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Chapter 17. - Exquisite

Lukas helped me onto the back of his motorcycle, and pulled my arms around his waist. I no longer felt like I was clutching on for dear life, but rather hugging my-


“Are you ready?” He asked, his voice carrying over his shoulder over the roar of the engine below us. I tapped his stomach twice as an encouragement, not ashamed to admit that my hands lingered a little longer than necessary over the flat squares of his defined abs. “Hang tight!”

And just like that, we were off once more.

I snuggled close to him for most of the ride, with my eyes closed, just enjoying the way Lukas’ warm body felt against mine, and the breeze that snuck under our clothes to caress us around a steeper corner.

We stopped in front of a large building, with two sides made entirely of glass. There was no light coming from it, so I couldn’t see inside as Lukas drove us around to the back. The motorcycle came to a stop, and I jumped off first, before he gracefully kicked it to a standing position, and lifted himself off.

“Where are we?” I asked, handing him the helmet that was now a part of me, and fluffing my poor hair underneath to make me look at least a tiny bit acceptable. There were no writings on the side of the two-story building, only solid, dark grey stone walls.

And yet, despite the rough appearance, it wasn’t uninviting.

“You’ll see.” Lukas had a small smile playing on the corner of his bubblegum colored lips. He held his hand out for me, and I intertwined our fingers as we walked through the back door of the mystery place. While Lukas had a key to it, this hardly seemed like his home – partly because of the location, and also because of the giant parking lot behind it. We were in a public establishment of sorts, but I didn’t know where, until he flicked a switch, illuminating the entire floor around us.

There were paintings hanging from every surface, statues lining up the walkways in between. Extraordinary inventions were strategically positioned around the open space, and little couches sat in front of a few of them, giving the admirer a chance to catch their breaths.

I turned to look back at Lukas, who was - despite the beauty around us - starting at me.

“What do you think?”

“It’s…” I trailed off, turning back to the magic all around. The right words wouldn’t come to me, no matter how much I’ve tried. Of course, I’ve been to my fair share of art galleries, and exhibitions, but the raw talent of every single little piece around kicked my brain into overdrive. “Why is there no one else here?”

From the corner of my eye, I saw Lukas shrug. “It’s closed.” He said simply.

My brows lifted in question. “But you have a key.”

Lukas nodded. “Correct.” He grinned. “I’m one of the benefactors.”

I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t hide the small smile playing on the corners of my lips. “So you are.”

He shrugged casually, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “The exhibition won’t open until Wednesday.” We started walking around the room, stopping in front of certain pieces, examining them longer than others.

I stood with my side to him, inhaling the art - and the feelings that come along with it. Noticing the emotions, and trying to figure out the story behind every painting, every statue, every knick-knack in the vast vicinity of us. “It’s beautiful.” I said, stopping in front of a painting of a woman. I’ve always enjoyed art, but my favorites were the ones that showed humans. They somehow captured their facial expressions, their feelings, telling a never ending tale that the artist wanted to commemorate for all eternity.

There was no music playing around us, no chatter of the usual crowd. The outside noises could not be heard. It was as if we were in our own magical buble - the only sound is the symphony of our breathing, and my pounding heartbeat roaring in my ear.

Somehow, the intimate expression on the woman’s face translated into something very real. Something that I’ve felt from the top of my head, all the way down to my toes.

We left things off abruptly in the hills. But then again, we were too close to the road - too exposed. But here... Here, it was just Lukas and I. We were exclusively alone.

Slowly, I turned my head towards him. Even in my heels, I barely reached above his shoulder. His body was built, too muscular for your average rock star. He was almost too tall, too lanky, but his wide shoulders, impressive pecks, and thick thighs made up for it. Lukas looked more like an athlete than a guitarist, and if it weren’t for the many tattoos of songs and musical symbols decorating his arms, I wouldn’t have guessed what he did for a living.

If, of course, I didn’t know that he was Lukas-fucking-LaBelle.

“You’re staring.” Lukas murmured, keeping his eyes on the painting in front of us.

And I didn’t stop. I memorized every single piece of hair, every curve along his jaw, and the way it ticked when he wanted to say something but he held back. I watched his head tilt to the side when he looked at a piece that wasn’t straight, or how his fingers drummed a rhythm absentmindedly the whole time we’ve been here. I noticed how his breathing changed when he realized I wasn’t going to stop looking at him.

Lukas glanced down at me, and held out his hand.

I took it without hesitation. He led me up the stairs, and to my surprise, we didn’t stop at the second floor, although, that was as far as the stairs would take us. With this help, I climbed up a ladder hidden in the crook of the wall.

The attic was so low, I couldn’t stand up straight. But then again, that was how it was meant to be. The wall made out of glass extended and wrapped around the top of the building, just so it could provide a perfect view of the city lights from this secret, magical nook.

Lukas slipped off his jacket, and placed it on the ground for us to sit on.

He sat between my legs, with his back to my front, his head resting against my chest. I supposed, he wasn’t exactly on his coat, but that didn’t seem to bother him. “Will this be open to the public too?” I wondered, aloud.

