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Chapter 21


Why is it so cold?

I don't remember my room so cold. Groaning, I tried to think of which guy I went out with last night. The image of a classically handsome man with ice blue eyes and sandy brown hair came to mind. A friend of Elena's boyfriend he said. Lucky bitch. Always the lucky one.

The simpering cries of more than one persons got me to stop my musings. Why were their people in his room? I tried to open my eyes but they felt heavy and grainy. Finally getting them to open to a mere slit, the bright light nearly blinded me. Shutting them back quickly, I tried to move my hand to rub them. I frowned realizing my predicament.

Panic began to rise in me, I don't like these kinds of kinky games. I opened my eyes, forgetting the bright light, I just wanted out of these restraints.

"Get me out of these, now" I shouted tugging at the metal clamps. What the hell was going on? I looked around. There were ten or twelve more persons strapped to an upright metal table, fear was in their eyes as they looked around.

Where was I?

I continued to tug at the clamps. I was the only one who wasn't aware of the situation. I turned to the person to my right, it was a kid, probably now twelve. What was he doing here? His tiny body was trembling but he was quiet. He was looking straight ahead at the large bay window before us. My eyes widen when I saw what he was staring intently at.

Six large mangy dogs?

They couldn't be. They were too huge to be dogs and way too vicious. They were outfitted in black chains attached to the wall, they were tugging at the chains violently, snarling at us through the glass. Their sharp teeth were on show, drool dripping from their mouths, sharply pointed ears, and mangled fur. Their bodies were muscular, their eyes were red as blood.

What are those things?

My heart began to race at the possibility of being fed to those... those monsters. What was I doing here? I don't belong here. I began to scream hysterically, begging and pleading to whoever was out there.

Something clicked, probably a door, in walked the guy who visited my house.

"Shia! Get me out of here!" I screamed hoping he will help me but I was wrong.

I watched as those things cowered in fear as he stepped towards them. He looked over his shoulder, his blue eyes meeting mine, that smirk I thought was cute, was now devious. Gone was the funny, down to earth guy in my home, the guy behind the glass dressed in tactical black uniform was a whole different man. Three persons came into the room, two in lab coats and sterile gloves while one, a woman went to his side. He pulled her closer to his body, kissing her lips before turning back to us.

Is that his girlfriend?

Shia pushed a button and began to speak. My eyes were straining to see what was happening behind him. Why were they taking blood from those things?

"Congratulations, you have been selected to be a part of the changing of the world. You selected few will help showcase to the world that they are not alone. Humans have this mentality that they are the dominant species. That they were the first being to walk this earth. Your history is wrong," he said with a smile on his face. His arms were animated in speaking.

I didn't understand what he was saying. Shia left the woman's side and entered the room we were in.

"Humans weren't first. They had company just the ones that go bump into the night. Some even lived in your hometown. Some are even family," he said looking at me in the eye. He chuckled lowly, walking by each person. I heard gasps of shock, whimpers of fear when he walked by. When he reached my side I recoiled seeing fangs from his mouth, pointy ears, and dark eyes. I screamed when he growled at me, he laughed at my expense before stepping back.

"Surprise!!! I'm a werewolf," he said jovially. What was so funny in this situation?

"Oh, there are witches. Vampires and now Hellhounds," he said with a wide grin, pointing at the dog-like creature when he mentioned hellhounds.

"I created them," he said proudly, "And now I'm about to make more. Thank you for volunteering."

This guy was one sandwich short of a picnic. Everyone began to panic seeing the people with lab coats coming in with a metal table with large syringes. Their fear only escalated mine. What were they going to do? My screams of protest can be heard but I saw Shia approaching me with a smirk on his lips.

"Fun Fact: did you know your stepfather and stepsister were werewolves? By the look on your face, I know they were good at hiding secrets. You can thank her for this. She messed with my plans and now I'm going to show her where our kind truly stands," he said, his ice blue eyes were blazing with fury. He was about to say something but he stopped and released a loud growl. Looking around him, I saw the Hellhounds lowering themselves to the ground, so did the people in the lab coats.

I watched in fear as Shia's face contorted in anger, his breathing became harsh, he kept on cursing under his breath. The people around me were scared, myself included. He looked like he was fighting himself, his growls getting angrier. My breathing became harsher upon hearing the skin crawling popping sounds.

