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Elena never thought she will be in the middle of a war, much less being a commander in one. With her mate and their Beta away from the pack, she was next in command. Mikael’s worried call out to her told her everything she needed to do. Dressed in a tactical bodysuit, her long dark hair in a single french braid down her back, she was ready to face Shia. Placing her hands on her stomach, she prayed to the goddess to keep her child and mate safe in their time of need.

Leaving the room, four guards were already there waiting for her. "The kids?"
"In a designated cell, guarded by two men," one answered. Stepping out of the Alpha's house, she turned to watch as the pack members rush to the underground safe houses. Women and children knew what they had to do. The warriors, all were taking their positions around the pack's border. Alpha Jonathon approached her with a stern expression on his face. "Rogue wolves are trying to break through the shield. It's holding up but I sensed more wolves further out," he reported.
Elena nodded and led the way from which the alpha came from. Getting closer, Tara took over her human's form after sensing the threat close by.
"You're not welcomed here, Shia," Tara shouted. She stood feet away from the shield, arms folded waiting for the man her mate once called a brother.
"Aren't you playing the role of Alpha nicely. Hello, Elena." Out walked Shia in full black tactical gear, arms behind his back and a condescending smile on his face.
"Elena isn't here. What do you want?" she stated calmly. "I want what's mine. You have my top three creations, they do not belong with you," he replied looking at the shield in feigned curiosity.
"Those kids aren't leaving with you."
It was then he fully took note of Dimitri's mate. Her green eyes, now had gold rings, just like any royal who has been fully crowned. His surprise was clear on his face. "You underestimated us, Shia. If you surrender now, your death may be quick and painless," Tara was ready to get rid of Shia immediately. What he did to those sweet children, angered both woman and wolf. Their protective maternal instincts were in overdrive, not because she was a new mom to be but that natural instinct to protect children.
Shia laughed at her statement, pulling a gun from his thigh and aimed it at her. Tara didn't flinch and just by her body language, she was showing Shia that she wasn't scared.
With a small tilt of her head, Shia was pushed into the forest line, slamming into a tree. Anyone can hear the crack of the tree and the thud of his body falling to the ground. That attack started a chain reaction. Hounds came bounding out of the tree line, charging at them. The wolves that were surrounding the shield advanced also.
Raising her hands, she focused on the electricity uncasing the shield, with one swift downward move she allowed it to strike the hounds and wolves. Their bodies flew backward with the harsh force of power. They went crashing into the trees, falling heavily to the ground, bodies convulsing with the lingering electricity. Using one hand she reinforced the shield once more, the other reaching out for Shia. Tara had his unconscious body, strung like a puppet in the air, slowly bringing him closer.
'Where are you, my love? Did you find Rachel?' Tara reached out to her mate. Her worry began to surface when she didn't receive word about her stepsister.
'She wasn't at the compound. She may be one of the hounds. I'm near. I felt your attack,' Dimitri returned. Wild eyes searched the hounds lying unconscious on the ground. There were so much and they all looked alike, how can she tell which one was Rachel.
Shaking Shia violently, she got him to stir a bit. Waiting for him to fully awake was torture. When he finally did, he began to thrash about, shocked that Elena had this much control of gifts only older royals possessed.
"Where is she, Shia?"
"Who, your highness? I'm not a mind reader," he sneered looking down his nose at her, letting his body grow limp.
"Do not play with me Shia. I'm on my last ounce of control. Where is she?" Tara screamed.
"How would you feel if you hurt your own sister? Worse yet kill her. That's law, isn't it? Hellhounds are to be killed on sight?" Shia was taunting her, trying to bring down her guard but Tara wasn't naive and neither was her human.

A loud and furious growl stopped Tara from answering. Her mate came bounding out of the tree line with a few warrior wolves following his lead.
His power can be felt even through the shield, Tara raised her head in pride as the larger than life black wolf turned his attention to the man above him.

‘Drop him,’ Dimitri said eerily calm.

‘My pleasure,’ Tara purred.

‘Give me Elena, my warrior queen.’

