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“Can you remember anything before your creator took you?”

Elena and Cerberus 2 were both seated in his brand new room awaiting the search they just began on his true identity. The tiny boy who curled into his side can be no older than thirteen but he was mature in knowledge.
“I only can remember playing in a park with some kids then everything goes black," he said sullenly. Elena brushed his lengthy inky black hair from his forehead, soothing him when she felt the sorrow and loss well deep inside him. She grown attached to the boy for some reason. His timid heart called out to her, Tara too felt protective of him. Their maternal instinct to have him close plagued them, they didn't deny it. They couldn't.
"Are you really a queen?" he asked looking up at her. C2 couldn't get over the fact of how pretty this kind woman was. She smelled like wildflowers, her skin soft as silk and her voice was like music to his ears.
"I just became one actually so it's still new to me," she answered laughing at her current situation.
"What do you mean? Do you have a castle? Where's your crown?"
Elena laughed at his curious questions, lifting him into her lap. "Do you want to hear the story of how I became a queen?" she asked.
He nodded excitedly, wanting to hear it so badly. Back at the compound, they didn't have story time or anyone treating him this way. It was all new to him. Elena was about to start when a knock sounded on his room door.
"Come in,"
Bryce and Cerberus 3 came walking in with trays of food and shy smiles. "We didn't want to be alone. Alpha said we can roam free just be careful of the shield on the borders." Bryce explained. C3 eyed Elena and how she held C2 in her arms.
"Yes. I got a first-hand experience on how dangerous that shield is. Dimitri did it for protection," Elena returned taking a tray for C2 who immediately dug into it.
"Queen Elena was about to tell me the story of how she became queen. You guys want to hear it?" C2 asked excitedly.
"Not really."
Bryce and C2 eyed C3 carefully. She sat away from the group, picking at her food. Elena knew that with the girl, trust won't come easy. A part of her has died, making her deny any ounce of good that is shown to her. Her treatment under Shia's hands was probably worse than the boys.
"Boys. It's okay. Let's let her eat in peace while I tell you the story quietly. Okay?"
"Yes, your majesty," Bryce answered brushing a crumb off C2's new shirt distractedly.
Elena nodded, glancing at C3 before she started.
"I grew up in a town called Chrysalis where humans and supernaturals lived together. It's a place where anyone can come to escape. There are wolves, vampires and witches. There are few hybrids but they keep to themselves. I'm a wolf, purebred, meaning both my parents are werewolves. Growing up, my father will always tell me about mates and how he met my mother and how my very own mate will love me as much as he loved my mom," she started.
"What are mates?" Bryce asked.
"Mates are the other half of your soul. In this world, you are meant to have that one person who will love you till the end of time and you will love them also. You both are made to love each other, protect, trust and care for each other. Your mate can be of any species, it's up to you to accept the one the Moon Goddess chose for you," she replied.
"Moon Goddess? What is that?" C3 asked.
"It is a who. She's the true creator of all supernaturals. She's the moon spirit who protects us and loves us. Right, your majesty?" Bryce quipped turning to Elena for confirmation.
"Right. I see your beings are helping you adjust,"
The teenager blushed under the queen's smile and nodded his answer, 'yes'.
"Now where was I. Right. After years of waiting and searching, I found him. At first, I was confused when I heard his call to me, filled with so much sadness. I couldn't ignore him nor did my wolf Tara could of either. His call took us through the forest behind my home then to a secluded beach which only a few knew about. There he was, sitting on the sand, looking out at the beach as the waves crash before him. He looked so powerful and majestic with his thick dark fur and dark eyes. At first, I thought I will never be good enough for him but my excitement gave way. I ran to him, barking excitedly, I never felt so happy in my life and when he began to play with me in the surf I knew he was meant to be mine," Elena was lost in the memory, her happiness showing on her face then it faltered.
"When he stopped and moved away from me, I felt a piece of my heartbreak. The look in his eyes told me something was wrong. I became desperate, needing him to stay. I shifted back to human form, begging him to tell me why he didn't fully accept me. When he returned to human form, I think my heart skipped a beat or three. He was handsome and so wonderful. I loved his grey eyes instantly even if they showed sadness and regret. He told me he couldn't do it and left..."
"He left you on the beach?" C2 asked his face showed his disdain for Dimitri's confused actions.
"That was his plan but he didn't count on a stubborn mate. He returned to his wolf form and ran away, I followed in my wolf form also, wanting him to just talk to me. When I saw him stop, I ran faster then I crashed into something, I couldn't see what it was. All I felt was electricity coursing through my body then everything went black,"
"What was it?" C3 asked. Elena hid the smile when she saw how close the girl got.
"A shield. He wanted me to stop but erected a defense shield, not a simple one. I woke up in my own bed the next morning. I didn't question how I got there, I was too caught up in remembering my mate's rejection. It feels like you will never be happy again, your heart aches and you question yourself a lot. What I didn't expect that morning was someone knocking on my door. That person was my mate. I thought he came to complete the rejection but when he came in, I saw how broken he was. He told me why he wanted to set me free of our bond..."
"Why?" C2 asked his eyes filled with intrigue.
"My mate was the last surviving Royal of the wolf realm. His family has been murdered by someone they considered family also. Dimitri was scared that they will find him and kill me also. He wanted to protect me but the bond between us was too strong. I didn't want to give him up also. In my kitchen that morning, we pledged our hearts and loyalty to each other. Unofficially I became queen of the werewolf world because Dimitri was in hiding...."
"But the murderer..." Bryce started to ask.
"The murderer was still out there. To protect him and myself, I took an offer a few alphas around my town offered years now,"
"What was it?" C3 asked wrapping her arms around her legs.
