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Chapter 3

Shia quietly approached his Alpha, taking note of how he has changed these past three months. His adjustment to this town has been going exceptionally well but he hasn't ventured out on his own yet.

"Your majesty."

"What is it Shia?"

"It's Tuesday sir."

Dimitri released an annoyed sigh while continuing with his reports of his pack members. It saddens him to have his people scatter all over the state just to keep them safe. Word of his pack's downfall has been surfacing. Packs that have been allies for years renewed their support and loyalty to him. Those who have taken in his people sent updates and findings on the attack. He grew angrier and angrier by the day, burrowing deeper into his shell of isolation.

"Please send my apologies."

"This will make it a month you have denied your friends' companionship." Shia stepped into the office, keeping an eye on his friend.

"Not now Shia." The low annoyed growled made Shia stopped in his tracks. "Jessaline made a friend today. She said it was a wolf but a scent of a pack wasn't on her."

Dimitri gave a distracted scoff and continued with the reports.

"There are a lot of nomad wolves in the town maybe we can go for a walk. Maybe we will find our mate." Shia was trying to appeal to his king's basic need of a wolf. His upbringing was different than others due to his lineage. Traditional values and training were instilled in him with little modern disturbances. He spent his first twenty-four years in the old country, nearing his twenty-fifth birthday he returned to his father's land to ascend the throne on his twenty-sixth birthday. It was all planned but now to take back his birthright they must figure out who's the threat.

"I no longer wish for a mate," Dimitri grumbled. His wolf silently agreed with his human's statement. It wasn't the right time to bring someone new into their situation. He didn't know if this place will be a permanent or temporary home. What made his decision was the threat.
Ignoring his best friend he placed all his attention on an Alpha's correspondent. Multiple missing humans have been reported in various towns surrounding each royal pack and their allies. Few were found but they were either disoriented and claimed amnesia or extremely aggressive and became seclusive with their kind.

"As you are here, make yourself useful and enough of this mate talk. As for Jessaline's friend. Nomads are living here in abundance. Father...." he took a deep breath before continuing. It was the first time in months since he outrightly spoke of his father in past tense.

"Father chose this town for us to mask our scents and it's a large number of humans and witches. We are well hidden from our hunters."

Shia nodded and waited for his orders.

"Search the human database for missing persons. Start from pre-adolescence and upward." Dimitri blindly gave his friend the letter from his ally then proceeded with inputting the data he just received.

"Mr. Monroe will be visiting on Thursday. He met with the others as it seems he has a very hands-on approach with his business."

"Very well. Notify everyone."
Shia projected the view before him to the Beta of the pack. They were all worried about him. When they initially came to their new home and Dimitri was awoken, he simply looked around and closed himself off emotionally. They all understood grief and his motivation to find their hunters but it can also send one mad if not cared for. 'He will need a run in a few hours.'
Shia agreed with his beta and took his leave not before giving his king a respected bow.

He was pushing himself too hard and he knew that. His wolf needed this. It was one am in the morning and both man and wolf were losing themselves in the quiet and secluded beach on the farther side of the town. One of their members found the little piece of serenity and shared it with their family. To avoid human interruptions a lookout was posted at the entrance of the grassy path to the beach.

The tide was high, the waves crashed loudly on the shore eating up each paw print on the wet brown sand. The suction of the wet sand made them push harder, it was just what they needed. They need to concentrate on something else than the pain in their heart. Dimitri knew they had to be strong, they were the new king after all but how can he go on. His father's last dying words still resonated in his head. The breaking of pack bonds still pained his heart. Not being in the wild was stifling him. All this and more were causing turmoil in him.
Slowing their pace they took to sitting in the waves path and let the cold salt water wet their thick fur. Hanging their head in agony, they allowed their problems to burden them in the dark of the night. Fur as black as the night that surrounded them, the full moon above them made the wet fur gleam. Raising their head to the skies, golden eyes shining with tears, man, and wolf as one howled into the night sky. It was the first time in three months that they were calling out to their people without fear. Shia's mention of Nomads bolstered his earlier decision about this new life.

The first howl to the night sky was of one for his father. A great king whom he wishes to be. The pronouncement of his death and remembrance filled the night. The men who looked over him joined the tribute, wolves under him in the town joined in sharing their sympathies and love for him. The tears in the dark wolf's eyes glittered as bright as the sea bathes in the moonlight.

'We must do this for them. Hide in plain sight. Our magic has become stronger since father's death.' Dimitri's voice was low as he spoke to his wolf.

'I understand. We will work on a stronger spell to keep our identities hidden. He chose this town for a reason. It's considerably far from our home and our people are flourishing.'

Dimitri allowed Dante free reign of their magic, back in sanctum he watched through his wolf's eyes as the water before them rose up to a wave. The wall of water was now towering over them, he genuinely smiled seeing a few fishes still swimming oblivious to it all. Dante slowly walked closer admiring the sea creatures in awe. 'Life and all that goes with it.' he uttered. Gently he allowed the magic made wave to go back to its original state. They were farther in the beach now. Without a care in the world, Dante walked out eyeing the moon closer.

'Mother is worried about us.'

'I know she is. It's our denial for a mate. She will not cut the bond to the female she chose for us.' Dimitri was furious when the moon goddess denied his request. It wasn't right to bring her in now. It will be her safety on top of his people's.

'Every path leads to something new.' Dante said.

'I understand this but for now, let's focus on this path.'

Dimitri didn't sleep when he returned home all he can think about was starting a new life as a simple wolf.

King Dimitri Romano was no more. From daybreak, he will be Damian Saville, a nomad.

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