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Chapter 19

Knowing their stay at Verans will take longer with this new development, Elena and Dimitri made themselves even more comfortable. Alpha Jonathon sent a message to wait in his office about new information about Shia's hellhounds. Elena was seated behind the desk going over the pack's land and the direction Bryce was found wandering from. Dimitri was currently on a tense call with his best friend.

"I sensed his movement an hour ago but the tracking seal wasn't broken. Do you have eyes on him?"

"No sir and we also have a new development," Jakobe was agitated. He sensed the slight shift in the air as soon as the two Alphas crossed the pack's border.

"Shia has left," Dimitri stated coldly. During the meeting of Bryce, he was alerted of one of his enchantments being tampered with. He felt the cutting of the tracking spell but he can still sense Shia's wolf after he was still under the royal bond. With this unexpected happening, it led Dimitri to believe that his old friend has created a strong rebellion. He had to have a high ranked witch to help weaken his magic and one well versed in old magic.

"Is Elena around?" Jakobe asked softly.

"Yes," Knowing it may concern Elena he quickly gave her a kiss on her head and stepped out on the balcony, taking a purposeful walk through the gardens outside the office.

"Go on," Dimitri said when he was certain he was out of reach.

"Miss Rachel is missing, brother. Elias notified us three hours ago. Her mother didn't find it odd but made a comment of her daughter being out with some guy," Jakobe hissed.

"Considerable explanation from her mother with this situation. The two women have no knowledge of Elena and Elias' true self. Have you checked to see if that was indeed true?"

"Her car is still at the Monroe home and her phone was found on the floor in the foyer. Elias picked up three scents. Three familiar scents."

"One was Shia wasn't it?" he asked, knowing the answer already.

"Yes and two nomad vampires we checked in three months ago,"

"Son of a fucking bitch!" Dimitri shouted kicking at a garden chair.

"I've sent four trackers out for them...."

"He will cover his tracks. You tend to forget our friend, Jakobe," Dimitri interjected lowly. Shia, being the son of a high ranked and experienced Royal Beta has been trained thoroughly. From hand to hand combat in different styles to learning to disappear from the enemy. It was imperative for them to find some sort of lead to get to him. The tracking spell he placed on the man was used with old magic. Only coven witches from old magic can weaken it but not truly break it. For Dimitri to fully center in on Shia he will need another Royal with old magic. Only one royal he had in mind.

'Lena,' Dante said hoarsely. She was new to the fold and it will take most of her strength to do it. What if she is with child? he cannot let her strain herself and their pup.

"It's worth a try brother. I know how this works Dimitri. I didn't train with you all these years just to keep you company. I had to learn what makes my brother weak to protect him and his future Queen," Jakobe said. Dimitri can feel the real brotherly bond he had with his best friend. Blood isn't the only way to have a real family.

Releasing a tired sigh, he chuckled at his friend's words. "I know. I know. Just be careful. Question the witches within Full Moon quietly and have our most experienced warriors at the borders. Notify the Elders of this threat. Quietly and keenly watch your troop. Shia has a silver tongue, our own comrades can betray us. The hellhounds that escaped may be hunted for at the moment. Be on the lookout for anything out of place,"

"Will do," Jakobe said. The sound of his men training can be heard on the other end, he smiled knowing how strict Jakobe and Jessaline were with their training.

"Be careful,"

"You too"

Ending the call, he slowly turned to the office door with a small smile on his face. There was his Lena leaning against the doorframe with a worried expression on her face. He trudged slowly to her, opening his arms wide, inviting her in for a comforting hug.

"I felt your anger. Is it Shia?" she asked when she was finally enveloped in his arms. Dimitri's face was buried in her loose black curls, easing the tension in his body instantly. He can hear Tara's soothing words over their link as she comforted Dante.

"And more," he said against her soft skin. Elena ran her fingers through his thick dark hair, holding him tighter. That was her sign for him to tell her more. After he tells her the reason for his anger, she too will know what he plans to do. Her stepsister is in danger and she will find out the truth about the Monroe's.

