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All we had to do now was wait. I took a glance over my shoulder at my sleeping mate. It was late into the night, one can say the early hours of the next day and a lot has happened since I reclaimed my position. I knew Shia will be summoned to my side, all dispersed guards and members of the Romano pack were all summoned. Three didn't report to my side in the spirit realm. He probably ignored my summons and his wolf went along with him, or his wolf made the dominant decision.

Maybe I was thinking in lines of a best friend that his wolf, Krane has twisted his thoughts but I knew better.

Presently, Elena and I were given a room in the Alpha's home, a room away from the family wing. It boasted a view of the pool and the forested area behind the house. Guards have been posted and updates are coming in on each pack's search. I guess our main concerns are the two remaining hellhounds. If they are spotted in public, much less a human town then I have to step in and do what is normally done. It isn't something Lena was comfortable with but it must be done, even if they are innocents in a mad man's scheme.

Heaving a heavy sigh, I turned from the window and made my way to the bed where Lena laid. Kneeling beside her, I slowly pushed her top upwards, to reveal her still flat tummy. I placed a kiss on her smooth skin, taking in the new scent of our pup.

'Why now? We could have waited, Dante,' I asked. I was torn between happiness and disappointment. This wasn't the environment or part of history to remember when my firstborn was conceived. This upcoming war will eclipse the joy I should be feeling.

'He has come at the right time. This is our destined path. It can't be changed,'

'My pain that led up to meeting her. That short time of safety and freedom. Now this uncertain future. All of these things are destined? Lena is my weakness, my greatest one, now my child. Shia will target her to lower my concentration, my power.' I argued with tears welling my eyes, resting my head gently on Lena's stomach. Dante said nothing, he too had the same thoughts but it is count as disrespectful to question Mother. I was wrong to do so but I was scared.

Scared that I will lose my family that I have recently found. I cannot lose my second chance at this.


Her soft questioning voice roused me from my sad musings. In the dark of the room, I can tell she wore a concerned expression. Not saying a word, scared I will break down before her, I climbed onto the bed and hovered over her. I can see the outline of her body but I needed to see everything. I willed the bedside on, the light washed away the darkness giving the perfect view of my love.

"Something wrong?" she asked cupping my cheek. Closing my eyes, I allowed my body and Dante to be calmed by her touch. "Talk to me, Mikael. I can feel how distressed you are," she continued. I love to hear my name on her lips, it comes as a soft caress, soothing me every time. I eased my tired body upon hers, leaning most of my weight to the side but still fully cover her luscious frame. With my eyes, still closed, I felt when her hand moved and rested on my head. At once she began to run her fingers through the inky black hair.

"I'm worried. Anxious. Impatient. Angry. Most of all, I'm scared," I wasn't ashamed by being so vulnerable before her. She was the completion of my soul.

"Scared of losing us." It wasn't a question she put across but a statement. I held her tighter, burrowing my nose deeper into her loose curls. A low growl escaped me when her breathing hitched, my lips were near her mark. Her mark of royalty. I placed my lips over it and whispered a prayer of protection over her and our future son. Lena held me tighter. I felt a tear rolled down the corner of her eyes, stopping at my forehead.

We can feel it.

The thrum of panic surged through our bodies. We had to pinpoint the exact pack this was coming from.

The war was coming to us.

Our people were uneasy.

I created a shield over us, blocking their worry and fears just for this moment to last between us. She turned her head to face me, our lips a breath apart. Her jade eyes piercing mine.

"Blessed Moon spirits, hear our cry, hear our hearts. Hear your humble servants. Protect your blessing, protect the ones who fight to uphold One's law. Give us strength and intelligence in this time of need. The blood that binds us, through all three realms of supernatural being shall be put to the test. Protect those that are for you. For those that fall and are against you, we pray that they find redemption at your feet. We go forth with your love, Selene our Blessed Moon Goddess."

