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Chapter 9

The following are the personal Point Of View of our leading couple. Maybe supporting characters also.
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I was nervous.
Shia gave me a nudge, the signal to actually get out of the vehicle.
Currently, I was seated outside of my mate's home eyeing the front door and the second car in the driveway. Her father was already there. This was a new thing for me. Meeting the parents' scenario not to mention a relationship outside of my normal male friendships. I was not versed in knowing what to say to them, how to flirt as you can say but I think I did well earlier today. Elena welcomed my forwardness and I completely accepted her need for honesty.
Winding down the window I instantly got the strong dominant wolf scent. "He's an Alpha," I simply stated.
"Nothing less for the king of wolves," Jakobe teased.
"King or not. I am still considered a man that is now mated to his daughter. The only one as Lena pointed out, "I returned stifling a groan. Tugging at the hem of my cotton shirt I clambered out of the van and stood at the foot of the concrete stairs.
"We won't be far..."
"I will be fine," I said cutting him off. They were all overprotective of me and I understood why but sometimes it can be suffocating.
They all looked at me for a second before driving off. Taking a deep breath I strode up to the front door ready to ring the doorbell but someone was ahead of me. The door swung open to reveal Elena bouncing on her toes with the brightest smile on her face. Her green eyes so expressive showed her excitement and adoration as she looked at me. My heart was racing, my mind just couldn't keep up with all the emotions coming at them. Dressed in white with blue embroidered bohemian short dress she was perfection in my eyes. Her dark springy curls framed her face while brushing against her back.
"Mikael," My name came out as a whisper pass her pink glossed lips. A lustful growl escaped me. I couldn't help it. She was gorgeous in every way.
"Lena" Unable to tear my gaze away from hers I lowered my lips to hers, brushing them lightly against each other. Slowly she ran her delicate hands up my arms to lock them around my neck. Her slender fingers began to play with my hair then she stopped. I felt her lips pout, "You got a haircut," she said softly.
"Do you not like it?" I asked not wanting to displease her.
"I do but I liked how long it was earlier,"
"Noted," With my last word I claimed her lips, groaning in relief and pleasure as the telltale tingles went from my lips all through my body. Her lips were slightly chilled and tasted fruity. Using my tongue I teased her lips to open for me, wanting to taste her more. Heated breath welcomed my intrusion along with satisfied moans. Her hands were tugging at my hair when the hunger and passion threatened to take over us. Wrapping my arms around her lush body, I heard her groan when she felt the hardness of my body. Holding her tighter to my body, I let myself get carried away. Gently I brushed my lips alongside her jaw to place soft kisses on her ear then pressed them against her neck. Allowing Dante to the surface he nipped the tender skin below her jaw causing her to gasp in shock. He growled possessively when the scent of her arousal reached us. "Mine."
"Yours," she breathed out extracting herself from my tight embrace but she didn't move away completely. Dark eyes met Dante's amber ones, allowing Dante to be with his wolf mate in human form I was content to watch their interaction. "We have a lifetime to be like this but now our father waits," Elena's soft husky voice wasn't what I heard but the melodic voice of Tara.
"You're right my love," Dante said kissing her lips chastely before allowing me to take over once more. The green eyes that I loved returned full of mirth and calmness. Taking my hand she led me in, closing the door before pulling me to the sitting room. The few hours I spent with her earlier in the day, I dubbed this room my favorite. Two walls were filled with books, floor to ceiling. An overstuffed L shaped sofa on one side with warm lighting. Two throw blankets were neatly folded and were placed on the ottoman while the coffee table had a pitcher of fruit punch. My eyes fell on the man who was now approaching us. His eyes were wary as they switched between me and Lena.
"Your majesty," His greeting was full of respect and confusion as he bowed before me.
"Dimitri is fine sir," I said offering him my hand.
"When Ellie mentioned that her mate was respected I didn't expect the king himself. I'm Elias Monroe. It's an honor to meet you, son," The man had a strong grip but non-threatening. My nerves were non-existent when we began to speak about his line of work. I was surprised that it was him my father's Beta contacted for our present homes. With a kiss on my cheek, Lena left me with her father to return to the kitchen. I couldn't help but stare as she walked away. How can one person change your way of thinking and your demeanor so quickly?
"Is she all that you hoped for?" Elias' voice cut through my musings of Elena. I turned to him, my face heating up in embarrassment.
"My dreams can't compare to her. She brought me down to my knees when we first met. I was hers then and there but I was still in fear," I explained. It felt good to talk to someone about my hidden feelings. My friends tried to understand but I saw on their faces that they were trying.
"Of what is happening to your bloodline?" he asked. My eyes widen at his correct assumption.
"I may not have a pack of my own but the safety of all nomads here is my responsibility. Ellie sees it as her own also but I can't put that weight on her shoulders. She's still new to her own kind," Elias' eyes grew sad before a humorless laugh escaped him. "She has a long way to go Dimitri. Are you willing to stay by her side? I know she will stay by yours. She's loyal to those who she holds close," he continued.