"He has Rachel."

Bryce looked up from his position on the bed when the door clicked open. Alpha Jonathon came walking in with a smile on his face and a package in his hand. Taking a whiff of the air, Bryce's stomach rumble.

"What's that?"
Jonathon smile grew wider at the boy's question. "Cooked steaks. Medium rare," he answered sitting on the edge of his bed. Bryce watched as the older man motioned for his hands. "No. I'm a danger," Bryce protested.
'He wants us to trust him,' Bryce's wolf said uneasily. The two new beings knew how unstable they were for their young vessel. They couldn't allow themselves to be a threat. The boy was a good one. He didn't deserve this faith.
'He shouldn't,' the vampire said softly.
'I know,' Bryce said still keeping his hands away from the Alpha. Jonathon simply nodded and placed the food box with the cooked steaks on the bed. Slowly he opened it, allowing the scent of the spices and juices fill his nose. His meals at Verans have been different and it was truly welcomed by the boy.
Jonathon waited till he was content, sneaking in little conversations, making the young boy laugh. When he was through, Bryce sat a few centimeters away from him, his legs dangling off the bed. The length of chains around his wrists and ankles were retractable, enabling some sort of comfort for him.
"What do you want to tell me, son?" The alpha said turning slightly to him. The fatherly term made Bryce sad. Will he be able to live to see his family? Was his father looking for him? Were they close?
"You have to find Two and Three," he said bluntly.
"Two and Three?"
"The other hellhounds who escaped," Bryce explained lightly. Jonathon stood up from the bed and began to pace slowly, his mind going wild, thinking just where this compound was.
"How many of you escaped?" he asked the boy.
"Three. His greatest creations," Bryce muttered lowly.
"Can you tell me how?"
The white-haired boy with the mixed match eyes nodded, his look dazed, lost in a memory.
"We were taken out to do what they call a mock hunt. It was training, what we were required to do on command. The other hellhounds who survived followed the Creator's orders. Two, three and I refused to, even these new beings refused to give in. They helped us survive the transition and taught us about this life. My pair told me their bonding wasn't blessed. They tried to explain but I'm not understanding, quite clearly," Bryce said, his brows furrowing.
"In simpler terms, the Moon Goddess doesn't approve of man-made creatures of the night. It's considered disrespectful to our kind. A blessed union of a vamp and wolf is called a hybrid..."
"Your pack," Bryce said softly.
"Yes. What this man is doing is wrong. One, should not control any creature. We were all made to be free in all aspects."
Bryce nodded and continued wanting to get away from the topic of his new self. "As I was saying, we were in the midst of another mock hunt when our wolves began giving us instructions,"
"Sorry for interrupting but these mock hunts, what are they?"
At first, Bryce didn't want to answer but his beings advised him to do the right thing.
"Hunt humans,"
"These humans. Th...they are kept as our next meals. They will be released a few minutes before our own release outside of the compound. There are control collars placed around our necks on these mock hunts. Once all the humans are caught and killed, fed on, the collars call us back but..."
"But?" Jonathon pressed.
Bryce hated doing mock hunts. The youngest captive he killed was a girl his age. She begged for mercy but the animal side in him did what he had to do. His beings were being controlled by the collar.
The collar.
"Our collars didn't work that day. We were able to shift back to human form and take off the collars. I didn't question it, I was only following my wolf's orders. Two and three left my side upon their wolves orders when we made certain we weren't being followed. You need to find them before they stay in Cerberus form. It will be dangerous for anyone around them," he said vehemently. He needed to let them know how important this is but the collar. Only one person he knew, she was their handler. A meek human whenever she was around the Creator. They all knew she was different. She spoke with kindness and took care of them in her own way. Did she help them escape?
How did she do it?
Jonathon's mind was reeling from the information but was able to get description of the other two hellhounds.
"When you find them, just say Cerberus One has passed the gates of hell."
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