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Luminescent Pack

“Yes, your majesty. We will notify you upon sight.”

Alpha Seamus of Luminescent Pack was known to be loyal and protective of his pack and all those around them. When word of the created hellhounds reached his ears, look-outs and guards were posted at the borders. Now, the present king calling him to notify them of the hellhounds meant they were needed somehow. Over the past few hours, all supernaturals have been uneasy. Not because of the royal family’s announcement back into the world but of something else. Something unholy.

“Get the medic and twelve of our best men. The hounds are ten miles west of here. His Majesty assured us that they will come easily but as a precaution, be on guard,” he said to his Beta.

He nodded and went about his duties. Seamus then ran quickly up to his quarters where the scent of cinnamon and berries assaulted him. “My love. What are you doing up?” he asked of the red-haired beauty he calls wife and mate.

“Sean woke up and was restless,” she answered watching him strip out of his jeans and t-shirt and into tactical gear with the pack’s insignia on his right arm. His mate spoke of their eight-year-old son, the future alpha. A bright one and very intuned with the spirits.

“The king. Well, the queen has pinpointed the hounds. He also told us of possible attacks by feral wolves. A pack was already attacked but they survived. They were prepared,”

“And so are we. The protocols are set and the tunnels are in full function,” Liza answered assuring her mate. He’s a worrier. He hates to leave her, no matter how well she was trained.

“I know. I will be back. I promise,” he said pulling her into his arms.

“You always do. Now go tell Sean you’re leaving. He’s probably reading over the History of Supernatural Royals,” she said chuckling. Seamus gave her a goodbye kiss before walking down to his son’s room. Knocking gently, he entered after he was permitted.

“Hey, dad. Going on patrol?” Sean asked eyeing the pack’s uniform.

“Not tonight. I’m going to pick up a package of some sort for the king,” Seamus said.

“The new king? Did he call you? Or did he mind-link you? Did you know that is one of the most common gifts all Royals share? It helps them be closer to their people,” his son asked excitedly.

“No, he called. I won’t be far. Ten miles out. I will still be in range for you to call on me,”

Sean nodded and gave his father a hug. “Hurry back home. Mother is angry,” he said with a confused expression.

“Yes. I felt it. His Majesty warned us of any attacks. You remember what I taught you,” Seamus asked brushing the auburn hair away from his son’s face.

“Yup. Everything. Just be careful.”

“I will. I know its hard but try to get some sleep,” he said placing a kiss on Sean’s forehead. His son nodded and watched him leave.

Taking the back stairs down to the kitchen and out the back door, his Beta was already there along with the waiting vehicles.

“This is a search and rescue. When you approach these two, clearly state this sentence, ‘Cerberus One has passed the gates of hell.’ These are created hellhounds trained to kill, we were given orders by the king to only subdue and keep safe. Do not kill. Any unwanted force taken upon them, he will know. Worst yet. The Queen,” Seamus said clearly.

The men nodded and loaded up. The Beta was in the first black military grade range rover. Two followed it, then the customized medic van. The alpha in the last rover, keeping track for any surprises.

Following the GPS, it took them through an uninhabited forest with little coverage. Three miles in, they had to stop.

“Keep formation,” Seamus ordered before going silent. Due to their close bond with their wolves, they were able to see into the night without night vision. They spread out, guns unholstered and used as a lead. The wolves took in the scent of the forest trying to pick up on any foreign scents. They were two miles in when they heard a territorial growl. They all stopped and went to one knee. The breaking of twigs and the growl becoming louder notified them of how closed the stranger was. Seamus uncovered his scent, letting it be known that he was of a high position. The stranger whimpered. Closer they came till it was in sight.

It was on all fours but had less fur than a wolf. Its fangs were sharp as a vamp, glowing in the lowering moonlight. Its ears were pointy as a hybrid but its muscular form showed how powerful it was. Glowing red eyes, met each one of them before staying on Seamus.

“We are on duty for the king. His Majesty, Dimitri Romano extends his help. Sanctuary. Cerberus One has passed the gates of hell.”

With that last statement, the hound’s body stilled, it began to whimper. The familiar sound of bones being shifted began. Seamus’ eyes widen in disbelief. The hellhound shifted back to human form.

The form of a teenage girl.

“W-Where is One? Is he with you?” she asked. Her mismatched eyes showed desperation. Blonde hair tangled and dirty. Her body showed bruises and how malnourished she was.

“You’re Two or Three?” Seamus asked.

“Three. Cerberus Three. Two has been hurt by hunters. We were just hungry,” she said, trying to make them understand.

“I understand, child. I’m Alpha Seamus of Luminescent Pack. Can you take us to Cerberus Two? We have orders to bring you to safety. It isn’t safe away from a pack,” he explained.

She stood still for a moment. Her blue and green eyes turned red then she spoke. This time it was filled with confidence and determination.

“We must go to Cerberus One. The Creator has angered Mother. He’s angry that we escaped. We must protect One. One is his greatest prize. His greatest weapon.” Her voice was a mixture of two female beings.

Seamus nodded.

“First lead the way to your friend,” he stated.

She nodded and turned to the direction she came from. She moved so quickly they had to track her scent. Her friend was nowhere near where they found her. Could it be that she sensed them so far away?

They found her standing above a boy no older than thirteen under a man-made tarp of leaves and sticks. He growled in warning as they approached.

“Enough Two. One sent them,” the girl said. Looking at the boy, he too had mismatched eyes of brown and black. Was this a tell-tale sign of the created hellhounds?