"Oh my god..." someone yelled. My eyes widen at the sight before me. Shia's companions bodies were contorting. Their faces changing into something, I couldn't tell. I wanted away from those things but being stuck to this metal table. My throat was hurting from my screams, tears blurring my vision, I was hoping this was a nightmare but it was just too real. I wanted to look away but I couldn't, we all couldn't. Their clothes were now tearing apart from their transformation, fur sprouting from their bodies made me cringe. They were growling actually growling like dogs. Shia was still fighting with himself.

Something was going on and from his cursing, a Dimitri was to blame.

Who was Dimitri?

My attention went back to his friends. "What the fuck!"

Large wolves took their place. Shia turned to them, "TRAITORS!!!"

His angry shout triggered them somehow. What were they going to do? I hated being trapped. Why won't he let us go? I began to beg him to let us go. The others also were pleading with him but he was deaf to our cries. He was standing before the three wolves who were now stalking him, snarling ferociously. He looked at the woman behind the glass.

What did he expect her to do?

"Please. Just let us go," I cried eyeing the wolves and the hellhounds.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he yelled. Our cries turned to whimpers. In one quick movement, he pulled out the gun strapped to his thigh and fired three shots. The room went silent. He shot the wolves precisely to the center of their foreheads. The wolves turned back into humans, blood and a silver substance flowing from the bullet wound. Shia stalked to the table that was left by his companions. He picked up one of the syringes and slowly approached me.

"W-what are you doing?" I asked eyeing the syringe.

"Your new brother and sister just cost me some really good resources. I have to re-stock immediately," he said with a smirk on his face. I began thrashing my body, praying that someone can help me but I knew no one will be looking for me. Roughly he grabbed me by my hair, twisting my head to the side, exposing my neck. I can feel the needle tracing a vein above my skin. "Please. Please let me go. I won't tell anyone. Please don't do this," I cried.

"Sorry. I don't do sympathy," he whispered in my ear before the needle pierced my skin.

A scream escaped me but that didn't distract my mind from the burning in my veins, my body. My muscles began to ache, my heart was beating way too fast.

What was happening to me?

I felt my body falling forward, the impact of falling made my body hurt ten times more but the cool linoleum was soothing. Through my blurred vision, I can see a pair of dark boots. I was being turned over, my body convulsing into fits. My speech eluded me but I still can hear everything around me. It was all so clear yet deafening. A black blurred figure was above me.

"So far so good," The person said. I tried reaching out to the person but my limbs felt like they were being pulled from my body. I can't take it anymore. The pain was horrendous, I closed my eyes, wanting to curl into a ball but my body wasn't responding. I managed to turn onto my stomach and attempted to crawl away.

But I don't know where.

I couldn't.

I couldn't move my body.

Someone let out a blood-curdling scream. I thought it was one of the other prisoners but it was me. My back made one loud pop, I froze on the spot, I fell onto my side breathing erratically. My eye-sight was becoming darker, lord knows I was trying to fight it but something was pushing me away in my mind. Seconds went by till I grew tired of fighting the darkness and pain.

I gave up.


I loved the terrified screams and pleadings around me. Watching Racheal on the floor as she lost consciousness, making way for the change to complete made me feel ahead of the game once more.

Dimitri took back his position as king, he thinks he can track me now. He's still weak. A pathetic royal mated to watered down female alpha. Turning my wolves against me was a mistake. They're replaceable. I can acquire more.

I didn't expect the hellhound blood to match with Racheal's DNA. Lucky me. Her torn clothes were still on her body, her fur was black and short, a bit small but suitable. I crouched beside her, monitoring her breathing. Steady.

"Perfect," I said aloud.

'Start the process on the others. We will need them sooner than we think,' Krane growled lowly.

'What is it?' I asked turning to my mate. Who would have guessed that my mate was a witch? A powerful one too. I motioned for her to come and she did so obediently. She was so submissive. Just the way I liked her.

"Get started," I ordered.

'Something is coming. Dimitri's order to report to him seems much more dominant. I can't return to the realm. I'm being blocked,' he said irritably.

What is he up to? He's beginning to piss me off. I should have killed him when I had the chance.

'Emotions made you weak. We have to deal with this,'

Cries and protests began but I ignored them. Pulling out one of the control collars from my pocket, I attached it to her neck. Her thirst will make her a great hound and I know the perfect meal.

"I will show you, brother. I will show you how the world is supposed to be."

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