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Elena knew she put off this visit purposely. Morning arrived and the enormity of why she was truly stressed came in the form of an urgent message. She was spending time with the kids, discussing their treatments and futures. Liza was pleased to know that Alpha Jonathon wished to make her his daughter as he wanted to make Bryce his son. The light in her eyes was but a flicker by the news. "It's progress", the Alpha said with a bright smile.

The news came to her by a harried guard. Her protective instinct went up, immediately she reached out to Dimitri through their connection but he blocked her out.

"It's your sister, your majesty," was all he said for her to rush towards the isolated cells of the pack. Upon arriving she noticed the additional guards and the heavy scent of their fear. They kept their heads low as she rushed by. All cells were kept underground of a simple one level house where the guards on duty stay. Making her way through the halls and to the hidden staircase, she can feel the unease from the hybrids guarding the cells. The scent of her mate was strong which overpowered the doctors. Pushing open the door with way too much force, she hurried to the cell Racheal was kept. Dimitri looked over his shoulder as she approached. The cell was the biggest of them all and was at the end of the hall. Thick, tempered glass doors were the only entry and exit of the cells. The doctors sensed her presence and slowly turned to face her. Glancing at her mate and seeing his hesitancy she knew it was bad.

"Your sister, your majesty, isn't responding to the treatment. The wolfsbane didn't work, her metabolism is higher than other wolves or vamps, making the serum dissipate upon injection. The blood of the kids was unsuccessful. Her newly created DNA rejected the shifting gene the kids have in their blood. Silver has a momentary effect on her, sedating her for a few hours before her metabolism eats at it."

Elena listened to the failed tries of getting Racheal back to human, her heart became heavy at the thought of what she had to do.

"Is she responding to human contact?" she asked, praying for a silver lining. In her peripheral, she saw Dimitri gave the doctors a slight nod before they bowed gracefully and took their leave. He didn't have to tell her what she was seeing. Slowly she stepped up to the glass door and saw what has been done. Bright red blood stained the white linoleum, a harshly bitten arm was ripped from the person's body lying in the corner. The shackles that held her once were now broken, leaving piece dangling from the collar around her neck. Racheal's new body of a hellhound was as big as a high ranked werewolf. Her fur wasn't thick but a bit dense and brown in color. Her pointed ears were alert, twitching listening for sound as she mauled at the now dead medical assistant.

"He was assigned to take blood samples while she was unconscious. She woke up earlier than expected. Lena...."

She shook her head in denial. He went closer, wrapping his arms around her body, then felt her relax against him. "Her mother has to be notified. Your father is scheduled to visit us tomorrow to settle everything with the surviving hounds. We have to do this, love," Dimitri said kissing her head.

"They don’t know who we truly are. Daddy married her to have a woman present in my life. He doesn’t really love Helen, he explained it to me as adoration at first, then the real her was shown. He just let it be. We both decided not to tell them after their true obnoxious, attention-seeking behavior. Seeing her daughter this way and for her to hear the solution to it all, she will go over the edge. She's losing her child, my love," she said softly. Probably sensing Elena on the other side of the door, Rachel turned to them and began to bark in anger. She then rushed to the door, wanting to break through it but Dimitri stilled her body in mid-run. Elena turned and buried her face in her mate's neck. He held her tighter as he willed Rachel's hellhound form into a corner then cast a sleep spell on her.

"Contact your father. I will see if the doctor will be able to take blood from her now. I will stay with them till they're finished," he said softly.

"Okay. I have to talk to Jessaline. Word of rogues has been spotted around human towns. Jakobe mentioned the same also. Can it be Shia's men who resisted our orders?"

"It can be. We don't really know how far his reach was. The kids told me of a woman who helped them escape and was always by his side." Taking her hand, he led her back up into the house, finding a room for them to have a conversation.

"Friend or Foe," Elena muttered, deep in thought.

"That's what we have to find out. Do you want to search for her? The kids can help,"

"Let's wait on our Betas report and put the question to them also," she returned. A smile formed on her lips when he pulled her onto his lap and placed his head on her stomach.

"His heartbeat is so strong," Dimitri said in awe. Dante was beaming with pride, taking in the scent of his pup and mate and the sound of their hearts, beating together. She threaded her fingers through his hair, putting this small moment to heart. The love that shone in her mate's eyes and that large smile, he was truly happy now.

"Vincent Darien Romano," she said softly.

"What was that my love?" Dimitri asked reluctantly pulling away from the comforting sound of his pup's heartbeat. Cupping his now bearded jaw, she leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "His name is Vincent Darien Romano," she repeated. Dimitri's eyes soften, his shoulders slumped in total peace. His eyes roamed his Lena's smiling face and lush body, the beautiful glow that always surrounded her was brighter now with her pregnancy. His love for her grew at that moment. "Are you sure?" he asked. He didn't want to make her feel obligated to use his father's name.

"The name Vincent belonged to a man who loved his mate and son dearly. He cared for his people and raised a wonderful man who is now my mate. What greater honor it has as to naming the next king his given name? His grandson," she answered tracing his jaw with her light touch.

