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Chapter 17


I don't know why he was weirdly quiet and it bothered me. I know he isn't one for long talks or a common chatterbox but I know my mate. We've spent each waking moment with each other for six months. We are practically living together and in the talks of getting a bigger house. Is he worried about my potential situation?

We talked about raising a family but placed it on future plans since trouble arose in other packs that were too coincidental. If I am with a pup, I will be happy about the new addition but will he?

"Hey," I called out softly placing my hand over his on the console. Currently, we were on an emergency visit to a pack five towns away from our hometown. The pack was currently an ally of my father's from his younger years and have kept in contact. The alpha signed an allegiance with Full Moon and adopted my Nomad Policy. It deemed effective to keep track of wolves who wish to cause problems and tend to help those who were shunned wrongfully.

The warmth that enveloped me when Mikael turned his hand to capture mine properly, made me relax somewhat.

"Are you worried?" I asked hoping he understood my vague question. We both were aware of our wild matings during my heat. I didn't mind but I think I was too thrown by my desire for my Mikael.

"I'm worried about a lot of this my love," he said softly glancing my way. He was the one driving with eight of our best warriors accompanying us in two vans each. Protection enchantments were doubled on our town before we left. Since our pack review a week ago, he has been hell-bent on protection, more so over me. He didn't divulge but the look in his eyes whenever I asked him to let me know he knew who the threat was. It was torturing him. I begged him to tell me but he was too far gone in betrayal.

"Which one worries you the most?"

"You." His answer was quick, sure and serious.

"Me? I can protect myself also you're beside me, baby," I said with a teasing smile hoping to bring back my carefree mate.

"I know my Lena but if you are with child, shifting will be prevented. I will be happy but I can't stop worry if he attacks you," he said softly.

"He? Who is it, baby?" I asked desperately.

Mikael said nothing. His grip on the steering wheel was tight, the white of his knuckles was visible now. The person is closer to him than I thought.

"I now understood why I wasn't attacked since I've arrived. Investigations I've had on my threat and my personal reports on these kidnappings have vanished. Before I moved in with you, I've been struggling with my magic and Dante have been weak. I-I have to get all my facts correct before I approach him. I have Jakobe monitoring him also the witches. I created a tracking charm with them. If he leaves town I will know," he explained.

"You think this person has a hand in these kidnappings and now this emergency case at Verans?"

"Dominance and authority have been their family's motto. His mother was found guilty for illegal breeding, treason to the crown and kidnapping."

"Her sentence?" I asked already knowing the answer. Whether it be a royal court or simple pack judging, such crimes are dealt with only one way as an example.


"His father? Where was he in all of this? How could he allow his mate to do all of that?"

Mikael said nothing, I can see how tightly his jaw was clenched shut.

'Turn left onto the next exit'

The automated voice of the GPS broke the heavy silence.

"He was standing at my father's side through it all. I can only imagine the pain he went through not only as a father and husband but as a Royal Beta."

I gasped in shock putting two and two together. It couldn't be. He made me feel so welcomed and supported us through the pack venture. Mikael turned to me with a vulnerable look on his face with a sad smile.

"How do you kill that one friend you consider a brother?" he asked softly.


The last hour in arriving at Verans was spent in silence. Driving into the town was an eye-opener. It was near dusk and the streets were near to be deserted. A few stores were already closed and only three restaurants were open as far as I can see. We drove further into the town, turning off onto names of streets given to me previously. The path led us into the more isolated part of the town with houses a mile away from each other and highly forested. I pointed to the last house on our right, I informed the van ahead of us and they quickly parked and got out, standing defensively. On cue, the alpha and his men came out of the large house just as Mikael parked the van. He turned to his left and kept his gaze at the distance, "Hybrids," he muttered getting out before me.

