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Chapter 37. - Teenage Dream


My pencil running over the thick paper, combined with my quick breaths were the only sounds in the room. Lukas remained completely still, only blinking as he watched me while I completed the second drawing of him, sprawled completely naked over my bed. I grinned when I got the curve of his butt perfectly down on paper, proud of myself for capturing him exactly as he was - masculine, yet beautiful.

I would’ve thought that someone like him would demand to put some music on while I worked, and while normally I enjoyed the beat, it felt wrong to have anything interrupt these important moments.

So I worked quietly, and Lukas LaBelle laid there like a daydream. My own personal favorite daydream.

“Can I see it?” He asked in a low voice once I set my pencil to the side.

I nodded, turning the sketchpad to face him, but he shook his head, his full lips pulling into a mischevious smile.

“Bring it closer, Santorini. I’m an old man.” He was teasing me, and I ate up every moment of it. Grinning, I hopped down on the bed next to him, watching his reaction as he took in the first and then the second drawing I’ve made of him today. “This is…” Lukas trailed off, considering the words in his head. “You are so fucking talented, I have no words.”

I smiled, tucking my hair behind my ears. “These are just raw sketches. I will use them to create paintings.”

Lukas’ brow lifted. “Are you going to sell those paintings?”

Truthfully, I was going to hang them over my bed, so I could always look at him, even when he wasn’t with me and remember how I felt in this exact moment.

I shook my head. “No. These are for me only.” I said instead, not wanting him to feel like I would ever invade his privacy that way. “You can have one if you’d like.”

“Can I have one of you?”

I blinked, caught off guard. “What?” I asked, unintelligently.

Lukas chuckled. “Well, I’d rather be looking at your bare ass, London. Besides-” He added. “-it’s only fair. Since you have so many nudes of me lying around.”

I wanted the ground to open right up and swallow me whole. “Uhm…” Lukas LaBelle had this effect on me. It was as if someone sucked my brain right out of my body, and nothing intelligent could pass through my lips.

“We’ll circle back to that later.” He promised, as he set my sketchbook down on the nightstand and reached for me.

The fact that he was completely naked while I remained fully clothes didn’t escape my notice, especially when Lukas pulled me under himself, lying me down on my back as he leaned over me to capture my lips. I gasped when his hard cock rested heavily on my thigh, and he used the momentum to press his tongue into my mouth.

The kiss was slow and sensual, despite us not haven’t had been together in a while, Lukas seemed patient and keen on taking his time.

His lips were soft and gentle, probing mine with kisses so mindnumbing I had no idea which way was up. My entire body was floating ten feet above the ground as he massaged me with that beautiful mouth of his. His fingers wrapped around mine, bringing our hands together in a movement that felt more intimate than the kiss itself, before he rested mine on his bare back.

Lukas caressed a path down my wrist, over my forearm and shoulder, and by the time he reached my collarbone and removed one strap of my overall, I was soaked.

I parted my legs, pushing my knees wider in a silent invitation, which he took. Lukas settled between my thighs, his erection now rubbing against my most sensitive parts. I moaned when he removed my other strap, his hand toying with the hem of my shirt while he rolled his hips in synch with his tongue.

My nails dug into his back, pulling him closer, moving in rhythm with him as I rubbed myself shamelessly all over him.

Lukas chuckled, raising himself on his elbows. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to ask this question but-” He grinned. “-when are your parents coming back?”

Despite the heart-stopping kisses he was showing me with just seconds ago, I laughed. “Not for a few more hours, I’d think.”

He nodded. “We better lock the door still.”

I watched his naked ass as he walked across the room, locking and checking my door to make sure it was parent-proof, before coming back over to me.

Lukas kneeled on the bed this time, unbuttoning my overalls and removing them, followed by the rest of my clothes. When I was naked under him, he grinned that satisfied, all-male smile. “I could get used to looking at you in a bed every night.”

My stupid heart skipped a beat, interpreting what he just said as if he meant that he wanted me in his bed every single night, for the rest of… Well, ever. The thought was obviously foolish, but given the rarity of these moments, I let myself believe it as he laid down over me once more, his mouth peppering kisses all over my breasts. Lukas grabbed a handful of both, squeezing them together gently as his pink tongue licked a path in between.

My back arched off the bed, a heavy sigh leaving my lips as my entire body broke out in goosebumps. “Please…” I whispered, pushing my hips against his in invitation.

“What would my lady like?” Lukas smirked up at me knowingly, his tongue snaking out once more to flick over one of my nipples, before repeating the movement with the other.

I moaned. “I think I’m going to explode.”

“That’s the plan, baby.”

I bucked my hips again in blatant invitation. “Please… I need you inside.” I was apparently shameless around him because the feeling of embarrassment was long left behind as I begged him to make love to me.

“Fuck, London.” Lukas cursed, crawling higher over my body so he could smooth my hair away from my face and lean down to kiss me once more. “How am I supposed to say no to that?”

“You’re not…” I whispered, panting as I pulled my face to his.

He tried to pull back, but I only tightened my hold. “It’s in my pocket, baby, just one sec-”

“No!” I breathed. “No condom.”

Lukas growled, his forehead dropping against mine as his cock pulsed against me, growing even bigger - if that was at all possible. “London, don’t tempt me!” He said, no longer teasing.

I shook my head, my fingers digging deeper into his blonde curls. “I’m not! I’m clean and protected. I want this so much…” I trailed off. “This is all I’ve ever wanted,” I added quietly, no longer able to filter my thoughts before they slipped out.