"I am. She's my world now sir." I knew I didn't need to say anything else. I was told I wore my heart on my sleeve. Elias was surely seeing the dedication and adoration I had for his daughter.
"She's mine also. My gift from my mate. Cherish her Dimitri."
"I will sir till my last breath," I gave him my word that moment and so did Dante to his wolf. Elena was more precious than gold to them. They trusted me to protect her and I will do so.
"Dinner's ready!!" Elena's bubbly exclamation by the door broke the seriousness of our conversation. Turning to her we both smiled her way as she beckoned us to the dining room.

So far so good.
I couldn't help the smile on my face as we all sat down to dinner. Dad sat at the head of the table while Mikael and I sat beside each other on his right. His eyes were bright with pride and excitement as he looked on at us. After sending our thanks to the moon goddess, I dutifully began to serve dinner. Dad simply sat back and allowed me to do as I please with a wistful smile on his face. For years he keeps telling me it wasn't necessary but I always see how tearful he becomes when I do it.
It was a routine my mother did every night at dinner.
"Lena, it's alright. You cooked. Let us do that," The soft controlled voice of my mate made me shudder in complete surrender. It didn't help that he was right near my ear. I felt my cheeks heat up in both arousal and embarrassment by my reaction. I eyed him through my thick lashes seeing his furrowed brows, shaking my head subtly I denied him the knife and two-prong fork for the roasted chicken.
"She won't back down. It's..." Dad started to say but couldn't continue.
"My mother used to do this. I wanted to continue to keep her with us," I said softly placing a portion of pesto on Mikael's plate. Catching his eye, I saw how soft his grey eyes became filled with understanding. I remembered that he too lost his mother around the same age as me. He sat back and watched me served my father and himself before I fixed my plate.
Dinner conversation flowed so easily after that unexpected moment. Throughout dinner, he found ways to subtly touch me and kiss me. It felt like he was checking to make sure that I was real and not an illusion.
"Are you worried?"
The serious tone had me pausing as I poured dad's after dinner brandy. The question was for my mate. Mikael took my hand in his and zeroed in on the joining of the two on the table.
"Terribly so. By now everyone will know that a queen has been chosen. Whoever is hell-bent on seeing the royal bloodline end, will surely search for her. Knowing that made me hesitant about finding Lena and accepting her. I just wanted her safe and away from me no matter how bad it will pain me," His grip on my hand became tighter, he was still scared.
"And it would have killed me to know you're here and can't be with you," I said out loud.
His grey eyes met my green ones, he smiled in relief probably seeing how sure I was with my decision.
"I promise Lena, I will keep you safe. You are all that I have left in this world my Lena," Slowly he brought my hand to his lips kissing my fingers then my palm. That show of affection weakened me greatly, my heart pounding against my chest painfully beautiful. Closing my eyes I followed each electrifying current flow through my body residing in my heart which was now his.
Knowing my father was still there I turned to him. Whatever he saw in my eyes he nodded. I knew he saw the same determination in my eyes that was now in Mikael's.
"I won't alert anyone of your presence. I will put the word out as refugee wolves seeking asylum in the town. There are five alphas surrounding the town and they lead the security for us with my help. Once I mention that Ellie here has found her mate they will readily beef up security," Dad explained.
My cheeks heat up with his last statement, he laughed at my discomfort but I knew he was proud as to why the alphas will go above an beyond for me.
Mikael watched on with amusement silently wanting to know what was going on.
"She didn't tell you? My Ellie here was asked by all five alphas to form her own pack within the town. They admire her safety plans, her grade-A fighting skills and her love for everyone," Dad explained with the widest smile on his face.
"Lena! That's incredible!" My mate exclaimed kissing me soundly. Goddess, I will never tire of his lips on mine. Pulling back I was at loss for words by the pure pride I saw in his eyes. To see it from my father was one thing but by my mate ... I was knocked for six. It made me feel so damn good about myself. I didn't want him to think of me as a weak she-wolf I was strong in own right.
"Thank you," I whispered brushing my fingers against his cheek, feeling the stretch of his skin as he grinned.
"I think it's a grand idea. It will keep any nomad safe but it's all up to you Ellie,"
Falling into my mate's arms I kept my eyes on him as I spoke. I was struggling with the decision for the past few weeks but meeting Mikael and hearing the situation; the decision came easy then. Tara and I thought it through carefully today and decided to go ahead with it. "I think so too daddy. A new pack with a new alpha and luna."
It took a few seconds for him to catch on. The laughter that escaped him was of pure joy and relief. Shaking his head at my plan he kissed my head and held me close.
"My smart Lena."
"You mean your smart alpha," I retorted.
"Forgive me my love, my smart alpha," he returned with an amused chuckle.
Hiding in plain sight.
The oldest trick in the book.
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