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With Shia’s life being no more, one would think that their worries and troubles were over.

It was far from it.

Elena and Dimitri took a few moments to themselves after overseeing the execution of the rogue wolves who willfully went against the crown.

Few begged for their lives but they were reminded in their world, the law must be upheld to control peace. To anyone new to their way of life may think their written laws barbaric and uncalled for but it must be adhered to. From young pups have been taught the history of every creature of the night, both good and bad. Some may agree to their ancestors’ choices and others may not, for example, Shia.

One law that was agreed upon by All was to never hurt the humans in any kind of way that may shift the balance of peace.

Shia literally spat on that law and many others. The punishment for treason and violating humans is death.

The execution of the rogues was by a single gunshot to the head with silver bullets in their wolf forms. A sign of their treachery. Their wolves should know better than to betray the goddess and their king.

In the room assigned to the royal couple, Elena was comfortably in her mate’s lap as he held her close, placing soft kisses on her head as they took that moment of quiet to get their mind back in order. Dimitri’s arms tighten around her then a long sigh escaped him.

‘Some of the humans didn’t make it. Their hellhound side took over. They had to be killed,’ he told her over their mind link. The act of talking out loud seems too much for the two.

‘Understood. The nearby towns? Are they safe?’ She asked. Elena wanted this all to end so they can focus on their growing family. So much they had to do and decisions to be made.

‘Jakobe handled everything. Nearby packs took in the surviving hounds and began treatment immediately. A team is locating each identity and sending the files to me when completed. Your father knows someone in the FBI to help us reassure their families’


Dimitri felt her worry over their connection, using his index finger he gently turned her head to face him by her chin. “Talk to me, Lena,” he begged. Dante whimpered, relaying to his human of Tara’s sadness.

“Connor,” was all she said.

“Oh, my love. After we contact his family and explain his situation, we will know his decision. I know you’ve grown quite fond of him, I must admit, I do too but he does have a family,” Dimitri explained.

“I know. I guess I was being selfish for wanting to keep him as my own son.”

“And I’m not upset by it. Why don’t you go visit him? It’s his first night of freedom, go make sure he’s settling in,” Dimitri suggested while easing her gently off his lap. She looked down at her mate, her green and gold eyes soft with love and adoration for him. He knew she saw the same in his, he wasn’t shy of letting her see how she affected him. She was his queen, his best friend and the mother of his child, he loved her. With a lingering kiss before she left the room, Dimitri silently watched her departure, thanking the goddess for blessing him with her.

The kids were placed in one large guest room with twin beds on the ground floor. This was done for their safety, comfort and if they need anything from the alpha or the royal couple. It was nearing 11 at night and with the excitement from earlier and days past, Elena wasn’t tired at all. She was energetic and yet restless. Pushing open the slightly ajar door, she took note of the three twin beds placed under the large bay window. The moon was full and was shining through the clear glass, the curtains were pulled back allowing moonlight to beam on the kids. Bryce was fast asleep due to his now familiarity to a life of freedom. Lisa was tossing and turning in bed till she found a comfortable spot curled in a fetal position. Connor was awake. The soft blue cotton blanket she chose specifically for his bed was wrapped around his shoulders as he stared at the moon.

“When the moon is full, it is said Mother is visiting her children. After everything that happened today, I believe that is definitely true. I believe she weeps for her children that were lost and those that were found,” Elena said softly.

“Like us?” Connor asked.

She quietly walked over to his bed and sat next to him. “Yes, like you. Though your creation came out of evil, you have now been blessed as a creature of the night. Not an abomination,” she explained.

“Why? Why are we now blessed? What does that mean?”

“Guidance. You all have been given two dominant creatures to inhabit your human form, a form that wasn’t born naturally to have such unstable beings in them. Mother has given my mate and I power to help you all live in our world. Being blessed is another way of her welcoming you all into our family. It will now be easier for those two beings in you to work together alongside you. Maybe, just maybe you all will be blessed with mates in the future. From tonight, well today, we now have five species considered as creatures of the night. Wolves, Vampires, Hybrids, Witches and now Hellhounds. You will be taught how to control your other side, learn to defend yourself and care for yourself.”

