of the family that father said I can trust. Is our mating a ploy or was it in our destined paths? If our bond is a ploy will my feelings for her die upon the truth? Tears welled in my ears thinking of being duped by Mother. Lena was already my everything. I have to find out the truth.
Waving my hand over her body, breaking the trance instantly. I watched on as she took a deep breath before her eyes flickered open. Her green eyes were clouded with confusion but when she saw me, joy filled her eyes. "I didn't realize how tired I was. What time is it?" she asked propping her body up with her elbows.
It was cruel of me but I had to erase her memories to avoid another start of a transition. For her to transition the right way, we must be mated. She will be bestowed with gifts but with her bloodline, I don't know what will happen. I pray that she is my original mate and not some plan Mother is executing to keep the Royals alive. I have to make plans for when this happens even though. I was probably unattentive to her when I felt her hand on my jaw. I flinched physically and stepped away from her. Her hand was still poised in the air, the hurt look on her face skewered me.
"S-Sorry. You startled me. I was woolgathering. Why don't you go take a shower? I will get breakfast prepared," I was trying to placate her, brush off my harsh action but her eyes told me I wasn't successful. Without a word, she left me to go to the shower. Each step she took felt like a stab in my heart. It was physically painful. Biting my lips I muffled the painful gasps.
'NO!' Dante's shout had me wincing.
'What have you done? She's ours. Truly ours. Mother explained. She's ours.' The desperation for me to believe was in his voice.
Dante began babbling until I ordered him to calm down.
'There's a reason why the Monroes are here,' he said in a defeated tone.
'Why? Did Mother tell you why she's transitioning so soon?' I asked staring at the spot my mate disappeared, the pain was still there. Slowly I began to walk to that open door, stripping with each step.
Dante was a bit hesitant in answering. I was now standing before the bathroom door. I can hear the running of the shower but no humming or singing that she normally do.
'They are the last of the hybrid coven. The Fallen Kingdom.'
'What? No. The Elders said the stories were just stories to keep us entertained. We are the only Royals to keep the supernatural kind safe.'
In disbelief and shock, I opened the bathroom door, not caring for modesty, I stalked right into the shower. I found her blankly staring at the walls hugging herself.
The revelation escaped me, I hurt my mate.
"I'm sorry Lena. I'm so sorry baby," I pleaded, wrapping my arms around her wet body. Burying my face in the crook of her neck I stayed there waiting till she returns my touch. "I was mistaken. I'm not rejecting you. I'm sorry. My fault, my love. My fault." I babbled.
Eventually, I felt her move against me, "I can't survive without you Mikael," her soft confession reached my heart. It made me see that I too can't survive without her.
Something is brewing.
Why will Mother put the last two Royals together under such dire circumstances?
This threat is more than it seems.

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