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Chapter 16

Six Months Later


"What do you mean you failed?" I shouted into the phone. It was a bad time to get bad news. I let my guard down.

"The targets were harder to lure than the others. We were intercepted by two vampires. They wanted some pass."

"The hell. That town isn't even in the vicinity of Full Moon Pack" It was getting annoying that this bitch had so many influences and it hasn't been six months since she became Alpha. At the ceremony, I expected Dimitri's wolf to deny being made Alpha and go ballistic but I guess you can't trust books these days. I was pissed off he refused my application to be a border wolf but kept my temper in check.

"The border checks are getting more serious. I can't risk any more of my men. I lost five in a month. Those people are fucking ruthless. We need are better way boss." Releasing an angry growl I threw my phone against the wall. I was so close to getting my last million.

'You trusted the past reports too much and his grief. Does he look weak now to you?' my wolf snarled.

He was right.

I was currently in my apartment looking out into the square as Dimitri and his mate strolled hand in hand around the park, greeting members and laughing together. It was fall and I expected him to be fucking grieving. This was the time he and his father loved, they usually travel back to Russia for a few days.

Pacing the length of the living room I became increasingly agitated with no new plan forming. He no longer discusses his plans with us only the male and female Beta. Orders now came from Jakobe while Jessaline stays at his mate's side when he isn't present. I can't get close to him unless I'm required but my services are no longer needed. He has adapted to the outside world now, even has a driver's license.

This is all going downhill too fast.

If Elena's Nomad Policy gets adapted in more packs and supernatural towns then getting new wolves will be trouble. The humans are now protected. I don't know how but it's messing with my business. I sauntered over to my laptop and check the last email. The serum was beginning to get ineffective. They needed more wolf DNA. The ones they have in the labs are becoming domesticated and too mature. Their diet has been mainly raw meat and their enclosure was designed to be a forested area. I need to find a way to keep them primal.

A knock on my door alerted me of an unwanted visitor.

Growling under my breath, I answered the door with my most pleasant expression.

"Pack review is in four hours. All members are expected to attend, "Jakobe simply delivered his message and left. I couldn't care less about it. I needed to know if Dimitri's powers are still present. My father taught me everything about the royals. He was after all the late king's Beta, his word is true and that's my guide.

Whatever I've learned from being Dimitri's guard is the same I've learned from father.

What shall I do next?

With this pack now established with the mixing of breeds, security will be the first priority. 'The world needs to know how powerful we are. They shall bow to us. We are not meant to be in hiding.' Krane was right. Being of Beta blood and having such dominant wolf we hated being held back by rules and protocols. I showed the humans how to make their bodies stronger but little did they know they were creating rogues. Rogues that can easily be manipulated. The few I have in holding was enough to attack a pack but to go up against Dimitri. That was the obstacle.

The killing of the other royals was to weaken him and get rid of the threat but that backfired.

'The girl.' Krane said in revelation. A smirk played on my lips as I listened to his plan.