Tara purred in delight by the love-filled words her mate spoke to her. Elena chuckled at her wolf’s reaction and returned back to her form. She dropped Shia from the height she had him, he flailed his arms and legs as he fell to the ground. Dimitri pounced on him instantly, swiping at his face. Shia screamed in pain, blood welling from the harsh claw marks. A claw caught his left eye, he held a hand to it and began to fight of Dimitri but the king was playing with his victim.
Growls of anger erupted behind them, the hounds and wolves have woken up. Elena didn't know what to do. The right thing by law is to kill upon sight due to their action upon the throne and humans but.....
Rachel. She couldn't kill Rachel.
"What are you waiting for? Attack him!!!" Shia yelled.
On command, both wolves and hounds turned their attention to Dimitri.
Elena took down the shield and sent her silent command to the hybrids on her side, they shifted to their form and charged towards the enemy. Her mate and Shia began to fight, wolf and man not giving in to each other. Elena immediately remembered that Shia was equally trained as Dimitri, though, as, the king he can use his gifts to overpower his enemy, he decided to be fair.
Turning her attention back to the war before her, she helped the hybrids who were being overpowered by hounds, throwing them into the forest. "RACHEL!!" she yelled deflecting a wolf who was about to lunge at her. She held the wolf by his neck and snapped it in two in a single move, using her telekinetic gift.
Elena was on a mission, she had to get her out of here. "RACHEL!!" she screamed again. Her claws morphed from her fingers, she swiped an attacking wolf's neck then held its head in her hands and twisted it sharply. She was about to call out again when she was blindsided and knocked to the ground harshly. Instantly she was on the defense, she kicked at the oncoming hound's face, it whimpered then growled angrily. It wasn't giving up. Oh, how Tara wanted out but a she-wolf with pup was advised against shifting to animal form. The pup inside may be injured during the shift. The hound, clawed at the ground, head down, ready to charge. Elena sniffed the air, trying to get a scent from it. Her body felt cold when she caught one discernible scent.
"Rachel?" she asked softly. The hound before her charged once more. Arms stretched forth, she stopped Rachel mid run, lifting her above her head then slamming her against the ground. At the same moment, a wolf came charging at her, she built a shield quickly, allowing the wolf to run into it. Electricity surged through its body but it didn't fall to the ground like the others last time. This only made it angrier. At the corner of her eye, she saw Rachel getting up. Elena's focus was on her stepsister, she too was getting angry by the interruptions. Stopping the wolf then lifting it in the air, she made a sharp twist of her wrist. The loud crack of the wolf's neck was loud to her ears but she didn't care. Her hinderance was dealt with.
Shia's scream of pain distracted her, she turned to the scene of her mate biting his hand, tugging harshly, leaving him clutching it tightly. Blood flowed through his fingers as he tried to stop the bleeding. Dimitri slowly stalked Shia who was whimpering in fear, an amusing sight for a man who was arrogant a few moments ago.
Chuckling to herself, she returned her attention to Rachel. A surge of power flowed through Elena's body as she stalked towards her. Rachel was bounding slowly to her, her bounds became faster, determined to get at Elena, who showed no fear.
'End this!' Tara shouted.
Her voice was heard throughout the battlefield. Each wolf and hound stopped their fighting, bowing their heads in submission. The hybrids and wolves who fought for the royals immediately went to their knees, submitting to their queen. Dimitri stood above Shia feeling the power of dominance he shared with his queen.
'You heard my mate. Submit or I will dutifully deal with you' Dimitri said to Shia. He was still in wolf form and was ready to strike when needed.
'You may have got the best of me but my plan is still... in motion. My h-hounds are on strict orders,' he replied. He was biting his lips in pain trying not to scream in agony.
'I believe those orders are canceled. Look around you,'
"NO! NO! What are you doing? I am your leader. Your creator," Shia shouted, scrambling to his feet and trailing blood as he walked. His face was bloody from his missing eye and clawed injury. Around him, each wolf he had under his command were now submitting to the queen. Even Rachel. She was trying to fight it but the hold Elena, now Dimitri had on them were both new and extremely powerful. They now had control over every supernatural even the created ones. Shia was hysterical now. He turned sharply to Dimitri.
"I will never submit to either of you. We are not meant to be in hiding. We are the dominant species, not those spineless humans. Our presence should be known. They fear us and that it is how it should be. They are on this earth to serve us. That is how it used to be till Mother allowed them to know our weakness. Corvineus would have never allowed that."
'Yet he's now a banished god. His way was never right Shia. His ideal world was one of slavery and darkness. That is no way to live. How are we to raise our pups in that type of world? How can we create legacies of happiness and love in a world of darkness? That isn't the way. Now. Submit,' Dimitri said stepping closer to him. Elena was eyeing Shia's movement also her angry sister.
"Shift all of you," Elena commanded. She gave Rachel her full attention. To Elena, she knew Rachel was fighting the beings inside of her. They wanted to obey their queen but their human vessel didn't want to.