I felt him shake his head, and somehow, my fingers found their way into his blonde curls. “Absolutely not. This is just for… us.”

I smiled. “And whoever else decides to explore the ladder in the corner.”

We sat in silence for God knew how long. Just enjoying each other, the night, the quiet all around us. The part of the city we lived in wasn’t particularly noisy, but I’ve never in my life have felt something so quiet.

“Ask me something.” Lukas whispered, breaking the silence.

My brows crinkled as I thought of a question I didn’t already know the answer to about him. Unlike Lukas, I’ve had nearly a decade to prepare myself with knowledge about my date, and there was very little he’s done that wasn’t sprawled across magazines and gossip blogs all around the globe.

“What does it feel like to be Lukas LaBelle?” I found myself whispering back, finally, saying his name with wonder, like I’ve always done.

Lukas’ hands folded on abdomen, his long fingers beating out a quicker rhythm now.


I inhaled sharply. “But you have-”

He shook his head, before I could finish the sentence. “Brian has his wife. Ash and Jesse have each other, and a wonderful family behind them.” He was still whispering, as if saying these thoughts out loud would make them more scary than they were. “And I-” Lukas sighed. “-I’ve always been the extra fourth wheel, tagging along because I’ve had nowhere else to be.”

“That’s not true.” I reasoned. “You’re an incredible musician. And they all love you like you were their own brother.”

Lukas tilted his head to the side just enough so I could see his sad smile. “It doesn’t matter if they think of me like a brother. Blood is blood, Singapore. And they’ve always put each other first.”

I’ve always put you first - I wanted to say, but I bit my lip.

Instead, I bent down, and touched my lips against his forehead. My eyes closed on their own accord, my breath coming out in small puffs as my mouth made a soft path down his nose, followed by his cheeks, and finally, came to a stop over Lukas’ mouth. “No one kisses me like you do, London.” He whispered, his words barely above a rasp.

Then, his lips crashed against mine.

Everything happened so quick. One moment, I was bent over a lying Lukas LaBelle, wondering if I should’ve kissed him or not, the next, he was kneeling in front of me, pulling me up with him as his tongue tickled my lips, asking for entrance. I opened my mouth, and he deepened the kiss, his big, calloused hands sliding around my waist to pull me closer.

“London…” Lukas groaned, his words coming out as a question.

I knew what he was asking. “Yes.” I whispered back, my head falling back as his lips made their way down my neck. “Yes, Lukas…”

My jacket was pushed off my shoulders, Lukas’ hands guiding it to drop on the floor behind me, while mine were busy getting his shirt over his head. The moment his chest was bare, I was all claws, all stares, exploring every inch of his bare skin like a treasure map I’ve waited too long to uncover.

I knew what Lukas LaBelle looked like shirtless - of course, I knew! His picture from the Bahamas, the one where he paraded around in his swim trunk, was my background for a shamefully long time.

But there was seeing a picture… And then there was seeing him. In real life.

I didn’t think I was breathing anymore, inhaling him instead of air as he filled my mouth again with his tongue.

Everything was too much - yet not enough.

I pulled him to me, yanking Lukas closer until he was flush against my body. He laid me back, my naked back breaking out in goosebumps over his leather jacket, as Lukas whipped my shirt over my head. My pants were next, his fingers making quick work of popping the button of my jeans, and pressing them down.

I kicked off my shoes, and Lukas crawled off of me long enough to pull down my skinny jeans. His followed in one of the small piles we were building around us.

He kissed a path starting from my thighs, over my hip bone, along my stomach. In a true man’s fashion, Lukas took his time around my breasts, and while there wasn’t a whole lot there to play with, the scorching look in his golden eyes made me feel like a supermodel. One big hand slid over my skin, following the underline of my bra. My back bowed from the ground, letting him continue his path.


And just like that my bra came loose, and before I’ve had a chance to double-guess myself, he already had it tossed to the side. “Absolutely exquisite.” Lukas whispered in wonder as his gaze traveled along my almost naked body.

There was only one thing left, separating me from him, and he took to removing that next. Lukas’ long body moved gracefully down, over my body, balancing himself on his elbows, as he licked the same path as previously on the other side of me.

By the time his mouth reached my cotton undies, they were soaked.

I knew he noticed, because a cocky half-smile spread over his swollen lips as he inhaled. And I knew he knew I knew he noticed, when he winked up at me in approval. Then his teeth hooked into the waistline, and Lukas pulled.

I lifted my hips, urging him on, so turned on I nearly saw double of him. But I kept my eyes wide open, wanting to memorize every second, every movement, every little - well, and not so little - part of him I could catch.

With his mouth, he maneuvered my panties over my hips, then yanked them the rest of the way down my legs using his hand. His lips were too busy with-

-I yelped in surprise and in pure adulterated joy.

Lukas’ long, pink tongue reached out to lick me. Once, twice, three times, before my back bowed off the ground again. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, my vision blurring as a never before experienced level of excitement shook me to my very core.

