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Dimitri stood ahead of Bryce, Jonathon, and Elena in the pack's training field awaiting the arrival of Jakobe and the two runaway hounds. He looked over his shoulder at the boy with a concerned look. It was his first time above ground since his isolation. There were guards forming a semi-circle behind them blocking the curious pack members. Word met them that the present royal couple was their guests. Jonathon spoke to them of the present danger to their pack and others, naming it a reason for the Royals' presence at Verans.

"How are you doing?" Dimitri asked Bryce.
A clouded look took over his multi-colored eyes then he gave a short nod.
"They wish to run. The open air and space are very comforting yet nerve-racking," he answered on behalf of the beings within him.
"They're still conflicted. The need to be a natural beast and the fear of being that beast once more,
Bryce looked away not before Dimitri saw the torn look on his face.
"When your friends arrive I will need to assess them. Till then my mate shall help you. After all, she is the hybrid Queen," he said looking her way. Elena blushed when his attention fell upon her, his eyes told another story. He wanted to be with her, love her and ignore the world around them but that was out of his reach.
He now had the location of Shia and immediately dispatched soldiers around the area to search for the compound. Enchantments were protecting the place, he made two witches accompany them on their detail to help.
He wanted to be there but these kids had to be kept safe also his mate and pup. The quicker he gets to Shia, the quicker their lives will go back to normal.
Their life will be far from normal but they had to try anyway.
The loud sound of the chopper approaching brought his thoughts back to the present. The helicopter was offered by an Alpha, it was his company's and it will be inconspicuous when flying over the state. Looking up, the black chopper with a gold company name came hovering over the field, ready to land. Protectively, Dimitri stood before Elena to block her from the heavy wind and dust flying about. Having her arms wrapped around her torso and get mixed scent calmed his anxiety.
As the air vehicle came to a stop on the ground, he immediately picked up Jakobe's scent and the hellhounds. Dimitri stepped forward just as his friend came ambling out with a large smile on his face. They weren't ashamed of showing their affection for each other in public. Jakobe was worried about his brother at this trying time. "So good to see you," Dimitri began, bringing his friend into a hug, clapping his back in brotherly love.
"I'm happy to see you well. Are you sure about this, brother?" Jakobe asked holding him at arm's length.
Dimitri glanced over his shoulder at his mate, who gave him a supporting smile. "I am. I am to be a father soon and his future must be protected," he said with pride filling his voice and eyes.
Jakobe exclaimed his happiness, hugging his friend then rushing to his new sister, lifting her off the ground in congratulations. The two stepped aside to talk while Dimitri turned to the two fear-stricken teenagers still seated in the chopper. Bryce was already before them, speaking calmly with a somewhat authoritative voice.
'They consider him the leader. Peculiar,' Dante commented.
'Indeed. They're probably confused with so many dominant people around,'
Placing a comforting hand on Bryce's shoulder, the boy's head bowed in respect. Alpha Jonathon did too and also the pilot. The two saw this and were curious about him. Their eyes clouded for just a second before they both bowed also.
"I am King Dimitri. Alpha Seamus may have told you about me. Bryce is now under my protection and Alpha Jonathon's. He told us of you, that's why you're here. Come now. You must be tired and hungry. While you're here, you will be reconditioned," Dimitri started.
The girl's brows furrowed in confusion, her body tensing in defense, shielding the younger man.
"Ah, you must be Cerberus 3," he said chuckling at her protectiveness. Female wolves are protective of their males no matter their position. Bryce looked at him in shock then gave him a confirming nod.
"They believe they can save us. I no longer wish for blood. I can eat like a normal person. My beings are calm now. They are kind, C3. They even found out who I am. Come on," Bryce said stretching forth his hand for her to take. She was still wary of all the things they went through since their rescue. Though they were kind, it can all be a front for ugliness underneath.
Elena approached them, Cerberus two and three, eyes widen in disbelief and wonder. Dressed in green maxi dress, her dark curls framing her face and past her shoulders, she was the epitome of mythical. Her smile was warm but her green and gold eyes were hypnotic.
"This is my mate, Queen Elena, she will also help you," Dimitri said with pride. C2 couldn't take her eyes off Elena, inside of him, the two beings got even calmer. They were usually raging making him angry all the time but since seeing the King and now the Queen, they were calm like the sea after a storm.
"We won't hurt you. To make the transitions better, we've placed you in Bryce's quarters so you won't be alone," Elena said.
"Who's Bryce?" The timid boy behind the girl finally spoke.
"I am," Bryce said bouncing on his toes.
"Yes, you are," Elena said running her fingers through his thick white blonde hair. Bryce leaned into her, craving her affection. He couldn't remember this kind of treatment but he loved it when the Queen calmed him this way. Dimitri smiled their way, loving how motherly his mate naturally was.
C2 and C3 looked at this and mutually craved the same thing. If their leader trusted these people then they can also.
"Can you give me a name too?" C2 asked gingerly moving pass C3. Elena slowly reached for him in which the boy quickly clutched onto. He gave her a toothy grin when she helped him down and held him close to her. He loved her scent of wildflowers.
