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Chapter 22. - Booty Call

I was in the bathroom, undressed, and wet in a matter of… Well, I wasn’t really sure how long. But it felt quick to me! I stood under the water, and let it pour over me, until the tiles on the ground stopped spinning. Once I was washed and scrubbed clean, I jumped out, and quickly brushed my teeth. I was midway in drying my hair, bent over with my naked butt in the air, when the door opened.

The person froze, then closed the door behind them. The familiar click of the lock sent a shiver down my spine.

“If this is what girls’ nights are about, sign me up.” Lukas groaned, his big hand coming to rest on my hip as he stepped closer. I straightened, looking at him through the mirror. “You’re quite the view.”

I felt him step closer to me, his worn jeans tickling the back of my leg. One big hand spayed over my lower back, gently pushing me back down, cutting off my view of him. “Stay exactly how you are, Miami.” Lukas’ voice was low and smooth as his long fingers wound against the drier in my hand, taking it from me, and placing it safely on the counter.

I remained still, despite my urge to stand up and cover myself. My curiosity was stronger, and so was the pull I always felt around him.

Lukas’ fingers trailed down my arms, straightening them as he went. I placed my open palms on the ground in front of me. “Hold on tight!” Lukas whispered, his curls tickling the outside of my thigh. He was crutched down behind me, his face exactly in line with-

-Oh, God!

I groaned as his tongue sneaked out, and licked a path up on the back of my leg – from my left knee, all the way up to my butt cheeks. I would’ve blushed deeply if it weren’t for the fact that all the blood in my body was now busy throbbing between my legs.

I was sure he could see it – the way my pussy tightened and released around the empty air.

But if he noticed, Lukas didn’t hurry the process up. He took his time, using both of his calloused hands to caress my legs, drawing patterns onto my skin. His touch was soft and feather like, as if I was precious china he didn’t want to break.

His mouth was plump and gentle as he peppered little kisses all over my heated skin. I groaned again, widening my stance, so my feet were placed a little further apart. I was shamelessly thrusting myself into his face – and I was sure I would be embarrassed about my actions in the morning, but right now, the wine was still cruising encouragingly in my veins.

And I was turned on like crazy.

Lukas chuckled behind me, his big hands grabbing onto my hips to hold me in place. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll make you feel good.” His adulterated promise was dripping with the kind of heat I’ve only experienced during his most passionate riffs. I closed my eyes, and let him take over.

His tongue came down on me slowly, teasing me, tasting me, as my body hummed in appreciation. He licked my clit, and I nearly jumped – but his strong hands held me in place. His tongue flicked over the swollen nub, again and again, making my head spin.

A soft moan left my lips, and I felt my legs shake under me, threatening to give out.

All at once, his whole mouth crashed against me, as if he was making out with my most intimate parts. Lukas’ kisses were deep, passionate, and practiced, giving me just enough that I started to spiral. My hips gyrated in synch with his lips, trying to get closer, trying to get more. My nails dug into the tile, toes curling as my body absorbed Lukas’ lavish attention.

He kept up the punishing rhythm, building my orgasm up further and further, until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Long fingers dug into my hips, keeping me still as I writhed against his mouth. I bit down on my lower lip hard to keep from screaming as my whole body tensed, before everything came crashing down.

I was panting. “Holy shit…”

I calmed down slowly, still breathing heavy, while Lukas massaged my legs to bring them back to life. I straightened up, wobbling on my numb limbs, before strong arms came around me. Lukas lifted me easily, and set me on the counter, stepping between my open thighs.

“Hello to you too.” I said, breathlessly.

His smile was brilliant, his golden eyes dancing with pure male delight. I couldn’t help but admire the sexy glisten on his pink lips. “Is this why you texted me tonight?” He asked, his voice gentle and low – so the others couldn’t hear.

I shook my head. “But it turned out way better than I thought!”

Lukas cocked his head to the side, his gaze traveling down my neck as he caressed the damp hair around my collarbones. “Did you miss me?”

I would’ve missed his question if it weren’t for the fact that he was stood so close. Slowly, I nodded. “Always.” I admitted, because I was still buzzing from the wine and from the orgasm he gave me.

His answering smile was bittersweet, his eyes slowly filling with regret as he whispered. “I’ll have to go on tour soon.”


I knew that too. Their tours usually lasted six months, or sometimes even longer, as they traveled all over the world. I was aware that after their new album came out, they’d be busy promoting it for a few weeks, before a tour would be announced. I, myself, used to wait on the edge of my seat for those tickets to be made public, so I could go see them.

I swallowed. I didn’t want to think about him leaving, and I sure as hell didn’t want to think about the conversation we’d have to have before he would go. If he was even going to want to have one.

We were together right now, and I needed to enjoy the moment. Especially since I didn’t know how many more like this I could get. “But you’re still here now.”

Slowly, he nodded. “Yes. I am.”

My arms wrapped around his neck, my finger playing with the hair at the nape of his neck as my heart squeezed. I loved him. I loved him so damn much… And I just wanted us to be like this, forever.

“Let’s get you dressed.” Lukas was the first one to break the silence, pulling back from me slightly. “The others are probably catching onto what we’re doing here.”

