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I had to give him the space that he needed. He was thrown to be on the defensive so quickly that he didn't receive that time to grieve. I understood how the loss of a parent stays with you throughout your life, I still miss my mother. Times like these, I wished she was here. The meeting of my mate; my first pregnancy; growing a family, so many things I wish she was here for.

'She's with us. I know this,' Tara said softly.

'Yeah. Let's get moving. A big day ahead of us,' I returned. Currently, laying in bed wrapped in Mikael's t-shirt, I found comfort in it last night after speaking with him. Today, I will be representing the new reigning kingdom by the first initiation of bloodhounds into a pack. This will be introducing this man-made specie to a world who fears them. Having them in Alpha Jonathon's pack will be a strong example of just how good the kids are. They didn't ask for this, to be kidnapped and be used as pawns for destruction. These kids are innocent to all of this and I'm proud that they accepted this new life of theirs.

Finally preparing myself for the day, I made my way downstairs only to bump into a young man whose attention was on his phone. "Shit! I'm sorry," he exclaimed grabbing me by the arms to steady me. A sharp gasp escaped him before he released me, took four steps back and went to his knees. "Forgive me, your majesty. I was extremely distracted."

I subtly took in his scent and recognized his father and Verans' signature scent.

"It's okay. You must be J.J. Jonathon's son. You can get up now," I said highly amused. Here is this muscled young man dressed in training gear, on his knees, ashamed of his faux pas. He stood up hesitantly and looked at me. This guy was my age, heck, he can be my friend or past school mate.

"I'm Elena Monroe. It's nice to meet you J.J., your father told me so much about you. Are you home just for the ceremony or you think its time to be at home now?" I asked, gesturing for us to go for a walk.

"I decided to stay home. The news of gaining a brother and sister so suddenly caught me off guard. After he explained what has been going on, I felt the same way. What he didn't tell me though was the honor our coven has been bestowed to have the new royals here," he said with a wry smile.

"Our stay was to be one day but things escalated. We're happy that things are now back to normal and a lot has been brought to light for us to build on it," I said.

"Elena!" The excited voice of Connor stopped our little walk throughout the house.

"There's my boy. You're up early," I greeted him when he ran into my arms.

"I'm excited about the ceremony tonight. I want to see how mine is going to be," he said.

"Yours will be a bit different, sweetie. When we return to Chrysallis, Mikael and I will explain it all to you."

"Where is he?" he asked looking behind me for my mate.

"He had a very personal duty to do and will meet us home," I said tucking his hair behind his ears. He nodded then turned to J.J.

"Hi. You're Bryce and Liza's new big brother. It was past my bedtime when you came. I'm Connor," he said offering JJ his hand.

The future Alpha shook his hand politely with an amused smile on his face. "It's nice to meet you, Connor," JJ said. The little boy returned his attention to me then pressed his ear against my tummy. "Good morning little dude. Though I haven't met them officially I'm sure I can be a great big brother to them," he continued. This seems to please Connor who nodded and ran off to what other things to capture his attention. With that type of enthusiasm for this new life of his, I know he will do just fine.

JJ and I continued our walk sharing a very in-depth conversation of kingdom laws and ones few Alphas made themselves. We reached the dining room where breakfast was being served and the kids also, Jonathon was already seated. The meal wasn't uncomfortable, we all used to our advantage to ease the nervousness of the teens and getting to know each other better.

One of my duties today was the execution of Rachel the bloodhound and not Rachel, my stepsister. From the tireless examination by the doctors and Helen's last visit, it was conclusive that her humanity was lost forever. It pained me to know that Helen lost her only daughter this way and we couldn't find some way to revert the changes. According to the doctors, the combination of both foreign genes took over the solid human DNA so quickly it didn't have a chance to fight back. Shia really knew what he was doing.

Dressed in dark jeans and a dark t-shirt, I made my way to the prisons, ready to take on the morbid part of being a royal. The other executions I performed came easily to me but this one was personal. I can't say my feelings are forced, I've lived with the girl for years and considered her family no matter how estranged we were. I felt guilty that she was dragged into this. Though my father and Mikael told me not to, I couldn't help it.

"Good morning, ma'am."

One of the guards who I've gotten to know due to the ample time I've spent here greeted me with a slight bow and smile.