"We will find out who you are and find the best way to help you all," she said.
C3 cautiously ambled down from the chopper, wrapping her arms around her body. Bryce pulled her close and whispered in her ear, she nodded and allowed him to lead her over to the King himself.
"If you like, Bryce will be by your side as we help you," Dimitri said softly.
She nodded and followed her leader.
Jakobe returned to Dimitri's side, while Alpha Jonathon came on his other side. "You found Shia?"
"Scouts are in the area. After our little meeting, I know he will retaliate greatly. The witch, I sensed her fear and reluctance in searching for me." Dimitri answered. The trio slowly made their way back to the Alpha house, ignoring the people around them.
"A captive? Do you think he will have more prisoners doing his bidding?" Jonathon asked.
"Possibly humans. Elena's step-sister is one. What we don't know is if he changed them as yet. He's becoming desperate, that's why he accompanied the witch. I believe he's using his father's knowledge of the Royals," Dimitri said watching his mate talk animatedly to C2, the boy was soaking up every word she was saying. He was probably under her spell just like he was. She will be a wonderful mother and that is why Dimitri needed to get rid of his oldest friend.
"Isn't his knowledge of you, dangerous your majesty?" Jonathon asked leading the way through his house to the office.
"When my father was alive, it was dangerous. My gifts and my mate haven't been recorded nor do Shia knows of Elena. Our mate bond is new to the Royal bloodline so it's unpredictable. We have him at an advantage," Dimitri answered taking a seat at the Alpha's desk. Jakobe went to his phone, probably calling his mate, Jessaline.
"I never thought the Hybrid Royals will be re-established," Jonathon said pacing the floor.
"I thought it was just a story, father told me so I won't feel alone in this world. Now, I'm mated to a direct descendant. Mother loves to keep us on our toes,"
Jonathon chuckled and nodded in agreement then he sobered.
"What is it, my friend?" Dimitri asked the man.
He sighed and turned to his King, head low in respect.
"The children. I wish to keep them under my care after this war. My home hasn't been filled with so much activity in years. The loss of my mate and my son's training abroad has left the house somewhat empty," he said solemnly.
"These are three hounds, Jonathon. Are you willing to undertake such a task? They are unpredictable and still in need of reconditioning," Dimitri commended the man before him for stepping up and wanting to protect the kids, but he still had to let him know the dangers.
"I know, your majesty. I believe they need to be treated like the kids they are. Supernatural kids. Bryce is doing so well and now the other two may be the same,"
"You're right," Dimitri said looking at the man intently.
He sensed his honesty, his kind heart and yet his loneliness. The man's hybrid side also longed for the family he lost and its determination in doing right by the kids. The pack was a well-protected one and kind, the hounds will flourish here.
Listening to Dante's take on the matter, Dimitri came to a decision.
"I will grant you guardianship of the kids but the decision will be theirs. My Lena has grown a connection to C2. I know she will come to me soon about keeping the little boy. I can never deny her anything, my answer will be yes anyway. I will visit twice a month to see their progress and care. You have served the Hybrid Monarch well Jonathon and lost the love of your life to that service. It will be my honor to help you gain back that familial love in your wonderful home."
Unshed tears welled in the Alpha's eyes, he couldn't believe it.
"Thank you, your majesty. Thank you," he said gratefully, bowing in thanks before taking the king's hand in a hearty handshake.
The two talked of three kids until Jakobe returned from his call. They talked of strategies and protection of pack around the area they knew Shia to be.
Dimitri stopped mid-sentence when the panicked call came in from one, Alpha Dryden.
'Yes, Alpha. What is it?'
'We found the compound, sir,' The alpha said but his voice still sounded panicked and somewhat melancholic.
'Are you under attack? The protective enchantment will suffice you till I get there.'
'No, your highness. You should see this. You must. You have to come here, your majesty,' The man's voice broke at the end.
Dimitri's body stilled at the small vision the Alpha gave him. Tears rolled down the side of his face, Dante was raging to come out, he wanted Shia's blood badly. Dimitri couldn't move, his heart was aching in anguish. He can hear Jakobe calling out his name but nothing was working.
How long he sat there frozen for his mate to come to his side? He asked himself this when her scent reached him.
Elena held his face with her warm hands, kissing his lips chastely.
"What is it, baby?" she asked.
His eyes refocused to those in the room.
"He has gone mad," he said to everyone. They knew who he spoke of.
"Rachel? Did they find Rachel?" Elena asked with hopeful eyes.
"I-I'm not sure. I have to go to the compound," he said to her. Dimitri couldn't tell her what he saw. He couldn't haunt her with that image.
Elena wanted to argue that she goes along with him but she bit her tongue. She had someone else to take care of. Their well beings will distract her mate. She nodded and let him hold her in his arms.
Dimitri looked at his best friend and the Alpha, sharing the vision Dryden sent to him. Anger replaced their worried expressions, their beings took over their human forms.
They wanted revenge.
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