Elena’s explanation didn’t fall on deaf ears. Connor listened carefully and tried to place himself in the world, the queen and the alpha told him he belonged to initially. He couldn’t remember the people in the pictures, he felt more at home with the hybrid guards who were happy to share stories of the supernatural world, the Alpha who told him of schools and packs for the supernatural. Most of all he felt more at home being at the queen’s side. He loved how her presence made him feel safe and calmed the beings in him. Her mate, as she called him, made him feel protected. He promised to keep them away from their Creator and he came true on that promise. The creator was dead along with his wicked followers.

“Can I stay with you?” he asked, tucking his chin into his chest. Elena found herself stuttering, unable to answer appropriately, instead, she pulled him into a hug hoping that will answer his question. Just to make sure, she found the words to tell him.

“I will love to have you in my family,” she said, practically beaming.

Connor didn’t feel guilty that he didn’t reach out to his real family but maybe he will in the future. Now, he had this new life to live. A new exciting life with a queen and king as his new parents. A yawn escaped him bringing tiredness into his body. He slumped sleepily onto Elena, giving her his apologies.

“None of that. Lie down and I will sing to you a song my mom and dad will sing to me when I couldn’t sleep,” Elena beamed when Connor nodded excitedly and quickly got himself comfortable under the sheets and blankets. She began to hum the song while running her fingers through his messy hair. The smile on his face warmed her heart. She gained herself a son.

She was about to begin the song when someone beat her to it. A blush stained her cheeks, hearing the low tremor of his voice.

“Lavender’s blue, Dilly dilly,

Lavenders green.

When I am King,
Dilly dilly,
You shall be Queen.”

Elena smiled and continued the song made for two.

“Who told you so,

Dilly dilly,
Who told you so?”

Dimitri walked further into the room and sat on the other side of Connor’s bed. His eyes on his mate as he sang.

“T’was my own heart,

Dilly dilly,
That told me so.”

Elena couldn’t stop the silly smile on her face. Connor was in awe of the lullaby. He can actually feel the love between the two.

“Call up your men,

Dilly dilly,
Set them to work.

Some to the plow,
Dilly dilly,
Some to the fork.

Some to make hay,
Dilly dilly,
Some to cut corn.

While you and I,
Dilly dilly,
Keep ourselves warm.”

The loving smile on Dimitri’s face couldn’t be fake. Reaching for her hand, he held it tightly.

“Lavender’s green,

Dilly dilly,
Lavender’s blue.

If you love me,
Dilly dilly,
I will love you.

Let the birds sing,
Dilly dilly,
Let the lambs play.

We shall be safe,
Dilly dilly,
Out of harm’s way.”

Connor’s eyes were getting heavier but he wanted to hear the end of the song. Elena noticed this and placed a kiss on his brow.

"I love to dance,

Dilly dilly,
I love to sing.

When I am Queen,
Dilly dilly,
You’ll be my King.

Who told me so,
Dilly dilly,
Who told me so?

I told myself,
Dilly dilly,
I told me so."
Dimitri leaned forward and kissed the little boy's head. "May the goddess give you sweet dreams, my son," he said softly against his hair.
"Goodnight, mama. Good night dad," Connor muttered sleepily. To his sleep-deprived mind, his previous statement felt right and he wasn't embarrassed by it.
"Good night sweetie," Elena returned. A rogue tear rolled down her cheek, glistening thanks to the moonlight. Placing a feathery touch against his cheek, she reveled in the glow of being called mama. A few seconds later, a light snore escaped Connor, he was happy at last. Happy and relaxed.
She felt the gentle tug of her hand, it was Dimitri leading her out of the bedroom and down the hall. Before she can say anything, he held her by the nape of her neck and pulled her forward, crashing his lips against hers. Elena wove her arms around his neck and placed more pressure into their kiss. She groaned when he lifted her effortlessly onto his waist. He was cementing the start of their family.
"When I heard you humming that song, it took me back when my parents sang to me at bedtime. Your parents sang for you. Now we can sing for our sons," he said kissing her lips chastely.
"Our sons," she whispered through panted lips.

Author's Note:
The name of the Song sang by Elena and Dimitri is called 'Lavender blue (dilly dilly)
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