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Chapter 15


It's all becoming a reality. In two hours, I will become the first female Alpha of a mix breed pack. The town was large so the gathering of supernaturals at one of the beaches won't be suspicious to the humans. As documented a few human mates will be in attendance, this will be their first experience of this magnitude for them. We chose this night because of the new moon, an ideal night to create the bonds with everyone.

Currently, I was sitting in one of the constructed tents on the outskirts of the gathering. I was nervous. Mikael was with the appointed border wolves securing the town's border with enchantments. He explained to me that when we create the bond as Alphas each spell will strengthen. When we spoke earlier I sensed his uneasiness. I couldn't blame him. We both were walking into the unknown. We don't know what will happen. He was still a Royal now about to become an Alpha alongside his Alpha mate. I know he wanted to tell me something more but he hesitated and left. That had me even more nervous.

Wanting to distract myself I went over the names of all the wolves, vampires and witches who pledged their loyalty to me. In a few minutes, I will have an audience with them then the introduction of their leaders.

"Oh boy," I rubbed my face harshly, my leg bouncing with nerves. "I can do this. I am strong. They believe in me. I. Can. Do. This." I repeated. This will be a huge undertaking. I won't only be responsible for the supernaturals under my pack name but the humans and nomads also. My father was wise to let me know the inner runnings of what he does as a property manager. At first, I thought it was to simply find a home for people seeking but it was a way to pinpoint each kind. He kept track of nomads, let them know the unofficial rules and kept the surrounding Alphas in the know. That will be my job now.

"Hey princess," The voice of my father was a great distraction.

"Hi dad," I returned giving him a real smile.

"Are you ready?"

"If I say yes, I will be lying. I'm nervous. Everything is finally becoming clear to me," I answered pacing the length of the tent. I can hear the faint laughter and chatter of my future pack members. I thought it a good idea to have this get together before the ceremony. I knew that most don't know each other and this will make the bond tighter.

"Don't forget the support you have at your disposal. Don't hesitate to ask for help," he said holding me still by my shoulders. Nodding my head in agreement I allowed myself to relax a bit.

'Mate,' Tara's exclamation had me turning to the entrance in a flash. He stood at the entrance with his gaze directly on me. Dad excused himself but I could hardly place his words. Mikael turned and snapped the flaps closed before approaching me.

With a wave of his hand before his face, my dark king returned to me. His grey eyes were like rain clouds showing so many emotions.

"You are a princess in your own right. Your bloodline is proof of that. You're a strong, smart and so gorgeous. You carry the name of a kind and powerful queen. The matriarch of your family, you may not need me but I will be by your side as your mate. Not a king or alpha. This pack is a recognition of how respected and valued you are. Don't be fearful of what is to come. I will be there for you. Always," he said.

His words comforted and confused the shit out of me at the same time. I was about to ask him what he meant when Jakobe and Jessaline called out to us.

"Be right there!" I returned.

Mikael pulled me into his arms claiming my lips with his, burying his hand in my loose curls. A growl bubbled in my throat pressing my body against his. My hands gripped onto his corded back, the muscles tensed with my touch. The heat his body exuded awakened my already riled arousal. One of his hand was now on my waist. inch by inch it went lower till it cupped my rear. In one push I was grounded against his hardening shaft just as he bit my swollen lips. He ghosted his lips against my cheek still grounding his shaft against my stomach. A moan escaped me begging him for more but he simply chuckled and whispered later.

"I love you, Lena," he whispered against my lips.

There he goes making me want to cry. I chuckled and brought him in for another kiss. "And I love you Mikael" I returned.

I truly did. It felt like I was just waiting for him to come find me while I was already basking in love with him. He is my other half after all.

A low growl escaped him, placing a chaste kiss on my lips as he led me out of the tent. "This is for you Alpha Monroe," he said stepping aside to show me the view.

Tears welled in my eyes as my new pack was all on one knee in circles. The border wolves created the outer circle then the witches who offered their services as magical protectors stood inside of them. Vampires who can fight along with wolves were now my warriors and guards within the town, they made up the third circle. Inside those three larger circles were pack members of all kinds. Then there were the Elders.

My father and the mayor of our town, a she-wolf, stood in the inner circle.

Mikael took my hand and led me toward the gathering. Jakobe and Jessaline followed behind us silently. We all walked around the border wolves acknowledging them by name. With each wolf, we passed they stood after being blessed by their new Alphas and Betas.

This was done until we all reached the inner circle.

My father had the smile of a proud father on his face as I stood before him. Jakobe and Jessaline stood behind him while my mate stood behind me. It was a sign of his submission and my position as First Alpha. Taking a deep breath he began.

"Today marks the day in history between all supernaturals. The formation of the first mix breed pack. Standing under the blessed new moon we offer up our loyalty to the appointed Alpha. We offer our pledges to the moon goddess Selene who has blessed this sanction. Elena Illiana Monroe, daughter of the past Alpha Elias Monroe do you accept this position?"

The smile on my face was mirrored by my father tenfold. Looking over my shoulder I caught Mikael's gaze. The pride in his eyes was so overwhelming.