By the end of our prayer, we were holding each other tightly, tears of fear on our faces. "We will be fine," she assured me. I know she can protect herself in human form, better now with her gifts but I still worry. I brushed my lips across hers before drowning myself into her warm, honeyed lips. My body shuddered by her touch. I can feel Dante lovingly submitting to Tara as I was doing to Lena. My heart will always be hers to command. The kiss went deeper till I can smell her arousal and feel mine also. This was no time to make love, reluctantly I stopped. She nodded agreeing to the ill-timing. With a wave of my hand, I dropped the shield which brought back the worries of our people. I quickly got to my feet and concentrated on the people, my mind's journey took me north of Verans, the path wasn't familiar to me but I can be helped. The pack was secluded, wolves were ascending upon them. I frowned trying to pinpoint a leader but they were simply attacking mindlessly. The warriors of the pack were overpowering them, my body grew at ease.

'Distraction,' Dante said.


Re-opening my eyes, I saw my love sitting at the center of the bed staring blankly at me. She wasn't seeing me, she was having one of her visions. I waited for her to come back to the present. It didn't take long. She blinked then focused on me.

'Luminescent Pack. Ten miles west of them. The hellhounds are there. One is hurt.' She relayed this information to me over our link with a frown. Something else was bothering her or she found it confusing.

"What is it,my Lena?" I asked aloud.

"Bryce can help you find Shia."


"I don't understand," I stated out loud. My wolf who I have yet to name was explaining to me what happened a few hours ago.
'The King. King to all supernaturals has re-established his position. The queen is by his side also,'
"The couple who visited me. They're royalty? Your... Our kind has royalty?" I asked. If I was to be this new being for however long I'm to be kept alive for, I might as well consider myself no longer human.
"Yes. The female, I recognized as royal blood. Hybrid royalty. The power that made us all submit was due to the wolf king reclaiming his title. Two powerful bloodlines mated means Mother fears for her children," the vampire said softly.
'For such a powerful mating means danger for the humans also. The Creator's actions have angered her.' My wolf spoke this time but his tone was solemn. I sat in silence watching the clock on the far wall. It was nearing 3 AM and yet sleep eluded me. Too much to understand yet, uncertainty brewed there. I don't know if to plan a future or face death head-on if they chose to let me live that long.
I was about to go look out the window when my door was violently pushed open. I stumbled to the floor, hitting my head in the process. Looking up I was met with grey and gold eyes, that was new. I found myself on my hands and knees, my eyes now on the white floor.
"Your Majesty!"
That wasn't my voice. My wolf and vampire were talking like one. A headache began to form and it was painful, not once did I yell out in pain. I was just there, listening to the man I've come to know as Dimitri and watching him from my eyes. My body wasn't my own.
This was the first time.
"You both have learned to work as one. Well done. You know why I'm here," Dimitri said crouching to my level.
"You wish to find our creator," they said.
"Did your vessel name either of you?"
Name them? I haven't been able to feel at ease with their voices in my head.
"No, your majesty. He's still young," Their voices were eery. Talking together, the base and timbre blended together sound automated.
"Can he control the two of you when you're in true form?" Dimitri asked. Curiosity etched his words. Is he crazy? I can't go back to that form. I lose control so easily.
'Not anymore. We were adjusting,' the wolf said.
"With our help, he can," they said with so much confidence.
"Brilliant. I will return in fifteen minutes. We must find your Creator. He has the queen's human sister. Do you understand how important this is?"
"Yes, your majesty. Our loyalty lies with you," they pledged. I said nothing. Deep down I know the queen's sister is long gone. No one survives there.
'They need us for more than that. Stopping the Creator means stopping his madness. This is unholy. We're unholy.' the vampire said.
Dimitri gave us a nod then left.
'We must do this. You do understand right?' the wolf asked. I felt both of their worry. They seem more realistic to me now, their emotions are mine now, they comfort me better now. They teach me about my new life. I have to trust them.
I have to be Cerberus now.
"Yes. I understand,"

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