"Baby, we have pack review soon," Her laugh brightened my soul every time I hear it. We were back at her house and I needed her so badly. Having her over my shoulder, I bounced her lightly which had her laughing uncontrollably. In one quick move I had her in my arms, bridal style, her jade eyes shining so brightly and that smile that makes me weak in the knees. She sobered up to give me a kiss on my jaw as I walked us through the front door.
It has been six months since the ceremony and things felt lighter and clearer. A few weeks after explaining to her about her bloodlines she was gifted with her own powers by the moon goddess. It was instinctual, she explained. We were running along our normal path when we decided to patrol on our own, knowing the younger wolves loved to be with their human friends partying. I've warned them of their intake. Thankfully we were close that night. There was a party in the forest clearing and they were getting pretty wild. A few had dirt bikes and thought it was a grand idea to race through the trees without the use of headlights. They were bragging who knew the forest better, four of our young wolves were among the braggarts.
'This will end badly,' she said leaning against me as we watched from a distance.
'Yes. I can feel it also,' I countered with a huff. She stood up and allowed me into the conversation she was having with the wolf mounting the bike.
'It's okay Alpha. We've done this a million times,' the kid responded after she told him kindly to rethink his decision. The four slightly turned to us in the dark, three backed away trying to get their friend to follow them but he was too high on adrenaline. The human teens were heckling the three but they ignored them still pleading with their friend. Elena sighed and began to walk ahead of the boy for some reason she knew where to stop. I simply followed. We sat among a tall cluster of trees, the ground was muddy and had fallen branches covering the path. I began to worry, the dreaded feeling was coming ten folds.
'This one loves to prove his worth. He's considered a runt among his family. He has to learn, my love,' she said calmly.
I shifted back to my human form and stood beside her. "I understand. The human boys are taking a different path." I said out loud tracking their scents and the sound of their bikes. She nodded her head then shifted back to human form. Thankfully we tied a piece of clothing our leg for this run. The loud sound of the dirt bike was getting louder and closer. He was putting more speed into his ride on the path, I knew he was focused on winning and not his safety. I watched from the sidelines as he same gunning through the muddy path struggling to go over the branches. Recklessly he pushed harder on the gas lever, mowing through the shrubbery. I looked on as he indeed sped up and crashed into a half-sunken log covered in mud, it sent him catapulting into the air. His scream of fear reached our ears, he was about to hit a large boulder forcefully when he stopped inches of it.
I didn't stop him.
My mate did.
A grin came over my face that night my mate was blessed with telekinesis and foreshadowing. "That's my Lena," I said under my breath watching from afar as she spoke to the young wolf.
I was extremely proud of her.
Holding her in my arms presently I knew the love I have for her was beyond the mate bond. I will do anything for her. Anything.
"I love you, Lena," I whispered to her. As always her breathing becomes shallow and her eyes brighten. It's like she will always be shocked that I love her. I understood her insecurity and her stepsister haven't been helping. Even her step-mother.
Holding her beneath her thighs, I hoisted her up onto my waist and capture her lips with mine. "We have.... oh god..."she said breathlessly as I began to pinch her puckered nipples through her dress.
"We have what?" I asked, ghosting my lips across her cleavage. Her scent drove me wild, I needed her badly and Dante was becoming impatient. Growling lowly under my breath I walked us both to the sitting room then placed her on her feet. She sensed my impatience and began to undress as quick as I. My knees buckled under me when she stood before me stark naked. On my knees I worshipped her body with my hands and lips, kissing her skin just to hear her moans. My lips passed the juncture of her thighs, tasting her leaking arousal, her grip on my hair tighten when I flicked my tongue over her folds.
I love when she begs.
I always give in.
I plunge my tongue into her wet folds causing her to gasp aloud, her hands gripping onto my shoulder. With every thrust of my tongue and a soft bite to her nub, I feel her body weakening with pleasure. My name on her lips, I lowered her body to the ground not moving from her addictive juices. I can feel my member pulsating, eager to be in her warmth but her pleasure comes first. Always.
Elena was restless, I can feel the pressure she was placing on my head to get closer, plunge deeper she was close. She was bucking her hips shouting to the heavens how much she loved it. Widening her legs, I felt her inner walls with my tongue tightening more, she was close. I nibbled at her clit, her back arched and let out a long groan.
Obeying Dante, I stopped, bringing her closer and plunged my weeping manhood into her warmth. Elena immediately plastered her body against mine, her now shifted claws digging into my back as she orgasmed around my dick. Her cries of pleasure turned to whimpers as I pounded into her roughly.
"Mikael," Her cry made me go harder and faster, her hold was tight on me. Every time we made love it was better than the last, being each other's first made the experience much more sacred. My hands glided across her creamy skin, the heat in her body was making mine an inferno. Her cries were my doing, I was damn proud. I can feel myself getting harder, I went faster. Using one hand I fisted her dark curls and buried my face in her neck, whispering words of love in my native tongue. She knew what I was saying, I taught her these words. Goosebumps prickled on her skin with each whisper of my breath.
Goddess above I can feel her milking me but I wasn't ready to give in. I will give my Lena everything. I want her to know how much she meant to me. She saved me, she loved me. I was in her debt.
"Mikael. Baby..." she cried out placing her back against the soft floor rug. I was over her now, my fangs were elongated, I smiled at her erotically passing my tongue on each pointed fang as I harshly plunged into her. Her lovely breasts were bouncing with each rough movement, they were a sight. She wrapped her legs around my waist giving me a deeper penetration.
"Fuck!" The curse was loud to my ears and deeper. Dante and I were one. Looking down at our beauty I can see it was the same. Gorgeous.
The golden ring of our position was around her jade eyes. 'My beautiful queen. I love you,' I relayed to her over our bond. Tears pooled in her eyes, I went closer to her to kiss her lips. Her arms went around my shoulder, I can feel it. I was close and so was she. Dante was pushing me to mark her over our initial mark. Again I obeyed, all day he was persistent in mating our beloved.
"Baby. I'm there. Please. Please." she begged.
Like the magic word, I spilled into her with a guttural roar before marking her. Elena orgasmed for the second time around me screaming my name, her claws were digging into my back till I can feel the blood trickle down my skin. With abrupt thrusts, I emptied myself in her, with her gasp punctuating each touch. I was pulsing still and she wasn't letting go.
"I love you, my king," she whispered in my ear.
Satisfied I held her tighter and laid down beside her. She grew quiet, her breathing became even, my baby was asleep. I chuckled and took in her scent. It was stronger than usual. I can still feel her around me. One slight move and I was craving her again. Her body was hotter than usual.
Dante was at his peak. He wanted to go again and so did I.
'She shall have our pup. Our pup shall be great,' the new arrogance of my wolf surprised me. Then it registered, our mate was at the beginning of her heat. She will be fertile, extremely fertile. I groaned, cursing myself for following my wolf's thirst. Elena and I have spoken about a family but not this soon.
'All is well now.'
Sometimes my wolf confuses me.

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