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A dark cloud of sadness, anxiety, and curiosity hovered over Verans. Elias was comforting his wife, Lena was bonding with Connor but I know her mind was on our discussion with the doctor. I was too but I had to compartmentalize priorities. Jakobe found Shia's mate and the witch. They all will be returning to Verans in a day's time. Jessaline had everything under control and the rogue wolves around human towns and packs have been dealt with accordingly.

Everything was reverting back to normal. Packs declaring their loyalty to the crown, reports of the attacks, laws reviewed, all via email. The day went by quickly. What I wanted presently, was for some sort of peace within my new family.

Leaving the office, I made my way up to my room, her scent was pulling me to her. I simply wanted to hold her. Her sadness and worry plagued me all day as I worked. I missed her laugh, her slow smile when she sees me. I understand why she was this way but I'm still worried. As I neared our room, I caught the sound of her voice, singing the lullaby. Gently I opened the door to find her sitting in a patio chair on the balcony. Dressed in one of my pajama shirts and a lounge pants, she was still gorgeous to me. Caressing her tummy and singing the lullaby our parents sang to us, I can see our future clearly. Dante agreed also. We couldn't wait to see our son in her arms.


The smile that bloomed on her face chased away all the stress and tiredness in my body. Slowly, I made my way to her. The scent of our pup was becoming stronger. For werewolves, pregnancy will be six months, the same symptoms as humans just fewer months.

"Any word from the doctor?"

"Not as yet. I haven't told Elias of our plan yet. Not wanting to get Helen's hope up," I replied. Ignoring the seat next to her, I opted for kneeling beside her. Her slender fingers combed through my hair as I placed my head on her lap.

"The witches aren't a threat. Go easy on them. One saved our Connor," she said softly.

"I know but it angers me that she stayed by his side as he killed and hurt these humans and his own kind," I said, lowly.

"She loved him, Mikael. She followed her heart's desire. If you were to walk away from all of this and go on a rampage, goddess above knows I will follow you. Wherever you go, I go," she said tugging my head up.

"I understand. I will thread easily. How were Connor and Vincent today?"

Her eyes lit up by the mention of our sons.

"Connor's eating a full cooked diet and now has control of his beings. They spoke to me today. We're going to work on shifting tomorrow. Vincent. He's such a quiet one. No morning sickness just weird cravings," she replied. Kissing her tummy, I whispered words of love and praise to my son. "When we get home, we'll bond with Connor so he can be domesticated. Jonathon wishes to do a ceremony for Bryce and Liza in two days. His son is coming home to welcome his new siblings," I said.

"That's wonderful. How about I get dinner started? Family dinner?"

"That will be great."

It has been a while since we had dinner, as a family back home. Now with the addition to our family and everything that has been going, a get together should be fun.

Standing my full height, I pulled her into my arms and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Feeling her arms tighten around my neck, I knew that this kiss will lead to more. I can feel her restlessness along with Tara's. Lightly tapping her butt, she jumped onto my waist, locking her legs behind my back. I can feel my dick harden by the brushing of her breasts against my chest. She darted her tongue in and out of my mouth as our lips danced together. The light touch of her fingers against my skin made me moaned in anticipation. With my help, she got rid of my shirt as I walked us to the bed.

I heard the closing of the balcony door and the turning of the locks. "Convenient gifts?" I muttered against her lips.


Letting her fall onto the bed, her dark curls fanned around her head. Her emerald eyes held me in a trance as I undressed her, then myself. Leaning closer I allowed my lips to ghost her body, I smiled in pride, hearing her breathing hitched and feeling her shift uncomfortably beneath me.

Using my fingers, I flicked her swollen clit then tugged on it just to hear her moans. Her fingers were digging into my shoulder with her desperate need for more. Plunging two fingers into her wet heat, I watched on as her back arched off the bed, her mouth in an expressive O at the intrusion. In and out I went, feeling her walls and how tight they clamped my fingers. Lowering my head, I captured a puckered nipple, gently tugging on it, knowing how sensitive it was. Her hands restlessly moved across my body till one gripped my manhood.

"Fuck, Lena," I cursed aloud. Her small hand went up and down on my swollen cock, following my now slick fingers in her core.

"More," she cried out moving her hips against my fingers. I was now fucking her hand. Her thumb now pressed against my weeping opening, had me flinching in pleasurable bliss. The faster I went, she followed too. Leaning back, to watch it all, I knew I got harder. I needed to be in her.

Removing both my hand and hers, I held her by the hips and plunged into her. For the second time, she arched off the bed, screaming my name. A shudder ran through my body when I felt her folds tighten around me.


I pulled her closer, chest to chest, lips fused together, I hitched her higher on my waist and pushed into her more.

"Mikael," her moan was drawn out, her head was thrown back as I went faster. She held on while I buried my head into her neck, kissing and biting the sensitive skin below her ear. My hand went between us, grabbing hold of breasts, I began to pinch her nipples making her scream louder. I can feel her core beginning to milk me but I held back.

"Right there. Right there baby. Please. Please." she begged. I fell back onto the bed, putting her to straddle me.