“Will you allow my medic to look at him?” Seamus asked.

She nodded then shifted slightly for his medic to do his job. She didn’t move far and kept a close watch over the stranger.

Closing his eyes, he reached out to the king.

‘Cerberus Two and Three are secured, your Majesty. They have asked to be with Cerberus One. Their Creator wants him.’

‘Very well. Get back to your pack. Expect my Beta at daybreak. Thank you, Alpha Seamus. Feed them cooked meat to curb their blood thirst.’ Dimitri returned.

‘You’re welcome, your Highness.’

Reopening his eyes, he was met with the curious gaze of Cerberus Two.

“His Majesty will be sending his second in command to take you to One. We must go back to the pack. As per orders.” he told her.

“This King. Is he higher than our Creator?” she asked.

“He’s the highest of all supernatural being. You shall see why when you meet him.”

She nodded, hugging her body from the elements. One of his warriors, offered her a blanket with his eyes downcast, a sign of respect.

“T-thank you,” she whispered. Kindness was one gesture she wasn’t used to.

Seamus watched on as the burliest of his men volunteered to carry the injured child. He was shot in his thigh and shoulder, the wound was closed but the bullet was still lodged in there. The medic was quick in getting it out before they can move.

“Stay with Beta Caine,” Seamus told the girl before listening to their surroundings. They moved at a good pace, careful in not jostling the boy and keeping alert. The moon was getting lower, a sign of the new day to come.

When they reached their vehicles, they made quick work of going back to the path they took.

They were six miles off of Luminescent when three wolves ambushed them. Alpha Seamus was the first to spot them and immediately opened fire.

“Faster” he shouted just as five others appeared. They were targeting the medic van. The surrounding vans closed ranks while opening fire. Two were parrel of the van while the other two protected the rear and front. The wolves were accurately hit but they were mindless of the gunfire. Their focus was on the medic van. They went down easily.

‘Arthur. Be on guard. We’re being attacked’ Seamus said to his Delta.

‘Uh. I think that’s taken care of,’ his friend said unsurely.


Before he can get a response from his Delta. He heard his Majesty’s voice.

‘They’re scouts sent to get the two hounds. You have a fifteen minute opening at your quadrant B. That part of the shield will only let you in. Be quick about it.’ The command was filled with desperation.

‘Return home in way of Quadrant B. We have fifteen minutes.’ Seamus relayed. His men didn’t question him. The convoy made a sharp turn getting off the path they took via GPS. Anxiety was in their bodies as they kept on the lookout for any more wolves. No one breathes a sigh of relief. The scent of his pack border filled his nose. Home was near.

“The fuck?” The driver cursed aloud. Seamus was wired. Did something happen to his pack? Looking through the windshield he repeated the driver’s curse. Creating the perimeter of Luminescent was a visible shield, blue in color, what looked like sparks flashed around the pack. As they neared quadrant B, an opening without sparks can be seen. On blind trust, they drove through it feeling small tingles in their body as they passed. When the last van was behind the shield, the sparks enveloped the opening. Seamus stopped his van and joined his guards of Quadrant B. Beta Caine had the duty of securing their guests before pick up.

“When did this happen?” He asked curiously watching the shield.

“After the convoy left, Alpha. No one can enter or leave.” One answered.

“Electricity. We are shielded with electricity. One of the King’s protective gifts.” Seamus said aloud. He remembered the tidbit his son proudly informed him.


“This doesn’t mean we should be lax about our duties. Anything can happen,” he said turning away from the shield.

‘Well done. Alpha Seamus.’ Dimitri told him.

‘My loyalty and my people’s are yours, your Majesty.’ he returned.

‘Thank you. Blessed Be.’

‘Blessed Be.’ Seamus said already preparing for when his king will need him once more.


Turning to the boy sitting beside me, I felt his anxiety and fear.

“Your friends are safe. Why does your Creator want you?” I asked.

“My blood, he says is a catalyst. It helps the transition from human to hellhound. My blood along with the mixed DNA was used to create Two and Three. We are stronger than the others. Able to fully return to human form. The others gave into their animal instinct, as he said. He called me his secret weapon.”

Shia has gone too far with this. These were kids’ lives he played with for his own example of dominance.

“Your friends will be here in a few hours. Till then you get some rest or do you need some help with that?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I can put you to sleep. A dreamless sleep. Then I wake you,” I explained.

“I don’t want to dream. I want to try your way.” he quickly answered. I felt his fear. His dreams were probably filled with the horrors he went through. I stayed quiet as he got settled into bed.

“I’m ready, sir,” he said.

Nodding my head, I waved one hand over his body and uttered one word, "drykhnut'". Sleep took over his small form, his face relaxed for the first time I've met him.

'Are you ready, my friend?' I asked of Jakobe.

'Elder Elias is in charge. We are leaving now,' His response was quick and subtlely detailed.

'Good. Using the hound will have to wait till you bring his friends. Shia is indeed looking for him. Numerous packs have been reported of feral wolf attacks. With Lena's help, I've placed shields around the packs. I must find him before he fully attacks. These are no longer distractions.'

'I will be at Verans as fast as I can,'

'Be safe, brother.' I said. I can't lose him in this ludicrous situation. I fear Shia has gone power hungry if he seeks Bryce in this time of me searching for him. If this is his mentality then I truly have to do it.

'Death is the only way. Treason knows no friend.' Dante said.

"No. It doesn't."

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