“Please!” I said again, speaking softly. “Please don’t make me ask again…”

Lukas groaned, his golden eyes blazing into mine, appearing lighter than I’ve ever seen them. He balanced his weight on one elbow, raised his free hand to his lips, licking two fingers before sliding them down my body. I watched as his hand disappeared between us, only to find my slick folds. He circled my clit, flicking it a couple of times until my moans were so loud, Lukas had to kiss me to silence them.

His fingers played with me, teasing me as I bucked under him, mindless with the pleasure he was giving me. One slipped inside first, probing me gently while he kissed me just right. A second finger joined the first, and this time, he curled them, pressing against that tender spot that made me see stars.

But he pulled away, just as I was about to fall over the edge. “Lukas-”

I started, but he cut me off with another kiss. He pulled back, just enough to align the head of his cock with my entrance, before he started pushing inside me.

I stilled, overwhelmed with the fullness I’ve missed so much. It’s been too long, and I needed a little time to adjust to the sheer size of him. Without me having to stay anything, Lukas sheated himself to the hilt, before pausing, giving us both a chance to catch our breaths. “Fuck, you feel so perfect, baby. You have no idea.” He murmured, trailing a path over my jawline before kissing my neck.

I held onto him, hugging him to me with my arms, my legs, my inside muscles.

I felt so full - not just my body, but my heart. My mind, for once, wasn’t racing with possibilities and questions of the future. Everything felt quiet and peaceful, and fucking perfect.

“Lukas, I think that-” I bit my lip. I wanted to tell him that I was so crazy in love with him I was going to die, but before the word could slip out, I decided against it. The first time I’ve said it, I turned my back on him and ran away.

The next time I would tell him, it would be perfect. Just as he was to me.

I didn’t want him to think that the words were purely out of lust, or because we were in the middle of a very heated, passionate moment. I wanted us both to be sober, with no distractions, so Lukas LaBelle knew that I meant them. That I really, really meant those words.

So instead of telling him that I loved him, I said. “-I think I’m close.” Which wasn’t a lie.

He moved inside me now, thrusting in and out gently, stroking me just the right way. One of his hands grabbed my head, tilting it to the side and angling me so he could kiss me just the way he wanted. The other held onto my leg, which he wrapped around his hip, the movement allowing him to slide in even deeper.

“Come on me, London.” Lukas groaned, his golden eyes never wandering away from my face. “I want to watch you when you give it up for me.”

I moaned, my pussy tightening around him at his words - gentle, yet filthy. Just like the rest of him.

A couple more rocks of his hips, and I tumbling over the edge, calling out his name as I exploded into a million stars orbiting the sun, before falling right back to Earth, to this bed, back into love with him.

“You are a work of art, London.” I glanced up at him and was knocked breathless when I saw the pure wonder in his eyes. He looked at me like one looked at fireworks - in marvel and complete awe.

Where he was slow and gentle before, Lukas started to pick up the rhythm, thrusting into me faster and faster, building the perfect momentum. My thighs quivered around him, and I felt weightless as the pleasure grew inside my tummy once more.

Lukas moved his hand from my thigh, skimming it and squeezing along the way as he brought his hand between us. He flattened his palm against my middle, his thumb reaching down to circle my clit as he continued moving inside me.

“Holy shit!” I gasped, my inside muscles tightening around him as my eyes rolled back. I didn’t think it would be possible to come again in this short period of time, yet here I was, wavering on the edge of another mindblowing orgasm as Lukas played my body like he played the strings of his guitar.

He rested his forehead against mine, his eyes so close to my own, all I saw was gold and fireworks. Our breaths mingled together as our bodies convulsed at the exact same moment. My inner muscles rippled, holding his cock tight as he orgasmed, emptying himself inside me.

This was the first and only time I have ever had a man without protection, and holy fuck, the difference! I felt every twitch, every vein, and ridge of that perfect part of him that continued pushing me over the edge again and again until I couldn’t tell where one orgasm ended and the other begun.

My entire body was still buzzing when I opened my eyes, little tingles racing down my spine as the shocks of my orgasms coursed through me. “I think I died and went to heaven,” I whispered, letting my legs fall open where they may.

Lukas was still inside me, holding himself above my body. He cocked his head to the side, a cheeky smile on his lips. “I am right there with you.” He confessed, his voice hinting at a different meaning behind those words.

“Can I ask you for something?”

Lukas nodded quickly. “Anything.”

I smiled. “I would never dare ask you to move but… I can’t breathe. I think you’ve squished me into the mattress.”

He chuckled, rolling us over so that he ended up on his back, with me on top of him, and we were still connected in the most primal way possible. I relaxed against his chest, reveling in the warmth that his body emitted. My nose nestled into that perfect spot where his neck met his traps, and I inhaled his scent, while Lukas stroked my back.

“Tired?” He wondered, and I nodded.

I had no idea just how exhausted I was. These last few days have really taken their toll on me, and for the first time since the night of the release party, I felt truly at peace. “Promise me you won’t sneak out while I nap.” I murmured against his skin, feeling the way his chest vibrated as he chuckled.

“I promise.”

I felt the cover being pulled over my back before he hugged me closer. “This is the epitome of all my teenage dreams,” I confessed, feeling too relaxed and sated in his arms.

“This is the epitome of all my adult ones.”

His raspy reply might’ve been dreamt, but none the less, I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my lips.

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