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Chapter 20


I had to be strong and I knew that from the moment Mikael began withdrawing himself from his guards. Now, presently I was listening to Alpha Jonathon relaying what he learned from Bryce. In the corner, growling under his breath and pacing restlessly was my mate as he listened to what was done to the humans under Shia's 'care.' He violated so many laws under the supernatural oath. He tampered with humanity in a very vile way and cursed the Moon Goddess'. He was playing god.

Here we are, planning and communicating with other packs about the remaining hellhounds and letting them be on the alert for more missing humans. With three of his hellhounds loose, we know he will be desperate to create more. That led me to worry about Rachel. We may not see eye to eye but she's a top priority. Goddess knows what she has been exposed to or what Shia has told her. As per Mikael's words, he was the definition of a two-tongued snake. He must be brought down quickly.

On the desk, a map was spread out showing each pack within a 40-mile radius. Bryce's last kill was found 10 miles north of Verans, he estimated his fleeing to be an additional 10 miles or more. We placed into consideration that it has to be within reach for Shia to go to in case of emergencies. The abductions have been in highly populated human towns with little supernatural activity. The towns were marked off. Ten towns in total. Mikael's reading on Shia was faint but he tracked him at a north-eastern direction but that can be wrong due to the witch's interference. To be more precise, he needed me but he was scared of placing me in danger.

I was still new to it all but I wanted to help. I needed to help.

Jonathon and I mapped out the quadrants to search and notified the various alphas. Our next search party was for Shia's headquarters. This had to be done, discreetly. Not wanting to spook any followers of Shia, Mikael suggested the vampires and witches. Any wolf scent will set him off, a vampire's scent can be mistaken for witches or humans, a perfect cover.

He contacted past allies to the crown for this vampire and witches search party. It amazed me how they quickly showed my mate their loyalty. I got to thinking how wonderful he will be as the rightful king when all of this is over.

Hours after briefing and strategizing, Mikael suggested we went for a walk in the garden. I was feeling in need of his attention and by his tense body, I knew he needed me.

Linking my fingers with his, I raised his hand to my lips and kissed each finger.

"My Lena," he said softly kissing my forehead.

"My Mikael," I returned, placing a soft kiss on his lips. We were near the fountain with colorful flowers around us, the water cascading out of the greek female's urn was soothing. He wrapped his arms around me, taking in my scent. He burrowed his nose deeper into the crook of my neck.

He knew.

Tears welled in my eyes as he told me how much he loved me and thankful of the family we will now have. He was recreating the family he lost.

I was happy and disappointed at the same time for the pup growing inside of me. I knew this will be a possibility, after all, we made love without protection during my heat the past few months. I think we both wanted this and went ahead anyway but now, I can't fully help my mate.

There has to be another way.

Mikael interrupted my musings by lifting my head with his forefinger, placing a kiss on my lips. This kiss wasn't rushed. It was slow and innocent, only the dancing of our lips and the wild currents of the electricity we felt whenever we touched.

'There is another way.' he said over our link.

I opened my eyes quickly, ending our kiss instantly. He stepped away from me then went on his knees. His large hands moved from my hips, slowly made their way to my soft stomach. "I gave up the throne, to hide, thinking my enemy wasn't near. He was right under my nose. The supernatural world thinks me dead. They all believe that their beacon of protection is no more. Little do they know, the royal family is alive and well. My mate is a direct descendant of hybrid royalty. Our pup will be the most powerful royal of our history. Two ancient bloodlines in one vessel.
To fight this threat, we have to strike fear in our enemies. Shia does not know of you. He thinks you're a simple past alpha's daughter. "

"You haven't told him?" I asked.

"I suspected his treachery but had no proof. Lena, we have to claim our title. Our people need us. Shia's hellhounds and man-made wolves will be stronger than our highly trained soldiers. That's the only way without hurting our child. If I use your magic, then I will be using his barely formed magic also, sending you into a coma. Possibility? I can lose you both," As he said this, his head was kept low. He was in a submissive state before me. His way of telling me that my word will be the only word he will follow.

Since the day he told me of his decision to renounce his title, I began to think of other threats to him. There are people who think royalty isn't needed and can fend for themselves but look at what was happening presently. I was scared of not only my life but his.

I slowly went to my knees, listening to Tara's advice. His way is the best way. Using my magic so early into my mating will not only weaken my wolf but my human side and my pup's life. If I was mature as Mikael then it would have been perfect. Get rid of Shia then live a quiet life, protecting our people from our town quietly, was our plan.

Plans do change.

"You chose me to be your queen and I agreed to be yours. Your queen, Mikael. I pledged my heart to you and promised to stay by your side, no matter what," I said softly, cupping his stubbled cheek. Grey eyes looked at me with so much sorrow, this wasn't the life he wanted for his mate, for me. Living with knowing a threat can come at us any minute but we had to do this.

"I love you, my king,"

With my words, loud into the night under a full moon, grey eyes turned dark with that distinctive gold ring. Fangs elongated, glistening in the moonlight, my body began to thrum with power, much stronger than the night of my induction as Alpha. Black fur appeared over his forearms and neck, his ears were now shifted to pointed ones. The telltale sound of bones being shifted into one of a wolf's body. I watched on with pride as my Mikael transformed into his majestic dark wolf. Shaking out his fur, I can feel how strong his aura was. He lovingly licked his mark on my neck then nuzzled his head against my stomach.

'I love you, my queen,' he said before walking over to the open part of the garden. Unshaded by trees or obstructed by flowers, he sat in the moonlight. His dark fur became glossy, it was dark as midnight, he was heavenly. He raised his head to the luminous full moon and howled.

'This is between him and Mother. He's telling her he's ready for his chosen destiny,'

Consciously I placed both my hands over my stomach, this was the path he was to live. Be the king he was born to be, danger and all. Mikael howled once more then barked into the night. He stood and made one pronounced step forward. That one step caused a wave of power to surf his surroundings. The trees and flowers rustled violently, the earth shook slightly, the water sloshed in the fountain then a deadly silence covered the night.

I stayed still waiting for something to happen next. I felt his eyes on me then, a sharp pain on my neck had me gasping for air. It felt like my first mark but I can feel a burning mark moving along my skin. Curious I went to the fountain, using it as a mirror I saw my pack mark change. Above the three horizontal dots were two crescent moons back to back with a red circle around them. The other change I saw were my eyes. They were now similar to my vision of my ancestor. The hybrid king. The gold ring was now around my green eyes and not only when I'm in wolf form. Now they will know.

'It is done.'

The Royal family is alive.

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