"Good morning, Denis. Please gather the three guards who are in charge of prisoner C-39," I stated before entering the small office used for documenting each prisoner at Verans.

"Yes, your majesty," he replied and took his leave. The next few minutes I was able to gather the folder on Rachel and all closed files on each executed bloodhound. With their origins destroyed by Shia and their lack of humanity to search the missing persons' database, they were simply numbered then executed.

The knock on the door alerted me of the guards' presence. They all filed into the office and positioned themselves not to crowd me too much.

"Thank you for coming on such a short notice but there are a lot of things I wish to do tonight before the ceremony. Anything pertaining to the rebellion must be completed by dusk. With the king indisposed at the moment, I will be here for any concerns anyone may have. Pertaining to the last two prisoners, the execution of C-39 will be done at 1 pm. Please escort Miss Chelsea Franco to the front sitting room in fifteen minutes, please. The execution of Mia Franco will be at 3 pm. After the ceremony, I will be taking my leave," I announced.

"Yes, ma'am. Reports will be delivered in an hour. Do you wish to see the doctors?" Denis asked.

"Yes. Please tell them I will need every document they made on the hounds and please make sure no copies are made. Its all protocol. Blood that has been taken, have them stored and ready for transport. That will be all," I replied. To have all that information at hand will be tempting for any curious mind.

With one last bow, they all left me to my lonesome as I finalized a few plans at Chrysallis. Thanks to my father owning most of the real estate in the town, I was able to create a private clinic for supernaturals, a training center and grounds plus a welcome center for nomads.

Being alpha of a mix breed pack required a lot of attention, now that I am Queen there will be more duties to tend to. I was ready for it all.
Fifteen minutes later, a guard came by to notify me of Chelsea's arrival. Taking a deep breath, I made my way to the woman who was once abused my her sister's mate. Upon approaching her, she nervously bowed before me and kept her head low.

"I'm sorry to make you nervous. My reason for calling you is about your sister," I started while gesturing for her to take a seat.

"My sister? I have been asking for her since last night but the guards told me to wait till you or the king's request for my presence," she said twisting her fingers nervously.

"My mate has shown me the interview he did with you and I won't lie to your face and say 'I know how you feel'. What I do know after speaking to Mia and comparing her actions in this rebellion and her admissions, I see that she has betrayed not only your trust and loyalty but to her fellow supernatural brothers and sisters. The part she played in this rebellion gained her dire consequences, Chelsea," I continued keeping her gaze to see her reaction.

"You mean..." she began but her tears stopped her.

I nodded my head 'yes', knowing along the lines what she meant.

"In her heated confession, she stood beside Shia in what he believed to be the makings of a new world. They both went against the crown and exploited humanity. The penalty is death. A public execution," I added softly. Her eyes widen just as her cries became louder. Gently, I pulled her into my arms and comforted her. "I wish I can console you in a better way but as Queen, I must do what is right. Treason isn't taken lightly under supernatural law," I continued.

"I-I understand," she sobbed. This was part of my duty now, I hated it but it must be done.

"You can visit her if you like," I offered.

"No." Her denial was harsh, a huge contrast to the sad tears still streaming down her face. "She may be my sister but what she allowed her mate to do to me and those people was horrendous. I-I sort of knew that was her but kept denying it," she admitted with silent tears on her blotched cheeks.

"She's your sister. Of course you expect the best of her but please visit her. Her execution will be taking place at 3 pm," I said trying to give her a smile. I did exactly Mikael said to do if a situation like this should arise. Detach one's self from the equation and do your duty as their queen. I pray I never have to do this again. It took everything in me to be straight forward about the situation. After reaching out to her mate, I left the two and returned to the office to finalize and package the documents. Lunch was delivered to me which I only ate to help give nutrients to my pup. The absence of Mikael was taking a toll on me. I missed him.

Closing my eyes, I cautiously reached out to him and immediately felt his bond. The wave of sadness that filled my body was enough to bring me to tears. I said nothing, deciding to keep my worries to myself not wanting to burden him anymore.

'I found him.'

That was all he said to me in a broken voice before cutting our bond. The ache was there but I moved on with it as a sign of support for my mate. He needed this time. He needed to heal.

1 pm

Execution of prisoner C-39.