"Thank you, Lena. Thank you." he breathed out before claiming her lips in a fiery kiss. Dimitri finally felt at ease knowing their future will be alright.

Elias Monroe was at his home, comforting his wife as she cried for her missing daughter. The police have been alerted, a search party has been sent out and still nothing. All of this was part of pleasantries for him. Though there wasn’t real love between him and Helen, he was fond of Rachel. Her disappearance affected him greatly also, worse yet when he had an inkling of just who had taken her.

Since his daughter and Dimitri left for Verans, the communication between them has been only needed to know basis. He felt the shift in power, the callings and the tremor of fear through the packs and nearby ones also. He had yet to hear from his daughter and he feared that if she does call, it won’t be great news.

“Where is that daughter of yours? It has been days since I’ve seen her. Doesn’t she know that my angel is missing?” Helen wailed.
Elias was seconds away from making a comment about her daughter being angelic but Rage stopped him just in time.
“She’s on a trip with her fiancé but I have told her that Rachel is missing. She has her in her prayers,” he lied.
“What fiancé? I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. Something is probably wrong with him since she hasn’t brought him to the house,” she quipped with a humorless chuckle.

“Why would she do that when she has her own house. I’ve met the man and I definitely approve. Over the past six months, I’ve grown to see him as a son. Ellie doesn’t need your approval, Helen. She’s a grown woman,” Elias returned heatedly.

“Six months? He held on long enough. She finally gave it up. From what my Rachel told me she was a virgin and was stringing along those poor guys.”

“The creeps your daughter took away from her? I have to thank Rachel for that,” he returned.

Helen scoffed and left his side from the sofa. Goddess knows he has been supportive but the woman can test a saint’s patience. Constantly she has been making snide comments about his daughter and the fiancé she has yet to see. Elias was mindful of her emotional state but he defended his daughter through and through. Never once had he ever made a snide remark of Rachel yet she always has something to say about his Elena.

Leaning back into the sofa cushions, he closed his eyes and reached out to the guards at the borders and the cops who were werewolves. Their reports were mainly about rogues a few miles out near a human town but the female beta had it under control. The nineteen-year-old reminded him of Elena with her determination as fierceness to protect the ones she cared about. The next day he had to leave town to help Alpha Jonathon with disappearances. A friend of his from the FBI flew in to help after they brought to him the details of the case.
He was assured by Jessaline that Full Moon pack was safe. He was about to check in with the witches when his office phone rang. A feeling of dread took over his body. Calls to his office were from people who knew his private line, it was nearing night time. He rushed to his office and answered the phone quickly.

“Hi, daddy.”
“Oh sweetheart, you're okay. How are you? How is everything? Have you any word on Rachel?” He asked pacing the length of his office. The heavy sigh he heard on the other end of the line didn’t sound right. He stayed silent as Elena began to speak.
“We do have Rachel but Shia got to her first before we actually knew she was taken. Along with other humans he kidnapped, he used her to create his own hellhound.”

“WHAT!!” Elias was panicking, Rage was uneasy with the news. He hated being kept out of the loop.

“It all escalated so fast when we arrived at Verans. It turned out that Alpha Jonathan found one of Shia’s success stories. A teenage boy he kidnapped for his experiments, also the missing humans were all part of his plan. He’s dead now. Most of the humans.....” Elias can tell just by her tired tone just how much she had to go through the past few days wasn’t easy. He wished her transition into queen might have come easier but things are out of everyone's control.
“Daddy. The hellhound side of Rachel has taken over her humanity. She’s no longer with us. You know what we must do but...I tried to figure out another way but.... daddy we have to tell Helen everything,” Elena told him this in a low and desperate voice. She didn't want her father to think that she has given up on her stepsister. They didn't have a strong sisterly bond but they were still family.

His mind began to race. How will his wife react to this news? As the law of his people, Rachel must be put to death. The guilt that settled in his heart was heavy. Though it wasn’t him who kidnapped and changed her, it was a law he abided by. Worse yet his daughter and son in law, the new Royals will have to execute this law.
How can he tell Helen that her perfect human daughter was now a bloodthirsty hellhound?

“Her humanity is truly gone?” He asked hopefully. Just maybe they can get her back and keep both ladies ignorant of what is around them.

“She killed an attendant. Wolfsbane and silver aren’t working on her. Whatever Shia has injected in her bloodstream is very dominant. I believe she’s still under her creator’s orders,” His daughter said lowly.