"Fuck me, Lena," I growled. My head fell back as she began to ride my cock, her now full breasts bouncing with every sensual jolt of her body. Goddess, she was amazing. Using my thumb, I pressed against her clit. Her body trembled and was now slightly bent. With two harsh thrust, she orgasmed onto my dick, my name on her lips. Her body slumped with her blissful aftershock, I was close as I kept thrusting into her. I couldn't hold back. My claws came out marking her silky skin. My thrusts became sloppier until it was her name on my lips as I spilled into her. The burning of my skin and light bleeding had me looking at my chest. I chuckled at the sight of her claws retracting after her damage was done. Her body shook after her second orgasm. My woman.

"How about we postpone family dinner?" she asked resting her body against mine. I loved her kisses on my chest.

"I don't mind."

Bedtime came early.

The next day welcomed me with unexpected optimism. Turning to my side, I pulled Lena closer to my body. Eyes still closed, I knew she was curling her body into a fetal position, moving closer to my chest so I can wrap my body around hers.
We stayed in bed for a few minutes, taking in the morning silence before we can hear the first sign of life in the house.
"Lunch date?"
I chuckled at her mumbled request. "Of course. Just us two or with the family," I asked placing a kiss on her head.
'Sorry for the interruption but we need to talk.' Elias tired message filtered through my open link. By Lena's tense body, I knew she was informed also. As we got ready for the day, I contacted the doctor for any good news but no luck. He relayed to me, his research and the splitting of her new DNA all failed. Trying Helen's blood to dilute the hound's gene may be our last chance.
Telling Lena this made her mood dampen. We both made our way downstairs where we met with Elias and Jonathon in the breakfast room. They both stood and bowed their heads in respect before reclaiming their seats.
"What is it, daddy? Where's Helen?" Lena asked.
"She's gone, Ellie. After yesterday's revelation and the civilized conversation we've had, she calmly said that her daughter died," he replied.
No one said a word. The only thing that pierced through the silence was the noise in the kitchen.
"How? Where is she?"
"Getting ready to leave. She said, she will keep our secret, asked for a divorce and a clean break from us," Elias' face look drawn. I can tell it was taking a toll on him. From the dynamics of the Monroe family, though they weren't loving and close, there was a connection from years of living together. The loss of Rachel will affect them.
"NO! We have one more plan. Mikael and I spoke to the doctor. Yes, a few options failed but we have one more to try. We need Helen's permission for this. We need her blood." Lena stood up from the table in sheer panic.
"Ellie. Sweetheart. I know your heart is in a good place. From my experience with Hellhounds and reports from doctors who worked on bringing them back to human form, its futile, angel," Elias said trying to calm her. I reached for her hand to pull her closer. When she looked my way, I knew just what she saw.
"You too?"
"The doctor also. If Helen's blood do dilute a bit of the hound's strong new gene, and a human side surface, Rachel will be like the kids. Clean slate. No recollection of memories of having a family. Just bloodlust and a new life as a supernatural." Though it breaks my heart to see her sad, I had to tell her the truth.
Dejectedly, she placed herself on my lap. "No mother should lose a child," she said softly.
"I know, love. I know," I whispered against her temple, placing my hand over hers.
We all stayed quiet, taking in the magnitude of this aftermath. I hated to admit it but this is the way it has to be. We can still ask Helen to take part but I fear with her acceptance of Rachel being gone, she won't agree.
"We can try. Why don't you go talk to her after breakfast," I suggested. I felt the heavy sigh she released through her body slumping heavily against me.
She nodded and struck up a conversation with Jonathon till the kids arrived.
Breakfast with the kids, brightened the mood of us, adults around the table. They were excited and intrigued by our process of joining a pack. Elena answered every question Connor put to her with such enthusiasm. Elias took a great liking to him and was excited to a grandfather to two boys. He promised Connor to teach him how to fight just like his new mother. Though sadness was lingering in the ear, I must say our worries were behind us now.
All we have to do now is to look towards our future.

