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Shia felt proud of himself upon finding where his dear King was stationed. If Dimitri was there then his hounds were too. He needed those brats. The last batch of hounds he created were failures. He tried the natural way of marking but still failed. Their DNA's weren't taking the new genes forced into their system. The first five humans he turned using the last of Cerberus 1's blood were a success. They were obeying and bloodthirsty just the way he wanted.

Taking the back roads and the coverage of heavily forested areas, he made his way to Verans with his loyal wolves to the revolution. Hiding at a hybrid pack was pathetic to Shia. The mix breeds to him were mistakes on the goddess' part. Though his hounds had both wolf and vamp in them, he made sure the wolf genes were dominant. The vampire gene was used to make their bloodlust stronger while the wolf gene will take care of obedience, shifting, agility and quick healing. The many he had hidden can easily shift and are used as a trap for Dimitri and his suckup for a friend Jakobe.

Smiling to himself, he was ready to bring the so-called king to his knees.

'Six miles out, sir' one of his men relayed. The van he traveled in, was one of many. To humans, they can be silly hunters looking for good game or tourists just passing through but he stuck to the back roads.

'When you're close, get a lay of the land. Surround the border,' he returned.

'Yes, sir.'

He can just smell the blood of Dimitri's mate on his hands. Turning to his companion, he smirked. "I bet you can't wait for your family reunion. Your sister will be so disappointed that she wasn't there for your first shift. How does it feel to be exactly like her? That's what you wanted right," Shia taunted.

Rachel looked at the man she considered a full-blown monster. The voices in her head won't stop talking and she was hungry but not the hungry she knew she should feel. Waking up from what Creator called transition, she couldn't remember little things. She couldn't remember where she lived or how she got to that place with all the blood and werewolves as she was told. Creator, she was told to call him, kept mentioning a sister. A sister who didn't want her to be blessed with the wonderful gift of being a hellhound. A sister who didn't want to share her role as alpha and the riches of being an alpha. A sister who helped a man called Dimitri to overthrow her Creator. Thankful for her confusion to be cleared up and how concerned the Creator was of her well being, she believed him. Elena was the enemy. She was going to stop her sister from ruining the Creator's plan of reclaiming his rightful spot as the wolf king.

Upon Dimitri's warning, Jakobe stopped and shifted back to his human form. The wolves who accompanied him stopped behind him but stayed in wolf form. The Royal beta wielded power that can make any alpha bow into submission. They followed his lead which took them west of the compound they left behind. The scents that met them were human, the woods were bordering the town. Jakobe took a moment to sense the hostile wolves, they were near. Too near to the humans. "We go right. Avoid any human fatalities," he ordered shifting back to wolf form. The sun was going down, the town was closing up for the night but that didn't stop any humans from being out of their homes. He led the group to what looked like a park. He growled in anger when he saw the wolves skulking across the park and onto the semi-populated street. They rushed forward before any humans were attacked. Screams of fear pierced the somber evening. The wolves bounded into the street causing cars to stop abruptly and colliding with each other. People scream and ran to safety. Jakobe allowed his wolf to take over, he needed his wolf's power for this. There were fourteen rogue wolves to their ten but that didn't falter their confidence.

Vane barked the order of circling the wolves, his men obeyed immediately going after the rogues. He went after three that were chasing a group of people. The fear on their faces fueled him to protect them.

'The one in the middle. He's the weaker,' Jakobe told his wolf. Vane closed in on the dirty brown wolf, pouncing on him harshly. The two rolled forward, hitting one of the wolves. Biting into the wolves neck, holding it down, he slashed its side with his sharp claws, the rogue howled in pain. Vane clawed at its body once more before biting harder into its neck, tearing out its jugular. He didn't stay to view his first kill, he was already advancing to an oncoming rogue. Using his front paw, he clawed the wolf's face when they both jumped to attack each other. Another swipe was done to its bared stomach before biting into its throat. A female scream stopped his kill. Disposing of the dead wolf, he turned to the direction of the scream. A sharp bark escaped Vane, blood matting his fur and dripping from his sharp fangs he rushed to the third wolf. This one had a woman under his body, snapping at her as she tried to fend him off with a bag she got him to bite. Again he barked at the rogue to stand down, the rogue ignored once more. He threw himself against the wolf making them crash into a storefront, he can feel the broken glass falling onto his body but he was focused on the wolf thrown across the store. It got up and charged towards him. He stepped to the side easily clawing at its hind leg. The rogue fell to the ground momentarily before attacking once more. Vane grew tired of its insolence, angrily he went straight for the kill, clamping his jowls around its neck when it missed his body. The wolf being overpowered by the Royal beta's power and body weight gave in and accepted its fate. Vane kept his hold on its neck and clawed into its neck.