I grinned. After the countless nights Callie has kept me up with her male companions, revenge sure did taste sweet!

There was a banging on the door. “Are you two decent?!” Jesse’s voice came through. “I gotta piss!”

I huffed. Way to ruin the moment.

Lukas took a step back, and I slid off the counter, more sure on my feet now. I pulled on some panties, and this cute silk pajama short set Callie got for me a long time ago – and I’ve never had a man to wear it for until now. But by the way Lukas’ eyes lingered on particular parts of my anatomy, they were worth every penny she spent.

He splashed some water on his face, while I ran a comb through my damp hair. There was something oddly satisfying about doing normal things with a rock star.

Sadly though, reality wasn’t far behind. The banging continued, and so our little special moments were numbered.

“Ready?” Lukas turned to me, his golden eyes sated, his lids hooded, and lips swollen. He looked like sex on legs.

I nodded.

Lukas opened the door, letting me out first as Jesse stepped in. “I totally know what you two just did in here!” He grinned, holding up a fist for Lukas, who glanced at me briefly, before bumping his knuckled against it.

“Stop creeping and get your own girl.” Lukas told him, ushering me out to the living room, where both Callie and Ginger laid on their stomachs, gazing up at him with lustful wonder in their eyes.

“Which one is your room?” Lukas asked, eyeing the two bedrooms at the end of the hall. I pointed toward the right one, and he strolled confidently into it, inviting himself into my personal space. I prayed to whatever god was listening that my life sized cardboard cutout Lukas figure would just suddenly evaporate into thin air…

“Quit staring at him!” I whisper-yelled at Callie, who was blatantly checking out Lukas’ retreating ass.

She sighed dreamily. “I can’t help it - he’s so cute with you! Now he’s making me rethink my Hazmat choices.”

I rolled my eyes. “You two need counseling.” I informed them, but hugged my horndog friends goodnight anyways, and followed Lukas into my room.

I found him staring at himself, Lukas’ face pressed right up against Lukas’ face as he observed every little inch. I closed the door gently, making my presence known. There was officially no one looking out for me up there…

“My biceps are definitely much bigger.” He murmured, staring at his own arms, then back at the cutout’s. “And my shoulders.”

“This-“ I cleared my throat. “-is about three years old?” Two years, ten months and about twenty-one days have passed since the concert I’ve purchased this on. But who was counting?!

Lukas nodded. “Makes sense. That’s when I really started bulking up.”

I was very much aware of the way Lukas LaBelle’s body has evolved over the years – but of course, I didn’t say that out loud. I didn’t want to sound like a total stalker or something!

Lukas turned around, facing me. “So you sleep with that every night?” He asked, his pink lips pulled into a half smile as he pointed at himself. I nodded. “Lucky fucker…” He teased, then took it a step further when his fingers hooked onto the waistband of his hoodie.

My heart sped up as he pulled the black material over his head, and tossed it to the side – leaving his very well defined chest on display for me. Despite the events that just occurred in my bathroom, my body was craving him again.

“Can I spend the night?” He surprised me by asking, and again, I nodded.

Lukas LaBelle could do whatever the hell he wanted. Literally, anything.

I watched as his long fingers unbuttoned his jeans, untied his shoes, and kicked them to the side. I stared at him in fascination, longing, and need until he was in nothing but a pair of tight, light blue pair of briefs.

“Up here, baby.” Lukas chuckled, pointing up at his gorgeous golden pools. He walked confidently to my bed, pulled the sheets back, and climbed on. “Which side do you prefer?”

Despite having his tongue inside me while I was folded over, buck naked, in the middle of a bathroom, with three people eavesdropping on the other side of the door - added to the few other naughty things we’ve done in the past -, Lukas and I have never actually slept together.

I pointed to the pillows closer to the wall. Not that it really mattered - I would’ve slept on the floor if it meant he would stay.

Lukas petted the bed, staring up at me. “Come on, then.”

To get into the little nook, I had to climb over him – which was a nuisance I willingly endured for the good of all. Only when I settled in on my side, facing Lukas, did he speak again. “Why is everyone wearing Hazmat gear out there?”

I giggled. “Jesse brought it over. He thought we should all have matching pajamas on.”

His fingers trailed down the side of my body, outlining the contour of my curves. “And who did you have on?”

In the dark, I smiled, wishing I could see him better. “Ash.” I blinked.

I felt Lukas’ chest shake as he laughed. “Liar!” His hand tightened on my hip, pushing me to lie on my back.

“He’s my favorite member.” I breathed, as he crawled on top of me, my legs opening wide to accommodate the size of him. I felt his cock harden between my legs, and Lukas rubbed it against the silk of my tiny pajama bottoms. “Oh!” I gasped, as he thrusted forward.

“Let’s see what I can do to change your mind about that…”

My hands wound into his blonde curls, pulling his beautiful head down to mine. His lips were still swollen, puffy and soft as he opened them for me. His tongue sneaked into my mouth, thrusting with the same tempo as Lukas’ hips pumped against mine. My shorts came off, followed by his boxers.

Feeling his big, heavy body on top of mine, I was definitely up for that challenge.

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