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Shia was furious. His temper spiked when the last camera went out. The scouting wolves he dispatched were geared with cameras to give him a view of each area he wanted to search. The last area was fifty percent successful. Someone reached his most prized hounds before him. He needed them to get to the kid.

"Who are those people? I need to know NOW!!" he shouted at the two control men who were manning the cameras.

"Yes, sir," was their dutiful reply as he stalked out the room. He made his way to the one person he knew he can fight fire with fire. The witch.

It was amazing that no one came about the compound. The large structure has been built since Shia's mother and father created the resistance. It was really his grandfather's teachings brought it to reality. Though it was hidden by the human and supernatural eye, it was a structure that looked out of place in the dense forest. Enchantments were made, upheld by whichever witch, they had in their ranks. Magic was the main key to their success and it seems magic will be the key to getting rid of Dimitri.

Placing his thumb on the fingerprint scanner, he pushed the door open with a bang, stalking towards the woman like his prey. "Where is he?" he growled.

The woman pressed her body harder into the wall, wishing she can disappear, better yet die and get this over with. It wasn't her choice to be here. To be part of this non-sensical revolution. She was forced to be here.

"I-I can't see him," she whimpered, sliding to the floor, eyeing her captor with fear.

"You're a fucking high priestess. It's your job to tell me exactly where he is at all times," he yelled.

"Mother hides him!" she screamed flinching when he came closer.

"Do you want to be a snack for my hounds? They loved the taste of you," Shia said calmly but he was far from it. The smile on his face was pure malice. His good looks did nothing to hide that gleam of anticipation for bloodshed. Remembering her last encounter with those monsters, she wrapped herself tighter into the scratchy blanket, wincing at the pressure on her multiple wounds. Weak from hunger and blood loss, she will admit her gift of tracking and visions have been no use to her. It will also have to do with King Dimitri's return. He was stronger than before. Barriers have been placed around him and those who are loyal to him. The goddess was protecting her child, this war was over but the man before her didn't see it like that.

"The goddess doesn't play favorites," Shia plainly said grabbing her by the hair. The black tangled mess was thick, he tugged harshly on it, she can actually feel the few strands that detached from her scalp. She didn't dare scream in pain, it will just bring more pain to her. Shia threw her to the middle of the room.

Mia braced herself with her hands to avoid hitting the concrete floor too hard.

"Show me him," he ordered standing before her. They both were in the ceremonial circle. The circle consisted of symbols or runes which translated to summoning or contacting. Outside of the circle were four red candles, these were to be kept burning till the halfway mark.

Mia wanted to tell him it was of no use but decided against it. She simply nodded. Shia knelt before her, eyeing her carefully. If she tried anything, she knew her blood will be spilled. Taking a deep breath, she sat on her haunches, palms facing up, Shia placed his palms facing up also into hers.

"One must be of clear mind and clear heart to reach him. Mother can sense one's pretense and also Ki--- Dimitri," Mia was mindful not to finish the title. Shia hated to hear the mentioning of the title. He argued that the position was one of disregard for wolves of lowly statuses yet he preferred to be called Creator.

"Get on with it," he grumbled.

"Give me sight. Give me sound. Give me the one above all supernaturals. Give me the one that favors goddess, Selene. Give me Dimitri Romano." Mia chanted this three times. Her body swaying slightly. Shia can feel the heat in his body then the rapid cooling. In the darkness behind his closed eyelids, flashes of lights came at him. Images of people who were strangers to him. Then he saw her. He saw Elena. The image of her was clear, she looked different. Her eyes were focused on him. Was she really seeing him? How could she?

Someone in the back of his mind was telling him to open his eyes but he couldn't. Her green eyes had him in a trance. What was going on?

Again he tried to open his eyes.

The image of Elena contorted into the smirking face of Dimitri.

"Tag. You're it brother. Your witch is good but not that good when I practically allowed her to find me but she can't read my location, though. Such a shame. I'm coming for you, Shia. The last thing you shall see when we meet, is me draining the life out of your body. Till then, brother."

The connection was cut off.

An unseen force pushed him out of the circle slamming him into the farther wall. The force shocked him to the core, sending him in a daze. His body ached, he can actually feel the indent his body made in the plaster of the wall. Falling to the ground, he groaned in undeniable pain. In his mind, he was trying to understand what happened. Elena shouldn't be able to cross the astral plane. She was a mere alpha's daughter. Only witches and blood born royals can see each other like that. Something was wrong. Something he forgot to calculate.

'FOOL! You led him straight to us.'

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