After breakfast, I accompanied my mate and the kids to a secluded field on Veran's land. Elena wanted to speak to Helen but the woman didn't want to have any type of conversation with her. She was grieving and wanted to be alone. One can understand that.
Elias and Jonathon were with us, along with the pack doctor and three guards.
"Alright. I know this may have you scared but don't be. Wolves and vamps come into their full side as teenagers. As wolves, our human side disappears fully, the bones in our bodies, shifts to the anatomy of a large wolf. In the case of vampires, their bodies gain more muscle, fangs elongate, ears morphs and their eyes turn silver. Now, to make you all feel safe and relaxed, Mikael, the alpha and elder have decided to demonstrate how werewolves shifts," Elena explained with excitement, capturing the kids interest through it all.
"Elena. Are you going to shift?" Connor asked with furrowed brows.
A blush took over her cheeks. She looked my way then our audience. She has been hiding our pups scent from everyone, only Elias knew. We wanted to announce her pregnancy when we were back home but I guess it will be sooner than expected. I shrugged my shoulders with a wry smile. Elias was grinning, waiting for Elena to speak.
She released the scent and immediately Jonathon and the other supernaturals gasped in shock, excitement in their eyes when the new scent reached them.
"As a precaution, when female wolves are pregnant they aren't allowed to shift. The pup will be at a fragile state and the shifting of the body may hurt it. I can't shift because I am one of those females," she announced. The kids gasped and squealed in excitement.
"I'm going to be a big brother," Connor exclaimed bouncing on his toes before running towards Elena.
"Yes, you are," she laughed when he nuzzled his nose into her stomach.
"I can smell the baby. That's amazing. It's so weird picking up scents of people," he continued.
"It comes in handy. You can tell who's a human or supernatural. That's a lesson for another day. Now. Shifting. Jonathon. Elias," I interjected. The kids stood back and watched on as Jonathon stepped forward.
"I'll be introducing you to Kane. He's the name of my wolf. We bless our wolf spirits with names as a sign of our bond to them," Jonathon said. We all watched on as his body morphed. His limbs got longer, the sound of his bones shifting wasn't loud to our ears but to the kids, it must have been. I saw how they cringed but awe was in their eyes. Grey-black fur sprouted from his skin, his nose morphing into a snout, his ears were now pointed. Before you know it, he was on his paws, shaking out his fur. Kane approached Bryce and Liza slowly, sniffing them curiously. He then rubbed against them, marking and accepting the two as his own pups.
"He's marking you as his. Kane has approved of you greatly," Elena explained just as the wolf nudged Liza's hand.
"He wants you to pet him," I said chuckling. Kane played with the kids before sitting beside them when Elias stepped forward to shift.
The large black wolf with light grey dusting its coat didn't say a word, he simply shifted and sat by my mate's side.
"This is Rage. A past Royal of the Hybrid royal family. He doesn't say much. Extremely observant and protective. Each being we're blessed with has their own personalities. I'm sure you are well aware of that," Elena said placing her hand on Rage's large head.
"Tell me about it," Liza scoffed.
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Dante asked in a quite offended tone.
‘It means Y'all can be quite arrogant and annoying,’ I replied. He scoffed and began to mumble incoherently. Elena turned to me with a wide grin on her face. I rolled my eyes in amusement because she loved seeing Dante. The wolf in question always gets full of himself when she wants to have a run.
'Fine. Just calm down,' I replied, trying to muffle my laughter of his impatient whines. With practiced ease, I allowed Dante full control and stayed in sanctuary.
"Mate," Elena breathed out. Her eyes full of adoration I will never tire of. Dante nuzzled his snout into her stomach and growled lowly.
'You're really excited about this pregnancy aren't you?' I asked feeling his excitement tenfold.
'The mate we never thought we'll find and was equally scared to find is blessing us with a family. A family we lost. We've found happiness, Dimitri,' he answered. He circled around Elena, rubbing our scent on her before going to Connor.
'Two sons, my human. Our future,' he said in awe as he playfully licked Connor's face.
'You're right. Our future,' I returned.
"Connor. This is Dante, your wolf father, so to speak," Elena said chuckling lowly. Dante turned to the other two kids, who were watching us in curiosity. He purred when Connor's hand combed through his fur.
"So soft," Connor commented. His eyes full of wonder as he took in all three wolves around him.
"Are you ready?" Elena asked.
"Yes." His answer was filled with so much confidence that I knew he was now at one with his beings.
The kids took a step back and breathed out. They were nervous. Connor's hellhound was the first to surface. His red eyes and fanged teeth were the first to show. Pain etched on his face as his body changed to its new form. Dropping to his hands and knees, his full transformation became complete. He shook out his fur and began to pace. His hound's had the body of a normal wild wolf. Lean, ample fur and jet black. His ears were sharp like a vampire's and his height was at an average height similar to a newly shifted werewolf.
Bryce and Liza completed shifted and they too began to pace. Dante barked once and they calmed down at once. Jonathon and Elias circled them just as the doctor and his assistant approached them.
"It's alright. Just a quick checkup. Nothing will be injected into your system. Only bloodwork. Right doc?" Elena voiced.
"Yes your majesty," the man answered. We watched on as the doctor took the measurements in weight and height, even took note of their eye color of red. We planned to keep track of their growth since this will be the first time in history to have domesticated hellhounds. It will be definitely one for the books. Everything will be documented. Their social lives, diet and their mentality after their experience under Shia's imprisonment.
"I'm so proud of you guys. Ready for your first run as free hellhounds. No collar. No orders to kill," Elena was practically bouncing on her toes with excitement.
'Beautiful,' Dante murmured.
They barked excitedly, becoming restless to get on with the run. Rage and Kane ran around them, barking to follow then ran to the edge of the forest. Elena watched on in pride as the kids followed them, they were free. A new life for them. To think these kids were kidnapped, violated and trained to kill. Now they were happy. Undoubtly so.
'I can't wait to get home.' Her voice was soft and wistful. I know she missed Chrysallis. I do too. What was once a refuge to me, was now my home.
'Neither can I love.'

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