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Chapter 18

Cerberus One

The abrupt closing of the door startled me. I reverted into myself after reliving those memories I wish I never lived.

'Is she as bad as the ones who created you two?' I asked the new beings in me. I've become stronger in this thing they call internal link. The wolf and vampire in me are both intimidating but they seem to protect me all the while teach me about their world. Though I was awake for the treatments they put me through, I was clueless as to what was done to me.

I can't remember who I was before I went to the facility. The duo couldn't help me, I've taken to call them that due to their misunderstandings on everything.

'We don't know but she's very powerful along with her mate. They are our true rulers,' the wolf said.

'Will they kill us?' I asked. I looked around the white room and thought it better than my cell back where I came from.

'You heard what our creator said. We are abominations.' It was the vampire's turn to speak. He was particularly quiet when the beautiful woman came in.

My heart sank.

The lecture was given to us after rounds of testing. The creator placed all twelve of us, strapped to metal gurneys and muzzled like dogs as he spoke. They kept injecting a yellow substance in us for weeks and within those weeks seven died. They were simply dragged away and called 'failed subjects.' That's what we were called, subjects. We were their guinea pigs.

They turned us into monsters. We were fed with blood through a feeding tube or raw meat initially till the beings in us taught us to shift. My first time was painful, I blacked out from it. We were forced to hunt the animals they placed in their version of a forest. I tried to deny it but the wolf said it's part of who I was now.

Who I was now.

It still confuses me. I was created to be a hellhound. I needed to know more after my escape everything became a blur. My escape along with two others was planned, I don't know where my counterparts were.

Cerberus two and three had to split up after they came chasing us. I didn't know where I was going. I just followed the vampire's instructions that's how I ended up here.


I laid back on the comfortable bed feeling the effects of the wolfsbane. They assured me it was common, to keep the beings calm. They were right.

'Shall I tell them of two and three?' I asked of them.

'Yes. Without someone to help them, they will be unable to revert to human form when they shift to feed constantly.' the wolf said. I sighed knowing he was right, the thirst for raw flesh was there but these soldiers preferred to give me half cooked meat.

'I think they are here to help.'

'Help?' my wolf and I question my vampire after his silence.

'The king and queen didn't kill on site. Neither did these soldiers of Verans. Creator said we shall be killed if an alpha or anyone in authority finds us. We should trust these people. If they do kill us, at least we can stop the creator. We are abominations, our forming was not natural.' he said sullenly.

For Cerberus two, three and I, our beings helped us, they kept us human while the other 'subjects' gave in to what the creator wanted.

Mindless bloodthirsty soldiers.

They taught us about this supernatural world and the goddess they worshipped. They made the transition better but why?

'Tell them now. We have to tell them.' my vampire pushed.

"Very well," I said agreeing with him. Tiredly, I pushed the remote on the side of the bed.

"Alpha will be with you soon Bryce," A guard said through the intercom. I nodded, knowing they can see me through the camera in the corner of the room.


That was my name.

They told me that was my given name and that I had a family.

"Family," I whispered still trying to think of myself having a family. The information they told me of myself didn't bring back any memories. I was once Subject H48 then it was changed to Cerberus One.

I was created.

I was created to kill not to be loved.


This was the fifth time watching the footage of Bryce, 'Cerberus One' shift into his created state.
A hellhound.
Just like the others back home.
"His kills were humans?" I asked Jonathon.
"Yes. Campers," he answered quietly. Elena was pacing the other side of the office. She was in counsel with Tara, trying to decide what to do with Bryce. The kid was a threat but he was so young. He didn't ask to be like this. Jonathon's phone rang and he immediately answered it.
"Bryce needs me," he announced after the brief call.
"General?" I questioned calmly. He was getting attached to the boy and I understand. I really do but we need to know the extent of his conditioning Shia did.
"I know your majesty but maybe, just maybe we can save him. He's still young. I do remember the hounds that were killed in Russia. They were mature and primal," he explained. I nodded in defeat, eyeing Lena sitting on the couch listening to us. With a stiff bow, the alpha left us to our lonesome.
The silence was deafening but I let her be. This was her first case as queen. I will be there for her but she has to make decisions on her own without any influence.
"Shia had two years of brainwashing on the kid. I believe with the right methods... Bryce can be domesticated," I said softly going through the file the pack had on the boy.
"Tara thinks the same also,"
"And you?"
"I want to get rid of Shia by ripping his damn head off,"

That's my girl.
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