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Chapter 14


I couldn't concentrate on the new homeowners' contract in front of me. Something shifted in the air. Knowing my daughter's ceremony was less one day away, I felt something off in our bond. I didn't feel threatened. It felt like something was added. Rage huffed, he too felt it. Back and forth we were throwing opinions as to what may have happened.

"Mr. Monroe. Mr. Saville is here to speak with you. He says it's urgent." The competent voice of my secretary broke our intense conversation. Then it registered to me who she announced.

'I think we both know what it is now,' Rage said releasing a tired sigh. Pressing the answer button on the intercom I replied to her to let him in. Standing, I made my way to the mini bar to pour myself a glass of brandy.

'Liquid courage?' Rage asked.

'More like a liquid shield. Not even Elena knows what I'm about to tell her mate,' I replied.

'True. Let's get this over with. I need to be let out soon. Who would have thought our pup's mating will be so stressful.'

Chuckling at his mock exasperated attitude I walked to the door and opened it. Dimitri simply walked in and began to pace the length of the room. I locked the door then took a seat behind my desk, turning to look out the window that showed me the view of the town.

"What happened?" I asked still focused on the outside world.

"Tales of a sisterhood," he muttered running his hand through his brown hair. Narrowing my eyes and taking in his magical disguise, I had to agree with my daughter. This casual beach town guy look doesn't suit him. He was more of a dark quiet type.

"Clarify?" I asked.

"Rachel stopped by early this morning. For what? Only the blessed moon spirits knew why. Lena told me of her wiles of seduction before but her display this morning was disgusting. I had second-hand embarrassment for her, just for a moment. Lena.... well Tara in this instant was on the verge to attack Rachel after bringing up her past. I still can't believe how those men betrayed her for sexual favors,"

"Trust me I still can't also. It took real strength not to let my wolf live up to his name after I heard. Rachel's actions and her mother's made me even more protective of Ellie," I commented. It also made me realize the mistake I made in making Helen, my wife. Rubbing my face tiredly I tried to put my focus back onto the young king than my personal follies.

"Ellie and Tara both have such peaceful personalities. They both take the brunt from Rachel and Helen to a point but never let their animalistic instinct take over," I explained.

"I know this that's why I was shocked when Tara surfaced but...."

"But what?" I asked turning to him fully. Dimitri stood before me with a worried look.

"She was beginning to transition. I-I saw the golden rings in her eyes, Elias. I wanted guidance so I summoned my family's book. None of my ancestors has been mated with a high positioned wolf. Then..."

"Then what son?" I saw how he was warring with his emotions but I had to keep up my facade. I promised.

"My father's last entry," he stated solemnly.

I sat back and thought back to the last day I spent with his father. The man was beside himself, setting up so many precautions for his pup and his people. At their first meeting when he revealed himself it was a mild shock, I knew centuries my family has been known as protecting high ranks of wolves but Royalty? There were three before scattered between years but Vincent's plea for help was the worse of them all.

Taking a deep breath and listening to Rage giving me the green light to tell the young king I thought of Elena.

"Where's Ellie?" I asked.

"Scouting for training grounds," he answered with a proud smile on his face. I nodded in acceptance with a proud smile on my face also.

"Good. So Vincent mentioned my family's name huh?" I started. The brief shock of mentioning his father's name simmered to pain.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked softly.

"I was under oath by a reigning king to keep your identity intact. He explained it will be broken when you read that last entry. Old magic he explained," I said.

Dimitri nodded solemnly wiping at a rogue tear that fell from his eyes before taking a deep shuddering breath. "That's father alright. I always thought he was obsessed with protection and security but when word of my uncle's family and pack being attacked, I understood," he said.

I nodded my head understanding what he meant, Vincent explained how his two siblings and their families were killed. The Elders back in Russia were assassinated and the close attempts in kidnapping Dimitri.

"My family has quite a history. It's one to be proud of when it's counted as a damn fairytale around moon solstice," I started with a wry smile on my face.

"The Hybrid Crown was a story I loved when I was in Russia. It made me feel like I wasn't alone in this world with this upcoming responsibility," he interjected taking a seat in the leather chair before me.