"I wholly accept," I said with confidence in my voice.

"To the wolves and vampires around me let us take our natural form as we bond our hearts as one to our Alpha,"

From the border wolves to my betas everyone adapted their natural form. The humans among us eyes filled with wonder, the witches were all in ethereal white gazing at the creatures of the night around them.

It was an amazing sight.

No hate.

No discrimination due to type.

We were all becoming a family.

The electrifying touch mixed with thick fur brushed against my hand. Standing beside me was Dante in all his glory. I missed seeing my mate in this form. His gaze reached mine filled with so much love. His dark eyes had the distinctive golden ring in them, he was proud of his lineage and the position he now holds. Lovingly I ran my fingers through his fur, kissing his head before turning back to my father. Mikael began circling us, protecting his mate, his alpha as I enter the most vulnerable phase of the ceremony. Jessaline and Jakobe began to circle also. The mayor known as Christine produced a wooden bowl and a sheathed dagger with a red hilt and gave it to my father.

Taking a deep breath I offered him my right hand. Christine now held the bowl below my hand as dad unsheathed the dagger. The silver dagger gleamed under the new moon then reflected my now dark eyes. What I saw made me look for Mikael immediately.

I found him.

He was calmly sitting behind my father with a comforting look in his eyes. Eyes that were now identical to mine. He knew and he was going through with this.

"Mikael" I can only whisper his name as he lowered his head. The last king of the wolves was bowing to me. Submitting to me.

The sharp pain on my hand brought me back to the present. It was burning, the pure silver opened my flesh letting my blood flow into the bowl. We all watched as it settled and rose to a shallow level before I sealed it. Licking my wound close, it slowly healed leaving a puckered scar. Christine produced from the satchel across her shoulders a bunch of MoonFlowers. These flowers only bloomed at night along sandy areas, as night creatures we consider the flowers sacred.

She placed the flowers in the bowl and allowed my father to mix them together. He turned to me with a smile and held the bowl out to me. I took it graciously and held it above my head.

"Selene. Mother of all night creatures far and wide. Our blessed Moon Goddess. I come to you with my offering, my blood as my many forefathers to claim this pack as mine. A pack of your children to protect them, to guide them and make them a family. I bring to you Full Moon Pack. I offer my loyalty and my heart to you as Alpha. Blessed Be," I said aloud to the night sky.

"Blessed Be!" The chant rose from the witches and vampires, the wolves offered one long howl, all eyes laid on the new moon above us.

We waited for her acceptance. We waited for our new path in life.

It felt like hours, it could be, I don't know but when I saw that circle with three stars aligned within it pass across the moon, I fell to my knees crying to the sky. My new family rejoiced around me, howling to the sky dancing with each other under the night sky. The bowl was taken from me and the marking began starting with my mate. I watched with blurry eyes as my father marked Mikael with my blood, my body felt hot too hot.

On my hands and knees, I began to cry out in pain. I was shifting but it never hurt like this. Black paws came into my eyesight, celebrations continued around me but he was there.


'This is our life now Elena. He gave up his title for something greater without knowing it fully. Our title is being restored to its original title.'

'Original title?' Tara's words were confusing but they matched Mikael's earlier words. I was now fully shifted but I felt... different. My head was still lowered, my once tan brown and gray fur was now fully gray with darker shades. What is going on?

Raising my head I met the calm eyes of my mate, he was sitting so majestic before me I couldn't take my eyes off him. I wanted to speak to him but I remembered we haven't marked each other yet. Probably sensing my dilemma he stood and circled me before baring his neck to me. He was offering himself to me. Without hesitation, I marked my mate before my pack. Cheers rang through the night deafening me but they all became distant as faces of people came to mind. It was like a picture show just spinning around me. I saw my parents, my grandparents, uncles, aunts then people who either had my same eyes of a similar facial features. Then it stopped at one person.

A man.

His dark hair was held back in a ponytail, his clothing screamed old century royalty. Seated on a throne with a kind smile on his face. Though it's like a vivid memory, he turned to me, his green eyes identical to mine filled with compassion and warmth but his eyes had a gold ring around them. They were so hypnotic. "Have courage, my dear. It is only the beginning. You're a Valentino, we protect what is ours."

I bolted upright with a sharp inhale only to be met with the ceiling of my room.
My room?
"My Lena," The name was said with such reverence that I was about to cry. Turning to the door, where he was in low hung sweatpants, his defined muscular torso sheening with sweat. I was at loss for words, he was so handsome. He came and sat beside me, tucking my hair behind my ears. Slowly he lowered his lips to mine leading me into a sweet toe-curling kiss. I wanted more but he stopped and slightly pulled away from me.
"Welcome back my queen," he whispered against my lips. His eyes changed to the distinct black and gold. A sense of acceptance washed through me, Tara purred in delight. It was a change in command. I understood now but details still have to be ironed out. The clues were in my dream along with his words. My family was now the Royals. Mikael was now safe because he's my mate. We can do this.
"It's good to be back, my king."

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