The quickest way to kill a wolf in attack form was its neck then stomach. For werewolves, it takes them longer to heal, by the time the process starts working they have already bled out.

Vane huffed in disgust at the now dead rogue and bounded out of the destroyed store. The woman was still cowering on the sidewalk, pale and wide-eyed. Though she was attacked by a werewolf, Vane and Jakobe knew they couldn't shift to human form to help her, she will only be left with the traumatic experience of being attacked by a wolf. Vane huffed at her and motioned with his head to leave. He did this twice before she understood and left.

He took a look at the scene that was created on the streets of the town. Crashed cars, dead rogues, screaming people, police sirens, it was chaos. Exactly what they wanted to avoid, guess Shia got his wish. Gunfire sounded down the street, he ran towards the sound, he turned a corner where the gunshots sounded louder. A wolf was attacking a police officer but was dodging the shots.

The officer was shooting out of fear. Not wanting to have the gun on him, he stayed took to the few darkened storefronts and ran to aide the human. He spotted people crowded in a restaurant, fearfully looking out the glass window. Getting closer, Vane barked at the rogue, it stopped and snarled at the beta.

'The disrespect Shia has bred into these mutts,' Vane seethed.

'Get rid of him. Careful of the trigger-happy cop,' Jakobe advised.

'Will do,'

The rogue made the first move, Vane dodged then backed away. He barked, telling the rogue to stand down. Head down, fangs bared, ready to attack once more, it barked in refusal to do so. Vane huffed, shaking his head when his vision became cloudy a bit. When his vision cleared, the rogue was already charging at him. He quickly moved out of the way at a moment's notice and lunged forward, biting the wolf on its back. It fell to the ground with a huff but made an effort to turn in order to strike Vane. He saw this coming and reared his head back, swiping at the rogue's front paw. Not giving it another chance, he dragged his sharp claws down its stomach, violently clawing its throat then clawed at its stomach once more, deepening its fatal wound.

The rogue's body went limp minus its labored breathing till it took its last breath.

'Fucking mutt,' Vane spat, stepping over the body before turning to the officer. The poor human thought Vane was about to attack him and shoot in defense.

The bullet connected to his hind leg. He couldn't stay in wolf form. His body will heal over the bullet, against the rules he shifted back to human form.

"The hell, man. I just saved your ass," Vane shouted lying on the street, assessing the wound.

"Y-You are a- a-, man," the officer stuttered. The people who were in the restaurant came out in curiosity.

"Technically yes," Vane answered. Focusing on his index finger, he let it shift into a claw to open the bullet wound wider. He yelled in pain and dug out the bullet. He watched as the wound healed leaving a few trickles of blood on the surface.

"You're a werewolf!"

He turned to a young woman who was now pointing at him in wide-eyed excitement.

Vane stood up, covering his exposed area, giving a nod to the blushing ladies.

"Yes. We are sorry for this exposure. It is all being handled. Your sheriff and mayor will be contacted about this cleanup," he said backing away slowly. He stopped when he sensed his men coming his way. Their barks caused the people to be frightened once more. "It's okay. These are my men," Vane assured them. The ten wolves approached them all, then created a circle around Vane, eyeing the humans then him.

"It's alright. I got shot and had to act fast," he explained. They nodded in understanding, shifting back to their human forms. The humans gasped at the transformations.

"You are safe now but we suggest that you all go home and stay there till morning," one of his men said.

"What is going on?" the officer asked, finally gaining his composure back.

"We cannot say much but your safety is assured. Please stay indoors," Vane said.

He tensed when he felt Dimitri calling out to him. 'Yes, brother,' he answered.

'A nearby pack reached out to me about hounds approaching them, they are safe but you need to stay where you are. I've asked the Alpha to dispatch a few guards. I'm afraid we have to enlist the help of humans for this war. I, along with the alphas have agreed upon this. Shia was one step ahead of us after all. He released his hellhounds, he had them hiding,'

'Fuck. Did you find him?'

'Yes. I'm behind him. Lena reached out to me. She has things under control at Verans. Your duty now is to protect the humans.' Dimitri replied.

'Yes, your majesty,'

'Mother apologizes for that momentary vision loss. To protect your charges for this war and threats to come you need to protect yourself.' With those as his last words before he closed their connection.

'What does that mean?' Vane asked.

'He is so cryptic since he became king again,' Jakobe joked.

Vane focused back to the gathering humans who were eyeing all eleven naked and bloodied men. They are in for more shock after finding out werewolves do exist.

One step at a time.

"Officer. Where can we find some pants?" he asked.

It's going to be a long night.

Thank you, Shia. Fucking prick.

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