Did he just say hybrids?
Keeping up with his pretense of being a simple alpha, he bowed his head to the man who stood confidently ahead of his men. I got out and stood next to my mate after he opened the door for me. I gave the man a slight bow then approached him.
"Alpha Elena. Alpha Damian. Thank you for coming on such notice. I wish it was for a celebration in your honor but protection comes first," the older man said with a grave look on his face. Alpha Jonathon Miles' pack was considered peaceful, living in plain sight of the humans. Their nature, the best-kept secret in town.
"I agree. Shall we?" I was anxious to evaluate the case that has been all of our concerns. Jonathon led us inside his large Victorian home. The furnishings were opulent but still had a lived-in feeling to it. The choice of dark furniture and warm colored walls was perfect. We were led down a hallway then into a large kitchen with immaculate marble counters. He turned to the double door pantry which blended in perfectly with the dark stain wood cabinets. No questions were asked. I followed him with Mikael behind me and the Alpha's men taking up the rear. It was the largest pantry I've seen. It had four aisles and a small walkway leading to a hidden door in the floor. He knocked twice, paused then knocked once more. An electronic buzz sounded the door slide to the side revealing steep stainless steel stairs with handrails.
"We need this," Mikael said giddily as we made our way down into the underground part of the house. We gathered at the foot of the stairs and took in the sterile environment. The white floors were pristine, on either side of us were guards in black uniforms with a green insignia on their arms. The emblem looked familiar. Jonathon turned to me and smiled. I was confused at first. The guards turned to me and they all fell to one knee. I looked over my shoulder and saw the Alpha's men doing the same. Mikael's body relaxed but he kept an eye on the alpha.
"Your father still hasn't told you about our connection has he?" Jonathon asked. My mate casually walked up to the Alpha. He rolled his neck then grinned toothily at the man. His disguise wore off, giving the Alpha view of his true identity. "What are you doing?" I hissed, my eyes darting around in worry.
"Love, this is the general of the royal hybrid army. The last in line, I think?" Mikael asked wanting to be sure of his facts.
"I have a son in training. A great warrior and very tactical," the man said with pride. The two men shook hands heartily before turning to me.
I took in his tall lean frame and silver grey hair in a buzz cut, he was in simple dark jeans and a black dress shirt. A simple look.
"Wait how did you know? You two know each other?" I asked them both.
"At first I thought his aura was familiar, then when I entered his home, I recollected coming here with my father a few years ago when I came to visit him. I wasn't told his name nor the name of his pack but he was chosen to help protect my people. I guess father placed a cloaking spell on the pack?" Mikael answered then his brows furrowed in contemplation. It seems something just clicked in his mind.
"Yes. In lieu of his death, a few witches were placed to uphold the spell. It masked the scent of the Romano pack members till they joined Verans," Jonathon explained. My mate turned to the men still on their knees, "As you were." he ordered and the men returned to their post at the entrance of each steel framed door.
"I'm sorry, your majesty but I thought you were initially informed since you're now mated to the king," Jonathon said bowing slightly.
"Everything is still being learned. Don't be bothered. I'm adjusting and it's great," I said.
The older man smiled and motioned for us to follow him. "Verans have been registered as an all wolf pack since our Queen Elena came to the Americas. It was easier than explain the hybrids among them all. As decades pass, the hybrid line only survived among the warriors, so we kept up the tradition with Monroe's blessing. We've been called to help rogue wars, security for large gatherings and so on. I was pleased when word of a Monroe being established as Alpha. I called your father to congratulate him, imagine my surprise when he tells me it's his daughter and her mate," he chuckled at his last statement, making myself smile at it all. To learn my family's history was truly an eyeopener. The Royals have captured interest since I was young and to find out that I am one. It was all surreal.
The hallway we walked down had cells on either side, an office and a medical bay. Jonathon came to a stop, in front of a large cell. A loud electronic buzz sounded and the door was opened. "We found him wandering five miles outside of our border. Since the reports of persons showing up in different states after a long disappearance, we took it upon our selves to look for these people. He's fourteen years but has the physical body like a 16-year-old wolf," Jonathon explained before shifting aside to let us in completely.
Restrained with padded cuffs and metals chains was a white blonde haired teen with two different colored eyes. He was sitting up and looking around in a daze.
"Is he drugged?"
"Wolfsbane was injected into him to calm his wolf side but his vampire side is being affected also,"
"What?" I asked utterly shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. I approached the boy and immediately he brought his attention to me. He began to whine then looked over my shoulder, he began to cower. Just by his presence, I knew it was Mikael.
I sat at the foot of the bed, he attempted to retract his feet away from me but kept his head low.
"He's human but his genetics was changed. We found dominant traces of both wolf and vampire genes in his blood. He's unable to tell us his name and where he's from but we found out through facial recognition. He was missing for two years from a small town in Vermont."
"That's halfway across the country and he ends up here?" I asked incredulously.
"Did he mention anything of significance?" My mate asked going beside the boy.
"Yes, sir. We documented everything,"
"Do you know who we are?" Mikael asked the boy softly. He glanced at us through his fair eyelashes. His right eye was an arctic blue but his left was a mixture of red and amber, more of a shade of orange.
"They said that you're their king and queen," he whispered.
"His wolf and vampire sides recognize authority but they are not of one mind. They still fight for dominance over his body which makes him dangerous. We found him drenched in blood that wasn't his own," Jonathon offered.
My body tensed, Tara became alert immediately. I turned to my mate he was already looking at me. The defeat in his eyes, he knew he had to stop Shia. This is the proof why the supernaturals are kept hidden. He wasn't just creating super soldiers.
"You tracked his path didn't you?" I asked, raising the boy's head with my forefinger. His eyes were focused on me intently.
"Yes, your majesty. It wasn't good," he replied. I can hear the dismay in his voice.
It must be done but he was so young. Tears well in my eyes just looking at the boy. He probably senses our decision, his whines were sad, tears of his own rolling down his pale cheeks.
"Do you remember what they called you?" I asked softly, allowing my hand to run through his hair.
'Can we help him, love?' I asked Mikael.
'Maybe but we need to know the extent of his feed intake. The ones I have encountered in Russia were killed on spot. They are bred to kill Lena,'
"Yes," the boy whispered.
"Tell us, sweetie. What did they call you?" I asked again.
This time when he answered his eyes darken.
"Cerberus One"
Shia was creating his own hellhounds.
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