“And that was?” Elias asked impatiently. Rage was uneasy, ready to be released.
"To kill me," she whispered.
The words were like ice cold water poured down his back. With Shia dead, the hound in Rachel will make it her duty to please her creator, no matter what. Not to mention whatever crap Shia instilled in her head to keep her in line.
"Okay. Goddess above, give me strength. I will tell her in a few. let me make some calls and get our trip to Verans underway. We will be there in a few hours, notify Jonathon."
"Okay, daddy,"
"How are you really, Ellie?" he asked warmly. The problems that surrounded them disappeared for a moment while man and wolf spoke to their little girl.
"I have so much to tell you. Amongst all these bad things, two great things sprung forth. I prefer to tell you in person. Not over the phone. I miss you, daddy," she answered. The longing for her father carried in the tone of her voice. Rage and Elias couldn't hold back the sad whine that was at the back of their throat.
"We miss you too, angel," Both Rage and Elias spoke in unison, wishing they can be there to comfort her but they knew they had to let her be the strong woman they know her to be.
"See you soon. I have a meeting with some Alphas, bye daddy,"
"Bye Ellie." Ending the call, he sat at the edge of his desk and looked out into the garden where his wife was seated by the table having a snack.
'Now or never my friend,'Rage said.
Elias nodded then reached for his phone once more to move up the arrangements. He notified Jessaline of the change in plans then Christina the female Elder of the pack. After it all, he took a deep breath and entered the garden via the door from his office.
Approaching Helen, he noted her tear-streaked cheeks and dull eyes. "What do you want Elias?" she asked tiredly.
"I came to keep you company, my dear," he answered. Helen scoffed at his answer. "This has been the longest time we've spent together and the situation that made it happened isn't ideal," she retorted. Elias released a tired sigh. He wasn't in the mood to point fingers but he will admit, he missed the woman who he initially dated not this viper.
"Helen, it has been years and I have never once broached the subject of your change after we married. I've understood it all to be a farce when we were dating but why lash out at my daughter?h I've provided for well for you and Rachel, helped you get your own business running, a roof over your head and an allowance that any single woman can live off of. Why the animosity?"
"Because you have her like a spoiled princess. While we were dating, everything was about Elena. The pictures, the awards she won then when I do meet her, she was like this perfect doll. I will admit I was jealous that Rachel's father never gushed about her the way you did with Elena. That's why I pushed her to be your new favorite but you two never clicked." Helen said all of this in an offhanded manner. Again Elias was shocked.
"I understood the need for a father figure Rachel needed and was ready to be that but she just wanted a hefty allowance and that was it," he replied, amazed at how callous these women were.
"And I thank you for that. God knows her father will never do that. I still say Rachel will be better at running your company when you step down. When she returns from this temper tantrum I'm sure she's doing, you can show her the ropes. Elena can take her place at the coffee shop. She's so timid, being around people will help her," Helen said taking a sip of her iced tea.
"You think Rachel's disappearance is her way of acting out?" Elias asked. Rage was also baffled by the woman's behavior also. She was so blasé about it all. All she cared about was setting her daughter up in the high life.
"Well yeah. We got into a fight and now she's all miffed. She will be back soon when her money runs out," Helen said with a lazy wave of her hand.
The woman turned to her husband curious of the tone he spoke to her with. She raised her eyebrow in question, waiting for him to continue.
"Rachel was actually kidnapped."
"Excuse me?"
"Kidnapped, dear. There have been a lot of kidnappings in nearby towns and I'm afraid she was one of many," Elias said carefully, not wanting to overwhelm her.
"H-How do you know this? Did the police call? Do they have a lead in finding her?" she asked, fear rising after each question.
Elias scrubbed his face roughly and released the deep breath he took. 'Just like a band-aid,' Rage quipped. He was pacing lazily in the sanctuary, a bit restless due to missing their little girl and the minor shitstorm that was about to happen.
"It's part of my duty to protect this town and all its inhabitants. What I didn't expect was the threat I've been searching for to be right under my nose. Rachel knew who took her and I'm afraid the outcome of her capture is dire," Elias said.
"W-what? What are you bloody well talking about, Elias?" Helen yelled, standing to her full height.
"Rachel was found. The town is a few hours drive away from here. She was experimented on and unfortunately she was created to be what my people call a hellhound," he explained.
"Experimented on? Hellhound? Your people? What are you saying, Elias? If this is a joke, it isn't a good one," she shrieked.
"I'm saying, my dear. Your daughter is now a supernatural being. Part werewolf which I am and part vampire, a creature of the night," he said clearly keeping her gaze. Rage surfaced for a minute which meant Elias' eye color of light brown changed to pitch black then back to brown.
Helen's scream pierced through the quiet evening. Trying to get away from him, she toppled over the chair and fell to the ground. Elias stood to help her up but she backed away from him in fear.
"I know you're scared right now but I need for you to go back for a couple of days. The vehicles will be here in an hour to take us to Rachel," he said with a small smile.
"I'm not going anywhere with you," she said eyes still wide in fear.
"Miss Helen! Are you okay?" Mrs. Charles confused and worried voice caught their attention.
"A little fright, Mrs. C. The cat is out of the bag now. Can you pack her a bag for a few days? We leave in an hour," Elias asked politely. Mrs. Charles is also part of the supernatural family. A witch from Elias' old pack, after the resolution of the pack, she followed him to Chrysalis where she practiced her craft and helped young witches in the town.
"Certainly, Elder Monroe," she returned with a slight bow of her head.
"I probably should give you time to adjust but we can't. We must go, dear. I'm afraid that Rachel is lost to us."
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