I’ve never wanted anyone or anything so much in my life… And now that he was here, it was even better than any of my fantasies. And I’ve had a lot of those over the years

“Not yet.” Lukas murmured, snapping me back to reality. My hand reached out on its own, wanting to grab a hold of his blonde head and yank him back to finish what he started, when he appeared above me. “Impatient little thing, aren’t you?” He grinned, his eyes nearly glowing in the low lighting coming only from the city around us.

“I’ve waited way too long for this…” I thought, then realized I’ve actually said it out loud.

Before I could take my words back, Lukas’ lips crashed against mine. This time, my fingers did tangle into his light curls, and I used whatever strength remained in my quivering body to press myself into him. My hips lifted off the floor, seeking out contact with his. My tongue wrested with Lukas’, while his hand came to grab a hold of my hair.

He pulled, and I moaned at the sensation, wanting to deepen the kiss, before I realized that he actually meant to pull me off.

Frowning, I let go of him.

“One second, baby!” Lukas groaned, doing a push up on top of me to get himself into a sitting position. He must’ve seen the look on my face, because he reached down to caress my cheek. “And don’t look at me like that! I’ll be right back.”

He moved over to where his pants were laying, producing a condom, because duh. I was glad at least one of us kept our heads on, because I was just about ready to have Lukas LaBelle’s babies.

Standing, he pushed his briefs down, ripped the package, and quickly rolled the condom over his-

-I wasn’t going to pretend that I wasn’t staring.

Lukas didn’t lie. He was bigger than what I imagined. And his ass! I totally got that wrong too.

I made a mental note to myself to burn - well, maybe not burn burn, but put to a different location - all of the paintings I’ve made of him when I got back to my studio. I’ve had the view to do it right this time around.

Only when I moved my gaze up to his eyes, did I notice he’s been staring at me the whole time too. “You like what you see, Montreal?”

I grinned, nodding rapidly. “You don’t think you could carve out some time from your schedule to visit my studio, do you?”

Lukas cocked a brow at me. “Are you planning to sell my ass?”

I chuckled. “Never.” I replied, meaning it.

He took two steps, and was back next to me, but instead of taking the position he just left, he flipped us over again. This time, he was sitting on the jacket, and I was straddling his lap. His golden eyes were no longer laughing - the emotion in them was something much more serious. Carnal, male desire. “You comfortable?”

“Not yet…” I whispered, admitting the truth. I wasn’t, and I wouldn’t be, until this terrible ache inside of me went away. Lukas grabbed my hips, and lifted me, fisting himself in his other hand. I balanced my weight on my knees, before lowering myself over him.

We gasped at the same time, as my body slid down against his, accepting him inside of me.

Holy fucking fuck! For a couple long heartbeats, I couldn’t breathe. The sensation was too much, too uncomfortable and bordering on pain. My nails dug into his shoulders, and I felt him tense as he held my hips with both hands now, gently lifting me.

“No!” I breathed, closing my eyes tightly. “Just give me a second…”

He continued holding me, helping me manage my weight on top of him, while his forehead came to rest against mine. I was barely breathing, and Lukas was peppering small kisses along my jawline, and down my neck.

I let out a small sigh, when his lips grazed the bottom of my earlobe. I felt his tongue dart out to lick it, and I shuddered, breaking out in goosebumps. “Ticklish?” Lukas laughed quietly.


Slowly, I started to raise myself up, before sliding down his length again. I repeated the motion, and this time, the discomfort was replaced by this sensation I’ve had no brain cells to name. It started to feel fucking incredible.

Lukas let me control the movements, how fast I was going up and down on him, and how deep I let him inside me. His hands were still on my hips, but only to support me when my thighs got too shaky. He didn’t try to take over control, letting me lead and do whatever I wanted to him.

As my movements quickened, a pending orgasm built inside me. Over and over, I found myself dropping lower down on his lap, taking him all the way.

Lukas hissed when I came down especially hard on him, but he didn’t say anything. He was basically letting me use him as a human dildo - and a very enlarged one at that. His thick cock hit the spot every single time, and I found myself moaning along with every gyration of my hips. The moment built and built, until everything tightened-

My vision went white. My whole body squeezed, as I rode out my orgasm, continuing to bounce up and down on him, as I held onto him. My sensitive breasts grazed his chest with every movement, my nipples hardening to the point of pain, my nails digging impossibly deep while explosions went off inside of me.

I was gasping, out of breath, and my muscles no longer functioning when I came down from my height.

“Ethereal…” I heard Lukas murmur in wonder, as I lifted my head just enough to look up at him.

While I’ve had my eyes closed, he has been watching me the whole time. And he thought I was heavenly! I managed a small smile, and let him shift us. He laid back, taking me along with him, still joined together in the most perfect way.

“Ready for one more?” Lukas chuckled lightly as I shook my head, but he started to move anyway, his hips pistoning up into me.

I wouldn’t have thought it was possible this quickly, but as soon as his fingers touched me there, a second wave hit. This time, he came along with me, our orgasms strengthening each others as I felt him twitch, then release inside me.

Afterwards, we laid panting, my chest on Lukas’ chest as he drew a path down my back, with traces of rhythms incorporated in them. I didn’t know Morse Code, but I recognized that this pattern was my definition of falling in love.

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