"Rachel. I order you, as your queen, to shift. NOW!" Elena shouted. Her voice held the dominance of a royal, Tara surfaced, equally angry at the disrespect yet worried that Rachel will become feral. Overpowering one's beings, controlling them can be dangerous. In her situation, having two beings will drive her mad and irrational.
The sound of bones being shifted, screams of pain reached her ears. Taking a look at the scene before her, brought tears to her eyes. Majority of the hounds were kids. She gave an estimated guess of their age to be between eleven and eighteen. Their transformation looked painful as the bodies of the hounds gave way to their human form. They didn't move. They stayed on the ground crying and screaming in pain. Elena contacted the female hybrid who was in charge of security of the pack, to gather supplies for them.
"NO!!" Shia screamed. His face was morphed in anger, he looked at Dimitri then to Elena. A smirk graced his face as his eyes landed on Rachel.
"Rachel, do you want to please your creator?" Shia asked.
"What are you doing?" Dimitri asked warily but his now human form was rigid with awareness. Rachel was still fighting the given command but when Shia spoke she stilled and listened. Her hackles rose, her growls became louder and angrier.
"You've seen what she has done. This is what I've been telling you. You must get rid of her," Shia seethed. In a flash, Rachel tackled Elena to the ground. Dimitri lunged at Shia who tried to fend off the angry king. He was thrown to the ground just as Elena kicked Rachel off.
Dimitri's claws morphed from his hand, he slashed his old friend's chest before using his gift of telekinesis to raise him above his head. The man was bloodied and pale as a white sheet but his anger fueled him as he fought the king's hold.
With Rachel, Elena had no choice but to physically defend herself from her sister's new behavior.
Rachel moved on that command, lunging at Elena once more. She received a blow to the head by a swift kick from Elena, making her dazed for a moment. Shaking her head, she returned to continue her attack. Elena dodged, her left paw from connecting to her body, kicking her in her side harshly. Jumping to her feet, she ran head-on towards the already recovered Rachel, she calculated a move her father taught her since she was fourteen. Rachel was fighting with unexplained anger and the need to please Shia.
Elena showed no fear as she looked into the dark eyes of the hound. As she got closer, she slid to her knees, reaching out to grab Rachel by the scruff of her fur as she ran past, missing Elena altogether, only to be pulled harshly to the ground. Straddling, the hound who was trying to get her off, Elena clenched her thighs tightly on her body, wrapping her arms around her neck into a chokehold. Allowing her fangs to elongate, Elena bit into her neck to subdue her. Rachel thrashed about but it only made the hold go tighter. Dimitri watched on in sheer anxiety as he watched his mate take down Rachel. His hold on Shia tighten, you can hear him gasping for air but no one was focused on him. They were watching the queen fight with Rachel.
Rachel kept on thrashing in anger, not wanting to submit. Making her hold on her tighter, Elena got Rachel to stumble to the ground. Her breathing labored as the fight in withered slowly away. Slowly her dark eyes, closed slowly, succumbing to the darkness.
Elena stood up then faced two guards who were closest to her. "Restrain her and place her in an isolated cell," she ordered.
"Yes, your majesty."
She walked to her mate who now released Shia from his hold. The mutilated and bloodied man was gasping for air, coughing uncontrollably. Elena approached him, anger coursing through her body. He tried to get up but was kicked sharply to the head and side.
"Time to pay for your crimes Shia" she grounded out.
"My death is only the beginning. My creations will carry out my plan," he grumbled trying to get back up. She grabbed him by the only arm he had left, he stood on weak legs, hating the fact that his game was done for. Elena turned to Dimitri, the glint in his eye had her smiling gleefully. He shifted into his dark wolf, marking the ground in uneasiness.
"Welcome to your death," she whispered to him. Dimitri ran towards the two with one thing on his mind. Elena braced herself for what was to come. Shia struggled to get out of her hold, but using one of her gifts, she kept his body still leaving his head unfrozen. She held his arm firmly and eyed her mate. Dimitri came closer and jumped the remaining steps, jaws open, Shia's eyes widen. The scream that left his mouth turned into a bloody gurgle when the king's sharp teeth pierced his throat. The force he attacked allowed him to rip Shia's head off completely. Elena used that same force to rip his last arm off. His headless body fell to the ground, his blood staining the green grass. Elena stood above the body with great satisfaction.
'A gift for you, my love,' Dimitri called out to her. Dropping Shia's arm, she turned to him and smiled. It may be morbid but among wolves and other supernaturals, this was a show of devotion and loyalty. The male showing his female that he will protect her throughout their life.
He approached her with the pale head of Shia in his mouth, placing it at her feet then lowering his head as a sign of submission to his mate. She growled in appreciation then howled to the sky, Dimitri joined in, announcing to everyone that the threat is gone.
'Are you ready, my Lena? This is our world now. Protecting our people. Securing our pup's future,' Dimitri sat before her in wolf form awaiting her answer. Months ago, never in her wildest dream would she ever believe that her mate turned out to be a prince and she will be the queen of all supernaturals. The man she loved will be by her side to rule and also to help raise their pup. Once he's by her side, she knew she can do anything.
"I am."
Now she had to find a way to get Rachel back to human form and care for the hounds Shia created.

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