"Though I'm no longer a part of a pack I still feel the sense of responsibility. My original family name is Valentino, bloodline stemmed from Italy. It was during the first wars the Royal family was introduced by Selene. The wars have been going on since the first creatures of the night existed. Vamps and wolves fought for dominance since then and even now. The mating of a vamp and wolf was frowned upon but when the first hybrid child was born, Selene took that opportunity to establish a hierarchy that we all needed. Maron and Elena Valentino produced a male and the moon goddess gifted him with magic similar to yours,"

"Elena?" he asked already enraptured by the story.

"Yes. The name Elena have been passed down in generations as a sign of respect to our lineage," I explained. He nodded so I continued on.

"With each mating of the royals, the bloodlines have been mixed creating a strong line. It was in the 1300's when my family saw how human influence has been corrupting our people. They were losing their way. The throne tried their best to keep the knowledge of the supernatural under wraps but there were few who felt that the humans needed to know that they were here. A rebellion began. Those who stayed loyal to the crown left Italy with them while the rebellion stayed. The humans who felt threatened took matters into their own hands,"


"Yes. It took a toll on the Royals to feel their people die. They arrived in the Americas for a new start. Blending in with the humans before finding secluded forested areas to build homes. When this was done, protective charms were placed on each household. This went on for a decade before Elena Valentino the fifth went to Selene. She was mated to a human and grew confused. Mother knew how weak the family was getting and this way was their way out upon one condition. They become protectors. Silent protectors. The throne can be abdicated but the bloodline will remain tied to her. A sort of alpha role to nomads of all supernatural kind. Our family saw it as a way of keeping humans blind in the most subtle way. Elena agreed to it but we were still considered Royal to the older wolves. We were also kept in the know of the new Royal family."

"And the magic?"

"It died out, not that anyone missed it."

"So you're my protector till the threat is resolved?"

I smiled his way and nodded, "You can say you have extreme protection after all you are now mated to a princess and protector."

He rolled his eyes, chuckling lightly. He sobered a bit. "I thought it was a ploy by mother when Dante revealed Lena's true nature. I was conflicted and hurt then in return I hurt her," he explained.

"Yeah, she tends to make us go through trials before telling the truth,"

"I thought she was too easy in accepting my abdication and leaving me with my magic," Dimitri huffed in annoyance and got up from his seat.

"When the pack is formed and you and Ellie fully mate, both bloodlines will be tied together. It will make you both powerful. Extremely so. I think she did this for a reason," I said joining him by the window, mimicking his stance.

"Your thoughts?"

"The surrounding Alphas and I have been keeping an eye on missing persons among our kind and humans. A pattern of some sort is happening. Newly shifted males and females who live in human towns have been reported missing then humans between 18 and 24 been disappearing for weeks then returned. Their state differs from being withdrawn to downright 'happier than before',"

"The wolves?" Seeing the furrow on his brows I can tell he was coming to the same conclusion as I was.

"No return. You remember why we keep newly shifted wolves away from the pack?" I asked.

"Instincts and wolf are most primal before they adjust to domestic life," he answered carefully.

"Did you know that a gene in our DNA can be plucked out and use for someone's own personal use?"


I nodded my head in confirmation. "I believe this is why Mother is so particular in the Royal pairing. The alphas and I even Ellie believe our people are being used to create some type of soldier. We have eyes on the humans who return and took note of their changes. Muscle development has grown, speed, hearing, in some cases their sense of smell have been tested. Their strength is as great of our pure-bred wolf. The humans before their disappearance didn't socialize with each other but after, they are the best of buddies. Some called it a support group crap but we have our thoughts. Alpha Adam has a few loyal humans in high places, they're our ears outside of here," I explained.

"But why get rid of us?" he asked sighing in frustration.

"Who can protect their own kind miles away without breaking a sweat? Offer magical protection and so forth" I asked.


"My sentiments exactly but these people who took down your family is someone who seems harmless to yall. Any ideas?"

His face became dark, a low angry growl escaped him. If I was a simple wolf I would have been cowering by the dangerous aura surround the kid. "I can think of a few."

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