My hands shook as I stood on the platform behind the prison awaiting the soldiers to bring the hound out. I had to detach myself for this. Mikael wasn't here to be my strength, I had to be strong on my own.
The slamming of the steel doors brought me out of my musings. Behind was a heavily reinforced pole with heavy silver shackles to bound the prisoner by his or her neck. Four hybrids approached me with the sleeping hound on a stretcher and proceeded to shackle her to the pole. They positioned themselves at the four corners of the platform while Alpha Jonathon, his son JJ and the pack doctor took their positions before the hound. With a wave of my hand over the hound, she woke up a bit disoriented then began to snarl and barked, trying its best to be let free.

"Bare witness as the last hound created by Shia Lancome, once Rachel Barone a human, be executed by her majesty, Elena Illiana Monroe, Hybrid Queen of all supernaturals. As documented and proven both scientifically and physically there are no human traits in the hound. As a threat to each specie under the royal crown and the humans we share this earth with, death is the solution." Alpha Jonathon gave me a sharp nod to proceed. Taking a deep breath, I focused on her heart, I can hear the fast beating of it then the painful whimper when I began the compression on the organ. Seconds went by as we all watched as the hound fell to the ground, whimpering and whining, flailing on the concrete platform as I continued my pressure. Five minutes later the lifeless body of the hound laid on the platform for us all to see.

I knew she was dead but record must show this. The pack doctor did his own validation and noted the time and date of its death.

Silently I sent a prayer to the goddess, to guide Rachel's soul accordingly and to give her peace.

'It's over, love. I'm going home soon,' I relayed to Mikael. On my way back to the house so I can get ready for the ceremony in a few hours. I needed that quiet time to get my bearings straight. Mia's execution was being done by Jonathon after I asked this of him, I was drained and couldn't push myself any further.

Lying in bed with my mate's shirt on my body after a warm shower, I can feel all the tension leave my body. The day was challenging but I was confident enough to say, this was the end. It was over. Now, we can move on with our new lives.

Not expecting a reply from my earlier message, I was shocked and pleased when I heard his voice.

'I am too. Thank you for allowing me this time with my grief. I-I found his body. He deserved a better resting place than the hallway of our old home. I buried him near our favorite place,' he said. I can hear the sadness in his voice but the relief of doing something good.

'Tell me about your favorite place,' I asked gently.

'You'll love it, my Lena. It's a few miles away from our pack hidden by high bushes. There's a little brook with so much wildflowers lining the bank where you can see many butterflies playing with each other. Even squirrels playing in the trees and the birds sitting on branches taking a nap. It's so peaceful here,' he answered.

'That sounds so beautiful.'

Nothing was said but I can feel the sense of calm wash over me and I know it was him accepting the past and embracing the future.
He now had a place to call home, a family to call his own and a role he was born to fulfill. My Mikael. My Dimitri Mikael Vincent Romano, my mate, my love has found a place where he's loved and is truly blessed.

'Lena, Lena. My beautiful Elena. I love you with all my heart and to think I wanted to set you free. Thank you for not giving up on me. The goddess gave me the perfect queen to rule by my side and not one but two sons to welcome in the new generation. We have a kingdom to rule, my love. Are you ready for it all?' he asked. The emotions that coated each of his words made me tear up and filled my heart with pride.

'Yes. With you by my side I will always be ready,' I replied.

'My queen.'

I can feel his power and I knew that it wasn't just for me but for the entire kingdom. Each supernatural in return was welcoming him, accepting him. A joyous laugh escaped me when the occupants of the alpha house and the surroundings began to howl and cheer. Chants began. They were waiting for this moment. To feel his calm presence, his calm and content announcement without any added pressure of danger. Mikael's laugh filtered through my mind, my heart fluttered just by that laugh.


The chants verbrated through out the house. Through out the chants, I quickly donned a pants and rushed out to the balcony. Below me, in the backyard of the alpha house were werewolves, hybrids and vampires chanting with joyous expression on their faces. Upon seeing me, they cheered even louder. I sent the view to Mikael through our shared vision of our mind's eye.

'Our people,' he said with a laugh.

The people have spoken. They have been waiting for years to celebrate this moment. I was proud to be part of it and to be in love with that man.

Proud to call him mine and the father to my sons.

Dimitri Romano.

Their new KING.

The End.

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