"To form the first mix breed pack and be their alpha. The first female alpha of a mix breed pack,"
"That's super big isn't it?" C2 asked going closer to Elena, resting his arms on her lap, peering up at her.
"Extremely so but Dimitri had to do something, well he wanted to do something. Not only to protect himself but me and the town."
"He gave up his title as King."
"No. The goddess agreed?"
"Yes, she did but she didn't tell him why she easily agreed. When I created the pack and went through the ceremony. something happened. Something revealed to me. The goddess showed me, my family bloodline. Turns out I was a queen myself. Not just any queen but the queen of the hybrid realm. My family was the first royals appointed by the goddess to help guide and protect her children. After much technicalities, Dimitri was still king as I am his queen. I gained gifts, learned the family's magic and grew happily in love. Then we got word of humans being kidnapped and few returning in confusion or distant. Dimitri placed an investigation about it and I notified the alphas about the situation. We kept tabs on the kidnappings then Alpha Jonathon called..."
"They found me," Bryce said softly.
"Yes. Your appearance cemented my mate's suspicions of his dear friend. Your creator was the murderer. His friend wanted to kill him."
"Creator killed the King's family?"
"Yes, and he angered mother. His power hungry state was dangerous and harming humans upon cruel intentions is against the law. What he did to you three was playing god. Against supernatural law."
"Abominations he called us," C3 spat angrily rising to her feet.
"Hellhounds, as my mate explained to me, are used to threaten and kill humans or any supernatural who steps in the creators way. Law is to kill them on site."
"But the alpha. He didn't kill me," Bryce said confusion in his voice.
"And the king sent an alpha to find us," C3 added.
"Your beings saved you. Do you three realize how different you all are? Your humanity is still intact and your beings are guiding you, prepping you to survive. I've studied hellhounds since I came here and met Bryce. It was in my mate's duty to kill him but he sensed his beings loyalty and submission. A conditioned hell hound wouldn't be able to know what is right and what is wrong. He will be a bloodthirsty animal controlled by his creator. You, three are in human form and eating normally. Because of you three and Shia's movement, my mate accepted his true destiny. His destiny to become the one true king above all. As his mate, I became queen above all, meaning I can help every supernatural, that means you three. We are in for a tough time. The humans Shia let go, we have to monitor them to see what has been done to them."
"Why does he want me back?" Bryce got up and walked to the window that showed the back of the house. It was nice to be above ground though he missed the seclusion it offered.
"You are his prized possession. You three are. Did he take blood from you after you shifted successfully?"
"A lot. He even..."
"Two!!" C3 cut C2 off before he can say any more. The boy huffed and stood to his full height.
"You heard her Three. She can help us. They didn't kill us, they want to help us. They found a name for One and he's doing better than us. Do you want to be a hound for the rest of your life? Being controlled by the creator? Are you even listening to your beings? We are safe,Three. Safe." C2 shouted at her.
Stubbornly the girl turned away from her friend and Elena, going into the corner to think by herself.
A knock broke the thick tension in the room. "Yes, Alpha Jonathon," Elena called out. The alpha strode in and took in the occupants of the room. Elena shook her head slightly with a forced smile on her face.
"I came with good news. Facial recognition got a hit on both kids," he said handing her two files. C2 rushed to her side quickly, eager to learn about himself. C3 simply sat sullenly, ignoring them all. Bryce sat beside Elena and read over her shoulder. The file she had open was of a little boy with short dark hair and brown eyes.
"That's me," C2 exclaimed.
"That's right. Let's see. Connor Bradford. Ten years old. Missing a year now. That makes you eleven now. You were born in Denver, that's a few states away from here. Your parents are Donna and Lionel Bradford. Two siblings. Here's a picture of them." Elena's heart twinged in pain of Connor having parents and guilt in wanting him to stay with her. She watched on as he stared at the picture of his family.
"I can't remember them," he said brokenly.
"I can't remember mine either. I just stared at their picture thinking I will remember them but nothing happened," Bryce said quietly. He knew how his friend felt but overall he didn't really feel messed up about it. He felt comfortable in this new life as a supernatural. This was his world now.
"Maybe later I will recognize them. Do I have to go back to Denver?" Connor asked. The question was innocent but to Elena it was him leaving already.
"Well, not really. The situation is tricky. When the king returns he will explain better." Alpha Jonathon responded spotting the light dimming in his queen's eyes.
"Three. Your name is Liza Harcourt. You're sixteen and from Ohio..."
"And no family." She cut Bryce off sharply, adding the last part. "Creator made sure I remember that when I disobeyed his orders and threatened to kill me if I didn't feed his hounds. I still can feel their teeth biting into me when he ordered them to take a drink of me. I was his walking blood bank. Our blood makes them stronger he said, their beings are extremely primal and our blood helps him control them. He tends to brag when you're weak and can't fight back. Our chances of being normal are nil. This is our life now. Monsters who were created for killing," she said bitterly.
"Not here. You won't be training to kill but to be yourself. Bryce is learning to be himself. His beings are helping him, you just have to listen to them. Trust them." Alpha Jonathon pleaded with her.
Bryce went to her, bringing her closer to us, her head still lowered in stubborness.
"I'm scared" she whispered.
"I am too but we have to learn to trust," Connor said holding her hand in his. She nodded in response, accepting the hug from her two friends.
Elena quietly sat and observe the trio, making plans for their future when her body grew tense. A low growl escaped her. The kids looked on as her green and gold eyes turned dark.
"Get them to safety now. Shia is coming."
'It ends today,' Tara seethed.

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